The Deal Ch. 11

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Matt walked into the kitchen and stopped in the doorway to stare at the naked back of his mother as she was doing the dishes. He felt warmth spread through his entire body at the sight.

He was use to the sight of her naked but never did he feel so intensely in love with her. Not since just a few hours ago when she had changed everything about their relationship by ending their no touching deal.

He thought of the giggling waitress and the long pleasant phone call last night. He really wanted to get to know Cindy and oddly he didn’t see his love for his mother getting in the way of that. He loved the feeling of being in love. He would always love his mother but she was still his mother. Cindy, she was something different.

He imagined Cindy doing the things his mother did to him that morning; it got him excited just thinking about it. But he really wanted to get to know her first; find out who she was. What he learned last night he liked, a lot. She was somebody special.

All these thoughts ran through his head as he silently watched his mother do the dishes with a happy bounce to her step; she was even humming. He still couldn’t believe this morning and how incredibly good she made him feel without asking for anything in return. Fair was fair and it was her turn.

He quietly walked up to her and reached around to cup her breasts.

“Oh,” a startled Diana dropped the small plate back into the soapy water filled sink.

Matt’s hands slid in small arches over her curved flesh pushing into her flesh, the fleshy part of his thumbs just grazing the edge of her nipples as they circled.

Di leaned back pressing her entire body into him purring “Mmmmhm, that feels so good.” She curved her head toward Matt and softly kissed his throat. She raised her arms up to grab and caress the back of his hair and neck causing her breasts to push out into his welcome hands.

As his hands alternated between a feather touch and a scrape on her skin, she started to pant and lightly bite his neck. Her moans grew louder. Without conscious thought she started to grind her ass into his waist.

Finally after a loud groan she pulled from his hands and turned to press her body into him still with her arms around his neck and stared into his eyes with a flushed look.

“Oh Matt, it has been so long. You have no idea what you are doing to me. You have me so worked up.”

Matt grinned at his shaking mother, “Get up on the counter.”

Di’s eyes lit up and a smile crossed her face as she shifted over and hopped up on the counter. Matt stepped between her legs and grabbed her head and brought her face into a deep kiss with him. Her hands spread through his head roughly mussing his hair. She purred deeply into his mouth. The back of Matt’s right hand lightly swirled circles on the skin between her breasts as it slowly slid down to her stomach still circling. She purred and moaned into his mouth as their lips pressed tightly into each other. A pulse of air pushed into his mouth from her gasp as his hand found and pressed into her pelvic bone. He could feel her legs tremble and spread as she brought her feet up to circle behind his waist pulling his body tighter into hers.

His open hand found her warm, moist spot and pressed up.

“Omigod; omigod; omigod,” She breathed into his mouth. Her kisses became frantic as her hands squeezed and pulled him into her mouth. Her entire body trembled with pleasure. She squealed and jumped when his finger stabbed forward into her. Her tongue slid into his mouth wiping across his teeth and pressing into his own tongue, his entire mouth vibrated with her groans. He could feel her body and legs pulse with the same rhythm of his finger as it pressed and pulled back, sawing back and forth into her channel. He added a second finger and curved them to press into the hollow spot above the opening. He repeatedly spread and closed his fingers slowly scraping the wall deep inside of her.

“Aaahhhh,” and then Di lifted her body off the counter onto him as her entire body spasmed, and she screamed into his mouth the sound muted by their tightly connected lips.

They collapsed to the floor with the trembling Diana on top, still kissing deeply.

Their lips broke apart and Diana rested her head on his shoulder her body slowly coming to a stop.

“Oh my God, where do you learn to do that?” Diana kissed his shoulder softly. She could feel his face split into a grin without needing to see it.

“Just paying attention to you and a healthy imagination that lucked out.”

“Oh, the girl that goes to bed with you will be absolutely insane to ever let you go. Thank you sooo much.” Di turned her head and nibbled his neck.

“Hey after this morning you deserved it.” Matt ran his hands over her naked back slowly caressing the soft skin. “So how does your first contact feel after eight years?”

“I’ve died and gone to heaven. I don’t want to move.”

Matt hugged her close, “I’m not going anywhere.”

Now Matt could feel her smile as she illegal bahis licked his neck whispering, “I love you so much.”

It was a very long time before either of them moved. They laughed hard together over the stiffness and awkwardness to their movements when they finally did stand up.

