Make It Better

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“Please Jarrad.” She whispered standing in his living room. “I just came to get my things. I don’t wanna go through all this.”

A simple trip to pick up a few things from her ex’s apartment had erupted into an hour long blowout involving him stealing her keys and purse demanding that she further explain why she had left him. He at least, he claimed, deserved that. But it was all in vain; no explanation was acceptable to him. First she tried the calm approach. Tried to explain to him that situations like the one they were in at that exact moment were precisely why she left him. He was passionate to the point of instability, irrational at times. She refused to live like that. He asked for specific examples citing such behavior. She gave them. Scoffing, he said that she was over dramatic, over analyzed those situations. But what about right now? She countered. He had lied and manipulated his way to getting her to come to his house, held her hostage, stolen her purse and keys, and blocked the door with his 6’2, 210 pound frame when she attempted to leave. “Only because,” he answered as if it was obvious, she “wouldn’t listen to reason.”

She tried to remind him of the women she did not think he fucked, but he led on and flirted with. She hated it. It ate her up inside. He thrived off of attention from females. She was never enough for him. “But I never cheated” he said. Once again, she was over dramatic and a new one: sensitive. The more he claimed that her complaints were unfounded, the louder she got. She screamed, yelled, hit him. Things she had never done before. She was losing control of herself. The only thing she felt she ever really had was self control. And she lost it.

“All I’m sayin’ is I’m not ready to give up you.” He told her staring her down.

“Please Jarrad.” She took a step away from him there were tears in her eyes that she didn’t want him to see. “Just let me go…let this go.” A tear fell. He saw it, approached her. For every one of his steps forward she took one back. Eventually her back hit a wall. Flinching illegal bahis as his hand touched her chin, she wondered despairingly why and how she had gotten herself into such a mess.

“What’s wrong?” He questioned softly, lifting her chin so that he could look into her eyes. How could she explain to him that she was crying, practically sobbing because he was holding her in captivity, because he was controlling her emotions. Because she was stupid enough to think that not only could she control herself, but that she could control him and that her overconfidence had caused her to walk right into his trap, though she knew better. “Baby?” She tried to shove him off, but used his size to keep her contained. This frustrated her even more. Control slipping away more and more in every way possible. She was sobbing and gasping for breath now. “I’m not letting you go. I can’t lose you.”

“Jarrad” she was begging, defeated. “I can’t do this.” Her shoulders were shaking with the violence of her sobs. “Why are you doing this to me?”

” I…” He started…he was actually confused. What had he done? He just wanted to love her. He tried to kiss her but she turned her head away. “Baby…I’m sorry.” More confusion and hurt in his voice than she would have ever imagined. Raquel looked in his eyes and saw so much pain she wasn’t quite sure what to do. “I’ll do better baby. I…don’t cry…I…” Her gaze caused every word in his brain to escape his grasp. “…make it better…” he mumbled, his sentences barely coherent. “…take the pain…make you feel…”

Raquel pressed her back further into the wall as his lips found her, slowly taking over. Coaxing the resistance out of her. Subtly intensify until she felt as though she had no choice but to kiss him back.

The tears. It killed him to see them. His lips caressed away the tears and his hands roamed from her scalp, down to her neck, sliding down her vertebrae causing slight shivers to snake through her body. The flow of the tears began to ebb and recede.

The clothes. The clothes illegal bahis siteleri keeping her from him. He pulled her top off. She had fully given herself over to him at this point, accepting her loss of control. She opened her mouth to protest but instead a groan of pleasure slid forth as the nerve ending on her neck responded to his lips and teeth. She was gasping for breath again.

“I love you, Raquel” he whispered harshly in her ear. He tried to soften his voice. “I’m going to make you happy.” As he spoke, a hand slid up her back and removed her bra.

“I-Jarrad…” the thought left as he nipped her breast. Her back arched as if to push it further into his mouth. Then, abruptly he lifted her up and carried her to his room. She closed her eyes accepting her fate…for the moment. When he placed her on the bed , she simply lay there, eyes still closed, until she felt his hand on her again. They opened and saw his head bent over her torso. His massive shoulders seemed so tense. Shaking her head slightly to get rid of the thought, she tried not to care. One of his hands was spread out over her abdomen, the chocolate of her skin pairing beautifully, he thought, with the caramel of his. He removed his hand, revealing more of the toned, smooth body part he longed to place a child inside. But she would never allow it. Her muscles trembled and rippled reflexively as he slid his tongue from the top of her pants to her neck again. Looking up at her, he noticed that her lips were trembling as though she wanted to cry again. He kissed them again, his lips attempting to soothe away whatever pain she was feeling. She felt the button on her jeans relax and heard her zipper slide down.

“I’m gonna make it better.” He mumbled again, more to himself than to her. Peeling off her jeans, he kissed every inch as the denim slowly came away from her. Her pelvic bone, each of her thighs, her legs, taking his time, worshipping each part. She was shivering all over now.

