She Awaits

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As you near the door your thoughts are on your last instructions for me. Opening the door you find the room dimly lit with flickering green candles. The scent of jasmine mingled with ylang- ylang, and rose blossoms greets you as you step into the room. Glancing through the shadows at the room, you are angered that your instructions weren’t followed to the letter, you don’t see me anywhere. Stepping inside you kick off your shoes and coat, quietly planning your punishment, blood thundering through your veins as you picture my forgetfulness and disobedience.

Slowly you undress planning to allow me to think you had forgotten and were not upset. You walk around the couch, thinking to call to me from a deceptive, seated position comfortable and reclined from your chair. It is that moment you see me where the coffee table appeared to be nestled in the shadows…and your breath catches in your throat.

Your eyes cover me in adoration, as your manhood begins to harden. There I am, on my hands and knees, head bowed. My hair hangs straight on both sides curtaining my face, my back straight and unmoving. In the middle of my back sits a crystal wine glass half full of red wine. Next to that almost on my buttocks rests a matching crystal plate filled with an array of cubed hard cheeses, fruit and flat bread.

As you draw closer you see, as commanded, a small dildo peeking out of my stretched, dark, little hole. Not only does it appear well oiled, you see that my whole body is oiled as well, and is covered erotik film izle in small flakes of green.

You sit down in your chair, without a word, moving the glass and the plate aside. Your hand flashes across my ass in a series of angry, openhanded slaps. It sounds almost like lightning on a stormy night, as my reddening buttocks begin to burn. Then as suddenly as it began you stop massaging the oil into my warmed red bottom. I hear your voice softly ask why I couldn’t follow the simplest of instructions, and then give me permission to speak freely. Tearfully I explain that I thought I was close enough inside the door, and I wanted to have something special for you to come home to. I finish speaking and sit quietly awaiting your judgment, knowing my first punishment was well deserved for not following your exact instructions.

You pick up your wine glass, and sip the dark red wine and lay the plate back down on my back, admiring the table I set before you. Massaging my red bottom while you take a bite of cheese, you tell me I have done well in anticipating your desires and will leave my punishment as it stood with the first spankings for disobedience

Sipping your wine again, you pick up some bread. I risk your wrath again, as I speak out of turn. “the oil covering my body is olive oil, seasoned with Rosemary, basil, and oregano for you to enjoy your bread with .M’Lord” Another smack sounds out as your hand meets my red bottom. “Are you forgetting your manners Pet?” “no M’Lord” I reply. film izle Which earns me another series of harder smacks on the bottom. “those are for your lying mouth, next time it shall be across it” you growl at me. I decide that is enough “earning” my spankings and sit quietly while you eat your meal.

As your anger cools, you take a piece of bread from the plate, slowly run it down my back, to my bottom and trace the marks your hand left moments before, slowly eating your bread and sipping the wine. As your glass empties you notice the rest of the bottle set to be easily reached on the side of your chair, and you refill the glass. Taking your time, enjoying this new aspect of my servitude, you admire my oil glistening body before you, feasting on the bread and cheese, taking especial pleasure from eating the oil from my body. Finishing the food, you set the plate aside once more, careful to keep the wine in your reach.

Rising from your chair, your manhood painfully erect, you kneel behind me, positioning yourself carefully, and slowly remove the dildo from my dark little hole. In one stroke you are buried inside my tight hole, and I am struggling for control of my senses. Tears stream down my face, and I bite my lip so hard blood flows freely into my mouth, but I do not cry out.

Pulling back ever so much slower then you entered, you pause before plunging back into me again, running your hands over my oiled back then gripping my hips. Pain/pleasure rushes out from my stretched and torn hole, seks filmi izle as you pound into me, harder and faster. Heat spreads over my body in waves as tingles of electricity shoots throughout my body from my cunt. You haven’t even touched it!! As if reading my mind, or my body, or both, you reach underneath us, and strum your fingers over my clit in time with your strokes.

Your pace slows and you reach over for your wine, taking a sip. Taking another sip of wine in your mouth you hold it there for a moment and then spit it across my back, watching droplets form on the oil and run off my sides. I tremble as the liquid warmed from your mouth pours over me, and cum again, on your fingers squeezing your cock even tighter in my asshole. Faster and harder once more, you grab my hips and slam into me watching my shining oiled body squirm and wiggle under you.

Soon I am at last given the first reward for the night, as I feel your hard cock pulsing and throbbing in my ass. Your hot cum shoots out in thick strands covering my insides. It quickly fills me, and pours out of my tiny hole, dribbling back onto your cock, sliding down my slit and covering my pussy.

You let your semi hard cock slide out of my ass, and sit back in your chair. I quickly kneel upright at your feet awaiting further instructions. Your hand comes around me, pushing me back onto my hands and knees. I feel your finger in my stretched and sore asshole, and then at my mouth, offering the ultimate gift of your cum. I await, mouth watering, to hear the words. Then at last you say them. “You may taste me, my pet.” I open my mouth and wait for your fingers, as they enter my mouth and rub along my tongue, I sigh in my happiness, and taste your love for me.

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Sara , Teri Ch. 05

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This is the final installment of this series. To fully understand the moment and the characters, it is best to read the first 4 chapters, but at least try and read Ch. 03 and 04. Hope you enjoy, and for those that have read throughout, thank you. Also thanks for voting.


“Emily,” I started.

I had made up my mind rather quickly. It really was an easy decision.

Emily was all smiles as she crawled across the bed toward me. Teri, meanwhile, looked bitterly disappointed. I hated having to tell one of them I would only be able to fuck one of them in the ass.

“Emily,” I continued, “I’m sorry but I pick Teri’s for tonight.” Imagine being able to actually choose between two women’s asses to fuck.

Emily’s smile quickly faded. Of course, by saying “tonight” I meant to imply another go at it with Emily for another evening. This, I knew, was a long shot.

“That’s okay,” she lied.

“But I’m not done with you yet,” I added. “I wanna lick your ass while Teri goes down on me.”

“Ooohweeee!” she exclaimed.

It was the best of both worlds, for me at least. And apparently for the two women, too, since I now had two smiling and willing partners. Emily nimbly turned herself around and offered her ass to me while Teri moved closer and took my member in her hands, caressing it and my balls below. Sara was nowhere in sight.

My hands were on Emily’s butt and stroking it.

“What a fucking fine ass,” I mused. “Isn’t it nice, Teri?”

Teri, who was still stroking my cock, looked over at Emily’s ass and said, “Oh yeah, very nice.”

Soon though, Teri’s attention was elsewhere as she bent down to take my cock into her warm, wet mouth, teasing at first the underside and then rolling her tongue across it before engulfing the whole head into her mouth. I had to be careful not to disrupt Teri’s work as I leaned in to kiss and pepper Emily’s sweet cheeks with soft nibbles.

Low guttural noises emanated from Emily and I felt a surge swell deep within my loins. Teri was doing an incredible job on my cock and it was not long after this euphoric feeling that she must have thought the same because she pulled her mouth off my swollen rod.

“I know you want to cum, baby,” she said. “But you’ll love it much more when you cum in my ass.”

Meanwhile, my cock was hard and ready to go. I had just begun kissing and licking Emily’s ass. I knew this was new for her and I wanted it to be an exhilarating experience for her as well as for me.

My tongue was running through her crack, running over her little puckered asshole. She would moan throughout and jump when I traveled over her most sensitive area.

Teri was patiently waiting and said to Emily, “Is Steve making your ass feel good? Licking your sweet little asshole?”

Emily was screaming uncontrollably now. My mouth had her entire asshole covered and my tongue was encircling erotik film izle it. My hands were clamped onto her ass and fingers digging in trying to hold her steady as she bucked underneath.

“Ohhhhhhhh yeahhhhhh,” Emily yelped. “Lick my nasty asshole! I love it!”

“Oh yeah, Emily. And Steve loves licking your ass. He just loves them young and tan. And your ass has never been tongued or fucked before, huh, and it won’t be fucked tonight, either, ‘cuz he’s gonna fuck mine.”

“Ugghhhhh,” she moaned. “Feels so good, baby,” Emily said.

Emily was apparently ignoring Teri’s comment about not being the one to get fucked in the ass and concentrated on the sensations my mouth and fingers were doing instead.

Teri went back to my manhood and clamped her mouth around my cock, getting it nice and wet. Teri also reached underneath Emily and grabbed onto her boobs and began roughly squeezing them.

My tongue had returned to Emily’s dangling, puffy clit as my thumb penetrated her virgin ass.

“Oh yes. Oh yes,” Emily gasped.

I pressed my thumb further up and into her rectum.

There was a chorus of oohs and ahhs from the three of us. We had not known where Sara had gone off to but she returned with quite a flourish. We heard a smack and I felt Teri move forward on my cock. She removed my cock from her mouth yet again.

“What the fuck?” Teri blurted out. And then Sara slapped Teri’s ass again.

She was standing behind Teri brandishing a long thin dildo along with a tube that read “Anal Ease”.

“You want your ass fucked, girl? I’ll fuck it,” Sara declared.

I was smiling even though I would have preferred to have seen a big old strap-on hoisted around her waist. Sara had gotten dressed somewhat, putting her lingerie back on. But she looked so sexy getting that dildo covered with lubricant. And then she took a generous amount and reached underneath to run it along Teri’s waiting asshole.

“Yeah…yeah Sara. Fuck me. You can fuck my ass, hon,” Teri panted. “Go slow, though.”

I was also smiling because now it meant that I could fuck Emily in the ass, which is what I truly believed I wanted to do in the first place. Sara read my mind and leaned over to hand me the lubricant.

“I want to watch you slide your cock in my sister’s ass,” she told me.

With that comment, Emily suddenly realized that she was indeed going to have her ass invaded by more than just my thumb.

With strands of her blonde-streaked hair strewn across her face when she looked back at me, she said, “Shove that hard cock up my bubble butt and spray it inside of me!!”

I was only too happy to comply. I positioned my cock behind her, took the tube of Anal Ease and squirted a small heap in my hand and laid it thick on my cock, concentrating a heavy amount around my bulbous head.

Meanwhile, Sara had placed the tip of this particular black film izle dildo, which was different from the one she was using before I showed up, to Teri’s backdoor opening and with help from Teri pushing back against it, slipped it into her inch by inch.

“Oh my Teri, is that cum I see?” Sara asked.

From my angle I could not see, but apparently as Sara plowed the fuck toy up Teri’s ass, a white creamy substance seeped out of her anus in contrast to the clear lubricant.

“Ummm, yeah,” Teri replied.

Her face was a combination of pleasure and pain. But she continued to explain nonetheless.

“I told you all Bob fucked me over the dining room table when I got home earlier. What I didn’t say was that he fucked me in the ass.”

I was especially happy then that I was going to give it to Emily as Teri would have been greedy to have received it in her ass twice in the past hour or so. I took my thumb, which still had some lubricant on it, and slipped it into her ass again, although a little easier this time than when it was just wet with my saliva. I then pushed against her hole while pushing her back towards me with my hands on her hips.

“Relax, sexy,” I suggested. “Play with your clit.”

When I felt her body relax more, I plowed in another inch or so.

“That’s it, Em,” I added. “Your ass is so tight.”

I bucked my hips forward and with the last thrust, my cock was completely embedded inside Emily’s teenage ass.

Sara, meanwhile, had been slowly pushing her dildo in and out of Teri’s ass, but looked up and exclaimed, “Holy shit, Em!! His cock is all the way in your ass! Fuck my baby sister’s ass, Steve!”

Emily’s was face down into the bed sheets and she was gripping the sheets in her hands as her ass gripped onto my dick.

“Owwwwww!” she cried out. “It hurts so good!!”

I kept up the motion and was very slowly sliding my cock in and out of her. I loved watching her asshole swallow me up. Teri could not stand it anymore and was feverishly pumping her pussy with two of her fingers while Sara fucked her ass with the black dildo. Emily had gone from fingering her own pussy and clit to reaching out for my balls every time I plunged all the way in. She would run her fingertips across my sacs and when I would pull out, she would return to her clit.

“Oh my god, Emily…your beautiful ass feels so fucking good,” I said. “I’m going to cum soon.”

Just then with her fingers fucking her pussy and Sara poking her ass from behind, Teri’s body started to convulse. She started an orgasm that lasted for more than a minute.

“Oh my god you two…this is so fucking hot!” Sara exclaimed.

She had removed the dildo and sat back to watch Teri’s orgasm and also to better see her sister’s ass get fucked.

“Come on Em, milk that cock.”

“Give it to me, baby,” Emily gushed. “Give me your hot cum and shoot it inside seks filmi izle of my ass!”

Emily had a hold of my balls now and I was pushed completely inside of her and she was not letting go.

“Come on, baby,” she said again.

This request from Emily coupled with having just watched Teri cum and now watching Sara slip her panties aside and play with her own pussy again proved too much for me. I unleashed what felt like a truckload of semen into Emily’s butt, although after having already cum more than a few times already, could not have been that much.

I reached down and put my arms around Emily in a bear hug. I filled my hands with her C cup breasts and emptied the last of my seed inside her ass. I fondled her tits, kissed her neck and then nipped her right earlobe.

“Help your sister cum again,” I whispered into Emily’s ear.

Emily was very tired but seemed only too happy to do so. She crawled over between Sara’s legs.

“Em, you gonna make me happy again and lick my pussy?” Sara questioned.

“Uh huhhhh,” she sounded.

“Eat me then, Em. Make me cum. Please?!?”

Teri had put her jeans on over her bare ass and stood behind me topless to watch Emily lap up the juices flowing from Sara’s slit. Teri massaged my shoulders and tickled my back with her nipples.

“So hot, watching two sisters, one eating the other out,” Teri mused.

“Uh huh,” I agreed.

“Let’s go Steve and leave them alone,” Teri suggested.

“No, stay,” Sara pleaded.

“There’s no room for all of us to sleep, hon,” Teri stated.

It was just past 4:00 AM and Teri was anxious to go to sleep and she had decided that I was who she wanted to be with. If her marriage was crumbling, she needed my strength if not my love to help her through it.

She and I dressed quickly as Emily continued to eat out her sister. Emily paused long enough for the four of us to kiss each other goodbye. Sara even told me that maybe another time soon I could try her ass again. This made me smile but Teri clutched onto my arm and pulled me away as if to say “no, he’s all mine.”

So we left Sara’s apartment amid a chorus of moans and grunts from Emily and Sara.

Unfortunately for me, I was right, as this evening was my only opportunity with Sara and Emily. Emily was back with her boyfriend the next week and within two weeks, Sara had been given a great job opportunity by her uncle in one of his companies he owned in California. As for Teri, she had reconciled with her husband and they had started to go to counseling. And this after I had decided I was okay with having an affair with a married woman. Teri even decided to quit her job so that she would not be around me and tempted, and her husband caught on with another company in his field, because his affair began at work, too.

Two weeks after Sara left the company, her uncle promoted me to an executive position, which resulted in a tremendous raise. I was making almost as twice as my previous salary! All in all, things were working out pretty well for me, save for the fact I never did get to nail Sara’s ass. Perhaps that day will come.

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Sensuous Linda

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The house was all cleaned up, and so was I. Well the body was clean, the mind never is. I had spent most of the day in the shop working on on some wood projects. I was a little foot sore and tired, but Linda should be here any minute. We had plans to go out for some pizza, and then either catch a movie or rent one.

Keesha started prancing around. She saw something outside. It must be Linda, so I got up and started walking towards the door as the doorbell rang. As I approached the door, Keesha was expectantly waited in the living room by the door. She hated the linolium but the front door, she didn’t have good traction.

Keesha followed me to the door, not wanting to miss anything. I hooked a finger into her collar and opened the door. I looked up as I backed away trying to keep Keesha at bay and allow Linda to come in.

Linda looked stunning, she always did. She had a white 3/4 sleeve blouse on, short white skirt that only came down to mid-thigh. As my eyes continued down, white fishnets with white high heels. My heart beat a little faster.

“Hi sexy, missed you, how was your day?” I asked with a big smile.

I felt a little underdressed. I had my usual jeans and t-shirt on with white socks. I knew who would be getting all the attention at the restaurant.

“Hello, been wanting to be here all day! I missed you.” she replied. She set her bag down and gave Keesha a scratch on the head and behind the ears, as I shut the door. She straightened up and I moved in to give her a hug. I wrapped my arms around her waist, tilted my head a little, and kissed her on the lips. I felt her lips part, and I did the same. Her silky soft tongue touched mine, our tongues danced , and I rubbed her back.

We broke the kiss, and our eyes were just inches from each other. I looked into her eyes and asked “So you decide what we are seeing tonight? Theatre? Rent one?”

“I have decided what we are going to see tonight.” Linda said with a evil grin “Follow me.” as she picked up the bag. She walked off towards the den, walking around Keesha who hadn’t quite settled down yet. I followed her, stealing a glance at her legs. “Everything we are seeing is right here.”

Linda reached into the bag as she said sternly “No peeking, dont make me punish you.” she pulled out a CD, homemade with no label. She walked over, turned on the TV, and popped open the DVD player. Dropped in the CD and pushed in the tray. She turned, smiled, and walked towards me. She lifted her hands to my waist, looked in my eyes, and leaned forward to kiss me. She put her head on my shoulder as a soft and slow tune started to play by Celine Dion. I wrapped my arms around her and started to sway with the music.

“Luckily I don’t have shoes on” I jested. “I have 2 right feet.”

Linda’s hands slowly rubbed my back. She turned her head and kissed my neck. Getting a lick in here and there. I tilted my head to the side to allow her free access. My hands slide down over her ass, perfectly sized for my hands. I gently squeezed and rubbed up and down as our hips swayed in sync.

