House Hunting

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Cathy stayed late in the reality office waiting for everyone to leave and agreeing to lock up, she had made arrangements with her husband to meet in a vacant house which was on the market. It was a ritual that they did occasionally and tonight she was extremely horny about it. She locked the front door and went into her office to get dressed. She removed the dress, a cocktail dress with a flirtatiously plunging neckline. Opening the overnight bag she removed her 4 inch spiked heels, stockings, garter belt, push up peek-a-boo bra and crotch less panties. As she got dressed, she stopped to admire herself in the closet mirror. At age 40, she still had the curves to turn a few heads. She was a voluptuous woman who knew how to use what she had. Putting on the finishing touches, a pair of 4-inch spike heels, she could feel the moisture grow between her legs in anticipation. Her and her husband had been doing different things for the past few years to spice up their love life, trying thing from BDSM to wife swapping, but few things excited her like meeting him in a stranger’s house.

It was already 8:30, as she was getting ready to leave, she was to meet her husband at 9:30 and wanted to set the mood for him. Suddenly the phone rang, thinking it was her husband she answered it, it was Mike. He explained to her that he was being transferred to New Jersey by his company and was sent to house hunt. She explained to him that the office was closed, but he told her that he only had one day to search and was in desperate need to find a home in the area. Feeling sorry for him, she asked some questions and decided to show him one home that night. It happened to be the one she was to meet her husband at, after hanging up with Mike, she called her husband and explained what was going on. They agreed to push back their get together about an hour.

Mike arrived there first, with time to spare he got out of the rental car and was looking around the outside of the house when a car pulled into the driveway. Mike walked toward the car and greeted her at her door. He opened her door for her, as she step out her dress parted slightly exposing what appeared to be stocking tops in the bright moonlight pendik escort night. She stood up and extended her hand as a greeting. She walked towards the front door, mike followed watching her skirt sway hypnotically, wondering if he really saw what he thought he saw. She opened the lockbox and removed the key, opening the front door the entered the house. As Catchy explained the details or the house, the conversation slowly began to turn flirtatious. Suddenly the front door opened and in walked Cathy’s husband, Gary. Mikes hope’s dashed as introductions were made.

The two men followed Cathy up the stairs to the second floor. As they entered the master bedroom, Cathy excused herself to the bathroom. Mike commented to Gary how attractive Cathy was. Gary mention that not only was she attractive but she was very seductive and submissive. As Cathy walked toward the two men, Gary grabbed her around the waist, pulling her towards him. He placed his lips upon her lips, kissing her deeply. He pulled her hard into him, pressing her body against his hardening cock. Mike stood by in awe, watching the two of them become one, turning him on. As their lips parted she opened her eyes and look at Gary’s face, He nodded slightly, slowly she slid down his body, unbuckling his belt, and unzipping his pants, getting on her knees. She removed his semi hard member from his pants and slowly inserted it into her mouth. Mike started to rub the front of his pants, he could feel his cock getting harder by the minute, watching her devour his member.

Gary started to pump is shaft into Cathy’s mouth, Cathy reach out trying to grab mikes crotch, he glanced at Gary who nodded his approval. Slowly he moved closer, unzipping his own pants, removing his hard cock. She grabbed it and began stroking it. Slowly she began alternating the cocks in her mouth, sucking on one while stroking on the other. Cathy slowly laid down on the carpeted floor as the men removed their pants, kneeling next to Cathy’s head Mike began to feed her his cock again, enjoying the warm moist mouth she had offered him. Gary began to open her dress exposing the garter and stockings she was wearing, he enjoyed watching her suck mikes cock. escort pendik Slowly he lowered his head towards her moist pussy, opening the material of her panties he began tonguing her clit. Mike watched as Gary’s tongue split her pussy lips and found her swollen clit, he could see her nipples grow thru her bra, watching her breathing becoming erratic.

Mike began playing with Cathy’s tits slowly rubbing the nipples that were poking out of her bra. Gary inserted a finger into her moist pussy, her swollen lips clamping around it like a glove, he sucked her clit into his mouth, clamping it between his lips, he ran his tongue over it. He inserted a second finger into her pussy, pumping it harder and deeper, she began to raise her hips to meet his thrust. Mike continued to pump Cathy’s mouth she began to clamp tighter with her lips as her orgasm grew inside her, this made his cock swell even more, filling her mouth. Gary’s tongue worked on her clit, his fingers pumping her cunt harder and faster, with each pump she thrusted her hips up, making his fingers go deeper. Sucking Mike’s dick deep into her mouth, she orgasmed hard, her juices flowing from her pussy, soaking Gary’s hand.

Slowly her orgasm subsided, Mike began to pump his cock back into her mouth, Gary grabbed her legs, placed them on his shoulders and began to insert his cock into her moist cunt, slowly he put his cock deep into her hole. He began thrusting his cock hard and deep into her, the sound and smell of her wet cunt filled the room, this excited Mike over the edge, he grabbed her head and began to explode in her mouth, Gary ordering her to swallow it all, Cathy tried to catch it all, but there was to much, with each pump cum slide out her mouth and down her cheek. Slowly he stopped pumping as his orgasm subsided. Leaving his softening cock inside he mouth, she swallowed the salty fluid. Mike slide his cock out of Cathy’s mouth, sitting on the floor he watched Gary pumping her, listening to her moan. He began to stroke him self, getting himself hard so he may have a crack at her, Gary slowed down and with drew, laying on his back, Cathy removed her dress and mounted him.

She slide his hard cock into pendik escort bayan her pussy feeling every ridge of it as it slide deep into her hole. She began to rock on his cock, he reached behind her and unfastened her bra, removing it, her tits began to sway with each thrust. Her panties were soak with her pussy juice, which was being forced out of her pussy by Gary’s hard cock. Gary began to massage Cathy’s ass cheeks. He told Mike that she loved to be spanked as she was beilg fuck. Mike walked behind Cathy and with an open hand smacked he ass cheek. Harder Gary commanded. Again Mike smacked her ass, this time Cathy muffled a whimper. Again Gary said, Mike again smack her leaving a bright red mark, each smack made her wetter. Gary reached back and massaged her ass cheeks, mikes cock was rigid again, seeing this, Gary spread Cathy’s ass cheeks, exposing her ass hole. Mike work his way into position and slowly inserted his cock into her ass. Each thrust driving it deeper until it was all the way in. the two men began fucking her, each feeling the others penis through the thin skin that separated her ass from her pussy. Cathy held still, savoring the pleasure and pain she was feeling, Mike reached around and massaged Cathy’s breast as he filled her ass hole with his cock.

Gary told Mike to withdraw and lay on the floor, he then commanded his pet to reinsert his dick in her ass while facing him. He stood in front of her and put his pussy soaked cock deep into her mouth, she grabbed his hips and pulled him towards her, driving his cock deep into her mouth. Nearing orgasm he grasped her head and fucked her mouth, as he cam his cum flowed out her mouth and nose, dripping down her chin onto her breast.

Gary told Mike to cum on her face for him, he withdrew his cock from her ass, and having her kneel in front of him, licking his balls and began to jerk off. Persuading his balls to summon more cum, suddenly he felt the urge, Gary grabbed Cathy’s head from behind, and holding her held still, Mike shot his load all over her face and mouth. As his climax subsided he wiped his cock on her cum soaked face and then inserted it into her mouth.

He withdrew his cock and after getting dressed thanked his host for a wonderful evening. Telling her that he would definitely take the house and he would stop by in the morning to fill out the paper work. Letting himself out he smiled pleased with his decision.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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