“Oh God.” She whispered feeling one of his fingers glide between canlı bahis siteleri her slick pussy lips. Simultaneously, the tip of his tongue drew circles around her nipple. She squirmed trying to get his tongue to make contact with the hardened dark chocolate bud. Flicking his tongue across her nipple, he began to flick her clit at the same rate. Her body felt as though it were literally getting hotter, raising in temperature. The flicking got harder and faster. She was going to cum. It had never happened so quickly before. The intensity of the feeling rolled over and over in her stomach, increasing in intensity every second. “No…no…” she moaned softly, still wanting to fight him, the orgasm, the loss of control. Then it happened. Her eyes squeezed shut as the rolling feeling dropped down into her pussy then seemed to radiate back out into the rest of her body. Sweating from concentration, he continued to rub her clit, but released her nipple to watch her face. Her mouth was slightly opened, head tilted back, brow furrowed, fingers grasping his sheets. Her felt her legs shaking against the mattress. He caressed her more gently as the orgasm began to fade into a calm. Squeezing her thighs, he dipped his head down to her body and nipped and kissed the insides of them. Her body relaxed completely, her breathing slowed.

Just when she began to regain some of her sanity, she began trembling again he flattened his tongue and pulled it firmly and slowly against her pussy. “Aggghhhh….Jarrad!” she yelled, her mind swirling from the sensation. She felt her pussy contracting, having random harsh spasms, the rolling feeling again. “Oh God” she thought, “Nonononononooo….” Her legs locked up around his head. He continued the slow lapping of her pussy, feeling her body winding against him. It…the orgasm…increased and increased…bigger and bigger…pushing, the crescendo of it was so slow and fast at the same time…it reached its crest. She pushed her pussy harder into her mouth and came. So hard she scared herself. Her body fell back onto the bed. Her entire being was shaken. From the core of her. Holding herself she looked at him almost horrified.

“Baby, I told you. I told you I would make it better.” He murmured. She moaned in response, still feeling the waves of her orgasm.

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Mary and Shari Ch. 03

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Mary sat next to Shari on the couch. I went to the kitchen and got the third drink off the counter and brought it to Mary. I went back to the kitchen and prepared another martini shaker for us. The girls were sitting on the couch watching Food Network. Bobby Flay was marinating some lamb with garlic, basil and olive oil.

“Speaking of basil,” Mary said. “Where is all the whiskey?”

“We drank it, Mary.” I replied. I poured her a full drink as she held up the empty glass. I filled Shari’s and topped off mine as well.

I set the martini shaker down on the round table and walked across the room to sit in my recliner. I kicked back and stretched out to enjoy the show.

I passed out.

When I woke up, Paula Dean was making chicken and dumplings. The girls were nowhere to be seen. The bedroom door was wide open and all the lights were turned off. There was a candle burning in the corner that illuminated my empty glass that was sitting on the coffee table.

I heard the front door open. The girls came through like a pack of hyenas. They were both laughing and giggling. They had gone to the store to get beer before they drank the rest of the Vodka. I turned and looked as Shari opened a bottle of beer.

“You’re awake!” Mary shouted.

“We have beer,” Shari said in her little sarcastic voice. “Just for you.”

Shari handed me the beer as I started to wake up a bit.

“You can have this,” she said. “I get the rest of the vodka.”

I was okay with that. Shari didn’t drink beer and as long as she stayed drinking we would all have some more fun. Shari’s phone rang and she went outside to talk.

Mary had a beer in her hand as she approached me.

“Steven,” she said calmly. “Shari and I talked. We want you to fuck us at the same time.”

She could barely stand without swaying back and forth. I had already cum about an hour ago, so I was ready for some good hard fucking for a while. She leaned over the armrest and gave me a little kiss on the lips. bahis firmaları Then she pried my mouth open with her tongue and slipped me a garlic stuffed olive. I chewed on it as she licked my lips. Her right hand slipped into my pajama bottoms. She rubbed my cock with the palm of her tiny hand as the front door opened.

Shari returned and tossed her phone into the side pocket of her backpack. She mixed herself another martini as Mary caressed my balls.

Shari sat on the couch and watched as Mary slid my pj’s down to my knees. My cock stood straight up in the air and the tip was throbbing with purple goodness. She licked the tip of it and put half of it inside her mouth.

“Um,” Shari paused. “I wanna fuck that.”

She got off the couch and pulled my pj’s over my feet.

I was finally stark ass naked as I leaned forward. I pointed towards the bedroom and got off the recliner.

“Mary, go lay down on the bed.” I said. “Shari, lie on top of her and wait for me.”

They each grabbed their drinks and walked into the bedroom. They left the door open behind them.

I went outside and smoked a cigarette. I slowly drank my beer as my mind raced. I began to talk to myself. Then I noticed that I was talking out loud to myself. How the hell do I get so lucky? I laughed out loud and shook my head. I snubbed out my cigarette and drank my beer. I took the empty bottle into the bedroom with me.

Shari was lying on top of her and they were making out. I lit a candle in the corner by the TV.

The faint glow lit up the room just enough to see the shrapnel pile of clothing on the floor. Shari’s little white ass was sticking up in the air as she straddled Mary.

