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When I moved into this house five years ago after a particularly messy divorce, I took on Mrs. Wilkins as a part time house keeper, she came in two days a week to clean and tidy and do some of the larger washing. The arrangement worked well, even when my company changed its method of working so that instead of all of us turning up at the office every day we were all given home computers linked in to the office so we could work from home! they reckoned it was more efficient, but what it meant to me was that I no longer got to see any of my work colleagues except for the two days a month when we had conferences, so my social life dwindled away to almost nothing!! I set up the den as my work room and it was the only room that Mrs. Wilkins was not allowed into ( some obscure company security reason! ), so I cleaned that myself.

It was quite a shock then , a few weeks ago, when Mrs. Wilkins announced that as her husband was retiring, she had decided to retire too, so that they could go travelling and enjoy time together, then she almost begged me to take on her daughter Josie in her place as she had only just got married and they really needed the extra income to work up a deposit for a house. Having been through that sort of struggle myself I was only too sympathetic, so I agreed! – little did I know what was in store!! When Mrs. Wilkins brought Josie along on her final day to show her the ropes, I met her for the first time, she was 23, quite tall with long black hair down to her shoulders, quite pretty, with a bubbling personality, and I thought she’d fit in fine. She thanked me to the point of embarrassment for giving her this opportunity, and I quickly left them to it and disappeared into my den. Throughout the afternoon I heard their voices and the occasional burst of laughter from Josie, and it seemed to brighten the place considerably, and a couple of times I found myself smiling, there was something about her that was definitely likeable, but I couldn’t put my finger on what it was, but I found her in my mind quite a bit in the following days.

As I said, that was Mrs. Wilkins’ final day, so the next week Josie turned up alone. I heard her let herself in , but was quite busy on the computer so didn’t see her for a while, but when I decided it was break time I wandered out to the kitchen and found her just making a coffee, and I stopped dead in shock! this definitely wasn’t the Josie that had turned up with her mother last week! she was wearing tight shorts and a tight top, and unless I was going blind in my old age – I was now pushing 42, she wasn’t wearing a bra! and she looked stunning!! she had those legs that seemed to go on for ever, a tight ass, and high, firm, and quite large breasts! I guess I must have gasped or something, as she jerked around, “Oh, Mr Davis, you surprised me, can I get you a coffee? how do you like it?” I mumbled my order and slumped at the table, desperate to put something between her and me that would hide the effect she was having – I had suddenly gained an enormous erection!! She made the coffee and sat opposite me talking brightly of things I no longer remember! I found my concentration hard to maintain with those gorgeous breasts so close! but I do remember her murmuring how sorry she was about my divorce, and I really should get out and about more – I guess Mrs. Wilkins had filled her in on my life as that was what she’d been saying to me for at least the last three years!! Finally she jumped up -and I almost groaned as her breasts jumped even more!! and said it was time to get back to work, and hurried out. I sat there for a little while longer, until I was sure my cock had gone down and then headed back to my den.

I tried hard to concentrate on my work, but to no avail, my mind kept drifting back to those long legs, that tight ass and those horny tits!! and I was hard all over again!! now I knew that Mrs. Wilkins was right! it really was time I went out and found myself a woman!! but right now, I had to do something about this uncomfortable situation! so I unzipped my pants and drew out my swollen cock and began to stroke it! all the time seeing Josie’s hot body in my mind! obviously Mrs. Wilkins had failed to tell Josie that the den was out of bounds!, and I was so engrossed in my little fantasy that I didn’t hear the door opening, it was only the loud gasp that alerted me to the fact that I was no longer alone!! I opened my eyes and found myself staring straight at Josie who seemed to be frozen mid way between the door and my work station with a tall glass of iced juice in each hand! and the reason she was frozen was quite clear! she was staring wide eyed at my rampant cock pendik escort and the hand now equally frozen around it!!

