Summer with Dad

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Summary: Daughter catches Dad and then decides she must have him.

Note 1: This is a Summer 2013 Contest Story so please vote.

Note 2: Thanks to MAB7991 for editing this quickly when time was running out.

Summer with Dad

Mom and dad divorced when I was in my senior year of high school; I was old enough to understand that they were really only staying together for me. I was also old enough to understand it had nothing to do with me…they just fell out of love with each other.

It should have been obvious; seriously, I can’t even fathom how they ever fell in love with each other. They are polar opposites. It is a miracle they ever got together in the first place.

The only thing they seemed to have in common is that they are both ridiculously attractive for their age and they have me.

That said their differences are numerous.

Mom was born into a very wealthy family in New York City, grew up with everything and followed in both her mother and father’s footsteps…becoming a lawyer. She is a no nonsense prosecution lawyer for the city that spends more hours at work than she does with her family. She seldom smiles and has clearly become disillusioned with the legal system and the many loopholes if you have enough money or the right lawyer. She doesn’t have a sense of humour, hates television and movies and is a neat freak.

Dad, on the other hand, was born in Hawaii and grew up living forty feet from the ocean. Dad has always been carefree and relaxed about everything…actually I never once saw him get mad or lose his temper…which drove Mom nuts. She called him emotionless which is not true; he is simply a laid-back surfer kid who never really wanted to grow up.

Dad tried, he really did. He left the only home he ever knew to move to the block buildings and smog of New York City. He took a job working with grandpa, but it was obvious he wasn’t really a suit and tie type of guy.

As soon as they decided to separate, he moved back to Hawaii and was working as a bartender at a bar on the ocean. It was a simple life, the one he had sacrificed for mom and me.

The agreement was I would finish twelfth grade and then spend the summer with dad before starting school in the fall at Harvard, just like my mother had before me and three other generations of Billings.

After dad left, mom buried herself even more into her work, which I didn’t think was possible, even missing the first half of my graduation, but arriving in time to hear my Valedictorian speech. Dad, of course, flew back and was on time, although rather underdressed for such a formal ceremony.

Before, I get into my real story, I should tell you a bit about myself. First off, I was always a daddy’s little girl. I adored my father and this too I think drove my mother nuts. Yet, when dad left, just two weeks after I turned eighteen, I rebelled a bit. I desperately tried to get my mother’s attention, but to no avail.

I kept my marks up, actually top in my class, but otherwise I did all I could to test the boundaries of my life. I got drunk for the first time (I know I was such a goody-goody I had never had more than a glass of wine until a month after my eighteenth birthday), I tried pot, got my fake id and started going clubbing.

Sexually, I was a virgin when dad left, but soon lost my virginity to the father of the girl I was babysitting; I dated a college senior for three months when I sucked my first cock and had my first threesome when he, his roommate and I got high and drunk and my inhibitions faded; I lost my anal virginity after I broke up with him and ended up in a hotel room with a mid-forties lawyer I met at a sports pub…it was also here I learned two things:

1. I only liked older men. As they:

A) Knew how to pleasure a woman unlike my college boyfriend, who never once got me off

B) Knew what they wanted and were not afraid to ask for it…or better yet order me to do it

2. I was apparently a submissive. After he shot his first load in my mouth, while he talked to me the whole time calling me his high school slut and teenage fuck toy, he ate me out and got me off bringing me an orgasm unlike any I had ever experienced. When he said, after fucking my pussy for an eternity, “It’s time for my slut to take it up the ass,” I didn’t hesitate. I got on all fours and when he ordered me to beg to get ass fucked, my SAT vocabulary disappeared and my slut vocabulary replaced it. “Yes, baby, take my virgin asshole. Shove that big cock up my tight back door and fuck the shit out of me.”

After that night, I rejected overtures from anybody still in school…unless they worked there. I fucked a few other older men, each who quickly figured out I was an obedient submissive slut willing to obey almost any order.

That also led to my first lesbian encounter when a man and his wife took me back to their house for a lengthy threesome which included illegal bahis my first time eating cunt, getting DP’d for the first time (albeit the cock in my cunt was a strap-on) that ended with me getting fisted for the first time.

Sadly, mom never once caught me coming home late, or the next day for that matter as she was pre-occupied with work and not me.