I grabbed Mary’s ankles and pulled her ass towards the edge of the bed. Shari never flinched. She let Mary slide right between her knees. Shari’s pussy now gaped over her Mary’s sweet perky titties. Mary fingered Shari’s soppy wet hole with her fingers as I slipped my purple madness into her pussy. Her legs kaçak iddaa dangled over the edge of the bed as she held them apart for me.

I pushed my cock into her as far as possible. She moaned only a little bit as I rotated my hips clockwise. I could feel every part of her pussy.

I thrusted my cock into Mary, leaned forward and grabbed Shari’s hips. I pulled her closer to me. She slid back in one slow motion. Her head dipped down to kiss Mary. I slowly retracted my cock from inside Mary and stroked it off for a moment.

Shari lowered her hips as I held my cock in my hand. She reached under her body and found the tip of my cock. She pinched it and then sucked in up with her pussy.

Shari could do this crazy thing with her pussy. She would constrict her pussy muscles and literally stroke my cock with her cunt. It was absolutely fucking fabulous. I held her ass cheeks as she massaged my dick with her pussy.

I slowly slipped my left ring finger into Mary’s pussy as I held Shari’s ass with my right hand. I managed to get three fingers into Mary’s pussy. I pulled them out and spread Shari’s ass apart. My soppy wet finger slipped into her ass as she bit Mary’s cheek. I kept my finger in her ass and began to punish her pussy with my cock. Every time that I sank my cock inside her, my finger would go deeper into her ass.

She gasped for air as I pulled my cock out of her and grabbed it with my hand again. I used my cock to beat Mary’s pussy. She reached her arms around Shari and pulled her close. There were in an embrace for their lives as I finger fucked Shari’s ass. I felt the back of Mary’s pussy with my cock as I fucked her again.

They both had their tongues in the other girls’ mouth.

Just the mere thought of Mary’s pussy juices inside Shari was enough for me already. Not to mention the fact that I could pick up Shari by the asshole with my finger. It was too much for me to handle. I couldn’t shut it off. I had to cum in a big way and I was going to make them both kaçak bahis taste it.

“I’m going to cum,” I said.

Mary took her tongue out of Shari’s throat long enough to say, “Cum inside me,”

“No!” Shari exclaimed.

I shoved my finger into her ass even farther.

I pulled my swollen cock out of Mary’s pussy and pinched it just below the head. I took my finger out of Shari’s ass and wiped it on the comforter.

I pushed Shari off to one side and got on the bed. I was on my knees and I told them to kiss each other.

I slowly let go of my cock. Mary grabbed my balls and Shari put my cock in her mouth immediately upon having that close to her lips. She used her tongue to massage my cock as I pushed her head into my waist.

Mary reached over and put her hand around Shari’s throat and began to squeeze lightly. Shari began to writhe around as she was choking on her own breath. I put my fingers into Mary’s mouth as I felt myself building again. There was a strewn mess of hands and fluids surrounding my cock.

I couldn’t handle it anymore.

I grabbed Shari by the hair and pulled her mouth off my cock. Mary instantly began to kiss her again. I stroked my wet cock firmly three times as I began to convulse myself. I caught my breathe just in time.

I shot a great white load of cum onto their entwined tongues. My body reeled. I pinched my cock lightly and then released it as a second shot of almost clear cum raced across Mary’s cheek and over her nose. Shari reached up to grab my cock as Mary licked her cheek.

The last little shot hit Shari in the back of the throat as she opened her mouth wide.

I couldn’t sit up anymore. I was exhausted. I fell back onto my heels and lay there.

I could hear the girls licking the cum off each other. Their tongues danced in the darkness searching for more to eat.

Shari was the first to find it. She got up onto her knees and slowly sucked my throbbing purple cock until there was nothing left. I went limp in her mouth.

Shari leaned over and kissed Mary.

I lay there peacefully. I watched the faint upside down shadows of the girls get up and leave the room.

My eyes drifted shut as I smiled.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


Her name is Martha, such a plain name for such a beautiful woman. She stood 5’10’, had long auburn hair that hung almost to her butt, and what a cute butt that was. She measured 40DD-30-36. All of that and she belonged to Ray, heart, mind, body and soul. There wasn’t one thing Ray wanted her to do that she wouldn’t die trying to accomplish. Although she was 30 now, she had lived with Ray since the day she turned 18.

Ray was nearly 40 and just an average guy. He was almost 6 foot tall, had a beer belly, sometimes a beard (when he didn’t feel like shaving), and brown hair down to his shoulders. I don’t know what it was about him that attracted woman like flies.

I drive truck and hadn’t seen Ray since we were in the navy together years ago. I happened to stop at a bar one night and ran into him. I was laying over for the weekend and after rehashing old times and a few too many beers, Ray invited me to stay at his house. I gladly accepted the invite, especially happy to be away from that truck for a couple nights.

