Laughter Like Sparkling Snow

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It was the weekend before Christmas. It was late Sunday afternoon, and I had lost a bundle at tables in Reno. Blackjack, roulette, craps, it hadn’t mattered. I’d lost at all of them. Might as well head home, I thought, disappointed and disgruntled. Nice Christmas present.

As I left Virginia Street and pulled onto Interstate 80, I saw the sky was sullen with clouds. The clouds were the color of tarnished silver. Down from the Sierra a swift winter storm was moving in.

Great, I thought! Just what I needed to end an otherwise perfectly terrible weekend.

Leaving Boomtown behind, I peered carefully out my front window. The snow flurries thickened. The snow snapped like tiny beads against my windshield. The wind buffeted my car. Snow and ice glistened on the highway.

Suddenly, I hit a slippery spot on the road. I felt myself lose control, and slowly, as in a dream sequence, the car languidly spun around and around as if it were a gigantic steel ballet dancer. Before I knew what was happening I slid down into a huge ditch between the east and westbound lanes of the freeway and promptly got stuck.

A bit shaken at first, I explored my limbs. I was unhurt. However, I was completely stuck in snow in the ditch that had been accumulating for a month. For a moment I thought about what to do. The motor still hummed, keeping the heater blowing warm air into the interior. However, it was quickly evident to me that I could not stay here for long.

Perfect, I muttered, just perfect! The perfect ending to my trip.

I glanced up, and saw a car stop on the other side of the highway, pointed towards Reno. For me! Who said there weren’t any nice guys left in the world? I wondered.

Pulling my jacket around my throat, I turned off the engine and ran to the waiting car. The wind roared around my ears and made my face numb instantly. Gasping, I jerked open the other door and slid in.

“Thanks,” I muttered, panting as I slammed the door and the snow diminished on the other side of the window.

“No problem,” she said.


I did a double take. There behind the steering wheel, smiling at me, was . . . what was she? Had I died in the snowstorm and gone to? . . . no, no chance of that. At least for me. While I pondered her, wide-eyed, she held out a small, well-manicured hand.

“Hi, I’m Lori,” she said.

She was a compact little darling, perhaps five foot two or three. She had almond eyes that in the uncertain light of the storm looked gray one moment and silver the next. She had dark brown hair with hints of red that reminded me of cedar stained dark by rain.

“Do you always stare like that?” she asked, a good-humored smile perking her luscious full lips.

“No, no,” I stammered. “Thanks a lot for picking me up. I just didn’t expect a woman to be doing the picking.”

“Being a dealer, I think I can handle myself pretty well,” she replied. “Besides, I thought you might be a dealer.”

“Not me,” I said ruefully. “I’m the one who pays the dealers’ salaries . . . at least this weekend.”

She laughed, and her voice had a magical quality about it, a lightness that said she didn’t take anything too seriously. She started up her car. “I’m going to work downtown,” she said. “Where can I drop you?”

I pondered. “Reno is filled to the rafters with people who aren’t going to try to make it home.”

She nodded. “True.”

I shrugged. “I guess it really doesn’t matter. Drop me off where you work. I’ll ask around some of the sleazier motels near the casinos. illegal bahis See if any of them have a fleabag they can let me have during for the night.”

Lori hesitated. “Look. The casino where I work holds back a few rooms for the employees that the general public doesn’t know about. I’ll see if I can get you one.”

Surprised, I gazed at her again. “That would be very kind of you, but I can find a room for myself,” I said

“Whatever you say,” she replied, and her laughter, almost like sparkling snowfall, filled the car again.

Lori waited for me in the parking lot as I asked about a room.

“Sure,” said an old geezer whose five o-clock shadow looked more like a midnight shadow. “That will be a hundred and eighty-five a night.”

“A hundred and—”

“In advance,” he said firmly.

But what could I do? I shoved my card across the counter.

He tried it once, twice, and then shoved it back at me. Yep, you guessed it, my card was maxed out.

With a long sigh I returned to the car.

I can see already that this story is growing too long, so I will simply say that Lori—very gracefully, I might add—was able to get me a room on the 28th floor at her casino.

After I had said, “how can I thank you?” about a thousand times, she said, “Don’t worry about it. You can pay me back when you get back to the Bay Area.”

“I will, I will, I promise.”

And again that laughter like glittering snowfall lightly touched my lips and mind, but this time I was aware of a sensual quality about it.

Can laughter be sensual? Of course it can. Or at least Exhibit A I would offer in a court of law would be the singing, sexy laughter that Lori murmured. For an instance I gazed at her full, glistening lips, and I suppose she could read what was on my mind. What woman can’t? I wonder.

She stood on tiptoe and kissed me lightly on the cheek.

“It will get better, Dan,” she told me. “After all, Christmas is just a few days away. Who knows what you might find under your tree?”

“Sure,” I said, and I watched her walk down the hallway. Lori had a way of walking that was filled with curves and the outline of firm legs and a parabola of ass that was more than a little inviting. I pictured each ass cheek having a dimple. My shaft gave an urgent spasm as I closed the door.

Forlornly, I gazed out at the storm that was now engulfing Reno in its giant muffled maw. I sighed and sat down. But frankly, you can feel sorry for yourself only so long, and after a couple of hours and a couple of Glenmorangie’s, I decided to head downstairs and see what I could find in the way of a restaurant. I knew the casino had an Italian place and a steakhouse. I checked my pockets. Better make it the hamburger joint down the street!

I was walking through a casino when I suddenly saw Lori ahead of me. Her back was towards me as she walked away from me.

Suddenly some monster about the size of Godzilla with about his IQ, too, grabbed Lori by her small, birdlike wrist.

“Bitch!” he muttered, and the word whistled through the gap in his front teeth. “You cheated me!”

Red-faced, Lori struggled. “I didn’t have to cheat. Did the thought occur to you that you’re a lousy player?”

“Why you—” He lifted a beefy red palm.

I’m not going to try to convince you I’m a hero. I’m not. I’m a certified card-carrying coward as a matter of fact. It was just that he didn’t see me coming. I bent his arm back and rapped in the back of the neck at the same time, and he slumped to illegal bahis siteleri the floor. A moment later security showed up and hauled the guy away, leaving Lori and me alone.

“Now it is my turn to thank you,” said Lori.

I detected just a slight tremor in her hand. Perhaps she wasn’t quite as certain that she could take care of herself.

“That’s all right,” I said with the proper amount of what I hoped was modesty, false though it was.

“I get off at two,” she said softly. “Would you mind if I stopped at your room?”

Would I mind? Would I mind? Well, you’ve heard the jokes about popes and woods and bears, so I won’t repeat them.

“It is just as much your room as mine,” I amended her statement.

And I’ll be damned but she actually did stop by after her shift. By three in the morning we were joking and laughing like we had been friends for a century instead of a few hours.

In the silence we looked out the window at the lights of Reno. The wind had died down and now the snow fell in giant full flakes, cloaking the city, turning what could often be tawdry and seedy city into its own magical place filled with strings of lights—crimson, blue and gold.

I drew Lori into my arms, and with a soft moan her mouth opened under mine. Her tongue was soft and pliant as I sucked it between my lips. With a long sigh, she wrapped her arms around my neck. I felt her soft, rounded breasts pressing against my chest. Gently, I held one of the small melons in my hand. I squeezed it, slowly rubbing my thumb slowly, back and forth, across the point.

“Dan, Dan, Dan,” she whispered, squirming under my hand.

I unsnapped her bow tie, then unbuttoned her frilly shirt. Lori shrugged out of it for me. Kissing her again, harder this time, I unsnapped her bra. Her tits spilled out. In the light coming from our picture window, I could see that her boobs were not huge, maybe, but nicely shaped and firm with nipples that poked upwards. I bent over and slowly dragged my tongue across the warm expanse of her skin. Under my lips I felt her shudder slightly. She slipped her lovely, long fingers into my hair and guided my mouth. Her nipples were a light peach color. I sucked on one, then the other, drawing them between my teeth. She gurgled softly with pleasure. I nibbled on the hard tips.

My hand slipped inside of her slacks. For just an instant she tensed. Then with that silvery laugh that was Lori, she relaxed.

“Need any help,” she asked with a slight chuckle.

“Let’s test my IQ,” I told her.

Of course, she eventually had to help me. Seems like the company, which is what she kept calling the casino, had all sort of special snaps and buttons and whatnot. Eventually, though, I was able to slide her slacks down her legs. Her legs were a lovely pale color and nicely shaped. Her hips flared.

I kissed her feet, flicked my tongue between her toes and sucked on them. Then my mouth drifted up to her ankles, then I worked my way up to her knees.

“That tickles,” she murmured but did nothing to stop me.

I kissed her inner thighs, which she opened slowly and almost shyly. The fragrance of her arousal drifted to my nostrils, pungent, with a hint of cinnamon. I flicked my tongue into her bellybutton. I took her panties between my teeth and gradually pulled them down, over the sweetness of her pussy, over the flare of her hips, and down her thighs, white as ivory.

Her pubic thatch was curly, full, and a light brown-butter in color. I buried my face in her canlı bahis siteleri moistening pussy, deeply inhaling her fragrance. Then I slowly and sensually glided my tongue over the warm flesh of her plump pussy lips. Lori groaned and squirmed under my mouth. I held her pussy lips apart.

Let me ask you: Is there anything more beautiful than a glistening pussy that wants it? If there is, I can’t think of it. Think of it as a glistening, winter wonderland. Except this wonderland was warm and fast growing hot!

I leaned forward and nudged Lori’s clit with my tongue’s tip. Her nectar spilled down her thighs. She whimpered in response. “Oh, darling, you want to make me all nasty, don’t you?”

“The thought crossed my mind,” I admitted.

I licked and flicked the pink bud of her womanhood. She sighed and whined in reply. I drew the button between my teeth, sucking on it as if it were a miniature cock.

Trembling, Lori pulled me up. She kissed me deeply, hotly. With the flat of her tongue, she licked my mouth and cheeks, tasting her own pussy juice.

“Honey,” she said, and in that one word was a wealth of meaning. She took hold of my prick, which was rigid and red, and guided it towards her molten honey pot. Easily I slid in, but the moment I did, she did something with her pussy muscles that left me gasping with pleasure.

With slow, powerful strokes I took the lovely woman. Like an eager little wanton, she wrapped her legs around my waist, kissing me passionately, drifting into that mindless world of pure sensation. She undulated her ass as I rammed my rod home, again and again. She had a way of playing with my shaft with her pussy muscles that was driving me crazy.

Faster and faster I picked up the pace.

Lori was groaning, stretching her arms and clutching at the sheets.

“God, yesss,” she hissed, fucking me hard and fast now.

Higher we soared, each pleasuring the other and being pleasured by the other at the same time. Our harsh breath filled the room. Our skin slapped against each other’s, wetly. Her juices, warm and slightly sticky, flowed over my balls. I reached down and caressed her clit as I pummeled her pussy.

Gently, I bite her neck, nuzzling her as I fucked her furiously. She matched me stroke for stroke, panting.

“Darling,” she whispered in that moment of helplessness just before a woman cums.

Then she screamed, arched her back, and lifted her ass off the bed. She dug her heels into the bed. Her pussy clamped down my cock. I erupted with her, spraying a warm stream of cum deep into her core. Together we shuddered and spasmed. Lori, lost, rolled her head from side to side. Tears leaked from her eyes. “So god damn good,” she whimpered.

Lori collapsed beneath me, gasping for breath. Her heart was beating so fast, I could feel it galloping against my chest.

Over and over again we kissed, sweat trickling from our foreheads, into our eyes, over our lips. I kissed the tears seeping from her eyes.

With a soft purr, we cuddled and kissed and nibbled in the warm and glowing aftermath of our lovemaking.

The lights of the city coming from the windows stained Lori’s smooth and ivory skin a golden shade. I watched her lovely, rounded breast move up and down with her breathing, and I knew that was the beginning of our evening, not the end.

At first, I was going to title this piece “The Winner”, and I was going to talk about winners and losers and all sorts of deep and profound stuff. And about how I came out a winner, after all, that weekend. But then I decided that wasn’t really the point of my little story. It was simply laughter that was bright as snow and snow that sparkled like laughter. After all, isn’t that what Christmas is all about and isn’t that enough, really?