“I read the story you sent last night before work. I was so horny all day. Had to keep checking to make sure I didn’t leave a wet spot on the chair.” she said, looking up at me with a big smile. She slide her hands into my back pockets and pulled me closer.

I bent my head forward, and kissed her smiling lips. I snaked my tongue out and met hers. My tongue rolled around hers. I curled my tongue at the tip, and traced a circle around the inside of her lips. I closed my mouth, met her lips again, and then stuck my tongue out, and traced the outside of her lips.

Linda said “Take me to the bedroom hotstuff.” as she slide her hand out of my pocket and up the front of my jeans, feeling the growing bulge. She reached down and picked up the bag. I took her other hand in mine, and led the way.

I turned after we entered the room, Linda tossed the bag on the bed. I caught her waist in my hands, kissed her forehead, and spun her around. I slide the back of my fingers up her back and slid my fingertips up the back of her neckto her hair line. She tipped her head forward as my thumbs kneaded the muscles between her shoulders. I massaged her shoulders, thumbs pressing firmly but gently into the muscles of her back, fingertips swirling around on her neck, gently tracing along her collarbone. I bent forward and kissed and kissed the back of her neck, continued kissing in a line towards the side of her neck, and up the slope towards her ear lobe. As my kisses went up, my hands went down. Sliding over her shoulder blades and under her arms to encompass her tits through the blouse. Linda leaned back, as my lips touched her ear lobe. My hands lightly squeezed her tits like a tennis ball, thumb and forefinger seeking to catch her nipples between them. I took her earlobe between my lips and lightly squeezed, running my tongue up the edge of her ear. I reached up, and unbuttoned the top botton erotik film izle of her blouse. Folding the material out of the way, I stood on my tip-toes as I leaned over and kissed her collar bone, and neck. I undid another button, and kissed her collarbone, nibbled on her neck. My hands dropped another few inches, as I traced her collarbone with my tongue, licking up her neck, another button was undone. I moved my head to her other side, and kissed the collarbone on that side, kissing my way up her neck, as a button was undone. My hands dropped to undo the last button, and I ran the tip of my tongue down the side of her neck and along her collarbone. My tongue danced it’s way up the side of her neck, as my fingertips danced up her stomach, over her tits, and caught the blouse, pulling it off her shoulders, down her arms, and I tossed it aside.

“Mmmm, feels wonderful Scott, I’m yours, you know how I hate my collarbone being touched.” Linda moaned.

I put my hands on her hips, and turned her towards the bed, and started walking toward it. “Lay down, time to give you a back rub.” She bent forward, put her hands on the bed, put one knee on the bed and crawled towards the head. I stood there and watched her, her legs in fishnet stockings, high heels, tight short skirt covering that delightful ass. What a great sight I thought.

Her feet still hanging off the end of the bed, Linda looked over her shoulder and asked “Enjoying the view?”. She smiled. Walking her hands forward, she lay down, making sure that her ass was the last thing up in the air.

I crawled on the bed next to her. My left leg lifted over and settled on her left side and I sat down on her butt. I put my fingertips on her lower back, spread my fingers and slide up her back, over the bra strap, over her shoulder blades, and to her shoulders. I trailed my fingers down her back. Being the evil person I was, I reached back and pulled the bag closer.

“Hey, I said no peeking!!” squealed Linda.

“I’m just looking at what you brought.” I said in response. I tipped the back over and out came a few things. I looked them over, and one was useful at this moment. I took the massager, slipped my hand under the strap, and turned it on. I started up by Linda’s neck and shoulder. Sliding it back and forth across her back, shoulder to shoulder, working my way down her back. I start doing circles, randomly covering her back. I turn it off and say “There is a problem.”

“What’s that?” she asks dreamily.

“The bra is in the way, have to fix that.” I reached up and fumbled a bit as I unsnapped her bra. I pushed the straps out of the way and off her shoulders. I turned the massager back on and moved it around a few minutes. I turned it off, bent over, and kissed her back. I would kiss a few kisses across her back, move down an inch, and kiss my way back across, slide down and repeat. I was kissing her lower back, just above her skirt, I slide my hands up her back, palms flat on her back, fingers spread. I lifted my left leg and sat on her right side. I massaged her ass through her skirt, stealing looks at those legs, and looking up at her face, smile on it, eyes closed, enjoying my touch. My hands slide down the backs of her thighs, fingers kneading her flesh throught the fishnet. Slowly I work my way down, tickling the back of her knee. Gently squeezing her calves between my thumbs and fingers, I work my way down to her feet. Using just my index finger, I trace her foot, near the sole, down along her heel, across her arch, and to her toes. I slide my index finger up the top of my foot, and I unbuckle the strap. I slide off one shoe. Taking her foot in my hands, I interlace my fingers on the top of her foot, and massage the bottom with my thumbs. I feel the fishnet in my hands, see her sexy legs and feet. I work my way from heel to toes and back again. I move to the other foot, and remove that shoe. I repeat the massage there.

“Mmmmm, that feel’s wonderful.” Linda says as she rolls over. I turn to look that direction, and her bra is off, her small, lovely tits are exposed. She lifts her hand, and uses her index finger to beckon me. I slide up the bed, never letting my hand leave her leg, all the way up. She reaches forward when I am close enough, and pulls my shirt up, and lifts it over my head. She runs her fingers though the hair on my chest, leans forward and kisses me, sliding her tongue into my mouth. I reached up and gently pinched her nipples, feeling them harden between my fingers. My left hand slide down her side, over her hip and reached for the zipper on her skirt. I slid the zipper down as she slid her hand up my chest, over my shoulder and to the back of my neck. She pulled me to her, as she kissed me hard, tongues dancing together.

She lay back, lifted her hips, and I pulled the skirt down. It was then that I discovered that she had no panties on. Looking at my face, she knew I liked the surprise. Pushing the skirt down her legs, and film izle off her feet at the end, I dropped the skirt on the floor. I put my hand on the inside arch of her left foot, slide my hand up, my eyes following my hand. Feeling and seeing her white fishnet encompassed legs, from foot, to ankle, sexy calf, over the knee, up her thigh, over the top of her stocking, to her pussy. She was neatly trimmed, just a little hair in front, less hair on the tongue that way I had joked in the past. My hand sliding up her inner thigh, index finger just touching her pussy, following her lips, up her mound, through her little patch of public hair, over her stomach, up her chest and to her right tit. I unbuckled my pants, slide the zipper down, and lifted my hips to push the pants off. As I pulled off each leg, I caught the sock and pulled that off as well. After throwing the pants on the floor, I scooted up towards her.

My left leg slide between her legs, and she lifted her right leg over the top of mine. She could feel my rock hard cock on her hip. As she lay back, I leaned over her, resting on my elbow, and kissed her. Gently brushing our lips at first, then opening our mouths and frenching. My left hand palmed her right tit, rubbing in small circles, feeling the nipple under my palm. I kissed her chin, twisted my head to kiss under her chin. She tilted her head back, exposing her throat to me. I kissed my way down a little, gently squeezed her nipple between thumb and forefinger, flicking the nipple with my thumb, the tip of my tongue just touched the skin of her throat. I kissed my way down further kissing the top of her chest. My left hand started to trail downwards, fingertips breezing over her skin, down over her stomach, through her pubic hair. My lips approached the mound of her right tit, and reached the nipple at the same time as my hand reached her pussy lips. My middle finger traced the crack seperating her lips as the tip of my tongue circled her nipple. I could feel her moistness, feel the heat and desire. My index and ring ringers parted her lips, my middle finder slide between the lips, feeling more wetness, more heat. My tongue flicked across her nipple, and and my head dipped a little, taking her nipple between my teech, I gently squeezed, and flicked my tongue across her nipple again. Out of the corner of my eye, I can see her right hand playing with the nipple of her right boob, pinching the nipple between her fingers. My middle finger found her soaking love tunnel. I slowly circled the entrance, getting my finger very wet. Linda parted her thighs, giving me better access. My finger strayed up to the nub of her clit, circling it, making sure it was well lubed with pussy juice. As my tongue circled her nipple, my finger kept in time circling her clit. Linda started to moan, squirm a bit with pleasure.

I slid 2 fingers into the canal. Making sure that the side of a finger did not miss her rubbing against her clit as I slide my fingers in and out. I raised my head and started to kiss her collarbone, licking my way up her neck and back down again. I moved my fingers in and out faster. Linda’s breath started to quicken, her eyes closed, mouth slightly open. My fingers slid out, and up to her clit, rubbing it in gentle circles between them, moving faster and faster. I took her tit back in my mouth, gently biting her nipple, and flicking it with my tongue. My fingers dove back into her pussy, to the wet warmth, wet sloppy sounds filling the room. Linda’s breathing became labored, and shortened. My middle finger tickled her g-spot, and then slide out to flick across her clit, faster and faster. A moan and a groan escaped from Linda. My finger kept up a lightning fast tempo, my forearm muscles starting to burn, I whispered “Cum for me sexy”.

And she did. A loud moan escaped from her lips, her back arched, her body shook uncontrollably. She held her breath as the orgasim rolled over her, her legs spasmatically squeezing my hand, her nipple being pushed into my mouth by her arching back. My finger started to slow, matching the tempo of her coming off her orgasim. Slowing down, as her breathing did.

She opened her eyes, looked at me and said “Oh Scott, that was fantastic.” Pulling my chin up to kiss her, she thrust her tongue into my mouth. I accepted it, meeting it with my own. I slowly slide my fingers up and down the lips of her pussy.

Bringing my fingers to my lips, I slide each finger into my mouth in turn, looking directly into Linda’s eyes, as I licked off her juices. “Mmmm, my favorite flavor.” I said with a grin. I slide my right arm under her shoulders as I lay down next to her. Pulling her right shoulder up towards me, Linda rolled onto her side and threw her arm around me. I engulphed her with my leg and arms, holding her tight against my body. She sighed in contentment. I luxuriated in being so close to her, letting her rest and recover, feeling her breath on my chest, her fingers carassing my back.

I kissed seks filmi izle her forehead, kissed her cheek. She tipped up her chin, looked at me, and kissed me. She trust her tongue into my mouth, the tip dancing on my tongue, running along the inside of my lip. I loved the way she kissed, the passion, the sensuality, the tingle.

I scooted down a couple inches and started to kiss her neck. Gently pinching the skin between my lips. Kissing me way down to her collar bone.

“No, my turn” Linda said, half heartedly.

“I’m not done yet sexy” I replied, and kissed her collarbone again.

“I’m supposed to be surprising you!” she said, exasperated.

“Well, I am turning the tables, now sit back and enjoy.” I replied, and kissed her collarbone yet again, and started to play with her right boob.

Linda sighed, knowing she was defeated, and not really minding.

My mouth replaced my hand, my tongue running in a circle around the mound of her tit, never touching the nipple. My hand slide down her torso, through her pubic hair, and onto her thigh. Caressing her thigh, lightly running my fingertips up her inner thigh, just touching the dampness of her pussy, before sliding back down again. As my hand slide down her thigh, feeling the stocking there, my tongue circled closer to her nipple, finally circling her nipple when I was as far down her thigh as I could reach. As my fingertips caressed their way back up her inner thigh, my tongue strayed further from her nipple.

“Mmmm, that feels nice”

“That is the idea” I replied, and started to work my way down lower.

Alternatively kissing and licking, I worked my way down to Linda’s belly button. My left hand started to play her her pussy lips, spreading the wetness around. My tongue darted in and out of her belly button, slightly tickling her. Linda l pulled up her right leg, resting the bottom of her fishnet clad foot on the bed.

Sliding further down, I hooked my right arm under her left leg, placing my face close to the center of her passion. She rested the sole of her foot on my back. I moved my head forward, and kissed her inner thigh. Gently pinching the flesh of her thighs between my lips, I kissed closer and closer to her pussy. I came close, and trailed my tongue down her leg, until I felt the stocking on my tongue. I did the same thing to the other thigh, as I traced the outline of her pussy lips with my finger tip. Trailing my tongue down her thigh one more time, I started to kiss my way back up, and planted a kiss right on her lips. Extending my tongue, I licked her lips with just the tip of my tongue, from bottom to top, and flicked, just once, her clit with my tongue. Back to her left thigh, and I kissed my way up her leg again. Planted another kiss on the lips, another lick, from bottom to top, and another clit flick, just one. Inhaling the musky scent, I worked my lips between hers, placing my nose on her clit, and my tongue on her love canal. I stuck my tongue out, stiffened it, and moved my head in little circles, slowly, the moved my head left and right, then up and down. I stuck my tongue as deep as I could into her pussy, moved my tongue in a circle, then tilted my chin up, allowing my tongue to stay between her lips, and graze across her clit. Taking another breath, I dove in again, nose tickling her clit, tongue circling her wet canal, wet with her juices and my saliva. My tongue would dart deep into her pussy, and then slide up over her clit.

I kissed her clit, and slide 2 fingers into her pussy, replacing my tongue. She was so wet, she coated my fingers with pussy juice quickly. I kissed her thigh, her pubic mound, her hip, as my fingers plunged in, slowly. I added my thumb to tease her clit. I turned my wrist so the palm was up, and curled my index and middle fingers, massaging her g-spot, and circling her clit with my thumb. She moaned. I was moving slowly, extending the pleasure. Kissing her clit one last time, I said “Roll over, and get on all fours.”

“That was feeling so good.” Linda said, and rolled over, getting to her hands and knees. She had a wonderful ass, almost as good as her legs.

I sat up, putting my right leg between her hands and knees, and my left one rested on her calves. My left hand massaged the back of her thighs, I kissed her ass cheeks. My right hand’s fingertips lightly caressed her inner thighs. Two fingers of my left hand tickled her pussy lips. I slid in both of them, slowly, making sure she could feel each millimeter of penetration. My right hand came up, parted her pussy lips with my index and ring fingers, while the middle moved up and down her clit. Linda let out a gasp, followed by a moan.

I reached behind me, to her bag. I picked up the other accessory she had brought. A light purplish pink gel dildo, with glitter. Variable speed even. Linda looked back to see why I had stopped. My back was to her, but she could see where I was. I opened the bottle of Astroglide she brought with her, putting a little puddle on the fingers of my right hand. I coated the dildo with Astroglide. Sitting back up, I looked at her and smiled. She asked “What are you going to do with that?” My response was a wicked smile.

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Risque Ashley Trusts Again

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Happy Hour

Rob had a territory of seven states, but not all of them were equally visited. For most of the year, he had regular trips to just three major metropolitan areas. He was typically all work on these trips; gym and meals at the hotel, working around the clock and focusing on his customers. But he was finding one city more enjoyable than the rest at the moment. To be honest, it was one customer. To be even more honest, it was one person – Ashley.

He had been managing the account for about two years, but Ashley had only joined in the last six months. He’d noticed her right away, of course. Mid-thirties, with shoulder length, raven black hair, a bright smile and legs to the moon and back. It had taken Rob two more trips before he’d had a chance to spend any time with her for other than the customary introductions. It was all in a professional setting, so he would not have classified it as flirting, but it was…playful, engaging. Somewhere between ‘more than just business,’ but less than ‘whatcha doin’ later?’

Over the next few trips, he saw Ashley more frequently and made a point of dropping her and her team hints as to when he would be coming over next. She was always there with a big smile and a “Hey, Rob!,” helping him get settled into the office, getting him coffee etc, but then she was always back to work, always professional. Until two trips ago.

Like most things in life, there was nothing special to announce that something big was about to happen, that some event was going to change things. Rob loved his job and his ever-changing interactions with his customers; new faces, new people whose problems he would help to solve, and who were helping him to make a very comfortable living. In fact, life on the road for him was just that – a great opportunity to make some really great money at his relatively young age.

The lack of responsibility was going to come to a close at some point. Being in his early-thirties, Rob knew he had a few more years of this life. He was attractive enough to date regularly and he led a lifestyle that helped his tall, athletic frame. Some partying, sure, but mostly good living, a healthy diet, and knowing how to get the most out of the gym. So when Ashley had invited him to a happy hour one night on this particular trip, he was happy to get out and have some social time with his favorite customer.

He arrived at the bar a little late, so he was not surprised to see a table with eight or nine people there already. He knew everyone, from the two guys in accounting and the ‘sports guy’ whose name he could never remember even though all they talked about was sports. Then there were the three women from project management, who were all super-nice, but obsessed with their kids. He didn’t mind it of course but, after a few “ah, look how cute…” chats around pictures on their cellphones, he’d lost interest pretty quickly. He did not see Ashley, yet.

After spending some time with Janice from the project team, Rob had excused himself and gone to the bar for a drink, where Ashley surprised him by sliding onto the stool next to him.

“Hi,” she said, before he’d even had chance to register her presence. “Thanks for coming out tonight.”

“Hey! Where did you come from?” was all he could manage in reply.

That means you were looking for her.

“Were you looking for me?” she smiled back.

And she can read minds!

“I, uh, yeah, I guess…” said Rob, trying to recover. “You invited me, remember?”

Good save, idiot!

“I’m just teasing you. I’m glad you came. What are you drinking?”

“I’m not sure. What do you have there?

Ashley smiled again, almost guiltily, as she played with the stem of her glass.

“OK, don’t judge me, promise?” she giggled. “But it’s a Cosmo. I know, super clique and all that, but…I don’t know…I’m just not in a wine mood and this just sounded sweet and fun, and I wanted something kinda fun tonight.”

She said the last bit while looking him straight in the face. Had he imagined that, or was she really flirting with him? Did she care what he thought of her?