Ray lived about 10 minutes from the bar. I grabbed enough clothes and a toothbrush and jumped in his car. On the way I hinted about finding a woman, I mean it had been a while. Ray assured me that he was a wonderful host and would provide me with anything I wanted or needed. I liked the sound of that and certainly didn’t question him.

It was late when we walked into Ray’s house. It was a nice ranch style home, neatly kept, and way out in the boonies! Lights were on and it looked like someone was up. As we entered Ray yelled…Martha, come here, we have company. Yes Ray…came a voice from somewhere in the back of the house.

I wasn’t prepared for the goddess that entered the room. Martha was stunning, the kind of woman that you really had to look at again and again just to make sure you were seeing what you thought you were. She was wearing short, and I mean short shorts and a halter top that hardly contained her massive breasts. Her perky little nipples stood out against the fabric begging to be touched. Her long, tanned muscular legs were amazingly shapely. My mouth hung open as Ray illegal bahis introduced us. Martha extended her hand to me and I know it was 30 seconds before I could move mine to reciprocate.

Ray explained that we were old friends, that I was staying for the weekend and told her to make me feel at home. Her eyes lit up as she walked over to Ray, kissed him and said thank you Sweetie. Thank you? I didn’t understand her response. Now, get us a beer and then go get ready…Ray instructed her. Without a moment of hesitation, she did as she was told. While she was gone, Ray explained to me that Martha was his, I mean he owned her. He hadn’t bought her, paid any money or anything but she belonged to him. It had been that way for 12 years. He went on to say that he loved fucking her, loved having her in his home but she was there to do exactly as he told her to do. Knowing Ray the way I did, I couldn’t help but wonder what all that might entail! The Ray I knew did a few drugs, drank a lot of beer, and wasn’t the one woman man that a lot of guys his age were.

He went on to explain that Martha was mine for the night, to have and hold in any way I wished. I tried to say something about imposing but Ray ignored me and kept talking. When I finally got to say something all that would come out was…Thank you!!!! Tonight you will be alone, use, abuse, whatever you want, but just enjoy…he quipped with a maniacal smile…for tomorrow after I have rested a bit, I may want to watch. That’s a little fetish I have. She is the best fuck, to have or to watch and I fucking love to watch another man’s cock sliding in and out of her. With that, he abruptly got up and left me sitting in the living room.

Some time had passed before Martha appeared again. I have to admit, I was a tad nervous. It’s not everyday you run into an old friend, get invited to his house and get offered the most beautiful woman in the world to use at your discretion! Martha sat beside me on the couch, smiling that brilliant smile that melted my heart. What’s this all about?…I asked her…Do you do this often? I’m sure Ray told you that I belong to him. My life is illegal bahis siteleri devoted to that man. I do whatever he wants me to do, anytime he wants me to do it, with whomever he tells me to do it with. I must say though that he seldom affords men complete freedom with me, you are apparently a good friend of his…she explained.

Do you need to shower or would you like a bath?…she asked. Um, I’d really like a shower if you don’t mind…I answered. She took me by the hand, lead me to a bedroom and asked me to get undressed while she started my water. I did just that and waited for her to return. When she came back, she had her hair pulled up tightly in a ponytail and donned a robe. Again, she took me by the hand and we headed for the shower. Unless you object, I’d like to wash you…she said. Object? No, I don’t think so…I muttered. She stood before me, untied the belt on her robe and let it slip to the floor. She was completely naked. Now, I’ve seen naked women, and plenty of them but she was exquisite. Her skin was so smooth, so dark. Her breasts were huge but so firm with those perky nipples protruding. Her pussy was shaved completely. She stood still while I gazed, used to the stares, I’m certain. Then I looked into her eyes. They were violet, absolutely mesmerizing. I fell in love in an instant!

We stepped into the shower simultaneously. Please, let me take care of you…she simply said. Shit, at that very moment my dick got hard and stood at attention between us. She grinned, enclosed her hand around it and said, talking to him only…Yes, my sweet baby, I’ll get to you soon. I stood facing her, my back to the hot water as she started by washing my hair. My dick kept rubbing against her taunt belly as her big nipples were poking into my chest. My God, she felt like a dream, I was so fucking horny I wanted to take her right then.. What are you thinking?…she asked as she rinsed my hair. I want to fuck you right now…I stated matter of factly. And how do you want to do that?…she replied in just the same way. I didn’t speak as I turned her away from me and bent her over. Her beautiful ass was all canlı bahis siteleri wet and slippery as I grabbed ahold of it. She backed up to me like an animal in heat. My hard 8 inches found it’s way between her ass cheeks and slid in her hole.

Her pussy was so tight I had to back up and keep trying just to get my 8 inches in. Oh fuck, it felt so good I almost blew my load right then. Then, she started fucking me! Pushing back so hard I had to hold on tightly just to keep my balance. She placed one hand on the shower wall as I felt her other one touching my dick as it slid in and out of her. I was pounding the hell out of her pussy while she vigorously played with her clit. I felt her pussy start to tighten, heard her soft little moans and my balls swelled so tight that I couldn’t hold back any longer. I started to cum with a loud moan, a shudder and pulled her ass hard against me. She wiggled that cute butt against me draining every last ounce of cum I had.