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Such Stuff as Dreams are Made Ch. 02

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Chapter 2

There I was, masturbating wildly, fantasising all sorts of new conclusions to that first night with Anna. I dreamed of walking up to her one day and demanding that she return the favour immediately, stripping her, and having her sit on my face right in the middle of the school canteen. I would devour her in front of everyone, and she would scream with pleasure. She would suckle my breasts and then eat me, occasionally pushing her tongue back to lick my butt.

It was then that another girl popped into my head. As my mind dwelled on Anna’s moist folds and my tongue imagined her sweet taste, Natalie’s joined our public orgy. Natalie was drop dead gorgeous: a long legged, big breasted, teasing smile, pouting lips Goddess gorgeous. Since we shared P.E. lessons, I had seen her semi-naked on a couple of occasions and there was a common, though bitter, consensus that she was one of the prettiest girls in our year.

I didn’t know her all that well but there she was, hovered over me, sex wiggling in my face and forcing me to split my tongue between her pussy and Anna’s. Her bum wiggled above me, and a tiny moan escaped my lips as my tongue brushed up her slit and into her crack, licking around her puckered hole and tasting whatever musty, forbidden tastes lurked there. That really got me going.

Orgasm was rushing upon me but I wasn’t ready to cum yet. This new fantasy was exciting and I wanted to explore it further. Natalie squatted down upon my face, pinning me to the bed and forcing her juicy slit into my eager mouth. Anna had switched around and was now lapping at me vigorously. After Natalie came, explosively, she climbed off and I took her big, firm breasts in my mouth, lathing them with the attention they craved. Her nipples were long and she moaned when I tugged on them with my teeth. I was about to cum and, as the orgasm tore me apart, Owen popped into my mind.

As the orgasm peaked and began to wane, I continued to play with myself. Such was my arousal that the first orgasm had only satisfied the immediate craving. I was still hungry for more, particularly with this beautiful harem taking residence in my mind. Owen had been the male mainstay of my fantasy life for as long as I could remember. Having spent my teenage years at a girls’ school, I had very little contact with boys, but the idea of a gorgeous man with a strong nose and slim powerful arms could occupy my mind for hours. I would imagine dropping to my knees in front of him, releasing his penis from a pair of jeans, and sucking him off like a good little whore. I dreamed of learning what it tasted like, how cum would feel as it smacked against my throat, what weird, masculine noises he would make as he came.

These ideas remained abstract. I found it difficult to imagine sex with people I didn’t know. And I didn’t know many boys. It was much more immediate to imbue my friends with the sexuality I desperately desired. I could then picture their faces in the throes of orgasm, and dream of one day making love to them as I did in my dreams.

The problem with boys was not much desire, as availability. However, I had been friends with Owen and his brother John since we were babies. When we were children we had played doctors and nurses and all sorts of other childhood games which verged on the sexual. I believe my brother and John used to play a game called Pulling Willies when they were toddlers. And when I was 4, Owen even wrote me a letter in which he proposed to “mare me.” This episode had gone down in family folklore; it is even framed in one of our photograph albums. I assume it meant he wanted to marry me, but in recent years the bestial idea of being made a mare to his stallion had become an increasingly attractive idea too.

For the past decade or so, ever since I could remember, I had been walking around my everyday life cultivating a grand crush on Owen. And, as with Anna, my ludicrously hormone drenched body had been exposed to him in all its glory.

It had happened two months earlier. I was a horny girl trying to find an outlet for my latent sexuality. I was awkward around boys, had no idea what to say or do to make them notice me, how to be romantic around them, or make them fall in love with me. I had always had the belief that love and sex went hand in hand, and that total abandoned sex was only possible with people you loved. Because of this I had no interest in going out to a club or party like my friends did, of snogging the first boy who bought me a drink or giving myself away for the sake of horniness. I was a quiet girl, uncomfortable in social situations, never good at small talk with people I didn’t know well. I was bookish in the very best way. And come the evening, there was nothing I liked more than to run myself a deep, hot bath, pour in some essential oils, lie back and get lost in a good book. I had always loved reading. I read Geek Love and spent weeks trying to imagine what it would be like to be a bald albino dwarf. I read The Bloody Chamber and whispered each and every sensual word to myself as if it contained a deep and dark secret, cloistered within impenetrable illegal bahis forests, which held important truths about the power of human sexuality. I read Midnight’s Children and felt the amazing power of fantasy lives to gather everything together and pickle it into one glorious celebration of life.

Through books, I got to live vicariously and experience whatever I wished by proxy. Perhaps that is why I had such a florid fantasy life: there was nothing I enjoyed more than imagining something into existence. And I am still the same. For me, fantasising about sex was as rewarding as actually doing it.

I had no interest in disassociating sex and love, fantasy and reality. I fell in love with my friends all the time, and all I wanted was to get even closer to them, to tear down that final barrier between us and bring our bodies together. But I never did. And the problem with this was that these urges had very few outlets and as a result my horniness occasionally got the better of me and I would find myself doing something inappropriate in front of them.

It was early spring. Thin clouds covered the sky. The air felt warmer than it had been for months. I think it was Good Friday. Certainly it was around the Easter weekend as my brother and I had gone to stay in the country with John and Owen and their parents. For city kids like Ben and I, going to stay with them was like travelling to another planet. We went for walks on our own where there were no other people, where we could splash in pools and stroll though deserted forests. We could make bad murder mystery films in their creaking cottage and play long games of 50-50 in the garden. It was a completely different life to the one we were used to in the city.

John, like my brother Ben, was 18 months older than me, a natural born leader and even more competitive than Anna. He was tanned with Jewish looks, a bright, boyish smile, and eyes which, although usually serious, could, at any moment light up and bring his face alive. Owen was a couple months my senior, a surfer boy with blondish brown floppy hair and infuriatingly smooth skin. He had a bubbly personality, always up for anything, naturally trusting and open. Despite being the only girl with three boys I was never excluded or bullied by the others, we were equals at all times — except that John was always the leader.

That morning we decided to go and investigate a rope swing somewhere a few miles from their house. The rope was thick and long, knotted at the bottom with earth dug away beneath. To get high enough to swing you had to climb a tree growing precariously from the edge of the hill, its trunk filled with burghs and knots on which to climb higher. It was exhilarating. Each time we jumped, we would climb a little higher, jumping off into nowhere with just the rope to protect us from hurtling to the hard earth below. The morning was warming up all the time; a pile of coats and hats formed at the foot of the tree. Owen proclaimed the benefits of jumping bare-footed, feeling the air rushing around his feet. After that we all had to try. And he was right, it was incredibly refreshing to feel the air brushing our toes, cool, almost too cold, but liberating after months spent wrapped in layers of clothing. I was filled with that feeling you get on the first day of spring, when the air suddenly smells lighter, the light feels brighter, and all of a sudden you feel fantastically, uncontrollably free.

Soon we were pushing it all further and I was getting a little excited by the increasingly tactile wind brushing my skin. First I removed my sweater and jumped in my tank top. Then Owen and Ben removed their tops and jumped bare chest, their vaguely defined pecks hairless and sweaty. There was something powerful and animal-like about them, rugged and unrestrained. Watching them swing, I had the notion that they could take me in their arms and do whatever they wanted with me, and there would be absolutely nothing I could do about it. I was breathless, couldn’t wait to jump again. I needed to feel the rough rope between my legs…

When it came to my turn, I couldn’t resist taking things further. Acting nonchalant, I pulled off my jeans and tossed them onto the floor. My French knickers hugged my form tightly, not too sheer but showing just a hint of skin underneath. My top was long, hanging down over them. The cool air felt amazing against my thighs. The frayed edge of the rope rubbed aggressively against my thighs. When I got off I was flushed and exposed. I pulled down my tank top to try and cover the damp patch I thought might be forming in my knickers.

“Well, come on guys, you should try taking off those jeans, it feels amazing.”

I wanted them to take this game further, much further, into territory my mind raced to imagine. I wanted them to acquiesce, but only if I took off my top, or offer to jump fully naked if I would reciprocate. I wanted to see their cocks bouncing in the wind, or cramped against the rope. I wanted to run the rough contours of the rope over my clit and know that they had been there only minutes before.

Ben walked up the hill and illegal bahis siteleri whipped off his trousers to reveal a pair of loose blue boxers. He had always had the most defined body of us all, and his broad back and strong, muscular shoulders seemed at odds with his bland underwear. He had the beginnings of a six pack and there was a path of hair leading down inexorably from his navel.

Without saying anything, he hopped on and swung, the rope slacking before it straightened and pulled tight against his weight. He flew back and forth a few times to loud guffaws and wolf whistles from the rest of us, casually, as though it was the most natural thing in the world. By the time he stopped we were all laughing and joking around and Owen already had his cargo trousers around his ankles, stumbling as he tried to step out of them while taking the rope from Ben.

Owen wore a pair of y-fronts. You could see the outline of his package hidden in there but I was disappointed by how ugly they were. (It’s unfair, girls have many more opportunities in the field of hosiery than men. We can chose from thongs and g-strings, French knickers, suspenders, stockings, figure forming underwear that accentuates your butt and sucks in your stomach. And that’s not to mention bras. It’s a veritable goldmine of titillation. Yet what is there for men? A nice pair of tight boxers looks hot, but y-fronts, thongs, banana hammocks and the like all look ridiculous.)

Owen’s body cut through the air with the greatest of ease, and when he landed, I noticed he was smiling, and that the outline in his pants was a little more pronounced than before. I tried hard not to stare. Next was John. Just before he jumped, while he was perched on the tree, rope in one hand, other hand in the air saluting gravity, he turned to me and said: “What are you going to do next, Amelia? Topless?”

It was as if he had anticipated exactly what I wanted to hear, and sent it out to me as a challenge which I couldn’t refuse. I was already frustrated that my breasts meant I couldn’t jump topless, I longed to feel them bouncing with gravity, nipples exposed and growing hard in the fresh spring air.

“Okay,” I offered, as innocently as possible. “And then if you jump naked, I will too.”

But just as he tried to respond he lost his balance and, as if in slow motion, toppled backwards, clutching the rope for his life. For a second it looked like he would fall. But at the last minute, he grabbed the rope, steadying himself against the tree. Laughter broke out among us. He looked sheepish and unsure, yet I could see his eyes fixed on me, imagining me naked. I hoped he was trying to decide what my breasts looked like, whether my pussy was shaved, how long my nipples were. I was desperate to see his cock.

Then the look was gone and he was sheepish and uncertain again. When he finally got his body settled on the rope and came back safely to the tree he looked a little shaky on his feet. He got down gingerly, and sat on the ground. His eyes were swimming.

I felt sorry for him. And I was horny as hell. I was sure that if there wasn’t already a big wet patch on my knickers there would be soon and I wanted to get sight of a cock before anyone realised how raunchy this was all getting and backed off. I wanted to get John and anyone else naked as soon as possible. I had still not seen a cock in the flesh, and I was eager to find out whether they looked anything like they did in pictures.

“Thanks John. I like your style. You sit there and get your breath back. If you promise to jump naked next, then I’ll go first.”

It was only then that I realised the significance of where I was and what I was saying. My stomach lurched. Was I really preparing to get naked in front of three boys? I was terrified. Terrified by the potential of it all, by the unknown, by how much I wanted to be naked before them all. I was terrified that my brazen exhibitionism had got me into a situation I could no longer control. What would they do when they saw me naked? Would they try and rape me? And why was the idea of that so damn exciting?

I stood still not knowing what to do. No one said anything.

“So John, what do you say?”

“Maybe, but only if Owen and Ben will as well.”

I turned to face the other boys.

“If Amelia’s going to get her kit off for us then I don’t mind doing so as well.”

“I’m game if you are,” Owen concluded, with a wink.

My heart fluttered. I had agreement. Within a few short minutes I was going to expose myself to three young men, and then sit back and watch as they followed suit. Anticipation took my breath away. The only problem was, I had no idea how to begin. I had no experience in this sort of thing. I felt I should do it sexily perhaps, but that was not possible here. Plus we were friends, I was one of them, an honorary bloke in the group, and I didn’t want to jeopardise that. I could still back out and laugh it off. But I didn’t want to. This was exactly what I wanted to do. There was nothing left for it, no prevaricating, I had to bare myself to them.

I had to find the confidence canlı bahis siteleri to do it.

I took a deep breath and stood up straight. I grabbed the back of my top and pulled it over my head and then held it over my breasts. I couldn’t look at them. With another deep breathe, I let go and stood topless in front of my friends.

