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You have agreed to come up to Savannah for some awesome sex in a motel. You called me on my cell phone to tell me you were coming and would be in Savannah in a couple of hours. I tell you that I am at the Econo Lodge almost right at the corner of 95 and GA 204 and give you the room number. 2 hours later you knock on my door.

I open my door, you are dressed in a tight skirt and even tighter shirt, you look so sexy my jaw hits the floor slowly replaced by a smile letting you know how gorgeous I think you are and how lucky I think I am to have you standing in my door ready to fuck me senseless!! I am in a towel that has a tent in it from just thinking about you for the last 2 hours and that the sight of you has helped even more. You step into the room and I close & lock the door without letting you get more than a step inside. A smile is on your face and a twinkle is in your eyes.

No words are spoken as I grab your face in both my hands running them from front to back, gently grabbing your hair at the same moment my mouth dives for yours. That first electric kiss has us both gasping for breath, you turn me around pushing my back into the door as you drop to your knees. You rip off my towel and toss it; your eyes slowly devour my cock savoring the sensation. Keeping you hot with anticipation of what it will taste like, how it will feel on your tongue, how it will feel buried in your mouth to it’s hilt, you are wondering what my cum will feel like pumping into your hot, wet, warm, moist, mouth. It seems like an eternity to us both as I can see your thoughts in your eyes, pendik escort but in reality it lasted only seconds.

Your tongue slides out of your mouth and starts teasing the head of my cock. It is already so hard the head is almost purple and you know that your expertise in teasing and sucking will quickly have me blasting a large load of cum down your throat. As you slide your tongue around the head you can see it becoming more purple, but you haven’t begun to really tease yet. You grab my ass cheeks with your hands to help with your balance as you slowly slide your tongue down the underside of my shaft, stopping to tease that spot right below the head, the most sensitive area.

My cock twitches with anticipation and you resume your slow journey all the way down my shaft to my balls, licking each one before gently sucking them into your mouth. Oh how wet and warm your mouth feels, my cock is straining with envy, dying in agony to be where the balls are. You start the return trip up to the tip looking dead into my eyes for the entire trip up to the tip of my cock. It seems to last an eternity with our eyes locked on each other. When your tongue reaches the top you pause for a second with the last look into my eyes and then without warning your envelope my cock in one swift stroke, made even faster by the slow tease before.

I am already so close to busting my load in your mouth I am driven crazy by the even more intense feelings you have just given me. With my cock buried all the way in your throat you hold yourself there for seconds that feel like an eternity escort pendik to me. Then you slowly start working it in and out of your mouth, slowly picking up the pace until I can’t stand it any longer. With my hands on the back of your head, I cry out as I empty my heavy load down your throat. If the door wasn’t there I would be lying flat on my back, it is so intense. You do not stop, milking my cock for every drop.

When you have finished milking every drop from me, you look into my eyes as you start running your tongue up my body to find my mouth and we kiss like it is the last thing in the world either of us will ever do. During the kiss I have turned you around so that your back is to the door and when I quickly pull back from the kiss you look confused. I look into your eyes with a smile on my lips and in my eyes the first words of the evening are spoken as I say, “It’s your turn”.

I gently caress your breasts on the way down not even bothering to pull up your shirt to feel them. I have a much sweeter target in mind. I drop all the way to my knees; I do not bother to take off your skirt, just slide it all the way up to your waste, noticing for the first time that you are not wearing panties. I can see your pussy just coated with juices. I grab your ass cheeks to get my balance, gently kneading them as I do. I slowly slide my tongue out getting my first taste of your sweet juices. I slowly lick up all the juices that have leaked out and are glistening on the outside, not bothering to go inside the lips as of yet.

Teasing you, gently nipping the outer lips pendik escort bayan with my teeth. I can hear a little whimper escape your throat as the teasing is getting to you. I lower my head a little bit so that I can start at the bottom of your pussy. I look up into your eyes as I slide my tongue out enough to just barely part your pussy lips. My tongue teases the very inside of your pussy lips, sliding all the way up as our eyes our locked. I can see your excitement as my tongue reaches your clit gently flicking it up and down several times. Then I break eye contact and begin my way back down delving deeper into your succulent pussy. Finally as I reach bottom I slide my tongue as far into your pussy as possible grabbing as much juice as I can, savoring the flavor.

I slide one hand around and slowly replace my tongue with my finger as my tongue starts to slide up your pussy going as far in as possible now. A second finger joins my first in your pussy just before my tongue finds your clit again. You are about ready to explode; I slowly lock eyes with you. As I break eye contact with you this time I attack your clit, licking it up, down, side to side as fast as my tongue will work. Flicking your ring to stimulate you even more. You break your silence for the first time to cry out you are cumming, as you do I suck your clit into my mouth gently, in & out while my tongue continues to flick it.

You explode on my hand, as you do I drop my mouth off your clit and replace it with my fingers continuing to stimulate while my mouth drops low to catch all your nectar. By the time you are done cumming, my hand and the door is all that is holding you up. I grab your ass with both cheeks as I stand up and share your nectar with you in a passionate kiss. I pick you up and carry you over to the bed…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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