A bent over Matt looked at his mother as she held onto the counter, “So what do you want to do with the rest of the day?”

A grin split Diana’s sweaty face, “I don’t know, but I can’t wait to find out!”

They hugged and laughed together.

The phone rang which pulled them apart. Diana noticed a spark light in Matt’s eyes, “Didn’t you mention something about a girl last night?” she said to Matt’s back as he ran for the phone.

“Hello? Oh… hi, Mrs. Lynn. No. No. Everything is cool. Mom’s fine. Do you want to talk to her… Mom, it’s Mrs. Lynn on the phone.”

Diana looked at her obviously disappointed son as she grabbed the phone, “Don’t you take a step mister because I want some details. Hi Sue… No, I’m fine. No ill effects today at all. No, I’m not mad, more disappointed. Well, no I don’t really want to see her any time soon. But I want this to be a learning experience and ancient history. Matt. Matt was incredible. Oh…you saw. Well that’s embarrassing. Not my finest moment by any means. Matt kept anything from happening which is really saying something. I’ll be honest Sue. Our deal is done. Matt proved himself an incredibly responsible young man. Yeah. I trust his decision making ability implicitly. Anything he wants to do is fine with me. Yes, even that. Get this, he doesn’t want to. I know, but guess what? That didn’t stop him from giving me an incredible orgasm a little while ago. What? With just his fingers, Sue. Oh my God… You should see the shit-eating grin on his face right now. You’re what? Wow. I don’t believe it. Hey, I shared; you have got to tell me the details afterwards. Okay, call first, it seems Matt has met somebody but I haven’t gotten the details yet. I am about to interrogate him. Okay. Well you have fun. I know you will!”

Diana looked at Matt with sparkling eyes as she hung up the phone, “Craig is in for a big surprise.” She waited a moment while Matt looked confused, “It seems he is about to be invited into a game of strip poker with his mom and dad.”

“No fucking way,” Matt’s jaw dropped.

Diana grinned at the stunned boy, “It seems our glow is contagious. There goes the neighborhood.”

Diana stepped into Matt’s arms putting her arms around her son. “Now where was I? Oh yeah, what’s this about a girl? And I warn you: I am prepared to use every part of my body to get all the details from you. It won’t be pretty.”

Matt smiled, “I surrender. I’ll talk.”

Diana kissed him, “Damn, you could have at least put up a little struggle.”

The two walked hand in hand into the kitchen for a long talk.

“Craig? Can you come here please.”

Craig got up from his computer frustrated that no one was on Facebook, Warcraft or anything. What was everybody doing? Probably having more fun than him. And now his mother was probably going to corner him into doing some chores. Well at least it wouldn’t take him from anything fun.

He walked into the kitchen to find his parents sitting at the table laughing and shuffling a deck of cards.

“What’s up mom?”

“I was going to ask you the same question? Have any plans?”

Craig flopped down into his usual chair. “I can’t get in touch with anyone, so, no, I have no plans at all.”

“So do I take it that you are bored?” his mother asked winking at her husband.

What the hell was going on Craig wondered. “Yeah I guess so, why?”

“Do remember the last time you were bored?” His mother was actually smirking at him.

“Huh?” Craig was baffled and then his father started to laugh; what was going on?

“I asked you if you wanted to play a game. Do you remember what you said?”

Oh, shit.

“That’s right. I believe you said only if it was a game of strip poker.”

Craig swallowed and looked at his father. Why was he laughing?

“Cindy is gone for the weekend; your father and I are bored too so still think you can take your old mom on?” Sue waved the cards at her confused son.

“What the hell?” Craig stared at both his parents.

Finally his father spoke, “Hey, you’re eighteen and I’ve heard you and your friends talking about how hot you think your mothers are – now is your chance to see just how hot.”

“Are you shitting me?” a grin slowly started to form on the stunned boy’s face.

“Oh I promise you will be showing just what you are made of long before you get a good look at my goods.” Sue started to deal the cards out.

“Don’t count on it babe. Much as I would love to make the boy squirm and get all embarrassed I would still rather see you naked first.” Jeff Lynn slapped his son on the shoulder.

“Hah, bring it babe; I can take you both. Remember I had both Diana and Matt nude before my last piece came off the other night.”

“What illegal bahis siteleri the fuck!” Craig almost fell out of his chair. Jeff howled in laughter.