When my shriveled dick fell out of her hot pussy she turned and kissed me. Now I have to wash again too…she said with a smile. She grabbed the soap, washed her pussy let the water rinse her off and started on me again. She washed my face, my chest, my legs, my cock and then asked me to turn around. Her hands lathered my back and down my legs then slid between my ass cheeks. She lathered my butt hole over and over, it felt so good. As I turned to rinse, she slid in behind me. I felt her kneeling and what happened next surprised even me. She spread my ass and licked my asshole. Well, you can imagine how my cock reacted to that.

With a wet hand Martha reached around and stroked it, slowly as her tongue found it’s way inside of my tight ass. Shit, I thought I was going to cum again. Oh fuck, I had to restrain myself. She was fucking my ass with her tongue, in and out past that tight little sphincter. She sensed that I was about to blow again and stopped. Apologizing she said…I’m sorry, I’m just really greedy and I want you to cum in me, not in the shower. Sorry? Um, no need to be sorry…I stammered. We finished, got out and she dried me, every inch of me.

I should’ve asked before this, I know…Martha said…but are you hungry? I could fix you something to eat. Eating was definitely on my mind but not food, I assured her. I swear I saw a twinkle in her eye as she lead me to a bedroom.

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The Country Cottage Pt. 04

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The Country Cottage

(Part 4)

The Enlightenment


With the soft touch on my right ass cheek, I broke off the kiss with Lisa and looked down in surprise at Father John.

He was a short man, probably no taller than five foot four or five with a fringe of white hair surrounding the pink top of his balding head. There was an impish grin on his face, a hint of laughter sparkled in his mesmerizing gray eyes and a surprisingly long and thick dick sticking straight out from his body, a cock well out of proportion to the rest of his body.

“I do hope I am not interrupting,” he said softly, keeping his hands on both of us as he spoke, “but I needed a cold beer and did want a chance to chat with you both.”

Lisa smiled weakly as I bent to fish a cold beer from the cooler. When I glanced up at her, I could see her eyes darting back and forth from Father John’s face to his impressive dick. I handed him the beer and put my arm around my wife’s waist, letting my hand drop enough to caress her bare ass. Lisa leaned in to me before she spoke.

“So, Father, what is it you wanted to discuss with us?”

He took a long sip of the beer, his eyes clearly appraising us before he said another word.

“Oh nothing much really much, just a bit of a ‘getting to know you’ sort of chat before the confessions and inductions tomorrow.”

“You mean all this tonight is not the induction?” I asked incredulously, looking around at the various entangled, moaning bodies on the scattered mattresses.

“Oh no, hardly,” he laughed heartily, “tonight is the wedding rehearsal…practice if you will…before the actual ceremonies tomorrow.”

“Practice? Really? This seems a bit more…um…involved than that,” Lisa exclaimed, gesturing around the room with the hand that was not resting on my ass.

“Trust me, this is just a hint of how…loving…the family is with one another,” he chuckled taking another swig of his beer. “I’m guessing you have only gotten the barest of hints what we are all about so far.”

Lisa and I just looked at each other. We we both blushing slightly not sure how to put into words some of the things we had already seen that aroused us both. Lisa moaned softly what Father John gently squeezed her other ass cheek before continuing. My dick stiffened a little seeing how casually and intimately he touched my wife as I stood next to them.

“I suppose some of what you’ve both learned in the last few hours came as something of a shock. It usually does when newcomers are first introduced to the family. Perhaps a brief history will help.”

He finished the beer, tossed the empty bottle into a trash bin and asked me to get another. When I turned back to them, he was twirling one of my wife’s nipples between two fingers.

Lisa smiled brightly as he took her hand and, without asking permission from either of us, wrapped her fingers round the head of his stiff cock. My own dick was hard as well when Lisa took it in her other hand.

“Hmm, do you think that will fit inside you comfortably?” I whispered in Lisa’s ear as I handed Father John the beer, then flicked my tongue around her earlobe.

“Quite nicely, I am sure,” she moaned lowly, “especially with you by my side.”

She leaned her head on my shoulder and closed her eyes, her fingers rhythmically opening and closing on my throbbing dick. I was sure she was fondling Father John in exactly the same way as he started to speak again.

“As you know, The Cottage Inn was established in 1832. Originally, it was a farm house sufficiently distant from any curious neighbors that Miles Davies and his sister Anne could live without unwanted intrusion. Occasionally, they would provide shelter and a meal for travelers and, after word spread by word of mouth, they took in more and more regularly.”

“Shortly after their first child was born, a girl named Martha, a man and a woman stopped for the night. No one knows for sure exactly what happened next, but that couple ended up staying and that became the foundation of the family.”

“Between them, Anne and Evelyn, the other woman’s name, had something like fifteen children, a half dozen of which grew to adulthood. They didn’t keep really precise records in those days, but apparently both women fathered children by both men. When they came of age, their daughters also bore children by first their fathers and then their brothers. Thus the family originated and developed to what it is today.”

