Surfer Tan

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It was already late morning when I walked down to the kitchen to get some OJ. I found the note from our parents on the giant, chrome refrigerator and gave a fist-pump of excitement. They’ve already left!

I ran up to Kayla’s room not even remembering what I came down for anyway.

The skylight made her room as bright as the beach itself. I yanked Kayla’s blanket away and grabbed her tanned leg, shaking her so hard that ripples went through her endless blonde hair. She didn’t budge, staying curled toward the wall half-laying on her belly. But she did reach down and pull her striped little panties off. The tan lines of her cute surfer-butt were so distinct. A moment later she got rid of her pink tee and was completely naked, in the same sleepy pose. I lost my boxers fast.

My cock vaulted upright, swinging side to side like a hazardous object. I gave it a pat or two with a spit-slickened hand, pulling the foreskin back like trying to calm an angry cobra. When it stood still, I grabbed it by the neck and forced it down Kayla’s gash. A couple of wet swishes later and a little yelp from her, and it sunk somewhere deep and moist. I dug a palm into the sheets on either side of her body for support and let my hips start rolling. God it felt good! I pistoned in and out of her tight, oily twat and let my breath come out in low grunts. Her eyes were still intentionally shut, but the trace of a smile developed on her lip. Fingernails began tickling my lower chest, a warm palm massaging my abs. I played with a jiggling tit, pumping the supple flesh with delight. I stuck two fingers in her mouth till they were lubed, then pinched a nipple.

‘Ooooh, give it to me’ she teased. I fucked her a little harder, getting some slapping noises going down below. Her hair was pouring all over her pillow. ‘Ooh– Ooh– Ooh–‘ She bahis firmaları inhaled in sharp little hisses.

‘So this is incest…’ she finally opened her eyes and gave me a sideways glance.

‘Yup,’ I fucked on, ‘not much of a big deal, huh?’

‘Just like any other lay,’ she agreed. The anxiety of our talking about this for the first time last night was completely gone.

I reached around her thigh into her hidden treasure trove, finding her bud with a fingertip. I was rewarded with a sexy moan. I could tell she was almost completely shaved, or trimmed really close. I started taking the thrusts out almost all the way so I could make longer plunges back inside. I found her teeny little butthole with a thumb and gave it a tickle.

My cock jumped out of her by accident, glistening wet, and we both froze. Her fingers found it, right around my pubic hair and held firm.

‘Wanna stick it in my ass?’ she asked.


We were both quiet for a second. I pried her sweaty crack open to see a puckered, pink starfish hiding in a deep, milky valley.

‘You’re kidding, right?’ I looked at the huge mushroom cap of my cockhead, oozing with pussy-juice, next to an anus one-tenth its size.

‘Fuck yeah,’ Kayla pushed a leg out, lowering her stomach to the sheets, ‘Brie took it from Brandon like three times already.’

‘Okay,’ I hesitated, and smeared my monster with the biggest wad of spit I could make. Kayla twisted underneath me, head over my cock, and dropped another huge loogie on top of mine. Satisfied, she stretched back out completely flat and spread her legs. She dug four fingers into each buttcheek and lifted her hips till her tushy-hole stared right at me.

I gave the buttonlike orifice a slobbering tongue-attack for a few second as Kayla almost screamed, and left it kaçak iddaa drowning in saliva. I lay my agitated prick in her slippery crack, and pressed the soft mushroom cap down with four fingers. It popped inside her like magic. I removed my hand. Her ass had swallowed the cockhead whole and the neck of my rod was pinched like in a vise. We each let out a big huff. I shifted to a squatting position on the balls of my feet, still wedged up inside her. I took her hips in my hands and jammed my prick forward against surprising pressure. I let her catch her breath, then sunk it in more. I wanted the whole thing up her butt. I didn’t stop till the tips of her glutes nuzzled my pubic hair. She let out a moan of agony.

‘Oh my God!’ I rasped, pulling out a couple of iron-tight inches so I could give her another stab.

‘Holy shit–‘ she hissed, as I labored my way into some kind of rhythm.

‘Fhuuuck–‘ her head disappeared below her jutting shoulder blades. ‘Come quick okay?’ she pleaded.

‘Yeah,’ I slow-fucked her buttery ass-tunnel. Her back was shiny with sweat.

‘You like it up the ass?’ I groaned.

‘Feels pretty good,’ she pushed back against me a little.

‘You like my cock up your ass?’

‘Fuck yeah…’

‘Oh yeah…’ I cried. ‘Like fucking heaven.’


‘Yeah. Better than going surfing…’

Her head jumped up, hair flailing. ‘Did the words better than going surfing just come out of my brother’s mouth?’ She let out a laugh.

‘Yeah. Feels so good.’

‘Oh my,’ she was humping me back in full rhythm now. ‘I’ve created a mons–‘

Her head spun as I pulled out suddenly. I got up and stood almost upright on the bed, strangling my cock with one hand. With my other hand I flipped her over to face me.

‘I’m coming…!’ I rattled my foreskin loud kaçak bahis enough to fill the room with noise. She sat upright and collected her heavy sheet of hair in a rush, tossing it behind her shoulders. She lifted her cute little chin and squinted slightly, but kept staring at me with her blue eyes. Her mouth was opened wide enough to show some teeth but her lips were twisted in tension.

I blasted her with a shotgun-load of clear pre-cum droplets.

‘Ohhh! Ohhh! Ohhh!’ I roared continuously and whipped her face with a giant shoestring of cum. Then another blazing rope, and another down to her tits… ‘Ohhh! Ohhh! Ohhh!’ I ejaculated on her.

‘Mmmmm my Goodness…’ she squeaked, as I kept flinging all kinds of goo at her even though those first three wads already had her soaked.

Her head fell as she giggled, overwhelmed by the load, but I was still in nut heaven. I gripped my cock tight enough to milk every last streamer that could connect with skin on its own. Finally, I got closer and came drops on her for a finishing touch.

When I was done I let out a lion’s growl. I finally left my dick alone. It hung like a loose pole, slimy and red.

I glanced at Kayla’s sweet face and forehead, messy with white gobs. Her perky tits were streaked. Even her arms and legs were peppered. We both cracked up laughing. I had showered her. I had fucked her up the ass and had been in her pussy too. I couldn’t believe how nervous I’d been last night when we kissed for the first time in the laundry closet, our parents still in the house.

She grabbed my cock and gave it a playful, gooey rub. She kissed the tip with affection, her lips making a little cum-bubble.

‘I came a lot,’ I moaned.

‘Did you ever!’

‘You’re hot.’ I said.

‘Wanna fuck me again?’


‘Wanna keep fucking me?’


She got up, still grabbing on to my dick. She brought her wet face to my ear, and I caught a strong whiff of my cum. She whispered ‘fuck me as much as you want.’

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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