She gulped, “I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to! I thought you might need a cool drink!” she stammered, and with a jerk, her body seemed to break free and she staggered forward to place both drinks on the desk top, but all the time her eyes were locked on my stiff and swollen cock!! and to my surprise, having put the drinks down, she made no attempt to move away! I was still frozen! unable to move, unable to speak! then I saw a shiver run through her, and her tongue came out and brushed across her lips, and almost as if in a daze, she dropped to her knees directly in front of me and reached out to take my hand from my cock and replace it with her own!!, “Mmmmm, so beautiful” she whispered, as if speaking to herself, then to my absolute amazement she leaned forward and started to run her tongue up and down my cock!! it had softened slightly with the shock of discovery, but it very quickly became rock hard again as her lips and tongue began to explore it from tip to base and back again, and then with a deep groan she plunged her mouth down onto its length, taking the whole of it deep into her throat!!

My mind might have been in a state of shock, but my body wasn’t! it was reacting, thrusting upwards, fucking my cock into her seemingly eager mouth! she had one hand cupping and fondling my balls and the other lightly stroking that part of my cock that wasn’t buried in her mouth, and she was sucking like crazy!! and having been deprived of a woman’s touch for so long, there wasn’t any chance at all that I wasn’t going to blow! and real quick!! and I did!! and again I was surprised when she made no move to take my cock from her mouth when she realized I was about to come! in fact she sucked even harder! and I shot my load deep into her throat!! and she sucked it and swallowed it and sucked it some more until every last drop of cum was extracted from my shuddering cock! finally she let my rapidly softening cock to slip from her mouth and looked up at me with the hottest smile I’d seen in a long, long time, “Mmmm, that was nice! so much better than your hand, don’t you think?” then she rose to her feet, leaned down and briefly pressed her lips against mine – enough for me to taste my own cum juice in her mouth! – and turned and walked out! closing the door firmly behind her!!

I was left a total mess!! guilt, embarrassment, ecstasy, lethargy and a lingering horniness all fighting to possess my mind and body! and I was still sitting slumped in my chair looking vacantly into space when I heard her leave! Needless to say I was in no condition to do any work for the rest of the day, so I wandered out and took a shower, groaning as my cock snapped back to full attention every time my mind wandered to Josie, I knew I’d never be able to face her again! and I was sure that I’d soon get a call advising that she wouldn’t be continuing! maybe even a visit from a very angry new husband!! but as the days went by, there was no call and no visit, and I tried – without much success – to put it out of my mind.

I knew I was being totally cowardly, but when the first day came for her to come and clean the following week I arranged to go into the office for my BI-monthly meeting, so I was away from the house all day. As soon as I arrived home, I knew she’d been, I could detect the faint aroma of her perfume, and when I went into my office it was to find it tidier that it had ever been before, so I knew she’d been back to the scene of the crime!! she was due again the following day and I knew I couldn’t simply disappear a second time, I had to face the music! I decided to get it out of the way straight away instead of hiding in my den, so I was in the kitchen preparing coffee when she arrived. I might have been feeling awkward, but she didn’t seem to be feeling that at all! she gave me a bright smile and a greeting, “Isn’t it a fantastic day, I do love the sunshine, is that coffee you’re making,? Can I join you?”, and she plonked herself down at the table! I could only stare! she was wearing an almost identical outfit to the one she’d worn the week before!, a different colour combination, but the same outfit, tight shorts a tight top and no bra!! and I found myself reacting the same way again!! I answered her question with some inconsequential comment about the weather and got out a second cup for her, and all the time my eyes kept on sliding over to look at her incredible breasts!, finally, coffee made I sat at the table opposite her, and felt my face flush, “Look” I mumbled, “I’m really sorry about what happened last time” a escort pendik strange grin came to her face, “I should take offence at that! didn’t you enjoy it?, wasn’t it good?” she said, I stammered even more, my face going a bright purple, “Of course!, I didn’t meant that, I meant!” I groaned and put my head in my hands! she reached over and pulled my hands from my face and grinned, “You mean you’re sorry I caught you playing with yourself, but you enjoyed what happened afterwards! right?” she said, “You don’t need to be sorry, I thought it was beautiful, you were thinking of me at the time weren’t you?”, “oh yes!! I couldn’t get you out of my mind!!” I gasped, “Why” she asked teasingly, “Because you’re beautiful and sexy!!” I blurted out. She leaned across the table and brushed her lips across mine, “Thank you!” she said ” most people say I’m too tall and gawky to be sexy!”, “Oh no!” I cried out, forgetting my embarrassment now, “you’re tall, but perfectly proportioned, and have the sort of body that any man would drool over, those legs, god, they’re gorgeous and seem to go on for ever! and such a tight, sexy ass, and those breasts, Mmmmm, so ripe, so firm, so decidedly suckable!!”, I stopped suddenly, realising that I’d let my mouth run away with me again, and expecting her to be upset or annoyed at my coarseness, but she was smiling broadly and I knew it wasn’t my imagination, her nipples had become rock hard and were jutting out of her top like miniature mountains!!