“Yep. I told her about you challenging me, and Miss Smirky Face Hughes turned around and challenged me and Matt, and I whupped them both.”

“And the asshole didn’t tell me,” Craig slammed his hand on the table.

“Hey don’t get mad at him; Diana and I talked about it and decided that I should be the one to tell you. And now you know. Don’t be mad at the poor boy, Di set us both up. Besides you started it with your smart mouth,” Sue looked at Craig carefully.

“This is so fucked up.”

Jeff piped in, “Actually son, it is called really enjoying life. Back in the day the Lynns, Hughes, Hamiltons and Brocks use to get into all kinds of crazy shit like this and worse before we had any of you kids.”

“Don’t feel that you missed out hon. I am sure Di and Matt would be up to a match against you.” Sue looked over her cards

“You’re kidding?”

“Try it. I am sure you will be getting just as naked as you will now if only you would shut up and pick up your cards so I can start whupping you two,” Sue waved her cards at him.

Craig did shut up and it wasn’t long before all three were down to just their underwear.

Jeff hooted and slammed his straight down. “Hah, who is showing something first huh!”

Sue put down her pair and gulped to see Craig’s two pair set down.

She reached behind her back, “Crap.” She first glanced at her smirking husband and then at her son as she pulled her bra off her breasts exposing herself to her son for the first time.

Craig’s mouth dropped open.

Sue reached down and pulled on her nipples laughing, “Bring back any memories son?”

Jeff laughed again, “I never thought I would see the day when that boy was speechless. He always has a retort or excuse. I am loving this moment.”

Craig shook his head and grabbed the cards shuffling.

After some intense betting and bluffing Sue again came up short much to the very vocal pleasure of her two men.

Sue got up turned around and yanked her panties off, turned and threw them at her hysterical husband, struck a pose and then bowed to her stunned son before sitting back down.

Craig watched as his dad shuffled the cards. “Er, now what?”

“Well son, I was thinking that since her big mouth came to nothing in the game that she should make better use of it and give a blow job to the winner of the next hand. What do you say sweetheart?” Jeff smiled at his naked wife.

“Pray Craig wins because if it is you I am using my teeth” Sue leaned over and slapped her grinning husband’s arm.

Craig actually did fall out of his chair this time much to the howls of both of his parents.

Both men sweat through the next hand but Lady Luck stayed with Jeff to the last hand. Jeff pushed his chair back and entwined his hands behind his head as his wife got down on her knees before him pulling down his briefs. “Sit back and enjoy watching a pro at work son.” Jeff grinned, silently praying that she was bluffing about the teeth.

Craig watched his mother’s backside sway as her head bobbed up and down and his father’s face slowly glazed over. He thought of moving around to get a better look when his mother turned her head to look at him, “The swishing ass is an invitation; you’re not a virgin are you?”

“Ah no, I’m not.” Craig stammered and reddened.

Jeff smiled at his son, “Drop the boxers and go for it son; I told you it’s nothing that we didn’t use to do before you were born.”

Craig shook his head and hesitantly got up, pulling his boxers off before kneeling behind his mother grabbing her hips. He lined up carefully and pushed forward.

“Oh fuck” came the muffled sound from her busy mouth.

Craig could not believe how smooth and soft she felt as he steadily pushed back and forth into her, her groans increasing with his tempo. Jeff brought his hands down to hold her head as all three came together shuddering and moaning.

Craig sat back and leaned against a chair watching as his mother took her mouth off of her husband’s glistening cock and looked up at him. “There, as good as you imagined it?”

Jeff stroked her hair, “Better, thanks babe.”

Sue sat down her arm draped across Jeff’s lap with her head resting on it. She looked at her panting son.

“After the game with Matt and Di I came back and attacked your father. Later when I told him about it he came up with the idea for this.”

Jeff looked at his son, “So think you’ll ever be bored again.”

His parents both laughed again in answer to his quick, “No sir.”

“You mean the delivery girl who saw me pull your boxers down and then served us that night at the restaurant?” Di stared at her blushing son.

“Yep, pretty much,” Matt found it much easier to stare at the table then look at his mother even with her being naked.

“Really. Wow. How are you going to explain that canlı bahis siteleri I’m your mother,” Di was feeling all tingling inside from seeing her son so obviously in love.

“I have no idea,” Matt ran his hands over the grooves in the table.

“Would it be better if I started wearing clothes and we acted a little more conventional?”