“Bob and Carol are the tenth generation proprietors of this place and leading members of the family. As is traditional, a woman’s first child illegal bahis is fathered by her husband/brother and the second by their own father.”

“In this case, Bob fathered Ted and Carol was impregnated with Alice by their father, George. Bob and Ted both gave Alice girls who currently reside at the private family school my sister Rose and I run. When they are of age, they will be inducted formally into the family and learn the family business here.”

With that, Father John stopped for a moment and sipped his beer with an impish gleam in his eyes. It occurred to me that practice and homework could take on an entirely different meaning in such a school.

Lisa dreamily opened her eyes, her shallow breathing telling me she was extremely aroused by some combination of the story, the throbbing dicks in her hands and Father John’s fingers caressing her breast. She idly smeared a drop of my precum over the head of my cock with her thumb. I knew without even touching her that her pussy was sopping wet.

“Of course, all of this can get pretty confusing at times and Bob does yeoman’s work keeping it all straight. A family tree probably would look pretty much like someone threw a box of uncooked spaghetti on the floor.”

“Today, the family numbers in the thousands that we know about,” he continued “and it is all we can do to accommodate members here. About twenty five years ago, the sheer demand dictated that only family members, either in good standing or recently identified, could be accommodated.”

“But we are not in the family,” I protested, “and didn’t even know such a place existed until we got here. Lisa found it on the web and we thought it sounded charming.”

Father John just chuckled and finished his beer, tossing the empty into the trash bin before putting his hand on Lisa’s ass again. He drew her closer and leaned forward to lick one of her erect nipples before looking directly at me.

“Well, Bob is extremely thorough, so I assume there must be a connection somewhere. You would be surprised how many unidentified members of the family we find now and again. With that, I will take your lovely wife over to that mattress and introduce her to my very sweet and ever horny granddaughter.”

Lisa kept her hand on his thick dick as he led her to a platform about fifteen feet away. Nora, his granddaughter and bride-to-be the next day, lay between Ted and Will. Both their cocks were limp and creamy cum seeped from her gaping cunt and crusted in her pussy hair..

Nora got up as her grandfather approached, moved to the next empty mattress and sat down smiling at him and Lisa. He lay down and pulled Lisa to his other side. Nora grinned at Lisa and added her hand to Father John’s cock.

Ever so slowly, they started stroking him up and down, a wide grin on his face as he took turns giving both of them deep tongue lashing kisses. My cock throbbed even more, realizing my wife would soon taste that old man’s cum as he filled her mouth or feel his warm semen gushing inside her pussy.

I started to follow, knowing Lisa wanted me close but was intercepted after only a few steps by Alice and Casey. Without a word, Alice grabbed my dick and Casey, my balls, then pulled me with them to an empty mattress next to Lisa. I buried my face between Alice’s large soft tits as Casey took my cock into her mouth.

When I heard Lisa moan loudly, I looked over and she gazed directly into my eyes for a moment then turned to passionately kiss Nora. Father John’s cock was buried deep in my wife’s cunt as she rode him and her pussy juices splashed onto both their thighs.

I kept my eyes locked on Lisa, even as young Casey pushed me down on my back and lowered herself down over my throbbing dick, only losing sight of her when Alice straddled my face and lowered her dripping slit to my eager tongue.


Father John’s unexpected touch on my ass surprised me while adding to my flood of emotions and excitement. The very idea a priest stood naked next to me and my husband and touched me quite intimately had my head spinning.

He was so gentle and courteous and yet confident as he spoke.

“I do hope I am not interrupting anything, but I felt I should introduce myself.”

Dan was taken aback by the old man’s appearance but did manage to respond.

“No, of course not, Father, what is it you wanted to discuss with us?”

He was a short little man with an impish grin. I couldn’t help looking at his penis as he stood opposite me.

It was huge.

Obviously he had been more than chatting with other members of the family as a creamy residue was still dribbling out of the top of his half hard illegal bahis siteleri cock. He caught my eye looking downwards at him.

“Do you like it, Lisa?” he asked with a merry chuckle.

Normally I would have been appalled at such a comment from an old man I hardly knew. In this venue, however, I felt much more liberated to tell how I truly felt. I could see that Dan was in his own little fantasy world so I whispered so that my husband couldn’t hear.

“Yes Father. I like it…a lot. It’s so much bigger than my husband’s.”

“I wanted to explain a few more things about your induction tomorrow. Tonight is simply a get together to find out little secrets,” he chuckled.

“So this is not the full induction Father?” Dan muttered. I could see Dan was as surprised as I was.

“No Dan, we will have the bigger family participating. It may be a bit of a shock to you both but I know you will enjoy it.”

Father John laughed, took my hand in his and placed it on his stiffening cock. Dan leaned over to whisper in my ear as I took his dick into my other hand.

“Hmm, do you think that will fit inside you comfortably?” my husband asked me looking down at the older man’s cock in my hand.

“Quite nicely, I am sure, especially with you by my side.” I moaned, feeling my pussy twitch and a few drops of my juices dribbling down my inner thigh. I was sure Father John would fit inside me quite nicely indeed.