“So, I don’t think you should get a Cosmo,” Ashley continued, “But they do have this great drink called a Martinez, which you should totally try.”

He did, and she was right, it was great. They went back to the table and Rob sat next to Janice once more, with Ashley pushing in on the end, next to him. It was too hard to yell across the table at people and, as everyone seemed to be pairing up into smaller conversations, Rob did the natural thing and turned his attention to Ashley.

The conversation flowed easily and, after the required “How has your first few months with the company been?” and “I’m sorry, but your ex sounded like a total tool…,” he learned that Ashley was super-smart, well-educated, liked dancing in clubs but got most of her fun either working out or hanging with friends. She’d been married for all of two seconds, right out of college, but that was way erotik film izle back in the distance of her rear-view mirror. Ashley was funny, witty and kind of goofy, like the time she visited a psychic with her best friend.

“So, again, don’t judge me,” she began. “But we were a little drunk and just went to do it. It was a mutual dare kinda thing.”

“OK, so what did you find out? Past lives? Does the spirit of Joan of Arc speak through you? What?”

“Nothing like that, she didn’t hypnotize us.” Ashley laughed. “But she read my palm, the usual. I will live a long, full life, apparently, thank you very much. But I have a reckless side that plays out in dangerous choices.”

“Really?” Rob replied, immediately intrigued. “The psychic told you that? Those exact words? Seems pretty bold for-“

“No,” Ashley interrupted, “Not in so many words, but it was implied. And it is kinda true.”

“So, what sort of dangerous things do you do?” Rob asked, eagerly.

The flirting was getting thicker – there was no mistaking it this time – and even though they were squeezed in on the end of the table, they may as well have been the only two people around.

“Let’s just say I like taking risks.” said Ashley.

“For example…?”

“Well, I’ve gone skydiving a few times, bungee jumps, and some pretty intense rock climbing. Oh, then there’s the naked yoga, which isn’t risky, per se, but it’s just as…intense.”

Rob felt the air suddenly close around him as he turned to her, shielding their conversation from prying ears.

“Naked yoga, huh?” he whispered back. “What, exactly, is naked yoga? Where do you do it?”

“My studio does this thing on Friday nights and, before you ask, it’s women-only. You’re there in a room with the instructor and maybe four, five other women. It’s hot and we’re all au naturale. It’s a little too ‘new age’ for me, but it’s supposed to improve confidence, and all that. I get too self-conscious doing it, though, spend more time looking at myself in the mirror, silently criticizing all my flaws, actually fell over a few times, too. That was embarrassing.”

She leaned in a little.

“They’re talking about a co-ed class, though,” she said. “Which I’ll probably take at least once. Could be interesting…?”

She looked at Rob and batted her eyes just a little. Or maybe he was imagining it. Either way, it was getting a little hot in the bar. He was already picturing her, ass in the air, her hair covering her face, those amazing C-cup tits pointing to the ground, her hard nipples…

“You alright?” he heard Ashley say. “You seem lost in thought? You do yoga, correct?”

Rob snapped back into the conversation, but stored his fantasy for later.

“Yeah, I do yoga.” he replied, casually. “Not great at it, but I can hold my own.”

“I’ll bet you can…”

She was definitely flirting now.

“Next time you’re in town, we should take a class.”

“I’d like that. Thanks for the invite, again.”

The party was breaking up and they parted soon after, but not before getting firm dates and times for Rob’s next trip which, he’d already decided, was going to be the next week. Yoga was quickly added to his schedule and Rob knew that the seven days he’d have to wait, would drag slower than a snail in a puddle of honey.


He knew this was going to be a normal yoga class, not naked or anything but still, the image of Ashley gleaming with sweat in various positions – always with her mat right in front of his, with a great view of her ass and between her legs – filled Rob’s nights with more than a few solo stroking sessions.

They met at her studio after work. There were a good twenty or so people in the class as they picked up their mats and sat next to one another, Rob just a little disappointed that she was not in front of him, as his fantasy dictated.

For the next fifty minutes, they both focused on their yoga as much as possible but Rob, being neither yogi nor celibate, could not help but sneak a few surreptitious glances Ashley’s way. Those legs, that ass…his mind was working overtime imagining her in all kinds of other positions, mostly on him, and it was during one of these lustful gazes that she caught him staring.

Smiling back at him, Ashley returned to her practice, and Rob hoped he’d not crossed a line.

When class was over, Ashley was straight there, helping Rob with his mat.

“You liked?” she asked.

Rob wasn’t sure if she meant the class, or her.

“Great. I loved it.” he replied, covered on both counts.

“Oh, good. Look, I’m starving, as usual after these workouts. Unless you have other plans, how about we get cleaned up and grab a bite to eat?”

“Great! Though I could really use a shower. That was more of a workout than I’m used to, if you know what I mean. Listen, my hotel is super-close and I’d just hop in for a quick rinse off, then I’m good to go?”

Ashley looked around them, as though checking film izle that there wasn’t anyone around from work, or somebody else who knew her.

“OK, so how about this?” she said, her voice deep and low. “I could really use a shower, too. How about if I come with you and just jump in after you? Would you mind? No-one has to know, it can be our little secret.”

Rob was getting hard just thinking about Ashley in his shower. He had to move, or say something, right now.

“Your secret’s safe with me,” He smiled. “Grab your stuff, let’s go.”


Rob threw down his gym bag and showed Ashley where the bathroom was.

“You can go first,” he said, thinking it was the gentlemanly thing to do, but also desperate to picture her naked body just feet away from him, in his shower.

Ashley headed straight in and Rob could hear the water running in seconds. It was then that he realized he urgently needed to pee.

Every second of hearing Ashley in the shower seemed like minutes. Rob ran through the decision tree of either going all the way downstairs to the lobby bathroom, or interrupting her, asking her to hurry up etc., but none of them seemed like the best move, so he waited. In fact he waited at least thirty seconds after the water had stopped before knocking on the bathroom door.

“Hey, uh, Ashley?” he called. “Sorry to do this to you, but I really need to…pee.”

Ashley emerged with a towel wrapped around her body, her natural post-workout beauty shining from every pore. Rob would have loved to savor the sight a few moments longer, but he was in too much pain to stop.

“Not how I was thinking this was going to go…” Ashley smiled. “But I guess you’d better get in there.”

Rob was so used to being on his own, and was in such a hurry, that he did not close the door. The heavy sound of his stream hitting the water in the bowl, was unmistakable.

Ashley hovered for a quick second, then moved away from the door.

“Hop straight in the shower when you’re done, yeah?” she called in. “But don’t come out here just yet. I’m gonna change, OK?”

Rob did as he was told but, after he was done, he realized all his clean clothes were back in the room. Grabbing a towel, he poked his head around the bathroom door.

“Hey, I need to grab some clothes…” he said, almost apologetically.

Ashley was sitting on the bed watching TV and drinking a bottle of water.

“No problem.” she replied. “Fair’s fair, right? You got to see me in my towel, so… oh, and I hope you don’t mind, but I grabbed a water. Girl’s gotta hydrate.”

“Sure, help yourself.”

Rob stepped back into the room and quickly rooted about for his clean clothes. Diving back into the bathroom, he caught Ashley’s eyes in the mirror above the desk, checking him out.

The Restaurant

Ashley insisted on discretion again when they chose the hotel restaurant to eat.

“I won’t know anybody here, so there won’t be any gossip.” she’d explained. “I just don’t need any drama right now, y’know?”

They were settled in a nice corner table before noticing they were completely alone in the restaurant, except for a few folks in the bar in the other room.

“Cosmo?” Rob asked, when the waiter came to take their order.

Having just seen her half naked, and picturing her fully naked for the past week, he wasn’t afraid to flirt openly with her, now.

“Ha, no, no Cosmo, thanks smart guy.” she replied. “But how about some wine? Let’s be adventurous. You order our meals, and I will select the wine? Just two people living on the edge. What do ya’ say?”

“I can’t think of anything more dangerous.” said Rob, sarcastically.

As they ate their salads, salmon and roasted vegetables, and drank the white wine, they continued their conversation from the bar the previous week.

“You totally put the idea in my head about ‘naked yoga.'” said Rob. “When we first started, I was imagining trying to do that class naked.”

“Were you picturing just you naked? Or everybody else?”

“Oh, everyone, of course.” he answered, too quickly.

“I see. So you were picturing me naked?”

“Actually, I’d already done that last week. This time, it was the whole room. The woman behind me was interesting.”

“Oh, the one with the tits.” Ashley said, matter-of-factly. “The ten-pound tits in the six-pound bag? Yeah, if she had been naked, she could have used those things as pillows for when she did her handstands.”

Rob hadn’t heard Ashley talk this way before. It was a new, naughty side of her that he desperately wanted to explore and, although it was clear that she was concerned about appearances at work, that image and reputation were important to her, Rob got the feeling that he could risk pushing down this particular path a little further.

“Yeah, she did have quite the set.” he ventured. “But that’s not my thing. I was just trying to get a rise out of you. “

“So, you’re not a tit man.” Ashley seks filmi izle mused. “OK, I’ll bite. And I mean that figuratively as well as literally. What are you, then? You like a girl for her personality? Earlobes? You like a girl with a good portfolio?”

The flirting had gone from teasing to direct, very quickly.

“Nope, I’m an ass man,” Rob blurted out.

“I know,” replied Ashley. “I could tell straight away.”


“Yup, I totally caught you looking.”

“OK, busted. But you know you’ve got a great ass, right?”

“Sure, but every girl likes to get a compliment.”

“I’ll say it again, then. You have a great ass.”

They finished their meal and ordered more wine. The conversation kept going but it veered away from anything truly sexual. Until…

“So, you mentioned something about ‘dangerous’ in the bar the other night,” said Rob. “But you wouldn’t go into details.”

“OK, so I have to trust you on this,” Ashley smiled, leaning in a little. “Which I do, but I need to know this stays between us. I left my last job because things were a little, I don’t know, out of control? So this is a strictly ‘off the books’ conversation, OK?”

“Scout’s honor.”

“Well I doubt you were a scout, but I guess that will do. So, I’d just broken up with my boyfriend and he was a total dick. I was hurt and I made a few bad choices and wasn’t so discreet about who I told. Word got around at work and, well, it was a family-run business and things got kinda uncomfortable for me, so I left. I love what I do here, so I don’t want to mess that up. But I have this thing that I, I don’t know, I like the rush, the adrenaline of risk. I can’t go skydiving every day so I find that I need to get that rush in other ways, ways where I don’t have to put boundaries up. Does that make sense?”

“Totally,” replied Rob, really wanting to empathize with her. “But when you said ‘bad choices,’ what does that mean? Did you like rob the place or something?”

“Nope, nothing like that. I, uh, I hooked up with one of the guys at work and was pretty drunk one night and he and one of his friends…well, it was fun, let’s leave it at that. But I should have made sure he kept his big mouth shut. That, plus the other thing, well it was too much gossip fodder for them.”

The other thing?

Rob started to open his mouth, desperate to know, but Ashley wasn’t done.

“Ok, look, we are opening up here,” she continued. “So since you’re going to ask, I think we all have our things, our turn-ons. The quiet little likes that get us going. I like risk, I like the thrill of it, so I tend to like more non-traditional activities. I can be kinda…naughty. That guy, he knew I liked rough sex, that I liked…anal sex. So he totally blabbed about it to my co-workers. It just got to be too much whispering around me and too many innuendos, so I quit. I’ve been keeping a low profile ever since and haven’t really dated, which totally sucks. A girl has needs, ya’ know?”

Rob waited for a moment. Was she telling him that she…?

“So, like, there’s been nothing since then?” he clarified. “No action at all?”

“Nope.” Ashley replied, with frankness. “Just me and my vibrator, thinking about naked co-ed yoga.”

Rob had to lay a discreet hand between his legs, hoping Ashley could not see, or sense, his burgeoning erection.

“So,” Ashley continued, much to Rob’s relief. “I have been telling you about my ‘stuff,’ how about a little of your stuff? Come on, tit for tat. Tell me something, anything, so I don’t feel so exposed here.”

Her using words like ‘tit’ and ‘exposed’ were not doing the greatest job of distracting him.

“OK, well I’m a pretty uninhibited guy.” Rob began. “I like a girl who can go with the flow, who is just open to whatever happens, as it happens.”

“So, let’s roll back the clock,” Ashley interrupted. “If, for instance, you’d come into the bathroom to pee, before, instead of waiting for me to get out of the shower. If I’d had let you come in and do that and, say, I’d opened the curtain to watch, would that have been ‘going with the flow’ enough for you? Maybe you would have just stayed there, with me in the shower, curtain open, watching. Maybe you would have refused to leave and I would have had no choice but to rinse off right in front of you.”

“Uh, yeah, that would have been, uh, kinda hot.”

“Or maybe you would have waited, as you did but, as I got changed in the room, you would have snuck back in and watched me get dressed? Maybe you’d even have told me what to do. Would that have been ‘open enough’ for you?”

Now it was Rob’s turn.

“Sure. Or maybe I would have just kept you naked and had you show me that yoga pose again, but this time with no clothes on?”

“Oh, which pose is that?” Ashley asked innocently. “You mean the one where I stand with my legs far apart and I touch the ground? Or would you make me do the headstand with my legs straight up in the air? Would you make me do that one?”

“If you could hold it for a while, because I’d want you to spread your legs open as you did it, but only if you were good enough to keep it going for a long time.”

“Why? What would you do to me?”

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Rear Admirer

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“Wanna play?”

Magic words those, especially when delivered in sultry tones by a sexy voluptuous brunette like Isabella.

“Sure” I replied nonchalantly, as I stepped aside in my open doorway and motioned for her to come in.

She reached up to exchange her usual European double cheek-kiss and as she did so whispered: “I wanna try what we talked about” in my ear.

I wasn’t exactly sure what she meant, but I had a general idea from the sexual aura she was giving off and I sure wasn’t going to second guess her.

“Whatever the lady wants, the lady gets” I intoned imperiously, while running my hands affectionately over her delectable arse. “I insist on it!”

“No, it is I who insists on it!!” she replied, while pushing her arse back against my hands.

I felt the familiar rush of blood, the heightened awareness, the adrenalin pumping through my veins as I followed her up the stairs to my bedroom. Chemistry can be a powerful thing and with Isabella, it was there in bucket loads.

Isabella turned in my bedroom doorway and glanced back at the closed door of my housemate.

“Is he home?” she mouthed silently.

“Uh huh!” I replied. She grinned and pushed me onto the bed, landing on top of me and running her fingers lightly over my face and down my chest while she looked down at me.

“I guess we better shut your door then” she whispered.

“I wouldn’t want him to cop an accidental eyeful! Is that thing on?” As usual Isabella had leapt from one thing to the next and was now eyeing my webcam with interest.

“Not yet, but it can be!” I said, sitting up and logging it on while she draped her arms around me from behind and nibbled contentedly on my ear and neck.

I pressed the ‘Record’ button on my screen and she poked her tongue out at the image of herself draped over me, licking and kissing. From its location on top of the computer, the webcam covered the bed and the windows behind it completely.

I watched with genuine amusement as Isabella stood up on the bed behind me and began to dance sexily at the camera, cupping her clothed breasts in her hands and one by one undoing the buttons on her dress. She slowly, teasingly pulled the dress apart showing her bra and then knelt behind me again, pushing her breasts into my back as she whispered in my ear.

“I’m really horny and I want to try something new.”

I reached behind me and pressed my hands into the v between her legs, grinning cheekily into the camera as I did so. I could feel her push back, rubbing her entire body up against me.

“So, what did you have in mind?” I said, now slowly rubbing my palms and fingers over her stomach. With a predictable amount of unpredictability, Isabella suddenly leaned over my shoulder and cupped her hands over my ears while she addressed erotik film izle our images on the computer screen. Distant Italian filled my ears, the sounds vibrant, rich, and understood not at all by me.

“Ciao Paolo. Come stai? Hai riposate bene!! No fumare molto. Boun pomerigio. Ciao.”

She tossed her curly hair as if to emphasise her point and examined her image from different sides, trying to turn her head and watch herself as she did so.

“I love it when you talk dirty to me!” I said, pulling her up against me from behind.

“Can you speak Russian?”

“OK, enough!” she said imperiously and stood up again, ignoring my reference to fishes called Wanda.

“I need to go to the toilet. Turn that thing off, because when I get back I’m gonna need your undivided attention.”

I clicked the ‘Stop’ button on the screen and the image disappeared, quickly followed by Isabella making a beeline for the bathroom.

I sat there for a minute, debating within myself. Then, having come to a decision, I minimised the viewing window and as I heard the toilet flush, I pressed the ‘Record’ button again. The small red light on top of the webcam blinked back at me.

Then Isabella was back standing in front of me and demanding a hug; turning around and facing the ’empty’ screen as I undid her bra and helped her out of her dress; lying with her legs spread on my bed facing the screen as I slid her panties down her legs, as I ran my fingers lightly over her thighs, across the top of her pubic area, tracing a line slowly but surely down to her already moist pussy.

“Come here!” she said as I traced her pussy lips with the lightest of touches, her eyes widening as I suddenly squeezed her clitoris gently between my thumb and forefinger.

“And get naked,” she added, her fingers reaching for my half erect cock.

I pulled my shorts and t-shirt off and then moved up her body, kissing and licking her salty skin slowly until I was almost sitting on her breasts, my cock dangling invitingly in front of her face.

Her eyes narrowed as she began to dry fist my shaft, then she pulled me forward and began licking around my darkening knob.

