Matt , Kim

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After Tony left for work, Kim turned on her computer, checking out erotic story sites that she had been visiting for the past months. She would read various types of stories and if one really turned her on on, she would often masturbate to a climax in front of the her computer. Lately – when she was really frustrated and horny, she had taken to removing her panties so she could access herself more easily.

A couple of months ago she’d read a story that she really liked and for whatever reason, did something she had never even considered doing before. E-mailing the author, telling him how much she had liked the story. They continued to exchange e-mails almost daily. Nothing out of line, but Kim felt this was a safe, exciting way to ‘dally’ with another man. He was a long way off and besides, he didn’t even know her last name or where she lived.

Kim opened up her e-mail and saw from her correspondence, Matthew, hadwritten again. He apologized for not writing for a day or so, but explained that he was getting ready for a business trip to Minneapolis, and would be there for about a week, leaving the day after tomorrow. As a result he wouldn’t be able to respond to her e-mail as quickly as he normally would.

Kim sat there in a daze for a few minutes. Here was her chance to have a safe affair. Tony was going to be gone for the next ten days, so she could do as she pleased. Did she really want to? She slid her hand down between her thighs and played with herself for a minute, the thoughts of a meeting with the unknown Matthew had her creaming over her fingers in seconds.

Finally, after several agonizing minutes she very timidly wrote back and asked Matt if he would like to meet for a drink? She named a town between Minneapolis and her home town, but close enough that the drive would not be a killer for either of them.

They finally arranged the two of them would meet in the little town Kim had suggested on Friday night about 6:00 pm. Kim gave Matt the name of a nice restaurant after he’d badgered her about a nice place to eat, with him insisting that it couldn’t be a Denny’s or something similar.

By Friday afternoon Kim was in a tizzy. Although Kim wasn’t sure what she was going to do, she called the hospital where she worked and organized time-off for the weekend.

She couldn’t decide what to wear, and didn’t know how she would respond to Matt. Just have a drink and let it go at that, or did she want something more?

Having carefully showered, she’d shaved herself as closely as she could ensuring there wasn’t a single hair anywhere on her body. Then putting on a dress that emphasized the feminine swell of her breasts, her best assets, she viewed the end results in the mirror.

The dress displayed lots of cleavage and had a slit on one side that went a good way up her thigh. She wore a bra, it was just too uncomfortable not to wear one, but decided at the last minute to leave her panties off. Reassuring herself that she had all the options – she could simply have a drink and leave or she could decide to take it a bit further. Dabbing a bit of perfume in her most intimate areas she remembered that Matt had said that perfume was a waste, and that the normal aromas were so much better.

Matt arrived at the Minneapolis airport, rented a car, and received directions to the little town. He’d already made reservations at the hotel where they would be having dinner, but decided to stop at a florist. After looking at several bunches he made a decision, picking dozen yellow calla lilies and dozen deep red roses. He bought one more calla lily, a pink one, and had the florist wrap up a small vase, just large enough for the lilies.

Matt drove to the hotel, checked in, and spent the next half hour arranging the room the way he wanted it, hoping that Kim would decide to spend the night – or maybe even the weekend with him. However, he was afraid that she would decide that he was too old for her and want nothing to do with him.

Matt fussed around the room, changing things over and over, until finally he could stand it no longer. Going down to the entrance of the restaurant he arrived about 15 minutes early, and just stood there – not knowing what else to do.

Arriving at the hotel restaurant a few minutes early, Kim found that Matt was already waiting for her at the entrance. He looked exactly as he’d described himself. About four inches taller than herself, a bit older, but with a nice smile – something he hadn’t described.

They had a lovely dinner, with drinks before and wine during. Matt said and did nothing to show her that he wanted her sexually, he also did nothing that showed he didn’t either. He was simply being a complete gentleman.

At the end of dinner, after the dessert plates had been cleared away, Matt cleared his throat and said, “I have taken a room at the hotel here. I wanted the evening to be very nice for you, and decided that if I was going to join you in the drinks and wine, I would illegal bahis have to stay here for the night.