I couldn’t help but look up then. Their eyes were firmly fixed on my breasts. Even my brother stared obscenely. My skin pricked. I had the urge to cover myself, to run and hide and seek safety. But I didn’t. Suddenly I was the predator rather than the prey. I was in control of this situation. I wanted to be naked.

“Okay, okay boys,” I said, finding confidence in my new mindset. “You can close your mouths now.” Sheepishly, they did.

But I wasn’t even finished yet. Not by a long shot. I was far too breathless and light headed to stop now.

Without a pause, I turned around, reached down and grabbed the waste band of my knickers. I squatted as I pulled them down, maintaining a semblance of ladylike decorum. I didn’t want them to flash them a sight of the tight contours of my pussy stretched before them. Not yet anyway.

Most of all I didn’t want to show them my pubic hair, I knew if they saw that, I would want to bend over and open my pussy for them. But it was a losing battle, and I didn’t want to be refrained at all. I stood up, my pert little bottom poking out seductively at them, and turned around to see their eyes once again ravishing me.

As I clambered onto the rope, I was sure to lift up my leg high, to give them all a quick glimpse of my naked slit. I stood up on the tree, arm stretched over my head, holding the rope so that my breasts would be tugged tightest, and turned around to face my friends.

“Hello, boys,” I called in my best Wonderbra impression. Then I jumped. The ground moved beneath me, and the wind invaded every part of me. When the rope slowed down, I let it spin me slowly around, giving the boys every opportunity to ogle my body. My chest was heaving. My clit and nipples were so hard they ached. It was as though the wind had combined with the desire of the boys to strip a layer away from me, to leave me more naked and vulnerable than I had ever been. I didn’t want to get down from the rope and face their looks. Up here, up here I was an idol, a vision of art to be gazed at and enjoyed. But when I climbed off, I would have to walk back to them, and face up to whatever was to follow.

Scrap that, I couldn’t wait to get down there.

I hopped off the rope and prowled towards them. Ben’s boxers contained a barely concealed hard-on, the tip of which was poking above the waistband. He adjusted himself. Owen and John’s erections were less obvious, but through the white material, I could see the outlines of their cocks, straight and firm and pointing at their stomachs.

“Who’s going first?” I challenged. “It feels amazing!”

No one moved.

I looked at Owen, but he shrugged and averted his glance.

“Come on guys, what are you, chicken?”

“You must be joking,” John said. “I’m not exposing myself like that!”

I smiled. “Right then, I’m getting dressed. If you all jump naked, I will stand here naked for the rest of the time, but if not, then why should I share my body with you immature jerks?”

I still had no idea they were serious. I was too busy savouring the attention my body was receiving, the results it was inducing. We stood, facing each other for a few seconds. My eyes tearing into theirs, their eyes averting mine wherever possible.

“Sorry sis, it’s a bit cold for naked swinging don’t you think?”

Ben’s vision was directed somewhat lower than my face, Owen’s more or less the same place. John wasn’t even looking at me anymore. I turned around, worried that someone must be staring at me from behind. But there was no one there. It was then that it dawned on me that this was happening, and that no matter what I said or did, no matter what inducements I offered, they were not going to remove their underwear and swing naked from the tree. I felt hollow. And then my sense of shame came on: I had overstepped the mark, pushed things further than they should have gone.

I was too shocked to turn around, covering myself as best I could with my hands. I was hit with an overpowering sense that there had to be something seriously wrong with me to have led me to place myself in this situation. I felt tears begin to prick at my eyes. But I refused to cry.

I had the strongest sense that I would be alone forever, that there was no one out there who would understand how much I wanted to be sexual. And sexual in a loving, caring way.

It was all so confusing. Weren’t men meant to be the sex addicts? That’s what So every piece of folklore, culture, and wisdom had informed me. Yet here were three young men who stood before a naked woman, too scared to take their clothes off. This didn’t auger well for the future. It didn’t matter that I knew, or thought I knew, deep down, that this was pack behaviour, that they were too scared to show themselves in front of their friends. For all their big talk and bravado, they were embarrassed to have an erection, to show themselves to each other like that. Hell, they probably thought that three boys getting an erection while staring at a naked girl was tantamount to being gay!

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Submissive Ch. 02

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Submissive II-Lover Revealed

Carol Johnson was sitting at the kitchen table in her tank top and sweatpants talking to her daughter, Kristin. It was early Thursday evening, two days after her illicit encounter with Kristin’s best friend, Becky. They were talking about nothing in particular, just typical mother daughter stuff, when there was a knock at the door.

Kristin jumped to her feet. “That’s probably Becky. We’re going to the mall for a bit,” she said as moved toward the door.

“Hi, Becky. Come on in,” she said, opening the door. “Go on in and talk to my mom. I’ll be ready in a few minutes.”

“Good evening, Mrs. Johnson,” Becky said as she entered the kitchen.

“Hi, Becky. How are you this evening?” Carol asked.

Just then, they heard the sound of a door slamming upstairs. “Come over here, slut” Becky said.

Carol responded obediently, rising from her chair and moving to the young woman.

“I’ll pick you up at the north entrance to the mall at 5:00 PM Saturday. Be prepared to spend the night. Dress is casual, and you won’t need a night-gown,” Becky told her matter-of-factly.

“I’ll be ready.”

Without further fanfare, Becky took hold of the front of Mrs. Johnson’s tank top and slid it up her chest until her bra-less breasts were totally exposed. She placed a hand on each breast, squeezing them, mashing them into the older woman’s body. Then she eased Mrs. Johnson backwards until her back was pressing against the refrigerator. Finally, she leaned in and kissed her, darting her tongue in and out, while her lover’s tongue responded in kind.

Becky broke off the kiss, yet still kept Carol pressed tightly against the refrigerator as she looked into her eyes. “I’m looking forward to Saturday, when your body will be completely at my disposal,” she whispered into her ear.

Before Carol could respond, they heard the sound of footsteps on the stairs. They broke their embrace quickly, giving Carol just enough time to pull her tank top over breasts before Kristin came in. “All set,” Kristin beamed. “Let’s go.”

As Kristin headed for the door, Becky called after her, “I’ll be right there.” She turned to Carol. “You are not to masturbate between now and Saturday. Do you understand me?” she asked quietly.

“Yes, Ma’am,” Carol answered, nodding her head, but knowing full well that she would be doing that very thing in a matter of moments.

* * *

Not daring to keep Becky waiting, Carol arrived at the mall at 4:30 Saturday with nothing but her purse and cosmetics bag and waited just inside the north entrance. Five o’clock came and went, leaving Mrs. Johnson nervously pacing the floor. She began to wonder if Becky had changed her plans and not told her, or maybe she’d never meant to show up in the first place. In short, Mrs. Johnson was a nervous wreck, like a schoolgirl going on her first date.

Five-thirty arrived, and so did Becky, pulling up to the curb and honking the horn. Carol hurried out and got in the car. “Hi, Mrs. Johnson,” Becky greeted her, leaning over and giving her a quick kiss on the lips.

“Hi, Becky,” she answered. Carol noticed that Becky was wearing blue jeans and a pullover fleece, the kind of clothes she always wore. That fit in nicely with her own outfit, a mid-length blue jean skirt and a powder blue zip up sweater.

They drove to the other side of town, gossiping about this and that, but nothing in particular. Finally, they pulled into the local Suites Motel and parked near the rear of the building. Becky opened her car door and looked at Mrs. Johnson, waiting until she followed suit. Both women then emerged from the car and grabbed their bags.

Becky took off towards the back entrance to the motel, with Carol hurrying along behind her. Once inside they took the stairs. When they reached the landing midway between the first and second floor Becky stopped, dropped her bags, pushed Mrs. Johnson against the wall, and planted a big, wet French kiss on her lips. She broke the kiss, still holding her prey against the wall. “I’ve got big plans for you tonight, slut. Now, grab my purse and bag and bring them to room 212.”

As Carol fumbled to pick up the bags, Becky disappeared up the stairs. She hurried along behind as quick as she could, looking for room 212. She finally reached the room, set down a couple of bags to free up a hand, and knocked. Becky opened the door almost immediately. “Come in, slut” she said. “Set the bags and purses by the closet.”

Mrs. Johnson set the bags where instructed, then got the other two from the hall and brought them in. She set down the bags and turned to face Becky, but before she had time to realize what was happening, Becky had a blindfold around her eyes and was tying it tightly behind her head.

“Miss Becky,” Mrs. Johnson asked. “Do I really need this?”

SLAP! Her head jerked to the side from the impact of the stinging slap. “Don’t ever question me, slut. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Ma’am. I’m sorry, Ma’am. Please forgive me,” she begged.

Becky didn’t answer, but she illegal bahis did check to make sure the blindfold was tied tight and completely covered her eyes. Then she took Carol’s hand. “Come with me.”

She led her into the living room area of the one bedroom suite. “Stand right there,” she commanded.

“Yes, Ma’am,” Carol responded meekly. Then there was a small amount of movement, followed by several moments of silence.

She sensed someone standing in front of her, then felt hands on her head and fingers running through her hair and stroking her cheek lightly. But they didn’t feel like Becky’s hands. They felt different somehow.

The hands moved to the sweater, unzipping it slowly until it hung open. “How thoughtful of you to not wear a bra, slut,” she heard Becky say from across the room. “You’ve made it very easy for your secret lover.”

Mrs. Johnson held her face straight ahead, as if she could see right through her blindfold and into her secret lover’s eyes. She felt two hands brush back her sweater and take hold of her tits, and she moaned softly as the woman began massaging her. Then she felt the sweater being pushed over her shoulders. Unlike the previous episode, however, this time her lover removed the sweater completely.

She sensed the woman kneeling before her. Then she felt hands releasing the buttons of her skirt and allowing it to fall to the floor, leaving her in naught but her thong and sandals. Feeling a hand on her right foot, she lifted it carefully, allowing the woman to slide off the sandal, then return her foot to the floor away from her skirt. The process was then repeated with the left foot.

Finally, she felt the woman’s hands on her hips, slowly sliding the tiny thong down her legs to the floor. Then she stepped out of the thong, leaving her completely naked in front of her mistress and the unknown woman. And her body tingled, even as her juices began to flow.

“Thank you for undressing me,” she said, hoping to hear the woman’s voice.

But it was Becky who spoke next. “Now you undress her, slut.”

“Yes, Miss Becky,” she replied obediently. She reached out her hands, groping for the woman, at last touching her shoulder. First, she reached for the hair. She slowly ran her fingers through it, holding it out from her head and letting it cascade back. Then she stroked her cheek with the back of her hand, before holding her face softly between the palms of her hands. Leaning in, she kissed the woman, lightly at first, and then with more passion as their tongues interacted together.

There was a familiar feel to this woman. She knew her. She was not a stranger, yet she couldn’t quite put a name or a face to her.

She moved her hands to the woman’s shirt and felt the buttons running down the front. She fumbled with them one by one until she reached her pants, then tugged the shirt out and finished the unbuttoning. Then she pushed the shirt over the woman’s shoulders and off her arms, letting it fall uselessly to the floor.

She hesitated a moment, then reached for the woman’s breasts and began kneading them through her bra. Releasing the breasts, Carol concentrated on the bra, feeling it, running her hands over it. It was a lacy bra with lots of frills. It was a beautiful bra, made for pushing up a woman’s bosom, accentuating her cleavage. And she realized that she saw one just like it whenever she washed her daughter’s underwear.

Kristin Johnson felt her mother’s hands as they moved over her bra. She watched her face as the look of recognition suddenly appeared. ‘She knows,’ Kristin thought to herself.

Suddenly, her body was wrought with tension. How would her mom react? Surely she’d be upset. Why had she gone along with this, anyway? This whole damn thing was obviously a big mistake.

It was Becky that broke the silence. “Is something wrong, slut?” she asked.

Without uttering a sound, Carol lifted her hand in Becky’s direction, extending her palm towards her, silently telling her to stop. For the moment, at least, the game was cast aside. Emotions were flying through Carol’s head faster then she could sort them out. Going to extremes to satisfy her sexual needs was one thing, but with her daughter?

Then again, her daughter must want this to happen. In fact, it already had. Last Tuesday, it was her daughter who’d been her secret lover. It was her daughter who’d finger fucked her ass while eating her pussy. And it was her daughter who’d brought her to a series of mind shattering orgasm.

But that was Tuesday. What would happen if she walked away now? Would they be able to overcome this? Or, what if she didn’t walk away? What then?