For the next half hour or so, he explained some things to us. He told us that the Cottage Family had been established in 1832 and explained about the main events and transitions that had happened over all those years.

All the time he was talking he had his arm around me and was openly touching me very intimately. He squeezed my breasts as he nuzzled my neck. It was all very sensuous…and so very blatant…especially as it was right in front of my husband.

“Your wife has nice tits, Dan, and a lovely ass too,” he finally said as he finished a second beer.

Dan mumbled something. We had fantasized in the past about situations like this where Dan had acted out the part of a cuckold. This was so strange…and so arousing. It was like a fantasy come true. I wondered how it would end. After another few moments, Father John simply put both arms around me and kissed me full on the mouth.

As I felt his tongue probing I opened my mouth and responded in kind. His body pushed into my breasts and I felt his huge penis push full length into my tummy.

It was glorious.

I wondered if he intended to have me right then and there standing up in front of my husband. To be honest I was quite willing…eager even. From Dan’s demeanor and stiffness, I was sure he had no objection either. Then I felt the old man pull away.

“I must take you wife over to the mattress and introduce her to Nora, my sweet granddaughter,” he told Dan.

I had met Nora earlier. She was quite a pretty young girl who was due to be married the next day. As Father John led me across the room, I was conscious of his hand dropping behind my back and squeezing my ass cheek.

“I must have some of this sweet ass for myself,” he said and I giggled my agreement.

As we walked across the room, I could see Nora smiling at us as she rose up from between Will and Ted and moved over to an empty mattress. Nora was a short, slight girl with shoulder length black hair and small perky tits. Father John smiled as he saw me looking.

“I know she is my granddaughter Lisa but she has lovely tits, doesn’t she?”

With that, he pulled me down next to him with Nora on the other side. She smiled at me and placed her hand on her grandfather’s engorged dick next to mine. Together, we slowly stroked him.

Father John took turns kissing me and his granddaughter quite passionately, his tongue lashing ours in our mouths. I could feel his dick grow ever harder in my hand.

Nora looked up at me with a wicked grin when a drop of her grandfather’s precum seeped over our fingers. She removed her hand and pulled me close to her, giving me a deep tongue lashing kiss then slipped her hands down between my legs. Her fingers slid easily between the dripping wet folds of my pussy lips.

“He’s ready for you,” Nora cooed into my ear as her fingers slid up through my pussy lips and found the hard nub of my throbbing clit, “and it seems you are more than ready for him!”

I was.

My entire body quivered in anticipation as Nora held his cock up straight for me. I looked at the long thick shaft and mushroom head with both eagerness and alarm. Father John was much larger than my husband, the only man before this evening with whom I had canlı bahis siteleri intercourse in the past thirteen years, and much larger than the two boys I’d fucked as a teenager, long before meeting Dan.

After a moments hesitation, I straddled his hips. Nora brushed that huge cock head back and forth between my pussy lips, coating it with my own juices even as she aroused me even more.

Father John looked up at me smiling brightly. He took each of my swaying tits into his hands, softly caressing them as the tip of his huge cock pushed against the slick but tight opening to my vagina. For a moment I was afraid he was just too big.

“Just relax and take your time,” Nora whispered in my ear before lightly biting my earlobe, “it always feels really tight the first time Grandpa fucks you and often the second and third times too.”

I let myself slowly slide down over the monstrous shaft, stopping after he was a couple of inches inside me. I squirmed around a little and my pussy stretched even more.

After a few moments, Father John was as deep as he could go inside me. I had never felt so filled in my life. I glanced up and saw Dan starting to walk towards me. His face was flushed with excitement and his dick stood straight out from his body. He nodded his approval and smiled just before Alice and Casey dragged him over to an empty mattress next to me.

Right then my orgasm began to build. I smiled back at my husband and saw Casey lowering herself down on his throbbing cock and Alice straddling his face. I turned and kissed Nora passionately as she strummed my clit with one finger.

A massive orgasm flooded my body, every cell on fire. I began to flail wildly on Father John’s cock, taking him deeper inside me than any man had ever been before. He pinched my nipples hard and matched my thrusts. With a loud moan, I could feel his cock spasm inside me just before spurt after spurt of his warm semen flooded my already stuffed cunt.

I lost all track of time as seemingly unending waves of pleasure swept through my body. Finally, my climax subsided as Father John’s dick softened and slipped out of me on a stream of his cum and my juices. I collapsed on his chest.

Next to me, my husband smiled brightly, his own dick glistening as he slipped out of young Casey’s cunt. When we untangled ourselves, Dan took my hand and pulled me close for a passionate kiss.

“Awesome!” he whispered in my ear, “I hope you enjoyed that as much as I enjoyed watching you.”

I was so relieved to get his approval. I kissed him again deeply and twirled his flaccid penis in my fingers. We got ourselves another cold beer and stood watching some of the others that were still fucking and sucking in various combinations.

“I feel the same way and was very aroused seeing you as well,” I said with a grin, tucking my shoulder up under his arm, “but there’s one thing that would have made it even better.”