I could feel the blood draining from my head, suffusing my loins with desire, as I reached behind her and positioned the pillows so that her head was comfortably inclined. Then I was pushing the head of my cock insistently past her lips and that soft, wet, liquid feeling enveloped my knob and my shaft, forcing an involuntary groan from me.

She was looking up at me, her eyes purposefully seeking mine as her head bobbed furiously up and down on my cock. Her wanton gaze was almost too much for me and I swivelled, knowing I was close and determined that I would not cum alone.

My mouth found the wetness in the separation film izle of her legs and my tongue began to lick along her slit, flicking her clit at the end of each stroke.

I could feel more than hear her sounds of encouragement as my cock pistoned into her wet and willing mouth. I slid my thumb into her wet pussy, coating it with her juices, and then left a trail of fluid as I traced the path from her pussy to her small puckered anus.

I massaged the liquid into her arsehole, my thumb making gentle circular motions while I waited for a response of some kind. We had not yet explored my playing with this forbidden entrance, but I loved the thought of probing all her orifices and when she moaned and lifted her legs to make access easier, I took it as encouragement to continue.

I could feel her anus flaring in time with my tongue which was now pushing rhythmically inside, lapping at the inner walls of her inviting pink gash. Sweat now coated both our bodies, a pink hue indicating our ever-increasing state of arousal.

Ever so gently I continued to massage her now distinctly wet anus with my greasy thumb, until with a sudden pop, I was through her thick rubbery sphincter and encased in her hot steamy arse.

She came with a scream, the sound vibrating on my cock as her pussy convulsed onto my mouth and her anus contracted wildly around my thumb. A second later I was cumming too, semen seeping out of the sides of her mouth and over her cheek, her neck, her hair.

I twisted around, sliding up her body, the sweat and our combined fluids forming a moist connection between us. Still highly aroused, I licked her cheek, rubbed my face against hers and then kissed her, my tongue invading her mouth, the salty taste of my semen mingling with the tart taste of her pussy juices.

She moved beneath me, her body beginning to writhe and I could feel my flaccid cock slowly hardening as it slid, wet with sweat, against her hip.

“God that was awesome” she breathed at me, still panting from her exertions.

“I want to try it, now!” she added, pushing me off her and then rolling onto her hands and knees.

“Fuck me in the arse, please?” she pleaded, her head turned back towards me, her pussy and arse coated with our combined juices.

I rubbed myself up against her arse cheeks, feeling my cock quickly becoming erect again, my hands gently holding her hips still.

“Are you sure?” I asked, knowing she had not done this before.

“I want to know what it feels like!” she responded without hesitation.

“Make me like it!”

My finger slid easily into her already well lubricated arse while I grabbed her sexy full buttock with the other and continued to rub myself against, feeling my cock getting harder and harder.

“Put it in?!” she muttered impatiently, seks filmi izle and I slid my cock once, twice, into her wet pussy to get it nicely lubricated.

Positioning my knob at the puckered opening of her chocolate starfish, I leaned forward and pushed her head down into the pillows, taking her arms and making her grab and spread her arse cheeks with both hands.

A low groan of complaint came from the pillows as I forced my cock head slowly past her powerful and very tight sphincter.

“Ohh, shit!!” she complained as I continued, the irony of her choice of words completely lost on me.

“Short, sharp breaths” I hissed at her as I slowly started a rocking motion, watching my cock disappearing into her arse a millimetre at a time.

I could hear her panting as she adjusted to my cock, her small breathy cries of pain and pleasure making my cock ache.

It was truly agony and ecstasy.

The sight of her poor ring, perfectly positioned between the two luscious globes of her arse and stretched to capacity around my thick shaft was heaven. The heat as her tight velvety arse massaged my knob like a glove, the view of her sexy back curved for our pleasure and her head buried wantonly in the pillows, all of this made me want to slam myself into her without a care for the consequences.

By degrees I felt her anus adapt and as it did, I began to move more freely, until I was pounding in and out of her stretched butt hole, my face flushed red with the force of my impending ejaculation. I knew I would not last long.

When I felt her pushing back, heard her finally grunting with enjoyment on the end of each thrust, it was too much and I came, convulsing like a marionette, my semen splattering the inner walls of her rectum.

“Wow” Isabella moaned, collapsing beneath me and pulling me down on top of her.

“Don’t move.”

I lay on top of her, that familiar yet strange lassitude suffusing my body. Finally my flaccid cock slipped out of her wet arse and I rolled over beside her.

“Was it what you expected, wanted?” I asked her as I lay there, tracing her jaw lightly with my finger.

“Mmmmmm” she moaned appreciatively and licked at the side of my face.

“I loved it, more than I ever thought I would! Your bloody cock has stretched my arse though; I’ll need recovery time before we do it again. Until then, you’ll have to beat off to the memory of this session!” she said, making small bite marks on the skin of my neck while her hand playfully fondled my penis.

“Do you reckon you will? Think about how I let you fuck me up the arse for the first time? Remember me with my head buried in the pillows? Think of the way we skin glistened with sweat and the sound and smell of us as you fucked my arse?!”

She licked my lips, grinning like a Cheshire cat.

That was when I suddenly remembered the webcam.

Isabella felt me suddenly hardening in her hand and looked up at me, a comically surprised look on her face.

“Again?” she asked incredulously.

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Professor’s Consolation

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Waiting a moment in the hallway before knocking, I wiped my sweaty palms on my denim skirt—a general sense of unease is becoming a steady presence in my life, these days. Classes are just killing me; I used to be a stellar student and now I just have no motivation—Spanish is the worst. That’s why I wanted to talk to Professor Chavez; not that he’d say anything terribly useful, because he thinks I’m doing fairly well, but I know that with some professors, if you show that you really care about the class, they’ll cut you some slack. Besides that, he had asked me to come when I was done with my day’s classes. Great.

The frame of the door sounded hollow and cheap as I rapped on Professor Chavez’s office door. He promptly came to the door and greeted me, ushering me into the room. I took to my usual spot, standing next to the bookshelf and setting my backpack down on the floor as I watched him close the door and take to sitting on his desk, as was custom. It had to have been the sixth time this semester I’ve gone in to get some reassurance and advice from him.

“Julia, thank you for coming, I wanted to talk about something…from your test,” he said, looking somewhat troubled. I was somewhat surprised that he was using English—he always jokes that he’s not very comfortable with it or doesn’t understand it—but simultaneously I was relieved, because I could barely think in English right now, let alone Spanish.

“Yeah, I know, I’m sure I did horribly on it, I just don’t understand these tenses we’re working on right now. I mean, I understand the conditional and the future, but once we get into pluperfect subjunctive and that, I don’t even know what they look like, no matter how hard I study, and…” I sighed in resigned frustration.

He just kindof smiled at me and shook his head. He seemed to think about it for a moment, running his hand through his almost-graying hair. Fourty-four is treating him very well, I have to admit. My whole class can’t figure out why he is single: he’s an attractive man, he likes to cook, he’s very smart, and he has a knockout accent. Snapping me out of my musings, he replied, “Julia, you did fairly well on the test. You’re right, you could stand to review the different tenses, but these things come with time. Just think of how much progress you’ve made in dealing with the preterit and imperfect—you use them well in your speech, now, not just in writing. You’re making good progress.” He paused for a moment, seeming troubled. I stayed silent a few moments.

Finally, he voiced what was on his mind; “Julia, it’s the composition portion of the test I need to…clarify.” He kindof grinned at me—what IS it about Latin American men’s smiles that just makes me melt? And it didn’t help that he was wearing my favourite pair of black Wranglers that did such good things for his ass.

I kindof blushed—the essay topic was on tattoos and piercings, talking about an experience we have had in getting any body modification done. I don’t know WHY I chose to write what I did, because I have plenty of examples to choose from: my piercer knows me by name. They’re all very tasteful, mind you—my tongue is the most daring piercing I have that people can regularly see, since nose piercing and anything in your ears is totally commonplace now. But for some reason I had opted to write about my nipple-piercing experience, probably because they’re my favourite piercings. I knew he’d read it, but I didn’t think I’d have to talk to him about it much. Trying not to look embarrassed, I asked, “What can I clarify for you?” I felt my ears turning red and I went kindof cold…I hate it when my body betrays me like that.

He looked around the ceiling for a moment, thinking. He really seemed kindof torn for some reason. Finally, he took a deep breath and explained, “Well, I…you don’t have to answer this or…or whatever, if you don’t want to, because I know I shouldn’t ask, but I just couldn’t help but ask if…can I…see them?”

My mind was a whirlwind. I have been lusting after the man all semester, but I had no intentions of acting on that. I mean, I’m so inexperienced, erotik film izle so I’m really prone to making an idiot out of myself, and I’m really self-conscious. And he’s twice my age, not to mention my professor!

I didn’t even really have time to think about it before my answer was coming out of my mouth; I felt as if I had no control at the time, and I just nodded an affirmative as I began to unbutton my shirt. I kindof fumbled with the buttons because I was shaking a bit, and I was still utterly conflicted. I didn’t know what I was supposed to think…so I guess I stopped trying.

As I finally got my buttons un-done, I unclasped my bra—I just happened to choose my favourite front-clasp this morning, so as I was standing in my professor’s office baring my breasts to him, I didn’t have to take my shirt or bra off (quite the convenient coincidence).

He kindof gasped, and I didn’t know how to take it. I mean, I just wanted to make him happy, honestly. I felt as if we stood there for at least ten minutes, with him staring at the barbells through my nipples and me staring at the look in his eyes…I had never seen that look before from anyone, let alone him. I can’t even explain the effect it had on me…I felt very vulnerable, and at the same time very strong, and I could see that he had a similar mix of feelings running through his mind.

After thinking about this situation for a moment, I realized that I had an opportunity. This could turn out to be a very memorable experience—not that it wasn’t already a memory that would be ingrained in my mind forever—and I made a decision. I took a bit of a plunge and ran my hand up my stomach and lightly caressed my nipple with my thumb. Biting my lower lip, I looked to him for his reaction.

He licked his lips and seemed torn once again before asking me tentatively, “can I…touch them?”

I didn’t hesitate this time before taking two steps toward him and nodding. The sensation of his surprisingly soft hands grazing over my breasts, over my nipples…it gave me courage in exchange for my conscience. I leaned over slightly and tilted his chin up, kissing him lightly—I had been wanting to do that for months, and it was better than I had imagined. With him being so close, I could smell his cologne, I could feel the warmth of his mouth on mine, and I almost went weak. He, however, seemed to find some inner source of resolve, for the touch of his hands became a bit more insistent and the depth of our kisses went from tender to passionate.

He began to kiss down my neck a bit, taking his time but remaining eager. I stood straight and tilted my head back to allow him better access as I shrugged my shoulders to let both my shirt and my bra flutter to the floor. I ran my hands over his shoulders as he reached what must have been heaven—I can’t even imagine there being anything better than the sensation of his tongue flicking my sensitive nipples, one and then the other. I suppressed a moan—we were right next door to the department office, and if one of the secretaries overheard the department chair engaged as he was with a student…we’d be in trouble, doubtless.

“Professor, I…” I began.

“Call me Roberto, all of the other students do,” he interrupted in a brief intermission from his masterful work on my breasts.

“Roberto, you’re not going to regret this, are you?” I said. I didn’t want this experience to be clouded by having some awkwardness in class or something. The last thing I wanted on this planet was for him to stop, but I still felt I should make sure.

He paused a moment and stood. He was so close to me, I could feel his cock through both his and my layers of jeans. He was only an inch or two taller than I, but it was enough; I felt very safe standing there just then. “Julia, if anyone would regret this, it would be you; I have nothing to worry about as long as no one important knows. I won’t regret a minute of this as long as you’re okay with everything.” He looked deeply into my eyes—I couldn’t maintain his gaze for more than a couple of seconds, so I broke it with a short kiss, film izle running my hands over his chest through his dress shirt. His hands wandered over my bare back to rest on my ass.

“I’ll tell you if I’m not comfortable with something.” I replied, breathlessly.

With that, he kissed me again and we traded places, with me sitting on the desk. As he resumed licking and kissing my breasts, I pulled up my skirt, wanting desperately to know what his mouth would be like elsewhere. Sensing this, he ran his hand along my leg, caressing the inside of my thigh and then over the thong that was my underwear. He stifled a moan at the discovery that I was utterly soaked. I kindof blushed, but at the same time, my brain was fogged with lust, and I had nothing on my mind but him.

He ran his fingers along my outer labia through my underwear before moving them to the side and lightly stroking my clitoris, all the while alternating from my left nipple to my right, wiggling the little barbells with his tongue, which was driving me crazy. Part of me wanted the moment to last forever, but I spread my legs a little wider, wordlessly begging him for more. He slid one finger, then two into my pussy and stroked for a minute to get me to loosen up a little bit—I had never been with a man before, and I think he sensed that.

After a few moments, he took his fingers out of my cunt and I grabbed his hand and began sucking on his fingers—I have always loved the way that I taste, but the added dimension of his touch on my body was driving me crazy—I knew I needed something more.

“Roberto, can I ask you a favour?” I asked somewhat breathily as he returned his hand to stroking my clit.
“Sure,” he said nodding.

“I…I want you to fuck me, but I’m still technically a virgin when it comes to men, and I don’t think it would be appropriate for me to lose that in this situation.” Thinking back on it now, NOTHING we had done was appropriate, but my mind’s ability to comprehend logical reasoning had slipped away long before.

“Just with men, eh?” He said with a grin. I grinned back at him and blushed momentarily as he continued, “Do you want me to stop, or…” he slipped his well-lubricated fingers down a bit and pressed ever so lightly on my tight asshole.

I gasped a bit and whispered a moan before saying, “No, don’t stop! God, man, please don’t stop. If…if it’s okay with you…I want you to fuck me in the ass.”

He instantly grinned and kissed me quickly and deeply. He was still applying some pressure to my asshole as he stroked my clit with his thumb; it didn’t take me long to loosen up enough to allow his finger to venture into my tight, warm ass. It was like nothing I had ever felt before, and I wanted more.

He paused for a moment and grabbed some lotion from the drawer of the desk on which I was sitting (I actually had to move my leg to allow him access, being that my legs were spread out to the drawers). He flipped the cap and squeezed a bit onto his finger that was in my asshole and worked it around and in with ease before slipping in a second finger. I gasped a little at the increased pressure in my backdoor, but it was quickly as easy as the first had been. This whole process seemed very foreign to me, but I…I needed it. I don’t think it was just my lust that I had been nursing for the last two months for him. And I don’t think it was just a need to get laid in some form or another. It was as if everything could have been thrown away in exchange for the next five minutes of my life—I’ve never felt that way about anything before.

“Roberto,” I gasped, “I need you…I need your cock in me…”

“Then turn around, rest your hands on the desk, and relax for me,” he said. I complied and pulled my skirt up to my waist, giving him a better view of his work.

I could tell he wasn’t exactly a virgin at this; he seemed to know my body better than I did. I could hear his pants unzipping and I felt somewhat guilty that I hadn’t paid his cock much attention—in fact I hadn’t yet seen it. But in the back of my mind, I was hoping this wouldn’t be the last seks filmi izle time and I’d get to try something new with him; maybe I could repay him this divine favour at a later date.

At any rate, I glanced back and saw that his cock had definitely been straining to escape its confinement for some time—it looked huge to me, considering how big his two fingers had felt inside of me, but I trusted him, and I knew he’d take it slowly. He added some lotion to the pre-cum that had formed at the tip and before I had time to get nervous, he had pulled my thong to the side and his cock was at the entrance to my asshole, applying pressure slowly but without hesitation.

For a split second, I was worried it wouldn’t fit, but I took a deep breath and the moment I pushed back against him, the head of his cock slipped into my asshole. I gasped slightly, getting used to that slight pain and intense pleasure as he pressed onward, managing another inch of his cock into the tight passageway. It was frustratingly slow, but at the same time I knew that he didn’t want to hurt me, and I felt strangely at ease. He ran his hands along my bare back, rubbing my shoulders and occasionally slipping down to rub my thighs and clit while all the while pressing forward with his hips. I replied by pushing in kind; a whimper or two escaped my lips as his cock reached placed in my ass that I had never known could feel so good.

After what couldn’t have been more than a couple of minutes, I could feel that his cock was fully inserted into my ass—his hips were right against my ass cheeks, his legs against mine…I had never felt so sexy.

Then Roberto began to stroke deeply in and out of my ass, all the while whispering calming sentiments in a mix of Spanish and English into my ear—it was the hottest thing I’ve ever heard: “Cálmate, chica, tienes que relajar…you’re so beautiful, me haces volverme loco.” It certainly didn’t take me long before I was bouncing back and forth, suppressing moans of an insistent, needy pleasure. I couldn’t imagine the experience his hands had, to know my skin so well. Our pace was a flurry of mounting intensity before I felt him come in my ass, a jet of warmth accompanied by a barely-quieted moan. I came not long after, with my Spanish professor’s dick in my ass and fingers on my clit—definitely not something I’ll forget any time soon.

We took a moment to catch our breath before he pulled out of my rear. My thong slipped back into place, but didn’t do much to keep his cum from seeping out of my asshole, definitely an unusual feeling. I slipped my skirt back down and straightened it as he resituated his jeans as well.

As I was slipping my bra on, there was a knock at the door—I freaked out and frantically whipped my shirt on, trying to button it as Roberto stalled a moment: “Un momento, por favor.” He ran his hands through his hair and opened the door just as I straightened out my shirt and tucked my hair behind my ear, trying to act casual, which I suck at.