She shook her head slowly. Looks like there was nothing to do but go with her heart, and her heart said she loved her daughter, and that nothing would ever change that.

She took Kristin’s face in her hands, leaned in and kissed her softly, lovingly. She turned her blindfolded face in Becky’s direction. “I’m sorry, Miss Becky,” she finally answered. “I must have gotten temporarily distracted. It won’t illegal bahis siteleri happen again.”

She turned back to her daughter and took a long, slow breath. “If it’s okay with you, Miss Kristin, I’d like to continue.”

“Yes, slut. I think I’d like that,” her daughter responded, speaking for the first time.

Carol reached behind her daughter, unsnapped the bra and pulled it forward, freeing her breasts from their constraints. After tossing the bra aside, she unsnapped Kristin’s pants and lowered the zipper. Dropping to her knees, she eased the pants and panties over her daughter’s hips, easing them down her thighs until they fell to the floor. And then she leaned forward and scattered tiny kisses all over her daughter’s stomach.

Kristin took hold of her mother’s shoulders and coaxed her back to her feet, turning her gently so her back was to her. She wrapped her arms around her slut mother and nibbled on her neck, before moving one hand to lovingly caress her breasts while the other hand snaked its way to her pussy.

Carol moaned with pleasure as she felt the loving caresses of her new lover, her legs nearly giving out on her. She pressed her body back into Kristin’s, feeling her breasts against her back and her hips against her ass. For the moment, she was in heaven.

“Slut,” Becky called out.

“Yes, Miss Becky,” she responded instantly, being pulled from her revelry. Her daughter stepped away from her, leaving her alone, naked and blindfolded, in the middle of the room.

“Do you remember what I told you just before I left on Thursday?” Becky asked.

Carol hesitated. “Yes, Ma’am. You said I couldn’t masturbate before I saw you today,” she answered sheepishly.

“That’s right. Do you have anything to tell me, slut?” she asked.

Carol lowered her head. “Yes, Miss Becky. I masturbated.”

Becky was silent for a moment. “Earlier, I had to slap you for challenging my authority, and now I find out that you deliberately disobeyed me. What am I going to do with you, slut?”

“I’m sorry Miss Becky. I’ll be good from now on,” she promised.

“I’m sorry, slut, but that’s not good enough. I think you need a good spanking,” Becky declared. “Maybe that’ll get through to you. Kristin, I think you should handle this.”

Carol stood motionless. She heard a noise that sounded like a kitchen chair being moved. Then she felt fingers grab her firmly by her nipples. “Come with me, slut,” Kristin said.

“Yes, Miss Kristin,” she responded instantly.

Her new lover led her across the room by the nipples, stopping after several steps. “Bend over my knees, slut,” Kristin demanded.

“Yes, Miss Kristin.”

Reaching out with her hands, she located her daughter and lowered herself across her lap. She trusted her daughter and she trusted Becky. Yet her body was trembling on Kristin’s lap. She was scared. But she was also highly aroused, and her juices were dripping from her pussy.

She felt a hand on her ass, gently stroking it at first, then slapping it suddenly, but not painfully. She felt the hand return to her ass, but this time it moved toward her pussy. Subconsciously the prostrated woman arched her ass to the gentle hand, gasping audibly when two fingers slid into her pussy and began moving slowly in and out of her womanhood. But before she could get into a rhythm with the fingers, they withdrew.

SLAP! This time it was hard. This time it hurt. She gasped out loud, biting her lip to keep from crying while trying to deny the pleasure she felt swelling up within her.

SLAP! She gasped again. But the feelings within her kept building.

The fingers returned to her pussy, thrusting in and out of her, sending shivers throughout her body. She could feel her orgasm creeping up. Again, the fingers withdrew.

SLAP! SLAP! This time she cried out in pain as tears swelled up in her eyes. And then she cried out in pleasure as her orgasm overwhelmed her. “Oh yes,” she cried out. “Harder, Miss Kristin, harder.”

“SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! The pain was awful, but the orgasm was intense. Her whole body shook as wave after wave of pleasure/pain washed over her.

After a while — how long she couldn’t tell — she regained her composure. “Thank you, Miss Kristin. Thank you for teaching me to be a good slut.”

She felt Kristin grab her shoulders and ease her off her lap. The next moment Kristin was on her knees with her, and they were locked in a tender, loving embrace.

* * *

After a few minutes Becky moved over and stood above them. “It’s time to move into the bedroom,” she announced. Kristin and Carol got to their feet and followed Becky, Carol in front with Kristin guiding her by the hips.

“On the bed, slut,” Becky said. Carol felt around for the bed, and quickly sat down.

“No, slut,” Kristin said. “On your back, in the middle.”

“Yes, Miss Kristin,” she said. She lay down gingerly, very much aware of the discomfort emanating from her buttocks, and eased into the middle. She felt the two women sit on the bed beside her, one on each side. canlı bahis siteleri She felt them each take hold of an arm, spreading them sideways just above her head. Then she felt a rope sliding over each wrist and being pulled tight. Finally, they moved to her feet, spreading her legs wide and attaching a rope to each ankle.

Testing her restraints and finding that she had a reasonable range of motion but nowhere near enough to free herself, Carol did the only thing she could. She lay there, totally exposed, wondering what would happen next.

What happened next was a pair of hands reaching behind her head, untying her blindfold and pulling it off. Carol looked up to see Becky and Kristin on either side of her. They were on their knees, facing each other across her belly. She watched her daughter as she reached across her and took hold of Becky’s nipples, and she watched Becky’s hand as it worked its magic on her own pussy while Kristin continued playing with her nipples. Then she heard Becky moan as Kristin leaned across and took a nipple in her mouth while her hands massaged the round globes of her chest.

Finally pushing Kristin away, Becky leaned across and took her tits in her hands and mouth. Carol could see the passion wash over her daughter’s face as Becky devoured her breasts, even as Kristin’s hand moved to her pussy and began stroking her love button.

But then Becky backed away, stood up, and moved to the other bed. She took her position on her back, holding out her arms for Kristin.

Kristin moved quickly to join her lover, burying her head between Becky’s legs while she straddled her face with her dripping pussy.

Carol turned her head and watched the two as best she could. Her body was on fire as she thrashed her hips, seeking relief for her pent up arousal, but finding none. She watched as the two made passionate love to each other, as they rolled around the bed, switching positions but not lessening the attacks on each other’s womanhood until their bodies began jerking spasmodically atop the bed as their orgasms overtook them.

At last they lay quiet, faces still locked in each other’s womanhood, as Carol moaned in frustration, unable to find relief.

Finally the girls separated. “Should we do something for the slut?” Becky asked.

“I don’t know,” Kristin teased. “She seems okay to me.”

“Please help me,” Carol pleaded.

“I don’t know, Kristin. She looks pretty desperate.”

“Well, maybe we could help a little,” Kristin responded.

“Oh yes. Please help me,” Carol pleaded again. “Please help me cum.”

The two young women quickly changed beds, one on each side of Carol. “We put on quite a show, don’t you think, mom?” Kristin teased her mother as she tickled her breasts lightly with her fingertips.

“Oh yes,” she moaned, feeling Becky running her fingers lightly up and down her inner thighs. “You two are so hot. You make me crazy.”

Kristin lowered her mouth to her mother’s breasts, sucking on the nipples like she did as a little baby, while Becky moved her head to the other breast, nibbling lightly on that nipple. Both girls moved their hands to Carol’s pussy, with one stroking her clit while the other stroked her pussy in and out like a piston.

“I’ll bet you wish it was your cunt I was eating, don’t you?” Kristin teased, lifting her head briefly from her mother’s breast.

“Oh, yes,” she moaned. “I wish you were eating my pussy right now. Please eat my pussy, Miss Kristin. Please make your mother cum,” she begged.

Kristin looked at Becky and nodded. Moving quickly, they each released a leg and an arm from the ropes that bound her. Carol sat up slowly, free from blindfold and rope for the first time. She pulled Kristin to her, sitting her on her lap like she was reading her a story. But instead of reading, she wrapped her arms around her daughter and held her tight. They kissed long and passionately while their hands explored each other’s body, each seeking little ways to pleasure the other.

After a bit Carol rolled Kristin onto her back, straddling her face as she lowered her own head to her daughter’s pussy. As they licked and sucked each other, time lost all meaning. It could have minutes, it could have been hours. The pleasure they gave each other was passionate, yet tender. When they were both satisfied they lay wrapped together in each other’s arms and drifted off to sleep.

* * *

When Carol awoke, it was morning. Still half asleep, she started to get up, only to find that she was once again tied to the bed. This time, however, she was tied face down, with the covers removed. Although there was more slack in the rope then there had been the night before, there was still not enough for her to free herself. She turned her head to look around the room, but saw no one.

“Miss Becky, Miss Kristin,” she shouted. There was no answer. Her first reaction was one of alarm. They had left her there, alone and tied to the bed. Helpless. Gradually, she began to calm down. She knew they wouldn’t do anything to hurt her. She just needed to be patient and wait for them to return. It appeared that, despite the tenderness and passion she shared with her daughter at the end of the evening, when it was all over she was still her slut. This must be their way of reminding her of that.

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Student Teacher

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Big Tits

Brad and Angela Domrays were classic local community college royalty, or so they thought. Yes, it was true, while the siblings were one year apart (Brad was the senior and Angie the junior) they were renown for their abilities at sports. Brad was a linebacker and was built like a Ford truck, while he was good at football, he was even better at baseball playing in the outfield and sporting a hitting average of about .452. He had the classic tawny skin the dark hair that was cut short and little bigger then normal ears, his eyes showed the dim awareness of intelligence while his abs showed where he concentrated the efforts of his brain. The only drawback (besides the fact that he was completely stupid) about Brad was that his chin leaned a little too far out.

His sister Angie was a hottie. Also not entirely smart, she was not stupid either, just mediocre. Her star athletic powers rested in soccer. She also played softball and sometimes entertained basketball, but it was always soccer that forged her name with the populous of Clarke College. Where her brother had slightly bigger ears and a jutting jaw, Angie had normal proportions, in fact she was beautiful. She too had the natural tawny skin, great legs and B size tits. Her dark brown hair fell just below her shoulders. Her body was great and made many guys jackoff about her. The best part of her physique was the colorless hair that was collected on her navel. It was so light that when caught in the sunlight the fuzz sent off erotic shivers to every guy who saw her in a two-piece.

She was dating yet another endless supply of high school jocks who threw themselves at her and she teased them, would give out handjobs, but was not like Monica (who received the nickname blowjob betty from the song) who handed out blowjobs like candy, or was she like Maria who stayed steady with one dumbass track geek throughout the tenure of high school.

But Sander was different, Sander was mature and at the local community college too. She wanted to fuck him so badly but she stupidly told him that she was no longer a virgin so she wouldn’t look childish.

She was in bad spirits when she got home that night, her parents were out getting drunk and partying in Portland that night, so they would probably just stay out until three or four in the morning.

Sweaty, hot, and tired from practice she got home and started to strip on her way to the bathroom. She didn’t know if Brad was home or not, they had seen each other in their tidy whities before so she didn’t care. In fact numerous times she had walked into the computer room to see Brad masturbating to computer porn. He had a nice cock and she knew that he knew she saw and that did nothing for either of them.

He stopped hanging around as soon as he hooked up with Katie Burlson. They fucked like rabbits at her place but sometimes the fucked here too. Katie had a nice body, her skin didn’t naturally ‘golden up’ so she faked and baked quite a bit. Sometimes the track star broke out awfully bad across her face. Her boobs were trying to get across the B cup finish line but were falling short. Angie illegal bahis had to admit it, but she hated her brother’s girlfriend. She was not only a sub par athletic individual she was probably only pretty fifty percent of the school year.

Angie knew she was a competitive bitch but that didn’t bother her one bit.

“What do I care anyway,” she said out load as she stripped off her soccer jersey and pulled off her shorts leaving her with just her sports bra, panties, and shin guards still on.

“Damn, you are a sight for every male fantasy in your little uniform Angie, heh heh heh,” Brad grinned as he came out of the bathroom with no towel. It was a game they played, see who could shock each other more; Brad was winning because Angie would not drop trout and show off her pussy.

“Dumbass.” A horrible rejoinder but she wasn’t in the mood. She was going to be going out with Sander tomorrow night and it terrified her because she was going to go down on him. She really didn’t know what to do. She looked at her brother’s cock. It was limply hanging but it still looked like a stuffed sausage at rest. It was big, she knew it was big when she walked in on him jacking it off, but it was not bad to look at. It was surrounded by a forest of thick pubic hair and his left ball was slightly bigger then the right one.