“If you would like, we can have an after dinner drink in my room, or we can go into the lounge for a few dances, or perhaps you need to get home?”

Kim didn’t think about it for more than a second or two. “Let’s go dancing. I haven’t been dancing in ages.”

The combo in the lounge was playing light jazz, perfect for slow dancing. Matt stood, offered his hand to Kim and suggested that they might enjoy a turn around the room.

When they reached the dance floor, there were only three other couples dancing, but that didn’t make any difference to Kim. Glided into his arms, feeling his hand come to rest in the small of her back, she pressed herself against him slightly, enjoying the feeling of her breasts pressing against his chest.

By the end of the dance, his hand had strayed a little further south, resting not so much on her back, as on the top of her buttocks. The tune ended, and Matt gave her buttock a tiny squeeze, and escorted her back to the table.

After another drink and several more dances, Kim found herself firmly pressing herself against Matt, not so much as to make a spectacle of herself, but enough to let him know that she was welcoming his arms, and his hands – which were now gently roaming over her back, down her sides and across her bottom.

They were sitting at their table after having danced for an hour or more, when Matt leaned over and whispered, “I would like to take you up to my room. But if you come with me, you are going to have to agree that I have complete control of your body for as long as you are with me – absolute control.”

Kim tried to think of reasons that she couldn’t do this. She was married for God’s sake. Her husband wanted her to have sex with another man, but with him watching.

She was sick and tired of the lack of attention she was getting at home. She didn’t know if she was pretty enough – maybe Matt would be turned off if he saw her naked. Were her breasts were too big? Maybe she was too heavy.

Finally Kim answered quietly, “I agree.”

Matt smiled, and leaned over and kissed her on her neck.

“Then to signify your acceptance of what we are about to do, I want you to cum right here. You will slide you hand under your dress, and flick your clit until you cum. You may not move, or make a sound that would indicate to anyone that you are playing with yourself, or having an orgasm.”

Kim didn’t know what to do. She really wanted to be held and touched by someone, but to actively masturbate in a public room was not something that she had ever even thought of – not in her wildest dreams.

Finally, as though her hand had a mind of it’s own, she slipped her hand under her dress – thanking God that she didn’t have any panties on – and begin to flick her clit. She looked at Matt, concentrating on him – ignoring the rest of the room, and imagined that he was the one teasing her. His fingers were on her clit – his fingers were penetrating her, stroking the top of her vagina, playing on her clit.

Matt simply watched. his eyes never leaving hers. Finally a rosy hue rose from her chest, up her neck and covered her face. It was the hardest thing she had ever done – not crying out as she trembled and cum deliciously.

They rode up in the elevator, standing side by side, Matt’s arm around her waist, his hand caressing her. She reached down, grasped his hand firmly and lifted it to her breast.

“God I want you.”

Matt just smiled and caressed her breast for a moment before the elevator door opened. They walked down to the to his room, and Matt retrieved his hand long enough to unlock the room door.

“Before we enter, you have one more test. I am going to blindfold you, and you will not say or do anything until I tell you that you can.”

Kim nodded, her mouth suddenly as dry as the Sahara desert.

Matt took a sleep mask out of his coat pocket, put it over her eyes and slipped the elastic band over her hair so she couldn’t see a thing.

Matt opened the door, leading her inside. She could hear the door close behind them. A click told her that the door had been locked and she was led further into the room

She felt Matt behind her – putting his arms around her and kissing her neck. Moving her hair to the side, he kissed her neck, his lips moving up to her earlobe, then back down her neck to the shoulder.

Releasing her, with a whispered warning to just stand still and wait. Kim heard a match strike, and a few moments later Matt was back behind her. Pulling her close he kissed her, his hands running over her body like little butterflies as he unbuttoned her dress, letting it fall to the floor in a bundle around her feet.

Again she felt him against her, his breath on her neck, then his hands unhooking her bra before finding their way to her nipples.

Matt whispered in her ear again, “I am going illegal bahis siteleri to remove the blindfold, but you are to keep your eyes shut until I tell you to open them. You still cannot talk.”