From behind the door I could hear María Carlton, my Spanish professor from last year. A middle-aged blonde woman, she carried herself as if she had just done something very similar to what I had just done—she sounded kindof sultry, just then, as she handed Roberto a manila envelope.

“Here are the surveys from the 212 polls, Roberto,” she said.

“Gracias, María—I’ll check them out this weekend. Chau.”

Waving goodbye to her, he closed the door and grinned, relieved. I turned beet red, mortified that we had almost been caught—he was obviously a more thrill-seeking soul than I. He took a step toward me, tilted my head up with his fingertips and kissed me sweetly. I twined my arms around his neck and enjoyed the moment, hoping it wouldn’t be a one-time thing.

Breaking off the kiss, he tucked my bangs behind my ear and cupped my cheek in his palm, grazing his thumb over my cheekbone. “Are you okay? I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have…I shouldn’t have let this happen…”

Interrupting his gratuitous apologies, I slipped my hands into his back pockets and grinned. “Can we do it again, sometime?” I said with a wink. He made me swoon with a boyish grin and kindof nodded before kissing my cheek and letting me out to the hallway. The feeling of his cum slowly sliding out of my ass as I left his office was priceless.

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Player Discipline

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Jerry Travis was a pretty normal guy. He’d just turned fifty-two, was in good health, and worked as a regional manager for a large trucking company that gave him a good living. Just under six feet tall, Jerry wore more of his 185 pounds around his waist than he would prefer, but was certainly not fat. He had mostly salt and a little pepper thinning hair, and had recently started sporting a short scruff beard. Jerry’s brown eyes were surrounded by crow’s feet, and he projected a confident, masculine air.

Softball was a big part of Jerry’s life for almost twenty-three years. His daughters all played ball, and he’d coached ball for seventeen years. Jerry loved the game, and had been very successful as a coach. It was exhausting at times, but Jerry kept at it although it took most of his time.

Enough of his time that softball contributed to the downfall of his marriage. After years of complaining that Jerry didn’t spend enough time with her, Jerry’s ex Sherry divorced him and took up with one of her co-workers.

The jolt of the divorce almost made Jerry quit coaching, but his sister begged him to continue so he could coach her daughter. Jerry agreed, and spent four more years shepherding his niece Lauren on the ballfield until she decided to quit playing to focus on school.

One of the things that made Jerry such a good ball coach was that he genuinely cared about his players. Jerry learned their names before the first practice, gave praise where it was due, and criticism when necessary. He didn’t tolerate any unsportsmanlike conduct, insisted that his girls hustle, made sure that everyone was on time for practices and games, and rewarded effort more than results.

Through the years word had gotten around about Jerry’s abilities to lead. His teams won many championships, and Jerry reaped the blessings of having many of the best players wanting to play for him. His players were by and large fiercely loyal to him, and the parents more so.

Jerry coached literally hundreds of girls during his career. Many of his girls went on to play college ball. Some even became coaches. While coaching had in some ways cost him his family, Jerry felt very proud that he’d had such a positive impact on so many young ladies.

Gayle Dixon was one of Jerry’s players. Jerry started coaching her when Gayle was eleven. Gayle was one of the fastest players Jerry had ever worked with. Jerry turned the natural right-hander around at the plate, working with her to become a slapper. In her second season with Jerry, Gayle moved from substitute to leadoff hitter and shortstop.

For her first three years with Jerry, Gayle was a model player. She did everything she was asked to do, and looked to have a promising future if she decided to continue to play ball.

But things started to unravel when Gayle turned fourteen. Gayle’s parents had split years ago, and as she entered her teenage years Gayle’s mom had a hard time dealing with Gayle’s ever-increasing rebellious streak. As Gayle changed from a girl to a young woman, things got even worse. She began actively seeking the attention of boys, and her focus on school and softball waned.

While Gayle was fourteen, there was an incident that caused one of the worst problems Jerry had ever had as a coach. Jerry’s catcher, Katie, had left her equipment bag with rest of the team’s in a big pile at a tournament. Someone stole $45 that Katie had in her bag, and a couple of the player’s accused Gayle.

Jerry listened to the complaints from players and parents, but decided that there wasn’t enough evidence to be sure it was Gayle. There were some bitter feelings after this, and the season ended on a sour note.

The next season Katie and two other players didn’t return to Jerry’s team. Jerry wondered about if he’d made the right decision about the missing money. Gayle was a handful that year. She played lights out softball, but went missing at times running off to chase boys. Having seen this many times before, Jerry knew that Gayle was about done as a player. The team went on to have a strong season.

When the season ended, Jerry’s niece Lauren tearfully came to him and told him that she wouldn’t be playing any more. Lauren knew her limits as a softball player, and told Jerry that she needed to focus on school. “Coach, there’s no way I’m going to get a scholarship to a good D1 school playing ball. I want to become a vet,” Lauren told him through her tears.

Lauren’s retirement relieved Jerry of his promise to his sister, and Jerry decided to retire from coaching. While he no longer saw Gayle on the ballfield, Jerry did see Gayle from time to time. Jerry was always invited and attended Gayle’s birthday parties, and Gayle always screamed loudly and hugged Jerry when she saw him. Jerry enjoyed seeing Gayle and many of his other players.

Jerry’s sister had a pool party for Lauren’s eighteenth birthday. When Jerry got to the party, he went out back where there were lots of people grilling, splashing and having a good time. As he walked towards the pool area he heard a shriek.

“Coach!!” erotik film izle Gayle swam to the edge of the in-ground pool and climbed out. As was normal, Gayle rushed to Jerry and hugged him. Jerry took a step back, having gotten wet from Gayle’s embrace. “Oh, I’m sorry!” Gayle said realizing how wet she’d gotten Jerry. She grabbed a towel and patted his chest. She kept patting him downwards, and for the briefest of moments Jerry felt her hand on his crotch. She smiled at him and said, “I always get excited to see you, Coach.” She gave him the towel, and jumped back into the pool.

Looking around it seemed that no one had noticed, which relieved Jerry. Stunned and a bit unsure as to what had just happened, Jerry decided he needed a beer. As he mixed with the party-goers, Jerry took a look at Gayle.

A year older than Lauren, Gayle had several tattoos, including a tramp stamp. Gayle was about 5’6″ tall, and had long light brown hair with some light streaks. Gayle wasn’t very busty, but wasn’t flat-chested either. Her bikini bottom covered her backside, but the front was impossibly small. Jerry shook his head, saying to himself, “Cut that shit out now.”

As the party continued, Jerry found himself sneaking peeks at Gayle. Gayle was sitting on the side of the pool with her legs in the water talking with a couple of friends who were in the pool. Jerry was walking around the pool across from Gayle and snuck a glance at her. Gayle noticed his look and smiled at him, looking directly towards his eyes. She tossed her wet hair from one side to the other then adjusted her bikini top.

Later Jerry standing off away from the crowd when he felt a warm hand on his lower back. “Here you are,” Gayle smiled at him. She’d changed to a pair of short shorts and a loose fitting halter top. “I made this and I want you to try it.” She held up a cracker with some dip on it. Jerry took the snack from Gayle and popped it in his mouth.

While he was chewing his eyes were drawn to Gayle’s chest. Her nipples poked against the satiny top making it obvious that she was braless. “Do you like it, Coach?” she asked.

“Yeah, good stuff,” Jerry replied. Gayle smiled at him and tossed her hair back.

“I’m glad you like my stuff.” Was that innocent or innuendo Jerry wondered, worried that she’d caught him looking at her tits. Gayle reached over and took the longneck beer out of Jerry’s hand. Before he could protest, Gayle took a deep pull and handed it back to him. “SShhhh, I won’t tell if you won’t, Coach.” Their eyes locked for a moment, and then Gayle scooted off.

This exchange stayed with Jerry, and he sometimes asked himself, “If…” Jerry kept track of Gayle via Facebook, and saw that she was a wild child. There were several pictures of her drinking and partying with her friends on her feed.

The only downside to Jerry’s job was that he had to travel. Jerry greatly preferred the comfort of his own home, but spending a few days in a hotel wasn’t the worst thing that could happen.

After inspecting the terminal in Savannah and finding that it was running smoothly, Jerry went looking for a place to have some dinner. Knowing that the Women’s College World Series was happening, Jerry decided to head to the TGI Friday’s where he could hopefully watch some softball.

Years removed from coaching, Jerry still loved the game. Pulling into the parking lot, he reached in his back seat to grab his jacket- the rain had started coming down. Jerry maneuvered himself to a booth so he had a good view of a big screen where Michigan and Arizona were playing in Oklahoma City.

The rain really started to cut loose, and the noise made it impossible for him to hear the play by play of the game. Not that he needed it- Jerry had no problem following what was happening just from reading the on-screen information. A waiter came by, and Jerry ordered a burger and beer.

While he was waiting for his food, Jerry heard some loud laughter behind him. He turned to see what was up, and saw a group of five young ladies all in green scrubs getting ready to leave. Jerry thought he’d recognized one of the voices, but couldn’t place it right away. A second later, he heard, “COACH!”

Gayle left her girlfriends and ran to his table. He stood to greet her, and she hugged him. Looking at her outfit he asked, “STC?”

“Savannah Technical College. I’m studying to be a dental assistant.” Gayle looked good, even in the plain scrubs.

“That’s great, Gayle,” Jerry replied.

“What are you here for?” Gayle asked.

“On business. I’ll be heading home tomorrow afternoon.”

There was a short pause, then Gayle said, “I was just having a drink with the girls before I went home.” Gayle smiled at him, smoothed her top out, and tossed her hair back.

Jerry felt a bit warm. Gayle looked at Jerry and said, “I miss seeing you. You left the party before I got to say good-bye.”

“Something came up and I needed to go.” Jerry saw Gayle’s friends looking at her and said, “Looks like your friends are waiting.”

Gayle film izle looked at Jerry for a long second, and then said, “Yeah, don’t want to keep them waiting. See you, Coach!” Gayle turned and went back to her friends. Jerry watched her go, both somewhat relieved and disappointed. He sat back down in his booth.

A couple of minutes later Jerry was surprised when Gayle slid into the booth across from him. “I told my friends that I didn’t want to drive in the rain and that I’d catch up with them later.”

Just then the waiter arrived with Jerry’s food and drink. Jerry looked at Gayle and said, “Want something?”

Without missing a beat, Gayle asked the waiter for a Long Island Ice Tea. Jerry raised his eyebrows at her, and Gayle said, “I love those- you can’t taste the liquor and they always get me smashed.”

While Jerry ate his burger, Gayle peppered him with questions. “How’s Lauren?” “What exactly do you do at work?” “How long does it take you to get home?” Jerry kept his answers short, peeked at the game on the TV, and tried to stay polite.

As Gayle’s Long Island Ice Tea disappeared, the tone of her questions changed. “How long have you been divorced?” “Do you live alone?” “Do you have a girlfriend?” Jerry answered. “Long time now.” “Yes, but my dogs keep me company.” “No girlfriends.”

Gayle’s questions left Jerry feeling unsettled. He felt like he was auditioning for something. At one point Gayle noticed Jerry looking at her nose piercing. “I think it’s kinda rebellious and cool. I have other piercings too.” Gayle looked at Jerry to gauge his response. Upping the ante, Gayle stuck her tongue out.

Jerry gave her an awkward grin. “That’s, uhh, nice.”

Gayle giggled back and him and took another sip from her drink. “So I’ve been told.”

For the next ten minutes Gayle kept pressing the issue, flirting without being blatant about it. She still had plausible deniability. Jerry felt an urge in his groin that was growing. He was having an increasingly difficult time balancing caution and lust.

Jerry finished his burger and gulped down the rest of his beer. Gayle was almost done with her Long Island Ice Tea. Jerry noted her broad mouth with thin lips, blue eyes and strong chin. He wondered what she would look like with his cock in her mouth.

Snapping out of it Jerry asked if Gayle wanted anything else. She slurped the rest of her drink and said, “No.”

Jerry paid the bill and grabbed his jacket. “You live far from here?” he asked.

“Just on the other side of town,” Gayle replied.

It was raining cats and dogs. “You sure you’re going to be OK driving in this?” Jerry was equally concerned about her driving in the rain and under the influence.

“I’m fine.”

“At least let me walk you to your car.”

“Thanks. I just need to go potty first. Do you mind waiting?”

After she returned from the restroom they walked to the exit. “Where are you parked?” Jerry asked. Gayle pointed to a red Camaro that was on the opposite side of the lot from Jerry’s F150.

Jerry held his jacket up like an umbrella and they dashed to Gayle’s car. When they got there Gayle fumbled with her purse and opened the door. Turning from Jerry she leaned in for a second and then turned back towards Jerry.

Hugging him while he held his jacket up to protect them from the rain, Gayle stepped in close to Jerry and wrapped her arms around his waist. Then she staggered back and bumped the car door closed with her hip.

She tried to open the door but it had locked. “Oh shit!” she exclaimed. She ran around to the passenger side door but it was locked too.

“OH MY GOD COACH I JUST LOCKED MYSELF OUT! What are we going to do?” Jerry tried the door but it wouldn’t open.

“Come on with me,” Jerry said. They ran across the lot to Jerry’s truck. Jerry opened the door and got Gayle inside. He then ran to the driver’s side and climbed in.

“Who can you call to come and bring you some keys?” Jerry asked.

“No one- my phone is in my purse. My roommate is out of town and doesn’t get back until tomorrow morning.” Gayle was soaking, and so was Jerry. He gave her his jacket and started his truck. “Coach, I don’t know what to do,” Gayle said softly, wiping the hair from her face.

“Guess you’re coming with me, young lady,” Jerry said somewhat resolutely.

“If you say so, Coach,” Gayle smiled at him, almost with intent.

The short ride to the Marriot went quickly, and there was tension in the air. When they arrived, Jerry said, “C’mon, let’s get inside where it’s dry and try to figure this out.” He grabbed his briefcase from the back of the truck and led Gayle inside, holding her by the inside of her left elbow.

As they rode the elevator up, Gayle looked at Jerry and said, “I’m sorry about this Coach.” She looked like she was about in tears.

“Don’t worry about it, sweetie. We all make mistakes.” Gayle looked at Jerry and smiled. Jerry was glad he could make her feel better.

Jerry opened the room and moved to set his briefcase down. Gayle went seks filmi izle to the bathroom and emerged with a towel around her head turban-style. She was carrying a second towel, and walked over next to Jerry. “Looks like I got you wet again, Coach.”

Holding the towel in both hands, she patted Jerry’s face dry. They both were soaked from the rain. She rubbed Jerry’s chest some, looked Jerry straight in the eyes and said, “Let me take care of you, Coach.” Jerry felt himself stirring quickly, and Gayle once again dropped her hands between his legs.

This time there was no mistaking her intentions. Gayle’s hands rubbed his groin. “This feels nice, Coach.” She held Jerry’s balls in her left hand and stroked the outline of his growing cock with her right. Despite wearing green scrubs, having her hair up in a towel, and waterlogged makeup, Gayle looked alluring.

Jerry looked at Gayle, less than half his age, ready and willing. But he still didn’t feel right about the situation. Something wasn’t right. He took the towel from her and said, “Gayle, wait a minute.”

“Wait for what, Coach. I’ve seen how you look at me. Don’t tell me you don’t want me.” She stood with her hands on her hips, shoulders back.

“It’s not that, it’s just, just…”

“Just what, Coach?” Irritation had crept into her voice.

“Gimme a minute to figure this out, Gayle.” Jerry walked away from her and pick up his cell phone. “There’s got to be something we can do.”

Gayle sprung at Jerry and grabbed the cell phone away from him. “THERE’S NOTHING TO FIGURE OUT, GODDAMNIT.” She threw the cell phone across the room.

“What the fuck, Gayle?” Jerry was mad as hell. He couldn’t believe how one of his players was disrespecting him.

“What are you going to do now, Coach? Do nothing like you did when I stole Katie’s money?” Shock came over his face. “That’s right, it was ME- I DID IT. I took the bitch’s money.”

Jerry was getting more enraged by the second. “I gave you the benefit of the doubt.”

Unbelievably, Gayle slapped him. “I didn’t want the benefit of the doubt, you asshole, I wanted…”

Stung by the slap and beyond pissed off that she’d lied to him, Jerry grabbed Gayle’s collar and cocked his right fist. “You ungrateful little bitch!” He saw her panic in fear, waiting for the blow. “I ought to…”

“Do what, Coach? You gonna punch me out?”

Jerry was able to stop himself from breaking her pretty face. “No, I’m not going to punch you. But I am going to do THIS!” Jerry sat down on the bed and pulled Gayle down with him. He situated her across his lap and began spanking her as hard as he could.

“Lie to me?” SMACK. “You deserve much more than this, young lady.” SMACK SMACK. The wet green scrubs provided little protection for Gayle’s ass. “I won’t tolerate being treated like that!” SMACK. SMACK SMACK.

Gayle whimpered, but stayed put, not even moving her hands to cover her ass against Jerry’s onslaught. Jerry continued to wear her ass out until his hand hurt. Spent, he finally stopped, and pulled Gayle up off his lap. She kneeled in front of him, her butt on the floor between her ankles.

“Gayle, I…” Jerry was spent, the adrenaline having run through him.

Gayle looked at Jerry and put her finger on his lips. “Thank you.” She nodded at him, keeping her finger on his mouth. “I have needed that for a long time. I wanted what only you could give me.” She raised herself up off the ground, and kissed Jerry softly for a few seconds.

“I’ve been acting up for years, hoping that someone would care enough about me to discipline me. Everyone kept coddling me, letting me get away with whatever I wanted to do. You’ve been the only person in my life that didn’t let me get away with things.” Again, Gayle leaned in and kissed Jerry, this time slipping her tongue into his mouth for a second.