“Take a picture Angie, Jesus Christ! Heh!” With that her older brother walked off giving her a show of his ass. Angie just replied by stripping her sports bra off on the way to her room feeling the coolness of the air create a pebbling of goosebumps across her upper body.

“Nice tits Angie,” Brad reappeared in front of her going back into the bathroom. He always had to say that every time they did this.

“Nice cock.” She just was not in the mood for banter but she wanted him to take her seriously and for some reason she reached out in front of her and stroked his cock to life.

“Whoa! What the fuck!”

“I’m sorry, is this distracting you?”

“Jesus Angie!”

“I bet I’m better then Katie!”

“I don’t doubt it, you’re hotter! But come on, why now? When I was single you never offered me hand in the room?”

“Maybe now I need your help. I’m going to fuck Sander, but I’m still a virgin! Fuck me silly and let me practice with you!”

That got him solid. They had long ago dispensed with the idea that they were being incestuous and settled on the fact that they were just close. But this was taking it to the next step.

“I don’t want to wear a condom, I want a straight fuck, but I’ll pull out because a baby wouldn’t be good either!” Brad stated matter of factly.

“No shit dumbass. Now I’m all hot and sweaty so let me take a shower—”

“—and let you cool down first, no way fucker! I’m going to take you now!”

And with that Brad moved forward and yanked down her Victoria Secret Panties. She had long ago hated the idea of pubic hair, it was rough, unmanageable and she hated it. She kept a little bit of it around when she shaved because she was a woman and not a child and little girls had no pubic hair.

She kept illegal bahis siteleri what she saw her brother enjoyed so much in porn, the “track” look. Just a patch that ran from her labial lips a runway if you will. She kept that trimmed and very neat. Her brother found it fascinating.

“Always wondered what you did to yourself, always saw the pubic hair in the trashcan, wondered if you shaved your beaver or not! Heh!”

“I want you to fuck me in my pussy and ass! I need to know what it all feels like because I’m giving it all to Sander, you’re just a teacher so don’t get all sentimental on me, okay?” Angie wanted to be very clear with him so he wouldn’t come back later for more. “This is a one time thing!”

“Sure it is, heh!”

Brad tickled her pussy with his index finger gently probing her. It felt so good to be sticking his finger into his sister’s pussy. He had a fetish for incest themed porn ever since he started to take notice of his sister’s body. Angie closed her eyes and started to moan softly.

“Ohh… yes… Ohh, lick my pussy Brad! Do it!”

She was a bit forceful but Brad didn’t mind giving her what she wanted. He licked a little bit enough to shut her up and went back to probing her trimmed pussy. His other hand slid up her tawny belly, circled her belly button and made an ascent to cup a dark brown nipple. He started to pinch it between thumb and finger while carpet munching her pussy.

Angie was so ecstatic with her brother that she felt an orgasm coming on. She was used to sticking her own fingers in her pussy but to feel someone else’s and to know it was her brother, it was so taboo she came!

Her brother smiled at her as he got up from his knees, his lips wet with her pussy juice.

“Fuck me big brother, fuck me now!”

And that is exactly what Brad did. He took her into his room and asked her to take off her shin guards. Angie hurriedly complied and was stark naked. Her brother took her not unkindly by the shoulders and turned her around and placed her on his queen sized bed.

There happened to be a mirror in front of Angie and she saw the look of utter delight on her brother’s face as he started to guide his ten inch pole into her wet bog. As the cock slid into her pussy she noticed that Brad remembered he was capturing his sister’s virginity so he slowly puckered in and out at first as her wetness started to allow for more room as her pussy started to accept this foreign body.

Once he worked her pussy really hot and wet he started to slam into her. Each hit was like it was working a pleasure zone she never knew she had. She imagined his cock bursting through the walls of an erogenous zone each one more sacred and pleasurable then the last.

Brad kept a hand on her shoulder blades as he pumped in and out. Angie’s only response was inarticulate, “umphs.” Brad’s other hand was busy working her tight buttonhole asshole. With his pinky Brad was carefully exploring her asshole. He was very gentle for as strong as he was and Angie was grateful.

Brad kept working on her for a while until he pulled out canlı bahis siteleri and stated that his cock had enough of her juice. “It’s ass time!”

Brad took his immense cock in his left hand while he stuck three fingers, a bit roughly and deeply into his sister’s pussy. He came back with three well lubed fingers and started to apply it generously around her asshole.

“Turn around Angie and lie on your back and take a hold of her ankles and spread your legs wide! Heh!” Brad was grinning like a little boy who found his Christmas presents early. Angie noticed that he was smearing, with his right hand, some more of her pussy juice on his cock.

“Oh before I forget,” with that Brad reached under his bed and pulled out Vaseline. “Just in case, but your wetter then Katie ever gets!”

He slowly started to ease his cockhead into her tiny asshole. Angie wished she could see but her view was blocked. It felt like she was taking a giant shit but different. He pulled out. “Not enough.” He grabbed some Vaseline and started to rub it around her asshole and on his dick.

Brad went back to work probing his sister’s ass. It was tighter then her pussy had been but, of course, it was nothing like Katie’s. He had been fucking her in the ass so much lately she was expanding a lot easier.

“Uggh… Ugghh…” His sister was not one for screaming like Katie or moaning like he heard his mother late at night when he was passing his parent’s room. She just grunted like a woman hard at work.

“Just relax Angie,” and she did. Angie just relaxed her anal passageway and allowed her brother’s cock safe passage. After a while things started to ease up; it started to get pleasurable, she kept a hold of both of her ankles as her brother kept pumping into her ass.

Then he stopped.


“I’m close to cumming. Sit next to me and jack me off, guys love this!”

Angie complied she grabbed her brothers cock; it was wet and sticky and filled her hand. At first he complained she was too tight, she loosened her grip and moved fast, Brad enjoyed that.

Brad enjoyed watching his sister rub her hand all over his dick that had been her both her pussy and asshole, he was feeling the tingling sensation build up!

He put his fingers near Angie’s clit; he wanted to give her another orgasm! “Uggh… ugghh.” Was Angie’s response.

“Here, get on your back!”


Angie lied down on the bed as her brother pushed her tits together. Angie quickly got the idea and pushed her tits together as he pumped through her tits groaning and yelling out nonsensical words.

“Oh yeah… Iota… EIIIIhhh…”

Angie didn’t get a lot of it but she knew that after two orgasms it was her brother’s turn. As she watched his mushroom cockhead push towards her chin between her tits she would send out her tongue to greet the guest.

“Ohh… yesss! YES!”

And with that Brad unleashed two days worth of cum onto his sister’s tits and chin. “Lick it up Angie, guys love that!”

Angie just smiled and replied, “I’ll drink up Sander’s cum bro, and you’re just a teacher!”

“Yeah…okay…” Brad was out of breath. “Maybe I can teach you how to have a threesome?” Sighing and sweaty Brad got of his baby sister.

“Maybe Brad, but thanks for the fuck, you’re not that bad, Katie’s a lucky girl!”

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How I Met Jacky

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The concert was starting in about an hour. I’d been waiting for this for about a month now. You see with all the stress of college, work, and recently loosing my girlfriend this was something that I really felt I needed. That and sex. As you can figure having no girlfriend meant that the more than daily co-ed college sex I was used to was recently suspended. Id gone Four weeks with out ejaculation so far which really might not seem like much unless you just broke up with Tawny. That was my ex she was about 5’6″, around half a foot shorter than myself. She was Thin and curvaceous with short black Hall’e Barry kind of hair. She was Biracial (Black, White) like myself but at first glance you’d think she was a White girl with a golden tan. And when it came to sex with her it was definitely the best I’d ever had. She liked to go at least three times a day if possible and wasn’t shy at all when it came to blowing me, oh yeah. Things were good.

But now that’s all gone and I’m stuck her at my job (Burger King). Not that that’s too bad a situation. You see my manger Gina was a young girl from some southern Spanish country and she was hot. On multiple occasions she would get pretty flirty and at times she would even brush her cute little ass up against my crotch when she walked by. And that seemed to be happening on multiple occasions that night. I even ended up with her nice little b cup boobs against me a few times but as we both knew work (especially a fast food place) is now were for any serious kind of foreplay.

So with concert in mind now it was time for my brilliant escape plan. I got a little employee drink cup filled it with soda and chili took a sip and spewed on the bathroom door on my rush inward and was almost instantly sent home because they actually thought I was sick. So I changed as quick as I could and rushed out. It was concert time. While in the bathroom my sex longing mind couldn’t get my mind of Gina I started to masturbate right there and realized . What the hell I’m in a BK bathroom jacking off when I got a concert that I need to get to.

So now I was in a rush down main street with a concert about 3 miles away and one two hours to get a good spot in line. I was in a rush. I don’t know weather it was Gina finally getting the best of me or just the fact that I needed to get laid on top of that but I couldn’t stay focused. And that’s when it happened I was crossing a busy street when I got hit out of nowhere. Luckily the driver had slowed down a bit but it still knocked me on my ass. Suddenly the most frantic freaked out girl came out of the drivers side. “Shit!, are you okay” it was evident she was in a panicked state “come on get in” she said.

Realizing I could use thins to my advantage in getting to the concert, without injury I hoped in and we drove off.

“Damn it we got to get you to a hospital,” she said. I gave her a look up and down right quick and damn was she hot. She looked like she was probably Hispanic and from what I could see her body was amazing C-cup beasts at least she had a thing figure. Her ass was hard to tell pressed up on a seat but her face was definitely mint. She had short black hair much longer than Tawny’s but it barley reached her shoulders. She looked like she could have been about a year younger than my self which is a no-no seeing as I’m eighteen. Another thing noted was she was in scrubs. Yup a hospital worker and if that’s the case than I can say goodbye concert hello emergency room. I was about to ask for her to pull over and let me out so I could go, I felt fine so whatever and just then.she broke the awkward silence with.

“By the way my names Jacky, don’t be fooled by the scrubs. I work in the kitchen at the hospital,” Yes, I thought another food worker like me. I should be able to get her to drive me down town to the show. So I cleared my throat and let the BS roll

“Oh ok, Well I’m Sean I work at Burger King,” I said with a comedic confidence, Followed by an accompanied laugh. “Ya’know my leg hurts a little bit but I should be fine. I was actually headed to a concert. Downtown”

“Oh okay,” She replied, “Well that’s a kind of a far walk. Why don’t I give you a ride since I kind of hit you,” She said with a laugh.

“Yes,” I thought “It worked, Ill be at the show in no time,”

“Are you sure there’s nothing else I can do for you,” she said. “I mean I feel so bad, ill do just about anything,” she stated, without even looking at me. And that’s when all my sex craving thoughts of lust flooded back. I knew I would have to hold out. This girl could end up ankara escort even younger than she looks and I don’t need that kind of trouble.

“I don’t really know,” I said. ” I think I’m all set,” and that’s when I noticed it. She had a doll of the colonel (a popular Boston high school mascot) ” So you go to east high,” I said confidently.

” oh that, no not anymore this is my first year at college, I’m going to B.C. right now!”

“that’s cool I go to Emerson,” replied I could feel me penis starting to go erect in my pants. now that i knew she was at least eighteen. I began thinking of a way I could bring up the whole sex topic without seeming like a perv. but before I knew it we were in the back of the concert hall in the old parking lot. It was getting dark, And no one really used this lot because in order to get in front you had to contend with picker bushes growing out from the building sides. But I figured I’d better just let it go.

“well thanks,” I said.

“don’t thank me, I hit you with my car,” she said. “Y’know I’m surprised you didn’t ask for sex, the average college guy would have tried to weasel it out somewhere,” she said seemingly nervous.

“Well ya’know,” I said nervously. ” I’m not some kind of perv,” I said. As I began to stare in her eyes letting her know I was thinking the total opposite. Except the part about being a perv.