I should finish this ridiculously long prologue by at least telling you what I look like. I don’t mean to sound like a self-centered bitch, but I come from great genes. Besides being very gifted academically, I am also a great athlete having lettered in swimming, volleyball and track. Lastly, my DNA gave me natural blonde hair, aqua blue eyes and firm 36c breasts. That said, until my slut phase, I always wore my hair in a ponytail and wore sporting attire most of the time, none that even remotely flattered my body except when I was actually playing the sport. Was I the most attractive girl in high school? No. Was I pretty close? Yes, if I would have done myself up for school like I did when I was on the prowl for a DILF (dad I’d like to fuck). At school, I still dressed conservative, really living two lives:

-by day, I was still a scholar student and state championship athlete

-by night, I had become a slutty teenager on the prowl

By the way, I found DILF’s perfect. Besides the earlier things I mentioned about them knowing how to please a woman, they were not clingy like my college boyfriend, not insipid like almost all high school boys and they didn’t want to date me…they just wanted to fuck me.

Finally, I am ready for the actually story I was meaning to tell…how I ended as my dad’s fucktoy.

I arrived in Hawaii excited for a summer of fun in the sun, one last wild time before college started and according to mom I would have no social life. When I quipped back that’s what she had now she didn’t laugh, rather sighed at how I got what she considered my dad’s lame sense of humour.

Now I decided to surprise dad by arriving two days early, but it was me who was in for a surprise. First, my flight which was supposed to arrive at midnight didn’t land till just before two am, thus I missed surprising dad at work. By the time the taxi dropped me off at dad’s beach house on the ocean it was just after three and I was wiped.

I was walking up the front steps to his rather secluded house in comatose mode when I heard voices. Jerking me awake, I listened closer and gasped as it was obvious two people were fucking.

I moved slowly, as I listened to a woman beg, “Harder, fuck me harder with that big dick of yours.”

I had never watched a sex act, unless you count the Internet, and my curiosity was piqued. Strangely, it never occurred to me that maybe my dad was who the woman was begging to fuck her harder.

As I slowly crept my way around to the back, I heard an aggressive male voice say, “Beg for it, slut.”

“Oh please pound my pussy with that big horse cock of yours,” the woman quickly obeyed, her voice clearly hungry for a good hard fucking.

As I peeked around the corner, my mouth dropped open as I saw my dad, butt naked, fucking some young looking redhead from behind as she leaned on a tree. I stared at his tanned body and tight ass, realizing instantly why I was drawn to older men…I had daddy issues.

“How about your ass, slut?” He questioned, his big hands firmly on her hips.

She giggled, “Betty said you would want my ass and that no one can make getting ass fucked feel amazing like you can.”

“I’ll take that as a yes,” my usually laid back dad said as he pulled out. Strangely, I wanted to see his cock, but from this angle it was impossible. Thankfully, he ordered, “Get my cock ready for that ass of yours, slut.”

My dad repositioned himself so I got an amazing side view of his rock hard cock. It was massive. Way bigger than any of the men I had been with. The redhead quickly turned around and dropped to her knees taking dad’s cock in her mouth and bobbing back and forth as if she was in a porno movie. She deep throated his cock and I was in awe of her ability. My hand went under my shorts and directly to my burning cunt as I watched the sexual act in front of me, suddenly wide awake. I rubbed my pussy quietly as the scene in front of me continued.

“Are you ready for a good ass fucking, my little ass slut?” My dad asked, as he pulled her up and bent her back over.

“Oh God yes, but I’ve never had anything as big as your snake in my ass,” she said, her tone both obedient and yet cautious.

“I hear that a lot,” dad chuckled, as he positioned himself behind her.

I instantly wondered what he meant by ‘a lot’. I couldn’t fathom dad being a player, yet I also couldn’t fathom dad fucking girls half his age or being a Dom. Yet, that was what I was witnessing right in front of my eyes.

My whole body ached with need as I watched him slowly push forward and into the young redhead’s ass.

“Mother fuuuucker,” illegal bahis siteleri the redhead screamed as her ass was split by dad’s long, thick cock.

“Just relax, whore, it is going to burn for a while,” he said, before adding, “but when it stops you’re going to get the fucking of your life.”

His confident tone, his promise of sexual pleasure, had my orgasm building at an accelerated pace even as I imagined it was me he was using for his own personal enjoyment.