Unleashing his dominant side had given Jerry a rush of testosterone. “So you’re ready be a good girl?” Jerry looked down into Gayle’s eyes, and wiped tears off her cheeks.

“I’m not really a good girl, Coach,” Gayle purred. “But I’ll do what you tell me to do.”

“Go bring me my cell phone.” Jerry grabbed his wallet and room keys while Gayle fetched the phone. The Otterbox did its job.

Jerry asked, “That was no accident, was it?”

Gayle looked at him, puzzled. “What are you talking about?”

“You meant to grab my cock at the party, didn’t you?” Jerry smiled at her.

“Oh…” Gayle paused. “Yeah, I did mean to cop a feel. I hid it in the towel, though.”

“I wondered if I was imagining all the teasing.”

“You weren’t imagining anything. I wanted to fuck you. If I had the chance I was going to take you into a bathroom.”

“You’re a hot little slut.”

Gayle looked at Jerry and said, “Uh huh.”

“Time for you to get out of those wet clothes, and get cleaned up.” Jerry pulled Gayle to him, holding her face and letting her tongue into his mouth for several seconds. “Go do what you’re told.”

Gayle lifted the scrub top over her head, kicked off her shoes, and stepped out of her scrub pants. She then removed her unremarkable bra, smiling as she showed Jerry her pert breasts. She had small bars through both of her nipples. “I told you I had other piercings,” she giggled.

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Baseball Camp

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Basketball Camp

“Jason you need to get moving,” I said as I wrestled my nephews duffel bag out to the car. “I love that boy, but sometimes I need to light a fire under his ass to get him moving,” I thought as I shoved his bag in the car and looked towards his parent’s house. Jason was just walking out the front door with headphones and his phone, and of course a basketball under his arm.

There were two things this 19 year old never left the house without having along, tunes and a basketball. I had offered to drive him to the basketball camp he had been admitted to following graduation from high school. This camp was something that was supposed to help him make the team in college and I was happy to help.

I got behind the wheel as Jason wedged himself into my compact car, at 6′ 6″ he was tall and muscular and I had a difficult time not looking at his crotch. The old cliché about shoe size and the size of a man’s cock did mean something. My arousal always started when I got sight of something that huge.

We drove across town to the gymnasium where the camp would be conducted. I had trouble calling it a camp because it was right in town and I would be there every day watching him play and workout like the good aunt that I am. I am a retired college consular so I know the importance of family participation in these things. My sister in law and her husband both worked full time and were very appreciative to the attention I gave their son.

We walked into the gymnasium following registration and I was immediately taken aback. The place was huge and there were about 20 players in every stage of development. Most were tall but they ranged from skinny to muscular and half had their shirts off playing an impromptu game while they waited for the coach.

Just so my readers understand, I am a self-described cougar, I like variety, which is the spice of life and I like them between 18 and 21 years old. And in this gymnasium it took all my effort not to pounce on one or two of the players immediately. I knew the next two weeks would offer me plenty of eye candy if not a bite of the young stuff I was checking out.

“Excuse me ma’am,” a very strong voice said, “if you want to stay for future workouts you will need to stay on the sidelines.

I turned around and nearly fainted, there was a mountain of a man standing right beside me. He was very dark skinned, probably close to 7 foot tall, and was wearing athletic shorts that did little to mask his manhood. His jersey was very snug and his muscular build was on full display.

“I’m the coach, Anthony,” He said offering his hand, “I take it you are here with one of the players.”

“Yes, Jason is my nephew, he has great promise,” I said promoting my only nephew who I knew would do great things on the court. “My name is Wendy, his mother’s sister-in law.”

“We’ll find out how much promise he has,” Anthony said, “now today’s workout is more about establishing their stamina and fitness for our camp. For this reason this is a closed session, but you are more than welcome tomorrow.” He said gesturing towards the door.

“I will leave Jason in your capable hands,” I said and took his hand again. His strength and power emanated from every pore in his body and my arousal that had started in the car was higher than ever. Jason looked down at my small white hand in his and I slowly pulled away from his hand cupping my fingers around his middle finger, a gesture that my experience signals men that something sexual could happen.

Anthony walked me to the door of the gymnasium, which seemed to signal that he didn’t trust me to leave. He opened the door just wide enough that I had to turn sideways to get out and he smiled saying, “Wendy you are welcome back anytime, I would love to get to know you personally.”

I looked up into his dark brown eyes and saw something that was not there when we were near the players. I intentionally brushed my hand across the bulge in his shorts and he pressed against the back of my hand with had to be a beginning erection and I looked down and could see the outline of his tip. I licked my lips as I looked back into his eyes, “I will take that offer to get to know me personally as a promise.”

His back was towards the players so I let my fingertips pass over the tip of his cock hidden but not noticed in his athletic shorts. My pussy was slick with my arousal as I left the gymnasium, I could feel my waxed lips sliding side to side as I walked. I had chosen not to wear panties and the air blowing up my skirt felt cool against my bald pussy, but did little to cool the heat deep inside.

The gymnasium was part of a larger sport complex so I looked around and saw a skate park a short walk from my car. I casually strolled over to the bench seats where I could watch two young men running the ramps with their skate boards. I could tell they were probably not more than 20 years old so I immediately sat down on the bench and with no hesitation parted my legs offering ankara escort bayanlar the boys a look they wouldn’t soon forget. The skate area was below the sidewalk level and the shorter of the two guys was first to spot my bald slit.

He took a tumble and his buddy gave him a bad time about being clumsy and as he came to give him shit he also spotted the distraction. He was a bit taller and unlike the first guy, bold in his staring at my slit. I pulled my skirt up another couple inches and he did a big circle around the ramp and up to the sidewalk.

“Waiting for someone?” He asked and sat down beside me flipping his skate board around and holding it between his legs.

“You,” I said and put my hand on his bare thigh.

He jerked as if I poked him with something sharp and then relaxed as my hand slid up his thigh and stopped so close to his crotch that I could feel the heat of his cock. “You got anything in those shorts that you’d like to show me?” I said in my sluttiest voice.

He sat speechless for a second then said, “Sure, but not out here in the open, follow me,” he said and jumped up, slammed his skate board down and pushed slowly away towards a small building. He motioned to his buddy that followed him and as I got near I could see it was a restroom. He pulled the men’s room door open as I approached.

I pulled the ladies room door open saying, “if you want some of this, follow me,” and I pulled my skirt up showing them my neatly groomed landing strip patch of hair that pointed directly to my swollen and wet pussy lips as I turned and walked into the ladies room. I looked around, it was not the cleanest place to have sex, but I knew it would better than the men’s room. When the door didn’t move I pushed it open a bit, the tall one, let’s call him stretch, was arguing with the short one, call him Shorty.

“Hey man,” Stretch said, “that slut will fuck both of us, you can’t pass up on that.”

“I don’t know,” Shorty said, “what if she is a cop or something?”

“Fuck you, cops don’t show you pussy to get you in trouble, stay out here if you want, but I know I am going to get some trim.” Stretch said and I pushed the door open for him.

“What’s up with the little guy, doesn’t like women?” I asked as Stretch looked in the three stalls to make sure they were empty.

“Who knows, he is undocumented, always worried about cops you know.” Stretch said with a sneer.

“He is Hispanic?” I asked, could have fooled me.

Just then the door swung open and Shorty walked in smiling from ear to ear. He must have figured out it was safer inside the ladies room than standing outside of it while his buddy got lucky.

“Well, you saw mine, now let me see what you two are packing,” I said as I looked at Stretch and then at Shorty.

“My name is Emmanuel…..”

“No names,” I said, “we are here to fuck, or at least I am.”

I pulled my skirt up to my waist and ran a finger up my slick crease. Stretch yanked his shorts and boxers down and revealed a 7 inch cock that was just about erect. Shorty looked around and slowly unbuckled his jeans and when they fell to the floor his 10 inch cock flopped out and I knew I had hit the jackpot.

I walked over to Stretch and gave his cock a couple of strokes and he was standing tall. I then moved to Shorty, “he is short in height but not here,” I thought as I lifted his meat and felt its size and weight. He was far from semi-erect but looking into his eyes I saw the lust he was feeling.

I pushed him down on the toilet and bent at the waist not wanting to kneel on the dirty floor. I spread his knees with my hands and grabbed his huge chunk of Latin meat and skinned it back revealing a nearly purple tip glistening in the light of the fluorescent light. I licked it roughly and felt his shudder and then I slipped it between my ruby red lipstick covered lips. I felt his cock tighten in my mouth and knew he was going to get had in a hurry.

I loved to deep throat a cock, and knew this one would be a challenge. My poor little dildo that I trained myself with didn’t hold a candle to Shorty’s monster. I wanted to savor this cock and began running my tongue over the tips ignoring his buddy Stretch. This was the cock I wanted in the gymnasium, the cock I knew Anthony had, and now I would have it, down my throat.

He hardened with each pass of my tongue, each time I ran his semi-erect cock down my throat I felt it harden and swell in my mouth. Then there were hands on my hips, fingers in my pussy and up the crack of my ass. I humped back against them and then knew that Stretch would not wait for instructions or permission.

Emanuel put his hands on my head and started thrusting into my mouth and then my pussy was being penetrated by a strange cock. Not the biggest I have had, but it would do if he had any knowledge of how to use it. I felt him slip the head inside of me, he had a cut cock with a helmet he could be proud of and I felt my pussy close around his shaft ankara esmer escortlar and he thrust into me, pulling at my hips. He groaned, I knew he wouldn’t last, a woman knows these things. It was all about his pleasure and I didn’t care, this Latino cock was going to fill me with all the cum I desperately needed.

Stretch picked up the pace, humping he wildly as if he was on some foot race desperate to cross the finish line. I pulled off Shorty, “slow it down a bit,” I scolded, “the idea is to make me cum and then you.”

I knew he wouldn’t listen, his feeble attempt at sex separated him from the true man that was at that moment in my mouth. He was fully erect, I had two hands on his cock and he was hitting the back of my throat without me making any movement. He humped hard and if it hadn’t been for holding his cock at the base he would have choked me completely.

Stretch moaned loudly, “Of FUCK, I am gonna cum.” I humped back against him know my tubes had been tied but waited until I knew he was beyond control, which he reached with the next thrust. “Fuck yea, here it comes bitch, I am going to plant my seed deep inside your fancy ass cunt, your high and mighty show me yours BITCH.”

I felt his first spurt deep inside me and pulled off of Shorty, “You stupid fucker,” I yelled, “if you knock me up I will make your fucking pay.”

My hand stroked Shorty wildly and Stretch sent another rope of cum inside of me unable to control his lust. Shorty groaned and rammed his cock down my throat and blew his thick Latino seed down my throat. I pulled back as he sent spurt after spurt into my mouth and throat and then a shot across my face. I looked up and smiled, “What a fucking stud you are Emanuel,” and I felt Stretch pull out of me.

I stood and looked at the pitiful scare crow of a young man, “You are so pathetic,” I said, “I told you not to cum in me,” I said as I spread my legs and watched his load begin to run down my legs. “Look what you have done, I was ovulating this morning, do you have any idea what that means?”

He was shocked, I could have knocked him off his feet with a feather. I pulled my skirt down, looked back at Shorty who sat on the toilet with his massive cock covered in my saliva and his cum. I bent and kissed the tip of his cock, looked into his eyes, and knew I would see him again. Stretch, well he wasn’t worth the trouble, but he did get me to an orgasm but he’d never know it.

I turned to Stretch, “I know who you are, if I am pregnant you will be sorry.” I didn’t smile until I was clear of the door, the look of horror on his face and his buddy yelling, “now who is stupid? I know enough not to plant seeds in someone else’s garden,” and laughed.

As I walked back to the car with his cum seeping out of me and the taste of Shorty’s cum on my tongue I started thinking about what to wear to the basketball camp tomorrow…

Basketball Camp 2

The alarm beside my bed dragged me out of a deep sleep and as much as I wanted to remain in bed I knew I had so much to do today so I could be the first family member at the basketball camp I had dropped my nephew Jason at yesterday. I flopped my arm across the bed, my husband was up and presumably gone as he always was. “Another morning alone in bed and horny as hell,” I muttered as I flipped the blankets off and ran my fingers over my bare pussy.

I needed to make that morning trip to the bathroom, but then I would return to bed after stopping by my drawer full of toys, “I think the big purple one today,” I thought as I swung my legs off the bed and walked to the bathroom. I pulled my nightgown off and looked at my 34C tits, “still firm and so perfect,” I thought as turned to set on the toilet and finished the task that brought me to the bathroom.

After retrieving my toy I slid back into bed and closed my eyes and my mind filled with that mountain of a man that I met yesterday. Anthony was dark as the night but there was brilliance in his eyes, a brilliance that filled me with lust, I had to have him.

I pushed the large purple head of the dildo between the swollen lips of my pussy and imagined it was Anthony. His black cock penetrating my white pussy for the first time would test the limits of my 53 year old pussy, a test I had studied for so many times before. I knew his cock was huge in length and girth, perhaps the largest I had ever had. The toy slid in, no hesitation, no gentle attempt to test my depths, I knew he would take control of me and I would be but a fuck hole for him.

I imagined his muscular chest pinning me down to the bed, his hips grinding that huge cock into my gut, would the tip of his cock penetrate my cervix? I wanted to know and feel his strength, and then I felt it, the start of an orgasm and I wanted to cum on Anthony’s huge cock. If I did he would know that I was his, at least his for that moment.

I thrust my hips up to meet my hand shoving that huge deep purple toy into my slick pussy, lips spread, sincan grup yapan escortlar my arousal squishing out on my waxed labia. I wanted to please him and then I froze, my orgasm hit me like a ton of bricks. Every muscle in my body reacted to the cock that was shoved deep inside of me, I was cumming and I wanted it to last forever.

It was a good orgasm, but it did not cure my lust for that man that I wanted, I would let him take me right on that basketball court if he wanted, he could take me in any position. I had to have him, TODAY! And so my day began, as it always did, with an unfulfilled lust and sexual need. I quickly showered and then selected the perfect wardrobe. My dress was short and pure virginal white in color, not so short that I looked like a whore, but short enough that it would ride up when seated. Stockings, black with elastic lace tops, no sense messing with a garter belt today.

My shoes were a statement of my desire, stiletto heels that graced my feet and made my legs the object no man could resist. I looked in the mirror, my make up was perfect, not over the top slutty, but it screamed “fuck the bitch in heat,” I thought as I nearly ran to the car and drove to the gymnasium where Jason and the other camp participants could be heard gathering for their opening workout.

I pushed on the double doors with confidence, I was the first family member there and as I walked to the front bench seat along the court the place fell silent. All eyes were on me, the young men, 18 to 22 years old stared at me like I was a goddess from on high. I made an entrance that screamed, “I am ready to fuck.”

I set my purse on the bench, adjusted my skirt and looked at all those athletic faces, strong, viral, and young. Inexperienced in most cases to what a woman wants and needs, and that is the way I liked them. I was like a lioness surveying the savannah for its morning prey, but unlike the lion I was not searching for the weakest, I wanted the one that would match my needs with theirs.

“Aunt Wendy,” Jason shouted with his voice echoing across the gymnasium, “I knew you would come,” he said as he rushed towards me and hugged me.

I smiled, he really was such an attractive young man, the pride of my sister and her husband. I kissed his cheek leaving lipstick to mark my conquest. “How is it going Jason?” I asked as he released me from the hug that did nothing to cool the fire between my legs.

“I don’t know, the coach and I had this long interview and I don’t think he likes me much,” he said hanging his head.

“It will be just fine Jason, I will speak to him, I am sure it is just his way of training athletes,” I said as I let my hands brush across his front and felt his response to our closeness and knew I had produced the desired effect, “Adjust yourself Jason,” I said with that coy smile of control I had over him, “we must not display inappropriately,” I said as I stepped around him to hide him from the players. I knew they cared nothing about Jason adjusting his cock in his jock strap, they wanted me, I could feel it, I knew it.

“Jason,” a booming voice called out, “on the floor, NOW!” Anthony shouted from across the gymnasium. I turned towards the voice, “Hmmm,” I growled in a low guttural way, “My prey has shown himself,” I thought not daring to reveal my needs to Jason.

Jason hustled back to the group and the coach shouted, “let’s do some wind sprints, ten times back and forth, you know the drill” and he blew his whistle and the young men took off running like gazelles across the African plains. It was a site that made my pussy ooze my creamy arousal as I positioned myself on the bench prepared to watch.

Anthony looked my way briefly, I had anticipated this, “he wants me as bad as I want him,” I thought and as his eyes fell upon my seated form I parted my legs, my skirt rose to a dangerous level, and I could see the light burning in his eyes, he saw my bare pussy, no panties to attract my prey, nothing but my waxed labia gleaming with my desire.

My eyes dropped to his crotch, the white athletic shorts moved in front, “yes, he is mine, just a bit more and he will be mine,” I thought as I placed my hands on my nylon stocking covered thighs and I opened my legs further and moved my hands to the elastic tops of my stockings, held that for a moment, then slowly crossed my legs hiding the object of his desire.

Anthony turned back to his players, shouted commands to them, worked them like soldiers in basic training, and I knew his sexual desires were controlling him as much as mine were controlling me. The young men were covered in sweat, some sagging from the exertion, yet he drove them and he would look my way, I refused his desire to see my snatch again, “he needs to earn it,” I thought feeling in control of this tall handsome man.

