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You walk into the nightclub with your friends smiling at the people wearing their costumes and masks. You forgo the Mardi Gras costume deciding to just wear jeans and a long sleeve shirt. You walk up to the bar and order a beer then go sit at a table with your friends. The music is playing and you smile enjoying the festive atmosphere. It doesn’t take long and you are on your third beer and you suddenly feel as if someone is watching you.

“Hey Anthony where are you headed?” your buddy Ross yells over the table at you.

“I will be right back just need to hit the bathroom,” you say with a large grin on your face.

You look around as you walk across the bar but don’t see anyone you recognize. Everyone has on a costume or mask but no one seems to be watching you. Feeling as though someone is still staring you feel the hair on the back of your neck slightly raise. You walk into the bathroom and slowly walk up to the urinal. Slowly you unzip your pants to relieve yourself and you hear the door opening behind you.

Not paying attention you continue until you feel a warm body come press up against you. Suddenly you hear a soft voice whispering to you to keep looking straight ahead and you feel the person behind you place a blindfold over your eyes. You start to resist but the female form presses up against you rubbing suggestively and your body begins to relax.

After you are blindfolded she leads you to a stall and slowly pushes you down onto the toilet seat. Slowly she straddles your legs…sliding her body up and down against yours. Her soft perfumed body touching you and her scent filling your head. You wonder who this mysterious woman is and your body starts to become aroused. She leans forward taking your bottom lip and gently sucking on it as she slowly teases your mouth with her soft wet tongue. Softly swirling her tongue around yours until you gently probe her mouth and she sucks your tongue deeply.

You feel her hands sliding along your chest and shoulders and you begin to slide your hand along her body realizing she is wearing only a small top and short skirt. Her legs are covered in silky hose as you slowly slide your hand up and down the length of her legs. Slowly your fingertips lift up her skirt finding her crotchless pantyhose.

Gently running your fingers back and forth you feel her moisture beginning to seep out from her slick pussy illegal bahis lips which gently protrude from the crotchless hose. Smiling you feel her hand touching close to yours and you realize her fingers are stroking herself. Then suddenly you feel a fingertip pressed to your lips and you smell her soft musky scent as she rubs her slick fingertip across your bottom lip.

Smiling you slowly suck her index finger into your mouth tasting her sweet taste. Quietly she stands up and you hear material moving and then she guides your hands to her chest where she has removed her top. You begin to massage and touch her soft full breasts. Her nipples become erect and you gently rub them back and forth slowly teasing her until they are hard and standing at attention. Leaning forward you pull her into your arms and gently take one nipple into your mouth with long sensuous licks from your tongue. Then slowly you suckle her teasing and tasting her.

Her slender fingertips slide down into your gel coated hair caressing you pulling you closer as you tease her. Slowly you lick to the other nipple giving it the same attention. Then your mouth slides down between her breasts your tongue darting out to lick sensuously down to her bellybutton. Your tongue rimming softly around the edges then your tongue darts inside teasing.

Reaching behind her you begin to unzip her short skirt sliding it down over her full hips. You feel her wiggle softly side to side as your hands caress her hips. Slowly you peel the panty hose down over her hips, thighs, knees, and then slowly remove it from each foot. Still unable to tell who your mystery woman is but too aroused to stop you continue.

Suddenly she pulls you to standing and she slowly climbs up on top of the toilet seat and slowly lifts one leg to the side resting on the stall wall. You walk close to her nibbling down her belly your hand slowly caressing up and down her thighs. The soft skin trembles as you slide it slowly between her legs. Your finger tips gently rub back and forth spreading her slick juices across her full pussy lips.

Loving her taste you lean forward kissing softly around her mound then slowly spreading her pussy lips you gently begin long slow strokes back and forth. Teasing the soft little clit until it begins to swell and harden under your tongue . Smiling as she begins to softly moan you suckle her clit into your illegal bahis siteleri mouth teasing as her hips begin to writhe side to side and you smile as her juices begin flowing down onto your cheeks.