“That’s a shame,” she said, as she seemed to read me perfectly. Staring back with a look of passionate lust in her eyes. “Cause I was sort of hoping you would,” She said as she leaned in planting a warm kiss onto my lips. The kiss was broken momentarily as she more than eagerly threw her shirt of to the floor. And we resumed our lust craving lip lock. She then began to massage my cock through my slim fit acid washed jeans. And I reached up her back and released the bra strap to let out her brilliant breasts. They seemed to almost pop out of the bra like it was a few sizes to small but boy were they nice. They were perky and plump and big enough to over fill my palms I stated to gently tug at them as she moaned through or busy lips. And I started to caress all around her areolas lightly. I could tell this felt good to her as her breathing got heavy her moans became a bit more intense through our kiss. She then suddenly broke the kiss again giving my a nod to signal me to lean my chair back. I adjusted my seat back ASAP., And she took off my pants like a pro and got hold of my hot hard member. She looked at it for o moment seemingly surprised at what I had in store. Now remember I am half black and I definitely got well endowed thanks to genetics not to brag.

” Oh my,” She said with a gasp, ” I’ve never had a cock quite like this before,” And with that she started to get all slow. She started of with a few passionate kisses to the head and I could already feel a few drops of anticipated pre-cum pool up top as she artfully lapped at them. After a few seconds of teasing it with kisses and licks she took it deep into her mouth and down her throat. I could feel her hot tongue and swashing around the base and head as she bobbed her head up and down around my cock.

“Damn babe, suck that fucking cock,” I moaned while she jerked it with one hand and gently caressed my balls with the other. Her cheeks would suck up and tighten extremely hard around my hot prong as she sucked it intensely and skillfully jerked at the base. A few minutes in I placed my hand on her head.

This caused her to pull of briefly to say “Don’t be afraid to get rough I want you to shove my face down there hard, make me you slut.” hearing her say those words made me fill up with a feeling of intense joy. And so I obliged. I started to shove her head hard down around my shaft as she sucked me for all I’m worth. I could feel my member jabbing her in the back of the throat as she occasionally would gag on it.

“Yeah baby that’s it, fucking choke me,” She whimpered. Her voice lost in her severe craving for my cock. She then began something new id never experienced before. She started to moan around my shaft as she loosed her lips just a bit causing an added feel of vibrations and oh damn I loved it.

“Oh fuck,” I gasped in shocking pleasure,”Where’d you learn a trick like that you nasty slut. I bet you love to suck cock, don’t you?”

“MmmHmm,” she let out a muffled groan as she continued to down my fat cock. I didn’t want to right there but I could feel the stirring start to get way intense in my balls and I knew I was going to blow.

“I’m gonna cum,” I moaned loudly.

All escort ankara I could hear from between my legs was another muffled “MmmHmm,” and so I let it go. Now I know that it might have had a lot to do with the fact that I left my self hanging in the BK bathroom but I never came this much at once. My final synopsis of the amount of semen is that its probably has a lot to do with my testes being used to coming so much with tawny and my stupid ass hadn’t been masturbating at all until that night. All I know was it was intense. It was one of those times were your balls get really tight around your cock and just start pumping. I could feel the hot mess pouring into her mouth as my member started twitching like an epileptic person at a techno rave party.

Even though I was done I wasn’t about to let it end there, After guzzling down what felt like a sea of my cum she pulled her head and wiped her mouth and planted another kiss on my lips. Now I know most guys are totally against kissing a girl after a BJ. But not me so much, I figure its my cum and if she’s giving head she’s probably done it before, Whatever. So after a short kiss I could see it was her turn.

She leaned herself back against the driver door as I leaned in and began to gently suckle upon her breasts. She started to moan quietly and bite her lower lip. I kept up the teasing with my mouth and hand while the other was busing untying her scrub pants as she aided me in doing so. After they were finally undone she pulled them of and tossed them to the floor. Now the only thing in my way were her lacey red panties. She was so exited they were seemingly soaked threw. I could smell the arousal in her juices as I slowly rolled them down and threw them to the floor. This finally gave me a chance to see her ass which was absolutely perfect. It was exactly what you’d expect from a Latina. Plump, And round, Not to big, And not small at all. I then slowly bean to gently trace circles around her inner thighs. And gently caress the outer soft lips of her dripping wet vagina. Now even though I was doing this passionately I was in all realness probing for signs of any STD’s it was little trick I learned at the doctors office before. There was no strange discoloration or odd smell at all. Just that smell of a women when in need of sex. That smell that could drive any guy nuts. I could already feel my penis stiffing back up. After all things were clear on the out side I probed her with two fingers and began my inner inspection. As she let out a loud gasping moan. And that’s when I came across her G-spot. “Ohh Fuck baby, Please stop teasing me,” She pleaded desperately. So I decided to begin the descent. as I slowly planted kisses down her tummy reaching down to the place of my goal. After about a minute of freestyle lapping around area I finally zeroed in on the clitoris. While my two fingers tickled and caressed at her g-spot and lunged in and out.

The instant I started the pattern she seamed to be so lost in her pleasure she lost all realization of what she was murmuring “Ahhhh, Na nana Mmmffff hush-hush huh huh,” Were the odd gasps she started to let out as she squirmed around in the seat. After a brief moment it sent her straight over the edge. I could feel her muscles tighten intensely around my magic fingers as her pussy began to spazz out twice as ferociously as my cock earlier. And she let out an ear shattering moan as she thruster her pelvis into my face and reinforced it with her hand perched in back of my head. It felt like forever but in reality probably lasted a minuet or two. She sat still for about an extra minuet merely shuttering and gasping in her shortness of breath.

When she finally came to the first thing she could mutter was ” oh my god, I think that was my first orgasm, shit that feels so damn good. Now I know what all the fuss is about,” Suddenly realizing I was hard again and ready to rock. She looked at me intently saying “I was hoping you’d be ready by now, this time I want you to fuck me,” now as much as I hated to be a downer and hated the situation my self. I knew I didn’t want to get any girl pregnant.

“sorry,” I said with a sigh. “no condom,” now I was expecting her to be at least a little upset. Instead she laughed.

“C’mon,” she said. “Its ok, I’m on the pill. Plus I checked down there and your clear of any STD’s. I made sure to make you cum just to make sure.” Needless to say I was more than ecstatic so with that I smirked planted a light tap kiss on her lips and shoved down my pants. I slowly rubbed my swollen prick head against her scorching ankara escort bayan hot dripping wet slit.

“Go slow,” she said. She seemed slightly embarrassed as she continued “I’m not exactly used to your size. To be honest I’ve only been with guys that were below average and you’re definitely way above the norm in size.” By this stage in my life I was pretty used to that response.

“No need to worry babe, I’ll ease her in slowly,” I said in a sexy tone with a slight hint of humor. I slowly inserted pausing every few seconds or so to give her time to adjust and after a brief moment I began. I started at a slow pace and I could tell she was already feeling it good. So I decided to kick it up. I could feel her tight slippery muscle grip hard on my large limb as she swallowed it inch by inch and once I was fully in I could feel what I like to call the wall. Also known as her cervix. Luckily I was as deep as my cock would allow. Now not to brag but this was pretty new to me as to when I did things with tawny I could get about 8 inches in before she couldn’t handle it anymore. I momentarily paused waiting for the go ahead.

“Damn it that’s deep,” She said with a loud gasp. ” What are you waiting for,” She said smirking. And I was happy to oblige. I began pounding my rock hard cock into her over and over again. I figured we were past foreplay an all stages so it was time to really let it go. I began cramming it into her with intensity behind each thrust but remaining gentle all the while.

“Oh god yes, yes your dick is so big. It feels like its in my stomach,” she started to yell aloud.

” Oh yeah,” I asked?

“Yes,” she moaned aloud.

“tell me more babe tell me more,” I said with passionate groan.

“Oh Fuck want it harder, faster, please fuck me harder,” she yelped out in pleasure.

“You want it harder,” I asked? As my member continuously slammed deep into her tight hot cunt. “How hard,”? I said cleverly.

“oh, fuck me like a train, fuck me like you’re a train and I’m on your tracks,” she screeched in passion.

Now I know it doesn’t make much sense but I’m sure we’ve all been at that point when having really good sex. But any way I obliged to her demands and kicked into high gear. She then began to rise her hips colliding into to mine furiously. now I like a good slam fuck as much as the next guy but we were slamming into each other so hard I thought I was gonna shatter my pelvis but it felt far to good to slow now.

“Oh fuck yes,” She shouted aloud. “Tear me the fucking half, I want you to break me in two” she began to pull herself up and cling to me as she softly ran her nails across my back sending chills through my body. That’s when she started up. I felt her Tiny pussy grasp my dick like a pair of gelatin coated pliers and began to spasm out of control. Just then her eyes rolled in back of her head and she clamped hold of me like she was trying to crush me with a powerful bear hug. She then began to moan aloud. “OH FUCK, his massive dick is in me and I’m Cumming. Oh god I’m Cumming so hard. Oh please I never want it to stop,” she whimpered louder than I’ve ever heard a women cry out before. as she started to twitching. And the shear feeling sent me over the edge I was about to pull out when she said “No just let it loose inside of me, Fill me up!”

With that a shouted “Oh damn I’m Cumming,” I said as a shot another load feeling like a torrent of semen pumping out from my balls.

We laid there for what felt like forever. I could hardly breath from such vigorous activity, And she seemed to be so mentally blown out by the ecstatic orgasm she just experienced, that she just lay there breathing sporadically.

After about five minuets I started to get my pants back on.

“hey” she said ” I know that was probably just another one night stand for a stud like you but for me that sex was to good to just leave off there”

“Damn that was the best I’ve ever had” was all I could muster to say in the awkwardness of the moment. It was defiantly better than even Tawny I thought to my self. We both finished up getting dressed. And I finally got together some courage to say. “hey you going anywhere” I asked

“No, I was just headed home from work, why?” she replied.

“Well the concerts tickets are pay at the door and I got enough for two, you want to go?” I asked.

“Isn’t matchbook Romance playing tonight?” she asked.

“Yeah there one of the bands, I think their headlining,” I said “You got your self a date tiger,” She said with a smile and wink.

We had a good night enjoying the music. As of today Jacky and I have been together for two years and are planning to marry the year we finish college. Turns out when she hit me that night she was masturbating While driving.

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Santa’s Naughty Aunts Ch. 01

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AUTHOR’S NOTE-This is a continuation of a story I posted nearly 2 years ago titled, interestingly enough, “Santa’s Naughty Aunt”. I always meant to continue it, and now, at long last, I have. You might want to check it out before reading this story, but I do briefly explain what happened in the previous installment, so it isn’t totally necessary. Unless you want to. And I hope you do. Anyway, here’s the story, and there will be another installment coming very soon, I promise.

As if the holidays aren’t crazy enough, with the shopping and the traffic and the non-stop Christmas carols that are like the sound of a dentist’s drill to my tortured ears, I’m in considerable demand around town for people who need a stooge to play Santa Claus. It seems like every church, elementary school, and shopping center within five miles has my phone number and knows that I make a convincing St. Nick. I’m a largish individual, six-three and with a considerable circumference, so I look the part. And it’s hard to turn down a chance to make little kids happy, especially since my mother is usually the one giving out my name and number so freely.

I don’t think Mom would be so enthusiastic if she knew what happened the first time I put on the red suit. Two years before she’d called me at the last second because Vince Peterson, the jerk who was supposed to do the ho-ho-hoing for her church group, had fallen down his steps and broken an ankle. I bailed my mother out, but no one had told my Aunt Jess, who belongs to the same group as my Mom, that I was pinch-hitting. It turned out that this Peterson prick had been trying to get my Aunt into bed for months, and that she’d decided that THIS would be the night. Turns about my Aunt always had a fantasy about sitting in Santa’s lap, but not to tell him what presents she wanted, if you get the drift.

My Aunt Jess is a sexy, busty woman with sparkling blue eyes and spiky brown hair, a relentless flirt who I’d had guilty fantasies about since the day I met her. She’s the second wife of my Uncle Don, my mother’s brother, so when she started taking off her clothes, not knowing that it was her nephew behind the beard, I comforted myself that what was about to happen wouldn’t exactly be incest because we weren’t related by blood. As if that would get me off the hook if anyone found out.

The sex was UNBELIEVABLE, made even more so because Aunt Jess didn’t know that it was me she was screwing. I stayed in character, deepening my voice and telling her, “Oh, you’re a naughty girl, you’re very naughty indeed!” as she sat in my lap and eased her pussy up and down my shaft. Through it all she believed she was fucking Vince Peterson, and that ignorance lasted until the next day, when she called Vince, found out he was laid up, and learned from my mother that her darling nephew owned the penis that she had stroked, kissed, sucked, and fucked.