Still smiling, she stood up from her chair and walked around the table and slid onto my lap, “Tell me again how beautiful I am, and how suckable my breasts are, better still, show me!!” and her arms slid around my neck and her lips descended on mine!! my body had reacted immediately and my cock was stiffening and swelling and pressing eagerly into her tight ass, and my hand automatically came up to cup and fondle one of her glorious breasts! and I got turned on even more! her kiss was as hot a kiss as I have ever experienced, a passionate tongue twister! with a touch of almost desperate hunger! and I responded in the same vein! I was just so hot and hungry for her! then we broke apart, and without a word we lurched from the chair and made a beeline for the bedroom!

There was no finesse, no tender, romantic kisses and slow build up! as soon as we reached the bedroom we were ripping our clothes off and leaping naked on to the bed! god, naked she was totally awesome!! those high, firm tits even more ripe and succulent than they’d appeared under her top! and her pussy! Mmmm, it was so wet and juicy and inviting! my eyes devoured her, then my hands and my lips and my tongue!! I searched out and touched and tasted every part of her luscious body, and she responded wildly, calling out, guiding my lips and my tongue in their explorations, and a whole series of small orgasms rippled through her, then she was tugging at my rock hard cock, guiding it towards her pussy, “Please, Ian, Please, I want you inside me, I want your big cock filling up my pussy, Please, Ian, Please, fuck me, fuck me now!!”

There was a momentary flicker of surprise that she had called me by my first name, but as her hands guided my cock to the lips of her steaming pussy, all thoughts disappeared, everything except the need to fuck this incredibly sexy woman!! so I rammed forward, burying my cock to the hilt in her writhing pussy, and she screamed in delight and abandonment, and urged me on! so I fucked her hard! long deep strokes, plunging my cock into her bucking, heaving body faster and faster! at the same time sucking vociferously on those incredibly large nipples! lashing them with my tongue then sucking them hard into my mouth! she lifted those incredibly long legs and wrapped them around me high on my back, opening her pussy even wider and enabling me to plunge even deeper, and it was my turn to cry out with delight, “Oh yes, Josie, you’re so hot and tight! it’s like I’m fucking a volcano in there!! oh god I’m going to drown you in my juices!! are you sure you want this?!!!”, Yes!!” she screamed, “Fuck me deep!, fuck me good!, shoot your juices right up inside me, oh god, I’m cumming, I’m cummmmming!!!” and her whole body went into violent contortions!! and mine followed suit as my cock exploded and shot it’s hot juices deep into her pussy!! and it kept on shooting, as she kept on bucking and heaving, and it seemed to go on for ever!

