Hotel Room Seduction Ch. 01

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The door to the hotel room is already ajar as I walk toward it. They told me at the desk that you were already here and I had literally sprinted to the elevator. I’m glad I told them my “sister” was going to be checking us into the room so they had no problem giving you a key. My heart is racing just knowing you are there.

I push the door open and see you standing at the window. The sun shining through the window is also shining through the thin material of the dress you are wearing, showing off your full curves. My plan to sneak up behind you is foiled by the squeaking of the door hinges.

You turn to see me walking toward you, my travel bag in my hand. Your mouth turns up in a wide smile and I start to say hello but you move your index finger over your lips, touching them to silence me. My eyes betray my confusion as at stop at the foot of the bed and drop my bag to the floor. You move toward me slowly and I reach out toward hug you. You stop beyond my reach and now wag your index finger at me, telling me to stop. When my hands are at my sides, you resume your advance.

I look, frustrated, into your dancing eyes as you reach me. Your right hand reaches for my neck as you pull me gently toward you. As I lean in and close my eyes to kiss you, I feel you lean away from me. My eyes open to see you smiling broadly. Your eyes are alive with mischief.

Your hands find the top button of my shirt, slipping it through the button hole and exposing the first tufts of my graying chest hair. You lean in and kiss me there, then continue your methodical journey as you work your way down the front of my shirt. With each new button released, you kiss the exposed area. Your hands finish the last button then pull at my shirt tail, freeing it from my trousers. You look into my eyes with delight. You see my lips starting to form words but your index finger covers them before I can speak. I try to kiss it but you move your finger away and once again wag it at me.

You move your hands to my chest, your fingers entwined in my chest hair. I can feel the warmth of your palms against me as your run your hands up and down my chest. You press firmly one time, then more softly the next but your hands never stop moving … exploring the terrain of my body. I can hear you softly moaning with each new motion.

My hands reach for the buttons along the front of your dress but you step away. There is that finger wag again…telling pendik escort me that you want me to behave. As I again drop my hands to my sides, your lips replace your fingers against my chest. With each kiss, I can feel the tip of your tongue tracing small circles on my skin. As your hands reach to hold my waist, I can feel your smile as your lips curl around my nipple, sucking firmly as you gently tug on it. The tip of your tongue makes small circles against my hardening skin. My knees weaken as you move to the other side, paying equal attention to the other one.

While your mouth continues to pay attention to my chest, your right hand finds its way to the front of my trousers. Your palms press against me and there is no doubt that the attention you have been paying me has had the affect you desired. Your fingers close around my rigid cock, squeezing the trouser material around it. Your alternately squeeze and release as your lips work their way up from my chest to my neck. With each compression of your hand around me, I can feel your warm breath on my neck. With each release, you lightly kiss me.

I feel your hands leave my body as they reach for the single button on the waistband of my trousers. With a flick of your fingers, the button has been freed and your fingers find the tang of my zipper. You can hear my breathing increase as I feel you slide the zipper down its length. As your hands spread the sides apart, my trousers slide down my legs to the floor. My underwear can barely contain the erection you have given me, the head of my cock jutting above the waistband. As you continue to kiss the side of my neck, I feel your thumb brush against my opening … spreading my precum in small circles around the tip.

You feel my body shifting and can see me reaching for the waistband of my underwear. Your hands stop their enticement and cover mine, pulling them down to my sides once again. My breathing reveals my frustration. I feel your fingers slip into the waistband of my boxer briefs as you tug them gently to just reveal the total length of my cock, pausing with the waistband around my thighs. As your right hand curls around the base of my cock, you left hand covers my scrotum. You lightly squeeze my balls as you make a slow stroke up my shaft. As you reach the top, you move your palm over the head, wetting it with my precum before tightening your grip and moving slowly back down to the base.