Your tongue traces around her pussy lips slowly sucking them into your mouth as one finger begins to gently stroke and probe . Slowly you press a second finger inside her tight pussy and you smile as she begins to thrust down against your hand. Moving faster and faster until you feel her beginning to climax. Slowly she climbs down kneeling before you slipping your jeans down to your knees.

Reaching out for your now swollen cock she wraps her small soft fingers around encircling your cock. Her fingertips begin to tighten as she slowly begins to stroke you up and down in long slow strokes. You hear a groan and realize it is your voice. You feel soft velvet smooth lips and tongue softly flick across the tip of your cock then slowly engulf your cockhead taking you inside her warm wet mouth.

Your mystery lady begins sucking you into her mouth as she rhythmically strokes your cock sliding your foreskin slowly up and down over your cockhead. You feel her moving faster and faster as her other hand slowly cups your balls gently squeezing them. Slowly she pushes you back down until you are sitting and you once again smell her soft floral fragrance as she straddles your hips.

You feel her holding your erect cock and gently rubbing back and forth across her slick pussy lips gently spreading them as you move against her. You feel her slowly spreading her pussy lips and you hold her hips to steady her as you feel her pressing down slowly only an inch of your hard cock inside her slick tight pussy lips

You want to thrust up hard but she holds you back…feeling your heart racing as your cock is throbbing just inside her tight pussy. Slowly she lowers another inch. She leans forward licking her tongue across your lips. Then softly kissing down along your neck her soft breath and tongue teasing your skin. She nibbles to the edge of your earlobe gently biting it. You hear her whisper……

“What do you want?”

“More,” you groan softly…

“What?” she asks you and you notice her sexy laugh.

“More,” you groan louder.

You suddenly feel another inch of your throbbing cock is inside her tight dripping pussy. You feel your heart beating hard canlı bahis siteleri against your chest her soft lips teasing your earlobe and her soft breasts pressed up against your chest .

“What do you want now?”

Feeling your control slipping…you grab her hips tighter.

“MORE,”… you yell out loud as you hold her hips as you pull her down completely thrusting up into her tight pussy holding her close against you as you bury yourself inside her. Your body out of control begins to thrust harder and harder and you feel her legs lift and wrap around your waist as you drive up inside her tight sheath.

Panting hard you feel her sharp teeth biting your neck and you thrust harder lifting up and pushing her against the edge of the bathroom wall. Holding her there with her back rubbing up and down the wall as you thrust faster and faster. Your groans of passion mixing with the soft mewling sound of her as she gets closer and closer to her climax.

Holding her tight you reach for her face holding her still as you possess her mouth kissing her deeply as you feel her pussy tightening and relaxing rapidly around your cock as she begins to climax. Groaning loudly as your balls tighten you thrust deep one last time your cock exploding inside her tight pussy filling her with your cum.

Sliding your hands around her hips you try to catch your breath as your cock continues to throb deep inside her pulsing pussy. Slowly you softly kiss her lips and lift her guiding her back to the ground. You start to untie the blindfold but he puts a fingertip to your lips.

“Shhhhhhhh no peaking Tony,” she whispers into your ear as you finish pulling up your jeans and putting on your long sleeve tunic.

“Who are you?” you call out to her. There is no reply though only the sound of her high heels clicking on the floor as she quickly moves to the bathroom door.

You undo the blindfold trying to see her before she can leave. Quickly opening the bathroom door and walking out into the you look around but no one seems out of place. You are not even sure what you are looking for since you never saw her.

You walk back to your table and your friends smile and raise their beers to you. Teasing you for being gone so long in the bathroom. You just smile and take a drink of your beer. Then suddenly a fragrance of soft floral flowers reaches your nose.

Her scent you realize and you quickly turn your head around. But all you see are people in their Mardi Gras costumes and you just smile. Knowing she is there…somewhere…watching you…and waiting until next time. Tony enjoys a private Mardi Gras party.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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