Kim nodded, her pussy so warm and moist that she didn’t know if she could stand it without Matt in her.

Removing the sleep mask he cupped her breasts from behind, and told her to open her eyes.

Kim opened them, and was greeted with the sight of two candles flickering in the room, one on each side of the king size bed. The bed was turned down, and rose petals were scattered on the sheets. There were four velvet ropes tied to the bedposts, each lying on the bed waiting for her to be restrained.

On one of the bedside tables was a vase with what looked like a dozen calla lilies in it, with a pink calla lily in the center of the arrangement.

The only light in the room was coming from the candles – apparently scented ones, which faintly filled the room with the scent of roses – just enough to let her know she was wanted and desired, that Matt had put some thought into her needs and desires.

Matt escorted her to the bed, encouraging her to lie down, then attached the ropes to her wrists and ankles, leaving her just enough room to move slightly but not enough to really do anything.

Once completely restrained, Matt leaned down and kissed her – not in a rush but a lingeringly – at times his tongue would intrude into her mouth, playing with her tongue.

His mouth drifted down to her breasts, sucking on her nipples, then nipping them while his hand played with the other breast, then between her thighs. In between nibbles and bites, he told her how sexy she was, how her breasts were so wonderful, and how soft and smooth she was between her legs.

His fingers finally slid into her, stroking inside her vagina – her pussy as she had read so many times. His mouth slid down from making her tits so sensitive they felt they would burst, and then centered between her thighs. He did the same magic on her clit and pussy, she cum with loud noises, trembling and struggling against her restraints.

Matt begin to play with her, again bringing her right to the edge of orgasm, before letting her cool back down. Over and over he brought her to the very brink and would not go one step further. At one point she glanced at the clock and realized that had Matt been loving her for well over an hour. Her pussy and clit were so sensitive that she could almost cum with a touch, but Matt seemed to understand exactly when she would cum, and would back off moments before.

Matt finally released her from her ropes, but not until she had a shattering orgasm – begging him to cum inside her. Matt ignored her pleadings, instead very quietly, very slowly making her cum over and over until she wasn’t sure she even knew her own name.

Matt brought her up again, licking her clit, then fingering the roof of her vagina until she simply could not stand it anymore. She grabbed him and inserted his penis, no – his cock she reminded herself, into her mouth, licking the pre-cum off the tip as she did, then very gently putting the tip of her tongue right at the slit in his cock, opening it with her tongue to get more of the pre-cum. Matt moaned softly into her pussy, the vibrations pushing her right over the edge again.

Kim took Matt out of her mouth and begged him to fuck her. Matt turned himself around, giving her clit one last lick before he did. He started to enter her, but Kim stopped him.

“Let me be on top.”

Matt didn’t say a word; simply lay down beside her, his erection still glistening with her saliva Kim scrambled over him, her hand guiding his cock into her as she lowered herself onto him.

Kim tried to hold both of his hands down as she rode him, but he refused, letting her have one hand, but his other stroked her clit while she clasped him inside her.

Shortly she was rocking herself back and forth, her breasts bouncing in front of him. Matt put his hand down to her soft, smooth mound, stroking her clit as she fucked him. Matt suddenly arched his back and Kim could feel him pulsing inside her. That gave her yet another climax, and she almost screamed with pleasure before falling forward onto Matt’s chest.

They fell asleep, with Matt cuddling her in his arms. Some time later,it seemed as though it was in the middle of the night, she awakened to find Matt snuggled up to her back, his hands on her breasts, cupping them, stroking the nipples, gently tweaking them. She murmured a bit to let him know she was awake and enjoying what he was doing. She felt his hand go down between her legs, stroking her clit softly Kim moved back against Matt until she could feel his erection pressing against her, and moved her legs apart to allow him access.

This continued for several minutes, until Kim could feel that she was as moist as she could get.

“Take me now please. I really want to feel canlı bahis siteleri you inside me.”

As Kim said this, she rose up on her knees, bending forward with her head on the pillow and her bottom completely in the air.