There was this olive skinned player, jet black hair, and I noticed his smooth skin, not a hair on his arms or legs. His name was on his jersey, it looked Italian. I pulled a small red out of my purse and jotted the name on the pad and added, “strong, muscular, probably 21 no more than 22 years old, Italian, need to have him.” I put the little book back, every accomplished professional keeps notes on their future plans, and he was definitely on my list.

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The Game

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We’ve been playing the game for almost eight years. Once a month, usually on a Friday night, I, and five of my best friends get together to play Texas Hold’em poker.

I’m Stan and my buds names are Derrick, Neil, Rod, Bret and Steve. The game started in the dorms at university during our senior year. Back then, we played once a week for pennies, nickels and dimes. Since graduation, we’ve settled into corporate jobs and we’re all married except Bret. We have wives. Bret has a permanent girl friend who shares an apartment with him.

Each month, we meet at a different home at seven in the evening and play until eleven when we call it quits and go home. Usually, the spouse of the host helps with the necessary refreshments, mostly to thwart the players invading and disturbing the organization of her kitchen. Beer is allowed. Cigars are not. She’s usually accompanied by the spouse of another player who volunteers to help and they have their own social visit.

Over time, the game matured and changed. We graduated to nickel, dime, and quarter wagers and, three years ago, we’ve graduated to dollars. Even with the changes, we were staggered by the monumental change in direction the game took a number of years ago.

We were gathered in my home. I had set up the portable poker table in the middle of the living room. We were gathered around the table while Derrick, an accountant and designated banker of the game, was taking money and passing out chips. Derrick’s wife, Florence, she prefers Flo, had arrived with him and she was helping my wife Virginia, she prefers Ginny, with the first round of beers, chips and dips. That sounds misogynistic but they insist they enjoy helping “the boys” play their games.

We played for about two hours before Bret looked at his watch and announced he had to leave early Abby’s parents were due for a short visit and he had promised to get home early to help her prepare. Leaving early was a non-starter as was the eleven o’clock quitting time. Winners are not allowed to leave early but we made an exception for Bret since he wasn’t winning and not helping his flat mate could cause him, and us, problems in the future. Steve, who had shared a ride with Bret, was an unfortunate victim of Bret’s commitment. Derrick cashed them out and they left.

Curious about the change in our group, Ginny and Flo came into the living room.

“What happened to Bret and Steve?” asked Ginny.

“Bret had to leave early and he was Steve’s ride,” I told them.

“How’s that going to affect the game?” she asked.

“We can play with four,” I said.

“Doesn’t that change the game?” Ginny asked.

“A little. The pots will be smaller and the competition isn’t quite as robust,” I agreed.

Ginny stood next to the table for a moment. She looked at Flo and said, “What do you think?”

“I think it would be fun,” Flo responded.

None of the four of us seated at the table had the slightest idea what they were talking about. Ginny vanquished our confusion when she said, “Flo and I could take their places.”

“You want to play poker with us?” I asked.

“Why not? We’ve played poker before,” she insisted.

“This is a pretty aggressive game. You think you could keep up the pace?”

“If we don’t try we’ll never know,” Ginny countered.

I looked at the other guys. I didn’t see a lot of dissent. “Have a seat,” I said.

Ginny and Flo made themselves comfortable in the chairs recently vacated by Bret and Steve. Without missing a beat, Derrick said, “I’m going to need a hundred dollar buy in from each of you.”

“A hundred dollars!” exclaimed Ginny and Flo in unison. “We don’t have that kind of cash with us,” explained Ginny.

“The cash is for chips. We use chips to bet. The chips are less messy than cash and makes keeping score easier. You get the money back later when you cash in the chips you have at the end of the game,” Derrick explained.

Ginny and Flo conferred quietly. “Can we bet something else?” Ginny asked.

“What did you have in mind?” asked Derrick.

“Clothing,” said Ginny. Flo nodded in agreement.

“Clothing?” asked Derrick. “How would that work?” he asked.

“Each article of our clothing must be worth some number of chips. If we lose the chips, we’ll take off something to buy the chips back,” suggested Ginny.

I looked at the other guys, already knowing what they thought of Ginny and Flo’s proposal. Neil looked at Derrick and me. “They’re your wives,” he said. “You make the decision.”

“Alright, you can play for clothing,” I said.

“You realize that Flo and I could end up naked,” Ginny stated.

“True,” I agreed.

“Do you think that’s fair?” Ginny asked.

“It was your idea,” I reminded her.

“I think we should all play with the same stakes,” Ginny asserted.

Trapped, I looked at the rest of the men. I could see they were all willing to risk their clothing if there was a chance they could see Ginny and Flo naked. “Fine,” I said. “Loser of each hand takes off something.”

“That’s not entirely fair,” said Ginny.

“What now?” I asked.

“There ankara bayan escortlar are four of you and two of us,” she said. “Even if losing was evenly distributed, we’d lose our clothing twice as fast as the rest of you,” Ginny explained.

Derrick spoke up. “Let me handle this,” he said.

Derrick cashed in each of the guys and then gave each of the women twenty white chips. The men got twenty black chips each. “Okay,” he said. “Here’s how it works. We play normal Hold’em. We bet as usual and the winner collects the chips at the end of each hand. If the winner is a guy, he can then use white chips from the pot to buy clothing from the women. A gal can do the same for the men’s clothing with the black chips. I suggest five chips for each article of clothing. All things being equal, there should be twice the number of black chips in the pot than there are white chips.”

“That works for me,” said Ginny. “Only one addition. A winner can’t buy two articles in a row from the same person.”

“Agreed,” said Derrick. “Maximum bet on the deal and flop is one chip; two chips on the turn and four on the river. Unlimited raises. We’ll dispense with the small and big blinds. Ante is one chip. Are we good to go?” he asked.

No one objected.

We cut the cards to see who dealt first. Rod gained the honor. He shuffled the deck and tossed a chip in the center of the table. The rest of us followed suit. I looked at the four black and two white chips in the center of the table and I was struck at the deeper meaning they conveyed.

Rod dealt two cards face down around the table and put the deck down. He looked at me on his left. “Your bet,” he said.

I tossed in a chip, Derrick folded and Neil tossed in a chip. Flo folded, Ginny confidently tossed in a chip and Rod followed with one of his own.

Rod buried a card and turned over the next three. I and Neil checked, Ginny tossed in another chip. Rod matched her and raised her with another chip. Two chips to me. I folded. Neil looked at his hand and folded. Ginny called and added another chip ending the betting.

Only Rod and Ginny remained. Ginny added another chip on the turn and Rod kept pace. The river card was an ace. Ginny raised two chips. Rod considered his cards and added four chips to the pot, a two chip raise. Ginny pushed in four chips, a reraise and Rod folded. Ginny didn’t have to show us her cards but she was too excited to resist. Her pocket aces explained her strategy.

There were thirteen black chips in the pot and twelve white chips. Ginny collected them all. She carefully separated the chips and stacked five black chips in front of her. “Who can I buy some clothing from?” she asked.

“Any guy you want,” I told her.

She looked at me. She shoved the stack in my direction. “Okay,” she said. “Give up something.”

I added the chips to my stack and took off a shoe.

“Damn,” said Ginny. I forgot about shoes. A second stack of five black chips was pushed at Rod who removed a shoe of his own.

What do I do with the rest of the black chips?”

“Keep them,” said Derrick. “Maybe you’ll win another hand.”

We played for the next ninety minutes. I still wore my trousers and underwear; Derrick still had four items and Neil three. Flo was down to her bra, skirt and, I assume, panties. Ginny was in bra and panties and Rod wore just his tented boxer shorts when the alarm on my phone went off.

“That’s it,” I said. “Game over.”

“Game over?” questioned Ginny. “Who says?”

“We always play until eleven. It’s eleven. Time to quit.”

“Shit. You’re going to leave us like this? Just when thing were getting interesting,” complained Ginny.

“Maybe next time,” I suggested.

After everyone had gone, Ginny and I sat down with a glass of wine and talked. Ginny was still in just her bra and panties.

“Damn,” she cursed. “I was ready to take off my bra and reveal all to Neil, Rod and Derrick. Why did you have to stop the game?”

“It was eleven. By agreement we stop at eleven and settle up. It prevents sore losers from complaining if a winner quits early. Everybody plays. Everybody stays. Final winners and losers are determined by the clock without pressure to keep playing so someone has an opportunity to get even or lose even more.”

“I get it,” said Ginny, “but you spoiled my fun and my big reveal.”

“Maybe next time,” I told her again.

Little did I know how soon “next time” would be.

A month later, we gathered for the game at Neil’s house. If Leigh was expecting six of us to play poker, she had prepared too much food and beverages. However, Leigh knew exactly what she was doing. All four other wives and one girlfriend showed up to play.

The men were initially surprised but, after Abby explained, that when the women heard the details of the game with Ginny and Flo the previous month, “they all wanted to join in the fun.” Disappointed and energized at the same time, Neil took down the poker table, Ginny gave me a snide grin and we all gathered in the living room to play.

We pushed back the furniture elvankent seksi escortlar and sat on the carpet in a circle, men on one side and women on the other.

Derrick handed out the chips. “We don’t have enough chips to give each of us 20 chips.

“Wait a second,” said Ginny. She jumped up and retrieved her purse from the kitchen. She removed two more packages of chips and gave them to Derrick. “These should be enough,” she said.

I looked at her strangely.

“Always prepared,” she said.

There were plenty of white chips to fund the women. Half the men got black chips and half the men got blue chips to complete their stacks.

“Same rules?” asked Derrick.

“Same rules,” confirmed Ginny, who seemed to be the unofficial spokesman for the women. “And still no ganging up on one individual when you buy clothing,” she added.

“I agree,” said Derrick. “In fact, I think we should eliminate the need for the winner to pick the losers.”

“How do we manage that?” asked Ginny. “Somebody has to decide who gives up clothing.”

“I suggest that each time someone buys clothing it should be from the individual with the smallest stack of chips. That way, they replenish their chips as a minor compensation for removing an article of clothing. We’ll settle ties with a draw of a card.”

“I like that,” said Misty, Rod’s wife. Ginny echoed her comment and the game was on.

The game was amazingly even for the first two hours, before Misty ran out of chips. “Now what do I do if I want to keep on playing?” she asked.

The twelve of us had an animated discussion about how to handle Misty’s conundrum. Proposals included everyone donating a chip to just the other women donating a chip. Derrick, in his default wise man designation, suggested what became the final answer. “I suggest anyone in Misty’s position can use clothing to buy chips from the bank.”

“I can live with that,” said Misty, who was still wearing at least four pieces of clothing. How much?”

“The current rate is the same as for winners, five chips per article,” said Derrick.

Misty removed her shirt and tossed it to Derrick. “I’m using red chips for this purpose,” he said. Anyone with red chips at the end of a hand can turn them in for chips of their own color. No one is allowed to buy any clothing with the red chips since they’ve already represent lost clothes.”

We agreed. Misty tossed two red chips into the pot and called the bet. She’d made a good bargain, she won the pot and Neil and her husband, Rod, paid the price.

Soon after, Ginny got her wish. She was the first loser to remove an article of clothing that would expose skin that usually didn’t see daylight. She stood up, faced the men squarely, and dramatically took off her bra. Her ample breasts settled on her chest as five men inhaled.

“Let me see,” said Kathy, Steve’s wife, who was sitting close to Ginny and was now behind her.

Ginny turned so that all the other women could see her naked breasts. “Nice,” said Kathy.

“Damn straight,” echoed Steve.

Things slowed down as each of the players was unwilling to risk more than necessary. Most hands ended with five players checking on the deal and folding on the flop. Most winners had only the ante to work with and a guarantee of six chips from the opposite gender. At least one player lost an item of clothing with every deal and the tension increased proportionally.

Ginny may have been the first to reveal her tits but not the first to remove their draws. That honor fell to Rod. Rod stood up in front of everyone without Ginny’s determination. He stood, apparently frozen at the thought of exposing his very erect penis.

“For Christ’s sake Rod,” called out Misty. “Just get it over with or I’ll do it for you.”

Apparently, being called out by his wife was more intimidating than exposing himself. He pulled off his boxers, resisted covering himself with his hands, turned around once for everyone to see and sat down again.

“Good choice,” said Misty.

“That’s nothing to be embarrassed about,” said Abby.

“Next hand,” said Derrick.

“Wait a minute,” interrupted Misty. “What about Rod”?

“What about Rod?” asked Derrick.

“Is he still in the game?”

“If he wants to be. He still has chips.”

“What if he loses again. In case you didn’t notice, he doesn’t have any clothing to sell,” pointed out Misty.

“Good point,” agreed Derrick. “What about losing after you’re naked?” he asked the group.

A discussion ensued. There were various suggestions including dares.

Ginny spoke up. “I like the possibility of dares,” she said. “I suggest that naked participants continue to play and naked losers are required to complete a dare or favor.”

“I think I know what a dare is. What’s a favor?” asked Misty.

“A dare is something you do by yourself, such as ordering delivery pizza and answering the door naked or running around the house outside naked. A favor is something you do for or to another person, usually the winner if they have at least five chips bayan etimesgut escort to spend,” explained Ginny.

“Do favors include things like physical contact?” asked Misty.

“I think so. I think it includes blow jobs, tit kissing and other sexual activities,” Ginny amplified.

“Sex?” asked Misty.

“Unless we decide to prohibit everything beyond a certain point. For example, penetration.”

“Does anybody have a problem with no prohibitions?” asked Misty.

Peer pressure and lots of adult beverages influenced our decision. Nobody objected.

The game continued. Betting was conservative, but the stripping continued. Leigh and Neil were the next to get naked, followed quickly by Abby, Ginny and Kathy. We played until Rob won and he pushed a stack of five white chips toward Misty. By that time only Rod and Steve still had their underwear on.

“Dare or favor?,” Rod asked Misty.

“Favor,” said Misty immediately.

Smiling, Rod replied, “Give me a blowjob.”

“What?” asked Misty. We do that all the time. You couldn’t think of something else?”

Rod sat quietly. “You picked,” he stated simply.

“Shit. Okay. How long?” Misty asked.

“Two minutes,” said Derrick.

Misty scooted over to Rod, pulled off his briefs and started a less than energetic blowjob while everyone watched and wondered where the rest of the evening was headed. Two minutes later, Derrick called time. Misty scooted back to her place and wiped the saliva off her face. Rod reached for his underwear.

“Hold on stud,” said Ginny. “You gave them up, they stay off.”

“But I didn’t lose them,” Rod countered.

“You gave them up voluntarily as part of Misty’s favor. They stay off.”

Steve took off his boxers in support of Rod.

Flo won the next hand. A quick audit discovered that I had one less chip than Neil.

Dare or favor?” asked Flo.

“Favor,” I picked.

“Okay,” said Flo. “I want you to come over here and kiss and suck my tits.”

I looked at Ginny and she laughed. I crawled over to Flo and she lay on her back on the floor. I cupped a breast in one hand and gently kissed her nipple. “Do better than that,” said Flo.

I palmed both breasts, kissed the nipples and then sucked on the right nipple. “That’s better,” said Flo.

I was really getting into it. Flo had her eyes closed, her legs up on her heels and she was trying to grab a piece of carpet with her hands, when Derrick said, “Time.”

Bret was shuffling the cards for the next hand when my watch alarm went off. “Eleven o’clock,” I said. “Time to quit.”

“Bullshit,” said Ginny. “My tits are lonely.”

“Rules are rules,” I said. “We agreed to quit at eleven.”

“Stan is right,” said Derrick. “Rules are rules.

Grudgingly, everyone got dressed in socially acceptable minimums and engaged in passionate good-byes. Every one of the men took the opportunity to make Ginny’s tits feel popular and a couple of the women did too.

On the way home, Ginny was bouncing all over the seat. “I wasn’t kidding,” she said. “My tits are tingling and so is my pussy.”

“I get that,” I said. “I’ll do my best to take care of your tits and then your pussy when we get home.”

“Both at the same time or I’ll go insane,” Ginny said.

Neither of us got much sleep that night.

The next poker night was scheduled for Rod and Misty’s place. Somehow, it got switched to Steve and Kathy’s house and it was moved up two weeks. When I asked, Ginny explained that Steve and Kathy had a larger house with four bedrooms and the reschedule should be obvious.

“You seem to have an expectation as to how the evening is going to develop,” I said.

“Don’t you?” asked Ginny.

“It does seem obvious, doesn’t it?” I said.

“It does,” confirmed Ginny. “Do you have any problems with it?” she asked.

“No,” I answered. “Flo’s tits were amazing. I could use more of that.”

Ginny laughed and grabbed my hand. “Come with me and I’ll show you how amazing my tits are,” she said.

Steve and Kathy have a huge house on three acres. There was plenty of parking in the circular driveway adjacent to the main entrance. Based on the number of cars in the driveway, we were the last to arrive. Ginny asked for my watch and put it in the glove box.

Steve answered the door. Four of the women were surrounding Abby, obviously happy about something. Abby saw Ginny and ran over to her. “Bret asked me to marry him,” she said breathlessly as she showed Ginny her new ring. Ginny hugged Abby and expressed her joy at Abby’s new status. I went over to Bret and congratulated him as well.

Inside, we gathered in a large den. The furniture had been pushed against the walls and the carpeted floor was littered with cushions and pillows. There was a deck of cards in the center of the room and twelve stacks of chips, half white, half black, arranged in a circle on the carpet. There was a pile of towels next to the circle.

When I asked Ginny about the towels, she explained that Neil had to have the carpet cleaned after the last party. I pretended to understand her explanation.