With each slow up and down escort pendik stroke, you gently squeeze my balls once again. You can hear my moaning and know that you are slowly taking me to the brink of an orgasm that you don’t want me to have just yet. You release me and step away, looking into my eyes. I start to speak and you again cover my lips with your finger…this time I can taste my own saltiness as your press your finger against me. The frustration in my eyes must be apparent to you.

As you kneel in front of me, your hands tug at the legs of my underwear, moving them to my ankles to join my trousers. I stand naked before you, my cock at full attention as you kneel there fully clothed before me. Your head tilts slightly as your look at my face. I smile back at the anticipation of what is to come.

Your hand reaches out to tilt the head of my cock slightly toward you. You brush the tip with your lips and can feel my body shudder. The slightest pucker forms as you move your face closer and kiss my opening. Your tongue slips out and teases it, taking my precum on its tip. As you lean away, a small thread of fluid forms between us.

You turn your head slightly and move down to the base of my cock. I see your tongue emerge and can feel its warmth against my shaft. You use your tongue like a painter uses a brush, painting a long stroke up my entire length before twirling it around the head. You pucker your lips and kiss your way back down before painting me once again. As you repeat this motion, my knees shake. I see you look up at me and smile.

You raise your body up and kiss the tip of my cock. Your lips part as you slide my head between them. I feel you pause to tighten around it. After two quick pulses of your lips, you move your head forward. I look down and see my cock disappear into your mouth until your face is tightly pressed against my hips. I can feel the depth of your throat around me, fully engulfing my length inside you. The muscles in the back of your throat tighten, and then relax. Your hands find my hips as you pull me more tightly against you. I want to push my hips forward but I have nowhere left to go.

Your head moves slowly away from me, your lips ever tightening around my shaft as it leaves is warm confines. The rim around the head of my cock contacts your lips and you stop there and pucker down tightly. I feel your tongue licking circles around the head of my cock as you hold it tightly pendik escort bayan with your lips. My hands move to your head, wanting to pull you back down my length. As you feel them touch your hair you release my cock and take your hands from my hips. As your right hand comes upward, you wag your finger at me once again.

You open your mouth wide and return your attention to me, taking my full length again into you. Your lips tighten once again and you slowly slide out to the tip, then return to the base. Your hands have found my ass and you encourage me to move in rhythm with your mouth, pulling me tightly when you want me deep inside you. As you feel me in the back of your throat, you wiggle your head. I cannot believe it happens, but this motion moves me even deeper inside of you.

I want to sit back on the bed, feeling as if my knees are about to collapse but your hand hold me steady. I look down and see your eyes glistening and full of love and desire for me. Your right hand reaches for the base of my cock as your lips make room. As your stroke your mouth up and down my cock, you hand now follows that same path. The tightness of your lips is followed by the tightness of your fingers around me.

There is no time left for me and you can feel it. Your speed increases, not taking me as deeply as before but focusing your attention on that sensitive area near the head of my cock. Faster and faster your move on me. Tighter and tighter your lips and fingers stroke me. You can feel my hips tightening. As you look up, you see my head tilting backward.

And then you feel it .. the tightening of my shaft that signals you to prepare for the first taste of my cum. The first pulse is soft and you feel a few drops on the surface of your tongue. You feel the next few on the back of your throat as you relax your muscles. You moan as spurt after spurt of cum fills your mouth but you never loosen the grip your lips have on my cock. My body trembles as I release more and more of me inside you and you eagerly take in every drop.

As my orgasm subsides and my vision clears, I look down to see you staring up at me, just the tip of my cock in your mouth. As you smile, a small line of my cum slides out of one corner of your mouth. You release my cock and look into my eyes. I see your throat tighten as you take what I have given you and make it part of yourself.

You stand up in front of me, still fully clothed in contrast to my nakedness. As you look into my eyes, your hands reach for the buttons on the front of your dress. You speak the first words either of us has spoken since I entered the room.

“My turn.”

(more to follow)

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