“Okkkkay,” she whimpered, her ass obviously in some major discomfort.

“So are the rumours true,” he asked, a minute later, as he began slowly moving in and out of the redhead’s ass.

“Fuuuuuck yes,” she moaned. “Although I didn’t believe iiiit.”

“But you believe it now,” he said smugly as he shifted from slow strokes to faster, more aggressive ones.

“Yeeeeeeees, daddy,” she screamed, in a strange mixture of pleasure and pain.

Hearing her call my daddy, daddy, pissed me off; only I got to call him daddy. My hands on my pussy, I closed my eyes and envisioned it was me bent over getting fucked by Daddy.

“Have you ever come from getting that tight ass of yours fucked?” Dad asked, as he began slamming into her his whole cock somehow fitting in her ass.

“Nooooooo,” she screamed.

“Well, we better change that. Real cock sluts like you can come from a good hard ass fucking,” he said rather matter-of-factly.

“I’ll try,” she whimpered, clearly trying to get used to dad’s huge cock ravaging her.

“I wasn’t asking your opinion, slut. You will come like the hungry whore you are,” he said, his tone authoritative and rugged, which only turned me on more as he grabbed her hair and pulled on it. I was close to coming but slowed down my inevitable orgasm by slowing down myself pleasure so I could continue to watch my father fuck this skank.

“Okay,” she agreed, her moans increasing slightly as the pain seemed to begin to fade.

“Rub that fat clit of yours, Carrie,” he demanded, continuing hard deep thrusts into her.

“It’s Caroline,” she whimpered, although she obeyed the order, her left hand going directly between her legs as she used her right hand to balance herself against the palm tree.

“Whatever, let’s stick with slut,” he shrugged, clearly not in it for a relationship.

I couldn’t see her face or her facial expression but such blunt words had to hurt. Yet, after a few seconds of silence, other than the slapping of bodies meeting, she said, “Call me whatever you want daddy, as long as you keep fucking me with that big cock of yours.”

He chuckled as he continued to pound her from behind. Her moans getting more animated, it was obvious she was close to coming. Finally, he ordered, “Come my little girl, my little ass slut.”

Hearing him call her ‘my little girl’ made me jealous as that endearing term was supposed to be exclusively to me.

“Oh God, I’m so close,” she screamed, as she frantically rubbed herself.

“Now daddy’s whore,” he demanded, firmly slapping her ass so loud I could hear it.

My eyes closed, my hand again frantically rubbed myself, as I listened to his words and imagined I was daddy’s whore.

“Yeeeees, harder, fuck my ass haaaaarder, oh, oh, oh, shiiiiiiit,” she screamed sounding like a hyena in heat.

I almost laughed at her ridiculous babble, but instead continued the fast-paced rubbing of my clit wanting to time my orgasm with his.

He continued fucking her throughout her orgasm, which always made my orgasm more intense, until he grunted and said, “Here’s your first load up that slut ass of yours.”

I quickly stopped holding back my orgasm as I began spanking my clit.

“Oh yes, fill my ass with your cum,” she whimpered, like the slut she obviously was.

“Aaaaaah,” he grunted shooting his load in the slut’s ass, simultaneously my own orgasm hit and I had to bite my lower lip to hold in screaming and alerting them I had been watching them.

A moment later, he pulled out and ordered, “Clean me off whore.”

She didn’t hesitate as she turned around, dropped to her knees, and devoured his cock just seconds after it had been in her ass. I had never done that before and yet would in a heartbeat if told to.

My orgasm still trembled through me as I watched the slut continue to clean dad’s cock. Suddenly worried I would be caught; I slowly backed up and returned to the front.

As expected, the front door was unlocked; dad always said when I was young that he never locked his door when he lived back on the island and hated the fact that people no longer trusted each other. I put my suitcase inside and was just about to look around when I heard the back door open. I quickly fell onto a nearby couch and pretended to be asleep.

“Why is the door open?” I heard dad say a few seconds later, as I opened an eye to see I hadn’t closed the door.

A second later, I saw his naked ass as he closed the door and paused seeing the canlı bahis siteleri suitcase.

“What the? Josie?” He questioned to himself.

My one eye barely open, I saw him turn around and see a sleeping me on the couch, his large semi-erect cock only a few feet from me.