We agreed to start at seven. We spent the waiting time consuming liquid courage, eating chips and gorging on shrimp and cocktail sauce. Exactly at seven we were all seated next to a pile of chips of the appropriate color. Women on one side of the circle, men on the other.

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Two Bi Two Ch. 03-04

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(Note to readers: Young city-dwellers Sherman and Kristi, and middle-aged suburbanites Brenda and Garth, have tiptoed towards adding benefits to their friendship. At the end of Chapter 2, they had sex in the same room, but still with their own spouses, driving themselves wild as they banged and watched. They agreed that in their next frolic they’d turn the keys to open their wedlocks. As Sherman continues his recounting, the couples try to deal with the three-week wait. All characters in sexual situations are 18 years or older. Those situations can include anal, interracial, lesbian, and gay male sex, along with multibody braiding and chaining [MFM, FMF, etc]. Some of the sex is physically rough, but all of it is consensual.)

Chapter 3: The Expanded Bed

Kristi and I have decided that if one of us wants a hall pass, permission should be requested just after the alarm clock annoys us. We give ourselves five minutes every workday morning to adjust to being awake, before leaving the bed. We swap reminders of appointments and errands, decide what to plan for dinner, and sometimes ask to bang someone not currently on the bed.

“There’s a new hire named Dolores,” said Kristi. “We’ve talked. She’s interested. I’ll propose that she and I spend part of a lunch hour without food.”

“Pix?” I asked. Blood flowed more eagerly to my crotch, ending my torpor.

She showed regret. “She’s too shy.”

“Convenient,” I muttered.

“No money or time lost,” she returned, claiming our yuppie high ground. We seldom let marital sex take time away from wage earning, and so far neither had sought to lose pay time for a bang outside the marriage.

“Yeah fine,” I said. “You do all the chores tonight.”

“Deal,” she said. Then she gave me a slow kiss that almost went too far.

We were both on edge, despite long, high-energy fuck sessions every night. It was still more than two weeks until Brenda and Garth would arrive for what would be at least a mate swap. My wife and I wondered, guessed, hoped, feared, how much farther the foursome would go.

Was the anticipation more exciting than the event itself would be?

We doubted it.

That night, Kristi spent maybe three minutes detailing her noon bathroom-stall tryst with a curvy Latinx lady, then at least ten on how she’d trib Brenda.

“What if she’s not ready?” I panted, nearing my second spew in missionary.

“I might put Garth in an intensive care unit.”


Somehow, we all kept our online chats aboveboard and ‘clean.’ It helped that we were so generous with mind food, sharing links ranging from book samples to abstracts in scientific journals. I remained occupied with Brenda and Garth intellectually. Clearly that was also true of Kristi.

Whether that was as important to the other couple, I could only guess, at that time. Sapiosexuality can vary, person to person. Maybe Kristi and I were little more to them than hot young meat.

There was nothing out of bounds in a PM Kristi sent to Brenda, a week before the scheduled gathering that had us foaming at the mouth:


The ‘mentioning’ was when Brenda japed that Garth had fucked the book club’s women during an orgy. In doing so, Brenda declared an overlap in participation between the book club and whatever their swing gathering was. Brenda’s reply to Kristi was this:


Cordial and considerate, and clearly a brush-off. Kristi thanked Brenda, and said to me, “So much for a stealth check of their other playmates.”


Finally the Saturday arrived. Despite rain and wind, we met at a small plates restaurant that was having its moment right then. The weather kept the crowd down, but even with a reservation we waited five minutes to be seated. The weather also kept sufficient staff from showing up on time, so we waited a very long time to get served. We amused ourselves, sort of, with a betting pool on the ratio of minutes waited after ordering, to the size of the small food on each small plate.

At one point I felt Brenda playing footsie with me. My eyes widened and I beseeched her, “Please don’t. We don’t know how much longer we’ll be here.”

“You’re right,” she said, ending contact.

By the time we got home, our frenzy far outweighed our moderate satisfaction with the food. “We should have hit a drive-through,” Kristi muttered as she pushed open the door.

I told our guests we’d augment the bedroom, and Garth quickly said, “Good, no pretense.”

“Aren’t we thoroughly modern,” said Brenda as she and Garth hefted a loveseat. “Women joining men in the heavy lifting.”

“We could go troglodyte instead,” I said, as Kristi and I showed our youth and conditioning with an easy lift of the other loveseat. “Garth and I carry while you two strip and encourage us.”

“Already encouraged, thanks,” said Garth, leering at Kristi.

We set the loveseats on either side of the bed, facing and adjoining it, to increase the swiving surface.

As ankara duşta veren escortlar we disrobed, Kristi said, “We ignorant newbies would like to know if you have rules for this.”

“We do,” said Brenda. “First, are we agreed generally that we can fuck across wedlocks, M-F?”

“Yes,” said Kristi, now nude. “If not more.”

“Let’s stick with that first,” Brenda said more firmly, while looking hungrily at Kristi. “This can still be limited.”

“Condoms?” I asked.

“Yes, for all fucks,” said Garth. “We also have a request-and-approval process that requires unanimous agreement.”

I managed not to laugh or roll my eyes. I did say, “Seems pretty legalistic.”

“You asked,” said Brenda, still with a firm tone while doffing her undies.

“I’ll give you an example,” said Garth. He faced us all as we stood around the expanded bed. “I’ll make a request.” He looked at my wife. “I would like to hug and kiss Kristi, as we are now, standing. Our hands would be on the other’s back. The bodies would make contact but not add pressure or movement. We would be free to use tongues. It would end in fifteen seconds.”

Brenda looked from Garth to us. She said, “I approve.”

I tried not to dwell on the weirdness of four naked people standing around a bed. With five, it might seem like a black mass (ha ha, I already had one between my legs).

I looked at Kristi, but said to everyone, “So one negative vote is enough to defeat the motion?”

“Yes,” said Garth.

I chuckled. “Can I abstain, or assign my vote to Kristi?”

“No,” said Brenda. “All feelings must be stated openly and honestly.”

Kristi said, “But voice voting, one at a time, can affect the decisions of later voters. I suggest we write our votes, so nobody is influenced by others.”

Garth and Brenda looked at each other in surprise. “We never thought of that,” said Garth. “Thanks, Kristi, from now on that’s the way we’ll do it.”

“We need a different request to try that out,” said Brenda. “Garth, your Kristi kiss will have to wait.”

“I have a request,” I said. “I’ll get pencils and paper.”

Once they had the necessary electoral supplies, I said, “I would like to kiss Brenda while standing close, with tonguing allowed, our hands free to explore our bodies, for up to thirty seconds.”

Kristi smirked. “That’s upping the ante.”

“Which may prompt a vote against,” I said. I had tried for indifference, but my prick was thickening. The others saw that.

Facial expressions may have given away what was supposed to be secret balloting. All three votes were in favor.

I held out a hand to Brenda, and smiled.

Smoothly, with a smile of her own, she worked her way over to me. Especially in motion, with her regal carriage, she was the illustration for the dictionary definition of ‘statuesque.’

My penis rose to greet her. Brenda lifted it, to sandwich it between our bellies. Then she held out her arms to enclose me, but leaned back her torso slightly.

She knew where my hands would go.

“Thirty,” said Kristi as my fingers spread on Brenda’s breasts. “Twenty-nine.” I could hear the amusement in her voice.

My wife continued the countdown as my open mouth met Brenda’s. Her navel slid side-to-side along the head of my prick. As my thumbs pressed her nipples inward, she hummed into my throat.

One leg snaked along one of mine, then withdrew. Her other repeated, on my other.

To the extent that we tongue-wrestled, she won.

With the count less than ten, she moved her hands down my back. They gripped my buttocks.

Her index fingers descended my crack.

At ‘one,’ they pressed my anus.

“Zero,” said Kristi. Brenda stepped far back.

I groaned, now feeling nothing of her.

“I’ll say it for you, since you think you can’t,” I said, wheezing. “Yes, black balls can be blue.”

The others laughed, including Brenda, who was breathing hard.

She began, “Request–“

“Approved,” said Garth.

“He wants cowgirl,” said Kristi.

“What she said,” I gasped, advancing on Brenda, caressing as I leaned her to the bed.

Kristi dashed to the far side and said, “Fuck me, Garth.”

So much for voting.

As jacked as we were, though, we remembered about condoms. I guess we all thought foreplay was unnecessary. Or maybe it had been going on for the last three weeks.

It was a full swap, open before us all. My wife and I were on our backs, and our guests rode us. Everyone relished the feel and taste of the stranger.

Brenda engulfed my shaft, and it seemed that my soul might follow. She slithered her walls down and up my length, swiveling a little, holding my sides, murmuring for me to stay still. Then she elevated her straddle beyond me, and got her hands to my cock and balls, stroking and exploring to the extent the condom allowed. I reciprocated, getting thumb and fingers to her clit. Soon she inserted me again, this time pumping more elvankent fetiş yapan escortlar rapidly.

She exited again when I was really close. Now her hands were rougher, smearing her nectar along the spire. I squeezed her swelling clit with a shaky hand. She smiled at my gritted teeth, and swooped down around me again, leaning at my face, saying, “Buck me, bronco!”

Did I ever. Her gorgeous boobs smacked my chest, over and over, sharing sweat. My trunk and torso surged against a woman almost as tall as I. Despite my urgency, I lurched into her glorious depths at least nine more times before my first spurt. In that moment I cherished Brenda, I would have died for her, I wanted nothing except to gush into her tight warmth until there was nothing left of me. I clutched her short hair, kissing voraciously, this time winning the tongue wrestle as she jerked away to howl. I lost count of the bursts she wrenched out of me.

Yet at the end, I remained large. Kristi’s pussy can do that to me also. Sometimes.

Speaking of her pussy, it was still getting pounded by Garth while Brenda and I ramped down. My new lover and I smiled at the sight of her fleshy, sweaty husband sharing inchoate joy with my sleek, quivering wife, her legs straight, and raised in a victorious V.

Brenda squeezed what I flexed. Our smiles were again for each other as we resumed fucking. Our heat ramped up again.

But having crossed a line by swapping mates, I sought to recross it, or erase it. Our lower halves stayed extramarital, but my upper half resumed fidelity. I turned my head to nuzzle Kristi’s ear. She gasped, faced me, and put her lips on mine.

With a hand on each woman’s breast, I gulped Kristi’s tongue as she ran fingers through my hair. My hands grazed Garth’s as he gripped the other breasts. Our guests alternated matrimonial kisses with mumbled dirty talk about how nasty the spouse was.

None of what we did arose from spoken requests. Screw their rules (and them), our bodies encouraged and accepted anything. The linked foursome sent me soaring.

Brenda, maybe strengthened by maternity, owned the most powerful, thrilling vagina I had ever entered. I thrust eagerly amid her grinds, now less enthralled than simply excited. I launched her to cries of joy an octave above her speaking voice. Her walls continued to maintain my wrapped cock skillfully, and she left her husband’s kiss to bring the breast I gripped to my mouth. I still stroked Kristi as I hammered into Brenda, awash in the pleasure I shared with two women. This was my triumph. Yes, I’m bisexual, but nothing I feel with a man could be anything like this.

My forty-plus lover took everything I had, and clearly wanted more. “Garth,” I groaned around her nipple, “why don’t you keep her locked up? Big mistake, man.”

“Yeah,” he grunted, licking Kristi’s foot as he banged her. “And now she’s going black.”

“No problem,” said Brenda. “This just gives me another man to betray. And another reason for the one I live with to overachieve.”

Then, conversation lapsed. Weariness tried to claim me, but Brenda had me reprogrammed as a sex device. I think she came twice more, her nectar sloshing onto my balls, before I spazzed. Then, noting my shrinkage, she consented to my departure.

When we finally took a break, we found that the overloaded rubbers hadn’t split. We laughed heartily and lolled in sustained grabass, convinced that fortune favors the horny.

After a wipedown, I opened a bottle of wine and we passed it around, in a cross-legged FMFM quadrangle on the bed.

“Sherm,” said Kristi, stroking my back, “Garth might have wrecked me. Hope you don’t have plans for tomorrow.”

With thumb and index I lifted my shriveled wang. “I have nothing to plan with.”

Brenda patted my thigh while leaning limply on Garth. “Don’t butter us up.”

“We prefer olive oil,” said Garth instantly.

I chuckled, but asked, “Is that from your ‘A’ material?”

“That’s the only reason we’re here,” said Brenda. “So we can use our old dirty jokes on people who haven’t heard them.”

After some more light snogging, and water bottles to counteract the alcohol, we resumed with oral adultery. Each of us divulged the spouse’s preferences, sensitivities, and dirty little secrets, in sentence fragments between licks and sucks.

Brenda watched my reactions to everything she did to me. Just building a data base? She showed a wicked smile now and then. Just having fun?

She did a long lick on and around my balls, then sloppy tongued down the perineum…and then, just shy of anal puckerings, back up. My eyelids had fluttered from that close approach. She saw that. And smiled wickedly. Clearly she remembered the porno we had shared with them, and my implied endorsement of all the content.

So far, the only non-hetero expression in this foursome had been between Kristi and Brenda. And that was only once, and verbal. In our age-groups, etimesgut iranlı escort female bisexuality was widely, wildly approved by hetero men. So maybe the women were taking advantage of the men’s yankable chains.

I hadn’t hidden anything from our new playmates. But certain subjects hadn’t been raised.

I didn’t let my thoughts on Brenda’s motives stop me from giving yeoman service to her pussy and clit. She was surprisingly delicate there, given the ferocity of her fucking. No teeth anywhere near, ever. Slooowww, wet tonguing of the clit, to build her pleasure without giving her sudden twinges. Once bloodflow was up and her breathing was heavy, my tongue-poking between the labia, and lip-sliding on the clit, got her to a climactic howl.

Brenda was as skilled a sculptor of phalluses with her mouth as she was with her quim. The restoration of my rigidity wasn’t a surprise. We had taken a break, and my recovery was normal, despite my whine.

She tried to deepthroat, having seen that from Kristi, but couldn’t get my bottom inch. Her hard suck, with ball-fondling, still got me to gush into her mouth, and put spots before my eyes.

I was only dimly aware of what happened beside us. I had heard one of Kristi’s o-yells, familiar to me, and some laughter. Now I saw her elbow-propped from her back, between the legs of knee-standing Garth, fellating him with gusto. He was too much for her to deepthroat, given his thickness, but she was delighted by the fountain she had produced. Scum covered her face, neck, and torso. Every few seconds she stopped sucking and spat the load at his Dad-gut, then resumed sucking.

Brenda chuckled as she repositioned to hug me.

“He’s inhuman,” I said to her.

She kissed me and said, “You taste better.”

The shower ran for nearly an hour nonstop, as each of us entered and left to produce different arrangements, including MFM and FMF. “Just rehearsing,” said Garth, as he and I groped Kristi. “There are still more steps ahead, right?”

She grabbed our dicks and yanked rapidly. “Not every step,” she wailed, “may be on solid ground!” She bit my neck, hard.

Brenda said nothing, when she could easily have quipped. She watched us as she toweled off on the other side of the shower door. She smiled at me. I wondered if she had decided on her own to investigate my bi side, or if she had been deputized by Garth.

Chapter 4: A Woman’s Perspective

The morning after our swap with the suburbanites, Kristi and I were actually about as sated as we had told them we were. We allowed this to be a very lazy Sunday, taking our time to describe sexual details to the other.

“Garth started very smooth and gentle,” she told me. “I think he works at that, because he’s such a big guy. He might worry that women will think he’s rough.”

“A surprise?”

“Not really, but it was nice. He kept it up. I told him I wasn’t a porcelain figurine, but he just nodded. The feel of his dick, thickening on ring muscles, was building nicely, so I let him stay in charge. In time, he started boosting the energy.”

We were dressed in our usual weekend knockarounds. Her expression was as blissed as mine probably was. I thought that if the aftermath would always be like this, there could never be any reason not to resume the foursome.

“Was his gut a problem?”

She laughed. “No, Mister Ebony Six-Pack. Physically we bumped uglies just fine. He got my legs up and to the sides, and sucked in to the extent necessary. Esthetically, it was amusing to look at a bulging belly with hair surrounding an outie navel. Especially while I saw and felt his tool.”

“Do you think he has a thing for feet?”

“I doubt it. I think he was trying to show affection to more of me, and the legs and feet were the easiest to reach. I enjoyed having a little appreciation given to my legs while I got impaled. You may take note.”

“Definitely,” I said, reaching under the kitchen table to stroke her knee.

Her voice remained normally conversational, but her look at me was her Supportive Wife Face. “Are you secure enough to hear more? Will you accept that I went wild for his difference, and that this doesn’t mean it was better?”

“I heard how you responded, and got a glimpse or two. I accept that you enjoyed orgasms with him, and are eager for more.”

“He’s thicker than you are,” she said, “and about the same length. But even at his biggest, he’s not a steel girder. He’s circumcised, but it’s as if his outer surface is like a foreskin, and I’m sure the condom didn’t slide. Even when it stretched me, his cock was flexible. That felt great, it didn’t hurt at all but filled me totally.” She gave me A Certain Look. “You ever had anything like that up your ass?”

“Probably not.”

“I’m not eager for that. You know what my butt can accept. Maybe at max boner you can do Brenda’s.”

“Pure speculation, at this point,” I said, I think casually enough.

Since Kristi had shared with consideration, I felt I’d better do the same.

“I enjoyed some of Brenda’s difference too. And not just her jugs.”

Coffee cup at her lips, Kristi simply eyed me to continue.

“Brenda has a really strong pussy.” The consideration was in not saying ‘stronger,’ though ‘really’ might have hinted that.

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