Matt’s head snapped up, “Hell no.”

Di chuckled, “Okay, okay the horny eighteen-year old will continue to get his daily thrill. Don’t worry. Why don’t you wait and see if this could get serious, and if it does you should figure out some way to let her know. Keeping secrets between lovers is absolutely wrong, no matter the reason.”

“I know. I thought I would go out for a date or two and then she if she still likes me I would figure out some way to tell her. Kind of like what you said.”

Diana got up and walked around the table and sat in her son’s lap wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him deeply before pulling back and looked into his eyes, “I am enjoying every moment that I have with you, but I will gladly step aside when you find the right person to share your life with. Don’t you ever worry about hurting my feelings.”

Matt brought one hand to run soft circles across her shoulder blades while the other hand cupped her left breast pulling and snapping the nipple.

Diana’s eyes started to glaze and a soft moan slipped out of her.

“Thank you for being the most incredible mother a son could have,” Matt leaned in and kissed Diana’s throat.

Diana squealed as Matt picked her up and lifted her onto the table, pushed her right leg over and stepped between her legs. She looked up at her eager eyed son with her own lit up eyes, “Are you going to attack me again?”

“That’s the plan,” Matt growled as he leaned forward.

And then the phone rang.

“Fuck,” came from both as they looked into the living room and the ringing phone.

“Can’t we ignore it?” Matt said.

“What if it’s that girl… Cindy?”

“Shit.” Matt ran toward the phone.

“What? Hey, Chip.” Matt stared at the long naked leg dangling from the table swinging back and forth. “No, I’ll pass, I already bought everything I need for the trip. You and Craig have a good time. I think you might want to wait an hour or two before you call Craig. I think he is busy right now. I don’t know; I just overheard the mothers talking. No, later I am hoping a girl is going to call me. Yeah, you jerk; a real live girl. No, I am not stupid enough to give you any details prematurely. Yeah well too bad. See you later.”

Matt felt his pulse quicken as he walked down the small hallway watching the leg connect to hips which connected to a taut belly which connected to breasts before he saw his entire naked mother still lying on the table smiling up at him with open arms.

Just as their arms touched the phone rang again.

“Too bad,” yelled Matt.

“Cindy?” responded Diana.

“Fuck” cursed Matt as he ran back down the hall.

“Hello? Hi Cindy. I was hoping you would call.” Matt watched as the leg pulled up out of sight and then his mother’s head and shoulders appeared as she swiveled around the table so she could lie on table with her head resting on her arms as she watched him, a huge grin on her face.

“Yeah. I really enjoyed our talk last night too. Can we get together tonight? Oh, I see. No that’s alright. Hey don’t laugh at me, of course I sound depressed. What? Tomorrow? I work until 3:00 then I’ll be free. Great, sure. See you then.”

Diana watched from the table grinning as her son skipped down the hall. “Let me guess? She works tonight but is free tomorrow.”

Matt had a goofy grin on his face “Yep.”

Diana reached out and pulled his sweats and underwear down exposing Matt’s cock to her face. “Good, that means you’re all mine tonight,” she said as she pulled his penis towards her mouth.

Just as her tongue licked the tip the phone rang again.

She dropped her head as Matt’s fist hit the table.

“What is going on?” Matt ran to get the phone again pulling his sweats back up.

“WHAT? Oh, sorry. Mrs. Lynn. No just caught us at a bad moment, that’s all. Do you want mom? Hey weren’t you supposed to be playing poker? You did? Who won? What do you mean everybody…oh, duh. Cool. What? Well we kinda have plans. Yes those kinds. You know you are my best friend’s mother and this is a real awkward conversation. Are you sure? Sure I’ll trust you. Okay. Bye.”

Matt walked back to his still prone mother who was looking up at him with her chin resting on her crossed arms, his eyes followed down the long naked back stopping to stare at the firm ass in the center of the table, “Apparently the Lynn’s are coming over and treating us to dinner.”

Matt sat as he watched his mother swivel around and sit up on the edge of the table.

“Are we going out?”

“No, they’re bringing pizza here.”

“After all the false starts just now are you sure you don’t mind a visit?”

“No, she sounded really excited and told me they would make it worth our while.”

Diana’s face broke into a grin “This could prove to be a very interesting night. You up for that?”

“I guess we’ll see now won’t we.” Matt grinned back at his mother.

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