She felt Matt guiding himself into her, and after he was well inside her, she felt his hand come around her, playing with her clit while he slowly slid himself in and out of her. Matt lasted much longer than he had earlier, and by the time he finally started thrusting into her much faster she was on the verge of her own orgasm. When she came, she clamped down with all her muscles, trying to milk everything she could out of him.

When she awoke the second time, it was daylight. She turned over to find Matt just lying there, watching her.

“Morning lover.”

“Morning yourself.”

They kissed, then Kim pushed Matt over on his back, moving down to take his cock in her mouth. She could still taste herself on him. She licked him, then started to slowly fuck him with her mouth. She felt him pulling her legs toward him, and lifted her leg over his head, settling herself down on his mouth, desperately hoping the dried semen around her pussy and on her thighs wouldn’t offend him.

They continued like this for several minutes, and Kim could feel herself responding to Matt’s touch. She could tell that he was starting to get close, and hoped he could hold out until she was ready to come. She could feel his fingers inside her as he sucked and nibbled on her clit. The fingers were gone for an instant, then resumed their stroking motion. Suddenly she felt his hand and fingers around her ass, spreading her cheeks, then a finger inserted itself into her rectum, doing the same things there that the other hand was doing in her pussy.

Kim frantically sucked on Matt’s cock, hoping now that she could last until he came. She didn’t, an almost electric sensation shot through her, and she tried to cry out, but his cock muffled everything. She pressed down harder with her hips, then tried to lift them, not knowing which sensation she wanted more – her pussy being licked and finger fucked, or her ass being finger fucked. She suddenly heard a muffled groan, and could feel a warm spurt on the back of her throat as Matt erupted into her mouth.

They lay together for a while, then got up and took a shower together. Kim told Matt that she had to go home to get some clothes, but that she would like to spend the rest of the weekend with him. Matt agreed emphatically as he reached over and cupped her breast.

Then Matt started in again – when she was panting and wanting him, he leaned over her head, and as he bit her earlobe, he whispered, “You are going to lie on the bed, and you cannot move. You cannot move your body; you cannot move your head. You are going to obey my every instruction, and you will cum when I tell you to, not before.”

Matt positioned her, much like she had been the night before, arms and legs spread out on the bed, but this time with no restraints. She simply had to do as she had been instructed to do.

It was hard – very hard – but she managed to keep herself from moving while Matt made her cum, time after time after time.

Kim quickly dressed, and drove home, threw some clothes in a bag, getting back to the hotel in a little over an hour or so. Matt let her into the hotel room, which by now had been cleaned and straightened by the hotel maids. Matt took her bag, dropped it on a chair, and put his arms around her, his hands going immediately to her breasts and he nuzzled the nape of her neck.

“We actually could have saved you a trip, as I don’t intend for you to need much in the way of clothes for the rest of the weekend.

“Think you can handle all that? I know I certainly can.”

They spent the rest of the weekend making love. They did go down for dinner, although the next morning they simply had room service bring them breakfast.

They tried a little bit of everything.

That afternoon Matt suggested a walk in the woods. Kim wore what he asked, a long, plaid skirt that came down to her calves, and a blouse, but no panties. She showed him how to get to a nearby park, and they strolled hand in hand down a narrow walkway that was bordered with trees. When they were in the middle of the wooded area, he gently took her arm and guided her off the path, and into the trees until she could no longer see the path at all. He turned her, putting his arms around her, and kissed her, his hands migrating up to run through her red hair.

Eventually she found herself with her back to a tree, her skirt bunched up around her waist. She could feel the coarse bark pressing into her backside, while Matt kissed and caressed her.

Kim reached down and freed his cock from his pants, guiding him toward her. When his cock was pressing against her pussy lips she lifted one leg, and put it around his waist, while he entered her. She lifted her other leg, wrapping it around his waist, so that only the tree and Matt were holding her up.

Every time Matt thrust into her, she could feel the bark of the tree pushing into the softness of her cheeks. It was almost as if she were being penetrated from both sides.

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