“Oh shit,” he said, quickly covering himself up and moving out of my view.

I chuckled to myself at his shift from dominant stud to embarrassed dad in seconds.

I lay there replaying the bizarre yet undeniably hot scene I had just witnessed. I was just fading into slumber when I felt a nudge. Opening my eyes, I smiled, “Hi, Dad.”

“Hi, my little girl,” he smiled, like he always did and like he had just used on that whore a few minutes ago.

“I’m eighteen Dad, I’m no longer a little girl,” I countered.

“Well, you will always be my little girl,” he said softly, my mind flashing to his fucking that floozy. After a couple of seconds, he asked, “When did you sneak in?”

He was obviously curious if I saw or heard any of his late night extracurricular activities. Relaxing him a bit, I lied, “Oh a couple hours ago I wanted to surprise you but the flight really wore me out and I just crashed on the couch the second I walked through the door.” After the lie, I wondered if he had come in after work which would make my lie get caught, but I doubted it.

“Well, you definitely caught me by surprise,” he said, his tone clearly sounding relieved.

“I am full of surprises,” I said, hinting at all the naughty things I could let him do to me, even though he had no clue at all.

“Good to know,” he laughed. “We can catch up more tomorrow. Get some sleep.”

“You too, I plan to wear you out,” I quipped back, this time the innuendo more direct.

He laughed, “That I look forward to.”

Once he was gone, I shook my head, was I really just flirting obnoxiously with my dad? Obviously I was, but I doubted he caught on to the true meaning of my words. Why would he?

Shaking my head again and laughing at myself, I closed my eyes and indeed did quickly drift into slumber.

I was awakened to something touching my lips.

Opening my eyes, I saw a big stiff cock and heard Dad say, “If you enjoy watching a slut be used then I am sure you will really enjoy being a participant.”

As I opened my mouth to speak, he shoved his long, thick cock between my mouth and began fucking my face, although thankfully slowly at first.

He explained, “I saw you watching us, your hand between your legs rubbing yourself while you watched.”

My eyes went big realizing he had seen me watching him.

“Yes, I saw and if you are anything like your mother then as soon as you saw my big cock you wished it was you bent over taking it up either of those fuck holes,” he continued.

My head spun with the reality that he definitely had caught on to my innuendo and had obviously knew I was watching. His slow strokes began to pick up as his balls began slapping against my chin and I had to focus on not gagging as his full cock filled my mouth unlike any other.

“Rub yourself, my daughter slut,” he ordered.

I didn’t hesitate as I obeyed like a good girl, a good slut, my hand sliding inside my underwear and to my surprisingly already wet cunt.

“Good girl,” he said, like he had so many times before. Hearing the endearing words warned me and yet made me feel dirty as I realized the sin I was committing, albeit completely out of my control.

Wanting to be a good girl, a good cocksucker, a good slut, I focused on his piston like cock going in and out of my mouth. I had learned pretty quickly how to give an amazing blow job, it all had to do with pacing, which I currently had no control over, and saliva which I did. Although awkward in my on my back position, I slowly created the extra saliva needed to create the whirlwind sensation I had perfected.

He groaned, once I began creating the sauna sensation, “Oh my, good girl, you have been very naughty since Daddy last saw you.”

I moaned on his cock in response as I rubbed myself furiously as he began really fucking face me which only made my desire to please him and come myself increase.

“Ready to swallow daddy’s load, my little princess,” he asked, using another of his nicknames for me.

I again moaned on his cock as my own orgasm was bubbling just below the surface and was ready to erupt any second.

“Here it comes,” he groaned and seconds later I was swallowing dad’s salty seed.

My own orgasm followed and hit me hard as I opened my mouth, even as the last squirt of dad’s cum shot out, and screamed, “Yeeeeees daaaaaaaddy.”

I jolted myself awake as I realized I was having a very realistic wet dream, my hand was in my panties, and the orgasm I dreamt was apparently real.

I looked around confused by my surroundings for a moment before last night’s memories came flooding back. I looked at the clock and saw it was five-thirty in the morning; shaking my head again, I laid back down and tried to get back to sleep.


The next morning, well afternoon truthfully, having woken up at 12:30, I stretched and headed to the kitchen finding a note on the dining room table which said:

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