Of course she was aghast, outraged, angry. What I didn’t expect was her insistence that our affair continue. We were standing in the driveway of my mother’s house, Aunt Jess smoking a cigarette, and after she took a long drag she blew a cloud of smoke over my shoulder and looked at me with a coy, sexy glimmer in her blue eyes. She said, “I’m sorry, but I’m not going to deny myself the most incredible lover I’ve ever had.”

“Wait, what?” I’d said with disbelief.

“I mean that you come to my house tonight, after nine, when Don goes out to watch the football game, but this time don’t bring the Santa suit. I think fucking you should be enough of a taboo without you being dressed as Santa Claus.”

“You, you want to keep doing this?”

She dropped her cigarette on the street and stubbed it out. “Honey, I know how to please a man. You mean to tell me that wasn’t the best fuck of your life?”

I gulped. “Yes, it was. It was incredible.”

“Then come over after nine, and we’ll play some reindeer games.”

For the next two years my Aunt and I carried on a very quiet, but very intense affair. We only met once a month or so, usually when my uncle was away on business. I knew what I was doing was wrong, wrong, wrong. But when you’ve fantasized about a woman since you were a kid, a gorgeous, sexy, unattainable woman, and add to that the incest taboo that should have raised a red flag the size of a football field, well, it’s hard to resist that siren call. Especially when she calls you on the phone and says, “Baby, I’m so wet for you right now.”

It was the Sunday after Thanksgiving. “Are you? Are you indeed” I said, feigning indifference.

“Don just left, he’s going deer hunting tomorrow and he’s spending the night at a friend’s cabin. I’m here all alone…”

Already my cock was plumping. “Well, I don’t have any plans…”

“You do now, honey.”

Twenty minutes later I was at Aunt Jess’s house, kneeling on Aunt Jess’s carpet, my head between Aunt Jess’s legs. My tongue burrowed into her moist pussy, her hips grinding slowly as I licked and nibbled at her. I looked up and she ankara escort was smiling at me, her long-nailed fingers stroking my hair, her brown nipples stiff with excitement.

“Are we going to enjoy our Christmas tradition again this year?” she asked.

“Mmm-hmm,” I murmured as I closed my lips around her clitoris. Last year we’d re-enacted our first encounter, I dressed up like Santa and she pretended that she was a little girl who wanted to tell me what she wanted under the tree this year. Some pretty twisted stuff, I know, but when you’re screwing your uncle’s wife, well, it’s all a bit twisted.

Aunt Jess closed her eyes, a dreamy smile on her face, and ground her pussy in my face. “I’ll show you what a good little girl I’ve been.”

My tongue flicked over her clitoris, and I paused long enough to say, “I thought you were a naughty girl.”

“Maybe just a…a little bit,” she moaned. I sucked on her button and licked her for all I was worth. Her magnificent breasts lolled heavily on her rib cage, and I reached up and gently caressed them as I brought my Aunt to orgasm with my tongue. She sighed, sighed again, and then her dark blue eyes opened and looked down at me with fearsome intensity. “Oh, baby, Timmy, baby…” Her eyes closed and she shook all over, her juggs jiggling deliciously in my hands. “Oh, baby!”

When her quivering hips slowed I rose from my task, wobbled on my knees until I was in position, and slowly fed my erection into her pussy. “I love how you’re always so hard for me,” she said through gritted teeth as I penetrated her. “I love how you’re so…fucking…HARD!”

When my penis was buried inside her I shut my eyes and tried to find the strength to tell her that this time, THIS TIME, had to be the end of it. Eventually we had to get caught. And if we got caught…I didn’t want to think about it. It would destroy my uncle, my parents…and of course it would be a nightmare for myself. But every time I mentioned the potential for disaster, Aunt Jess dismissed the possibility out of hand. “I don’t want to stop fucking you, honey. Do you want to stop fucking me?”

“No…” I always said, because she usually asked the question when I was in the position I was now, sliding in and out of the tight, humid cavity between her legs. The sex was sooo good, it was so good that I was willing to take the risk, break the taboo, risk the wrath of the gods.

I slowly moved my hips, looking down at the stick moving in and out of her luscious body, and had to look away. I looked up and there was Aunt Jess staring at me, her dark eyes glowing with lust and mischief. “You dirty boy, fucking your Aunt.”

“Please, don’t say that,” I panted, as I started thrusting faster.

“But it’s true, you shouldn’t be fucking me, I’m your Aunt, we’re not supposed to be doing this,” she teased. She loved playing the naughty girl, maybe that’s where her Santa fetish came from, her desire to make up for her transgressions in the way she knew best. “You shouldn’t be fucking me, honey.”

“Aunt Jess, please.” She still insisted that I call her AUNT Jess, not just her name, to both maintain the thrill of this illicit affair and to keep everyone else from suspecting a thing.

“You shouldn’t be fucking me with that big, thick cock,” she moaned, stroking my forearms with her long fingernails. “You shouldn’t be pumping me like you are, slamming your cock in and out of my pussy…oh yeah, oh…you beautiful baby boy…fuck me…fuck your Aunt…that’s the way I like it…oh, baby…baby…”

I thrust faster and faster, unable to control myself any longer. I was getting closer, so close, I was going to pump my semen into this forbidden womb, when suddenly Aunt Jess panted, “Don’t come!”

“What?” I groaned. In a few seconds I wouldn’t be in a position to fulfill her wishes.

“Don’t come in me! I…” she closed her eyes and arched her hips as my cockhead scraped some sensitive place inside her, “I want to SUCK it out of your prick!”

“Oh,” I said, sounding stupid. I pulled out, took a seat on the couch next to her, and she grabbed my cock and laid out on the couch, her head in my lap. She printed kissed all over my penis before she put me in her mouth and started sucking. Her warm saliva ran down my shaft as her silky lips glided up and down my cock, and when her fingernails started playing with the sensitive ridge of skin just under my balls I knew she was anxious for me to come.

So I did. “That’s it Auntie, suck that cock, suck it!” I said, giving her the encouragement she was looking for. “Suck your nephew’s cock!” I felt stupid talking that way, but when a woman can tie you into knots with her tongue, you indulge her.

She pulled her mouth away and tongued my purple cockhead. “Give Auntie your come, baby boy. Come on.” Her mouth engulfed me, her fingers jacked me in rhythm with her sucking lips, and I capitulated. “Oh, Aunt Jess, please,” I begged as I ejaculated, “we…we HAVE to stop doing this!”

She swallowed escort ankara every sticky drop of my semen. I moaned and writhed as yet another incestuous orgasm coursed through my body. When I stopped trembling Aunt Jess released her hold on my penis and rested her head on my thigh. She looked up at me, her dark blue eyes so calm and kind. “Are you sure you want to stop fucking me?”

“No, I don’t want to stop,” I said. “But we have to. This is wrong, this is so wrong…”

“No one will find out, honey. And come on, this isn’t technically incest.”

“Sure, if my mom finds out about this, I’ll get off on a technicality.”

Aunt Jess laughed. “Well, at least you’ll get off!” When she saw my expression she stopped laughing. “She won’t find out. We’re both very careful, and very discreet. Right?”

“Right,” I had to agree.

“We’re just having some fun, that’s all. Hasn’t this brought us closer together?”

“Jesus, it’s brought us to the point where I’m INSIDE you half the time.”

She laughed again. “You know what I mean. You love me more than any of you other Aunts, don’t you? More than you’re Aunt Wilhelmina, right?”

It was telling that Aunt Jess had picked on that particular aunt, and used her full name. I referred to the second wife of my Uncle Carl as Aunt Billie, the name she used. I guess if your given name was Wilhelmina you’d find a nickname too. My Aunt Billie and Aunt Jess had quite a bit in common, so much in common that it was perhaps understandable that they wouldn’t get along. Both were second wives, both were very attractive, and…well, I guess that’s all it takes for women to take a dislike to each other, although these two beautiful woman took every opportunity to snipe at the other. My Uncle Carl met Billie after my Uncle Don met Jess, but Carl and Billie got married first, stealing the Jess’s thunder, as she wanted her wedding to be the family focus of attention that year. That got the feud off and running, and it had continued strong for the last eight years.

So I played it safe when I said, “I’m definitely closer to you than Aunt Billie.”

“What a silly name. She sounds like a goat.”

I might have played it safe, but I wasn’t playing along. “I should be getting home,” I said, ignoring that last jibe.

As I dressed Aunt Jess lit a post-coital cigarette and crossed her legs. “Of course you’re playing Santa for our church group again this year?”

“Of course.”

“I’m on the cleanup committee again. Well, I am the cleanup committee. So I’ll be the last one out of the building. I’m thinking we can keep out tradition alive.”

I swallowed hard. “You mean, right in the hall?”

She dragged on her cigarette and nodded. “Mmm-hmm. That’s what I want for Christmas, honey. I want to show Santa what a good girl I’ve been.”

“OK,” I said, already excited. “But we have to be careful.”

“We will be, honey. I promise.”


The next two days passed with little to comment upon. Work, traffic, shopping. I’m always late with my Christmas shopping, and this year was worse that usual. I don’t have that much shopping to do, either. My Mom and Dad, my two older sisters, a niece and a nephew. And then there’s the grab bag gift. Instead of buying every aunt, uncle, and cousin a gift, my dad throws everyone’s name in a hat and assigns a person for you to get a gift for. It sort of slipped my mind that year, until my dad called me and said, “Don’t you want to know who you got in the grab bag?”

“Oh, right. Who?” I hoped it would be Aunt Jess, as I already had her gift safely tucked away in my pants.

“Your Uncle Carl.” I frowned. I didn’t have a clue what to get him. But when my dad said, “And Aunt Billie got you,” I actually winced.

“Any idea what Uncle Carl might like?” I asked.

“Nope, and I have no interested in finding out,” Dad said. He’s never taken a cotton to Mom’s youngest brother, perhaps because he’s a borderline nut. “Maybe you should ask Aunt Billie. And if you do, find out what she might like.” He sounded morose. “I got her in the grab bag.”

“Oh. You have any ideas?”

“Are you kidding? After what Carl got her last year?”

“Good point.”

“Look, she already asked me what to get you, so you could drop some hints, give her some ideas. I told her to call you up and see if you wanted to go to lunch with her next week, she works downtown too. That should solve both your problems. And maybe solve mine too.”

Lunch with Aunt Billie. Innocuous enough, unless Aunt Jess found out. Then it would hit the fan. Oh well, I’m getting good at clandestine Aunt meetings. I could keep this one under wraps too.

She called the next day, I heard that breathy voice said, “Hi, Timmy? This is Billie.”

My hand gripped the phone just a bit too tight. “Hi, how are you?”

“Confused, like you. You talked to your dad? I have you in the grab bag, and I have no idea what to get you.”

“Well, I could just tell you. I’ve actually had ankara escort bayan my eye on…”

“No, no. It’s terrible that I only see you once or twice a year. An aunt should have a closer relationship than that with her nephew.” I was glad she couldn’t see the expression on my face. And when she said, “You mother says you see your Aunt Jess all the time, you and her go to dinner occasionally and you help out with her church group, and that makes me feel like I’m left out…are you OK?”

I tried to stop coughing. “Fine, I’m fine,” I croaked. “You live further away, you’re busy, don’t feel bad about it.”

“Well, I do. So why don’t we meet for lunch tomorrow, just to talk. I have some ideas for what you can get Carl. He’s a pain to shop for, so I won’t give away my best ideas, but I think I can help you.”

We made a date for noon the next day, and at the stroke of twelve I was standing in the foyer of a popular downtown eatery, so nervous my palms were sweating. Hey, no big deal, just lunch with my aunt. Piece of cake.

And then I saw her, and it was like the temperature in the room went up twenty degrees. Every man in the room turned to look at her, because she is well worth looking at. Aunt Billie is about 40, a tall, elegant woman with light blonde hair that curls up at her shoulders. Today she wore a bright red suit, in keeping with the holidays, and her skirt was just short enough that you wished it was an inch shorter. She saw me, smiled with her bright red lips, and gave me a little wave.

A wave I very nearly missed, because I wasn’t looking at her hands, or her legs, or her eyes. I was staring at her breasts. I couldn’t help it. It’s not that Aunt Billie’s tits are tremendously huge, although they are rather tremendous. What forced my attention to her bosom was the plain fact that, last Christmas, my Aunt Billie had undergone breast augmentation surgery, a gift from my Uncle Carl. That was the gift my father so morosely brought up when I talked to him. How exactly one asks one’s wife to trade up from a 32B to a 34D without getting a frying pan to the chops I do not know. What I do know is that Aunt Billie’s bosom was the big family scandal of the past year, and I as yet had not gazed upon her new and improved grillwork. And as she came up to me and gave me a hug, those magnificent mammaries demanded my attention.