I think we both got totally blown away by the power and extent of the explosion that ripped through both our bodies, and we lay entwined in each other’s arms for a long, long time, but finally she extracted herself and disappeared into the bathroom, pendik escort bayan and I heard the shower running. She was out shortly afterwards, glistening wet, brushing herself dry with a small towel that did nothing to hide her incredible body from my eyes ,and I lay there drinking her in, she didn’t seem to mind, in fact she seemed to pose and posture just a little! then she came over and leaned down and brushed her lips over mine, “Thank you, thank you so much” she whispered, then laughed, “Your turn in the shower, I’ll start the coffee!” and she walked from the room, still totally naked!! needless to say, I made my shower very quick, and hurriedly followed her into the kitchen! I didn’t bother with clothes either!

Ten minutes later we were back sitting opposite each other in the kitchen and I was enjoying the uninterrupted view of her gorgeous breasts as we drank our coffee, she took a sip of her coffee and smiled with almost a tinge of sadness in her expression, “I guess you’re wondering why?” she said, I nodded, “The thought had crossed my mind, I’m 42 and not the most handsome man you’ve ever met, and you’re 23 and quite the most beautiful sexy woman I’ve ever met! and you’ve been married just six months!!”, a slight flush came to her face, “That’s part of the reason” she whispered, ” I love my husband very much, but we’re having problems. We never had sex before we were married, we just played around a bit, you know, touching feeling, kissing etc, but we both felt that sex was so special we should wait until after we were married, but the wedding night turned into a bit of a disaster, Ken couldn’t function! try as we did, he couldn’t achieve an erection ,even though he’s never had any trouble when we were playing around! we put it down to the excitement of the wedding day and all the tiring things that go with that, and although disappointed, assumed that everything would be OK once we were refreshed. But the next night and the following night the same thing happened, and we started to get frustrated and then a little angry with each other, and it was then that Ken told me that he’d never been with any woman before and in fact was more attracted to men!! I was stunned and upset, but he kept on telling me that he still loved me and we could still make a life for ourselves, it was just that he didn’t find me sexually desirable!! it took me quite a few weeks to get over that, perhaps I’m still not over it completely! but I realised that whatever the situation I still loved him!! I guess that sounds pretty crazy! Then , when I walked in on you last week and saw that incredibly beautiful, big, thick cock of yours, I just knew I had to have it, I knew I had to know if it was possible for me to feel beautiful and sexy and to be desired by a man!! I needed to know if I could react the way a woman was supposed to react!” then she threw back her head and laughed “Well I certainly found that out didn’t I?”

I grinned at her, but felt and understood some of her pain, so I moved around the table and took her in my arms and kissed her softly and gently, “Josie! you are beautiful, you are sexy and you are desirable! you can’t change what people are, but you can love then as they are! but only if you are fulfilled too! so if I can help in that area, I would be more than honored!!”, she grinned mischievously at me, “You mean, you want to continue fucking me, is that it?!!” I returned her grin ” for just as long as you want to be fucked!!” I said, “But what about the cleaning?” she asked, “Well” I said pensively “That still has to be done! in fact it probably needs more time spent on it! would it be possible for you to come three days instead of two – fully paid, of course!” her grin grew bigger and hotter “I think that could be arranged, would the extra day be required for special attention to the bedroom area?” she asked, impishly. I took her by the hand and led her back towards the bedroom, “Why don’t we check that out right now?” I suggested! well, it did need cleaning and tidying – afterwards!!! and when she left at the end of the day, I think I’d managed to convince Josie that she was one hell of an attractive, sexy woman! and being more than a little horny and hungry was quite OK for a 23 year old – or even a 42 year old!! But life is still full of surprises! and when she told me the next week that she’d told Ken everything that had happened between us, you could have knocked me down with a feather! but when she said that Ken was absolutely delighted for her and that this made things so much easier and more comfortable for the both of them, Well, I wasn’t going to argue! so I fucked her again , and again! and every time was better and wilder than the last as she started to open up and embrace her own sexuality! can’t wait for her next visit, she’s promised to wear something that will blow my eyes out!! with her figure, that wouldn’t be hard!!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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