“Am I late?” Aunt Billie said, checking her watch as I checked out her breasts. It was easy to do so because she wasn’t wearing a brassiere. I could tell THAT because her suit had a rather deep décolletage and, well, I didn’t see anything there but soft, creamy skin.

Aunt Billie said, “Timmy? Was I late?”

I tore my gaze from her breasts. “Oh, no, not at all.” I winced, it sounded to my ears like I said, “No, not tit all.” Thankfully she didn’t pick up on it. I think.

“My goodness, look at you,” she said. “You look so handsome, all dressed up.” She reached up and gently tightened the knot of my tie. Her fingernails lightly scratched my cheek. “You could use a shave,” she said with a smirk.

“I’m actually letting it grow for a few days, it makes wearing my Santa beard a little less itchy.”

“Oh, that’s right, from what your mother says you’ve practically BECOME Santa Claus.” She reached out and tickled my belly with her long nails. “I think you need to put on some pounds to fill that suit.” My cock gained five pounds just from the touch of her fingernails.

The hostess arrived and seated us. For the rest of our lunch we talked about Christmas, potential gifts for my Uncle (the best suggestion being a round of golf at a rather pricey local course) and, unfortunately, her breasts.

I just couldn’t help it, I mean they were RIGHT THERE, two magnificent globes just peeking out from her suit jacket. Maybe five or six times I felt my attention drawn down to the dark canyon of her cleavage, my brain whispering, “Is that a nipple? Really, come on, I think I see nip!” My eyes couldn’t help but obey.

The check arrived, and before she could move I snapped it up. “I’ve got tit…” I said, and I really SAID it this time, there was no hiding it. I quickly corrected myself, “…it, I’ve got it, the bill,” but Aunt Billie was laughing.

“This whole time you’ve been looking at me with this INTENSITY on your face,” she said, still giggling. “I mean, I could practically hear you thinking, ‘Don’t look down, don’t look down…’ “

My face felt like it was on fire. “I am SO sorry, I’m absolutely mortified, I can’t tell you how sorry and mortified I am…” I stuttered.

“Honey, don’t be embarrassed! If I didn’t like the attention I never would have had my tits done. And I wouldn’t dress the way I do.” She smiled at me and touched my hand. “I would have been upset if you hadn’t looked.”

“But I’m not supposed to look, you’re my Aunt…this is just a bad subject for us to be discussing.”

She sighed. “Well, maybe you’re right. I apologize. But I don’t want you to apologize. It’s my fault, not yours.”

Her fault for having breasts that Michelangelo himself might have sculpted, my fault for being, well, male. I paid the check, she insisted on leaving the tip. “This was nice,” she said. “We should do it more often.”

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How Amber and I Started

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Big Dicks

It all started when I was 23. I jumped into marriage and it quickly went to shit. I told my wife at the time I wanted and needed more in bed. She didn’t care. We lived across the street from a mom and pop store and it wasn’t uncommon for me to be in the store once a day. The owner and his wife employed women from town, all of them to old for my liking. Two sisters worked the deli department and cooking area. I quickly got to know them all being the town was small and I was in often.

One day I went in to pick up lunch I ordered. I walk through the door and through the store to the deli counter. As I reach the back of the store I say hello to the two women like always. One of them yells into the kitchen asking for my order. This is the first time I see her. I ask her if she is new. She tells me her mom and aunt work the deli and they are short staffed so asked her to help. I take my food say thanks and let her know I stop in often I hope to see her more.

After the next few weeks I learn the new girl’s name is Amber. She stands 5’2″ with tan skin, blue eyes, shoulder length brown air, an amazing smile, and a cute laugh. She turned 19 a few months ago is isn’t sure what to do about college so she’s working around town to earn money. We flirt harmlessly ever time I see her in the store.

One night I’m out running. Music blasting, lost inside my own little world as I trot down the street. I hit the end if the block and make a left. As I continue down the road I pass house after house. Half way up the block I see someone standing on the side walk. Not one to be rude I turn my music down and make my way into the street. As I get closer to the house I hear someone calling my name. I take my headphones off and it’s Amber’s mom. She lives at the house I’m passing and she’s outside on the sidewalk talking to her boyfriend. I stop and say hello asking what’s up. She asks if I run nightly around the town. I tell her I do, but the time isn’t really set since I basically go whenever I’m bored. She then asks if I’d run with her daughter being she doesn’t like her being out alone at night in town. I quickly agree and give her my number telling her to have Amber get a hold of me.

The next day Amber texts me. She asks if I really want to go running with her that I can say no since she doesn’t need a baby sitter. I assure her it’s no big deal as I’d much rather run with her than by myself. She tells me she will text me on her way home from her other job around 11pm. As it gets closer to 11 I find myself counting the minutes. Finally she texts and we set a location to meet.

The fist few nights we run nothing happens. We take the route she normally does and enjoy the each other’s company and conversation. She starts opening more about her life. Tells me her boyfriend (if you want to call him that) cheats in her and they are on and off, but that he ankara escort is the only person she has ever been with. I tell her my honest opinion about everything and tell her how lucky a guy would be to have her. I tell her about my marriage and how unhappy I am, letting her know a bad relationship isn’t something she should let herself deal with.

Half way through our run is a one way street. A car comes down the road and to get out of the way I get behind Amber. To this day her ass is the nicest I’ve ever seen. The bottom of her ass checks sticking out of her shorts. The material clinging to her skin, looking almost as if it’s painted on.

“What would you do if I grabbed your ass” I blurted out!

“I’d prob kick you” she replied.

Thinking to myself for a few mins I decided it’s worth being kicked. As we come to the next intersection she stops to look for cars. I grab a handful of her ass. Catching her by surprise she jumps, turns and tries to kick me We finish our run and I make sure she gets inside before running to my house.

The next day Amber texts me. Still mind blown I grabbed her ass. I inform her I’d do a lot more than grab her ass. She tells me to prove it. My street is closed that day and the next few for street cleaning. I park in a lot that just so happens to be on the routine of our nightly run. 11pm roles around and I’m out the door. This time with my car keys in my pocket. I can tell Amber is nervous. I tell her just follow my lead. We run as normal and when we get to the lot I tell her to get in the car. She looks at me confused but follows me. I unlock the doors with button and she gets in and closes the door. I hurry around the other side and get in.

Once inside the car I lock the doors. I ask her if she believes me yet, a simply no is all she replies. I lean over and grab her tit. Squeeze it through her shirt and bra. Pulling my hand back I tell her to take her shorts off. She listens and quickly has her hips in the air wiggling her tight short shorts down her tone legs. I tell her to turn facing me leaving her right foot on the floor. As she lifts her leg and pushes it towards the back of her seat her pussy comes to view for the first time. It’s perfect. Smooth shaven, tan, tight, and begging for attention.

I lean forward grabbing her hips and pulling her towards my face. I push my tongue into her pussy. No teasing, no clit, no fore play, just shoving my tongue straight into her pussy. She moans softly as if trying to hold it back. I work my tongue in and out if her pussy like a mini dick. My nose bumps against her clit. She jumps and lets out a deep moan. I push my nose into her clit wiggling my head as I punch my tongue into her pussy. It’s clear she has never been eaten out before. Her hands find there way to my head pulling my hair into her. As she gets closer to cumming I add a finger to escort ankara work with my tongue. The rhythm isn’t as good as I want but it does the trick. A flow of juices begins to leak from Amber’s pussy as she cums on my face. Pulling my head up she asks me to stop.

“I don’t know what’s happening. I can’t handle it though.” You can see the fear in her face.

“It’s called an orgasm Amber. Relax”. I tell her.

Looking at me confused she tells me she has never gotten off by her boyfriend- only her toys and it never felt like that. I tell her that if she likes it I can get her off every day. She agrees and tells me to sit back.

As I lean back into my seat she positions herself with her knees on the seat with her head hanging over me. I take the hint and pull my shorts down. My dick is already hard. Amber reaches down grabbing my cock.

“Holy shit. Why doesn’t your wife fuck you everyday with a cock like this?” She asks. Not knowing the answer, I just shrug. Amber lowers her head down to my lap. Stroking my cock she licks the tip of my dick.

“I’ve only ever sucked dick when drunk” she informs me.

“I’m sure you will be fine” I tell her as I push her head down.

Her mouth opens and my cock slips between her lips. I lean slightly and reach behind her. As she grows more comfortable she gets more aggressive. I slide two fingers in her pussy.

Amber begins to pick up her pace. Her hand at the base of my cock. Her mouth working up and down half my shaft. My fingers as deep inside her as I can get them in our current position. As I near the end I ask her if she is going to swallow. She just moans and keeps pumping her head up and down my shaft. Her spit rolling down my cock gather on top of her fingers as they are still wrapped around my cock. I tell her I’m going to cum. Just as I’m about to shoot my load she pulls her mouth off my cock.

“I’m sorry I’ve never swallowed! I freaked myself out!” she says frantically.

My hand quickly grabs the base of my shaft, squeezing as hard as I can not wanting to cum all over myself. I tell her it’s fine. I open the car door still holding my cock and fire my load onto the pavement. As I finish cumming Amber is now in my seat watching me. I turn to face her cum dripping from my cock. She sticks her tongue out catching the remains from the tip of my dick.

“Tomorrow I’m gonna swallow you” she says firmly. We redress and finish our run.

The whole next day I’m looking at the clock. 11pm can’t come soon enough. Amber and I text naughty things back and forth all day. I’m not sure if that helped or made it worse. Finally time to go. We take a different way through town. Running up a big hill to a development site just being cleared. We’d use this spot a few days a week in the near future. As we walk through it I tell Amber it’s time to swallow. She ankara escort bayan agrees.

Amber squats right beside the curb and starts rubbing my cock through my shorts. In a matter of seconds I’m rock hard. She pulls my cock out and tucks the top of my shorts under my balls. Her mouth filled quickly with long thick cock as she begins working more and more of my shaft in her mouth. It’s apparent now that Amber gets off on pleasing me. I have sexual control over her. She will do anything I want if she thinks it will make me happy. I place my hand on the back of her neck as she continues sliding her lips up and down my shaft.

Out if the corner of my eye I see lights. I quickly pull my cock from her mouth and tuck it in my shorts. I tell Amber to act like she is tying her shoe. It’s the cops! Amber reaches for her shoe and acts as if she is tying it. The cop doesn’t stop- doesn’t even look at us and keeps going. Now that I’ve all but shit myself it’s time to get back inside Amber’s mouth. There is a piece of equipment a few yards from us. We walk through the weeds and behind the equipment. Once we’re out of sight of the road I grab Amber’s shirt.

Looking at me as if seeking approval I pull her shirt up. She lifts her arms and I pull the shirt over her head. Her belly button pierced. Stomach flat. As I take in the view she reaches behind her unhooking her bra. Covering her tits with her arm she slips the bra off. Slowly teasing me she moves her arm. Her tits fit her body perfectly. I reach out grabbing them both. 38C perky and firm as hell. I know she tans everyday and it shows. No tan lines and a body the perfect shade of bronze.

As I start squeezing her tits and pinching her nipples she again squats in front of me and pulls my cock out. She kisses the tip of my cock then kisses down my shaft, kisses my balls and kisses her way back up the other side of my shaft before taking my cock into her mouth. I continue to squeeze her tits. With her mouth full of my cock she looks up at me. Our eyes lock and she pushes my cock deep into her mouth. I bump the back of her throat. Expecting her to pull out she pushes even farther. My cock slips into her throat. She leaves it there for a second trying to swallow around my cock. Not enjoying it as she would hope I pull my cock from her throat and place my hands on her head.

I hold her head still as I begin to thrust my hips. Forcing my cock into her mouth and bumping the back of her throat before pulling my cock out leaving her lips just under the tip of my cock. She begins to stroke my cock in unison with me fucking her face. As I pick up speed she matches it with her hand. Thrust after thrust pushing me closer to the end. I tell her I’m going to cum. My hips lock as I start blasting shot after shot of cum in her mouth. Her hand never stops stroking my cock. She swallows every drop. Still jerking my cock until I pull my dick from her mouth. She stands up I lean over and kiss her nipple before sucking it into my mouth.

We once again redress and finish our run. The nights seem to get better and better with each passing night.

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