“And what is that?” Dan asked.

“Next time I fuck Father John, I want him to wear his priestly collar!”


I was so pleased to see the expression of utter pleasure on Lisa’s face as Father John’s cock plunged deep inside her. Then Alice and Casey immediately had my full attention. My cock slid easily into the teenager’s already slick cunt. Droplets of someone’s semen and her own juices dribbled on to my lips and face as Alice straddled my head.

Casey was young but she clearly had plenty of experience. She rotated her hips and clenched my dick tightly inside her. She placed my hands on her perky tits and began riding me furiously.

It didn’t take long at all for my orgasm to build in my balls. With my tongue firmly lodged in Alice’s pussy as she fingered her clit and flooded my face with her own climax, I moaned loudly and began shooting string after string of cum into Casey’s tight welcoming cunt.

Alice and Casey were kissing passionately above me as my dick softened and slipped out of the teenager’s dripping cunt. They fell off to one side fingering each other as I looked over to Lisa furiously flailing her orgasm on Father John’s cock. I smiled my approval as she collapsed on the old man’s chest breathing heavily.

After we all caught our breathes, I took Lisa’s hand in mine and kissed her passionately, telling her aroused and pleased I was watching her. She grinned her pleasure as we went to get ourselves another cold beer, telling me how happy she was to see me as well. Then she surprised me with her next comment.

“Next time I fuck Father John, I want him to wear his priestly collar!”

My breath caught in my throat as the implications of what she was saying sunk in.

Next time!

Lisa was telling me there would be a next time and even more of our fantasies were soon to be fulfilled. I pulled her close, feeling the last remnants of the old priest’s cum seeping out of my wife’s cunt and down over my thigh.

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The Colonel’s Daughter, 2011

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Lana touched herself almost every night to fantasies of her father, the Colonel, a strict disciplinarian she’d developed an insatiable fantasy for, imagining him going past just reprimanding her.

Generally a kind man, it was when he became stern with her Lana she thought about, that made her warm inside, that made her hunger for it. She would get so hot, so wet with anticipation purposely doing things to be scolded for, and then the waiting for him to find her, to scold her, to punish her, all was, well, so perversely delicious she’d quiver and shake building a nervous sexual energy anticipating, plotting, how she’d provoke him again, and again.

Thrilling, her little secret, her father giving her pleasure he didn’t even know he was giving her, her secret, that none of the house help knew, that made Lana so hot and wet her nipples would tingle and become erect and hurt as she awaited being reprimanded for one thing or another.

He was in her, his voice making her body hum. Tonight she was especially horny, her pussy hot and tingling deep inside her belly; she’d have to resist rubbing herself off, the tension so utterly amazingly hot, building in her to the point where she intended to prod him further, curl her lip at him, to set him off.

For years she would run back to her bedroom her bottom red and stinging through her dress, the silken burning impressions of her father’s bare hand stinging red, thrusting her fingers inside her knickers, cumming almost immediately to images of her father spanking her, scolding her, putting her in her place. She’d drop her knickers and turn to see in the mirror the welts he’d left, his fingertip’s wrapped so terribly around her legs, her soft hips, satisfied and pleased with herself, the burning wounds a badge, his fury, his power, burning deep inside her hot little cunt.

She’d go riding after to prolong and re-injure her bottom, aching from the bruises as she bounced on the wide back of her horse. The pain compelling her to rub harder into the saddle, making herself cum harder, especially in front of her riding trainer, the woman oblivious trying to correct Lana not realizing her words were pushing Lana over the edge. Even as Lana shuddered and thrust into the saddle, banging into the horse’s gait, to images of her father lashing her legs, her bottom, even her back. She came, to the long leather reins dangling into her groin, lapping at her through her thin white cotton riding pants pulling so tightly between her legs, her nipples so swollen and hot they could burst, her hot little cunt bouncing into the leather saddle.

She couldn’t admit it even to herself at first, that her rebelliousness, her hostility, her anger, was her denial of how much her own father turned her on, and her inability to openly acknowledge it to herself that she wanted him to reign her in, that she wanted him to take control of her, that she wanted him to stop her served to enflame her all the more. That he could, turned her on so much she didn’t know exactly what she wanted, her frustration mounting, her having to bury her fingers inside herself, pulling at her nipples, images of her father’s stern face making her cum.

She knew she was being difficult, she couldn’t stop herself, fearing if she wasn’t she’d lose all control; the intention to provoke kept her from going fully into the chaos admitting she would want him even without giving him reason, fearing he would reject her desire to be openly punished for no reason other than the sheer ecstatic pleasure of it, even if he didn’t know.

He often threw her over his knee telling her she had become an impetuous child, when really she was manipulating him into again pulling her over his lap, sometimes twice in one day.

Though she struggled, though she yelled and screamed at him to let her go, it’s what she wanted, her flowered panties soaked through by the time he let her off his lap.

Sometimes she’d struggle so much, so that her dress would ride high enough over her bottom that it didn’t pad the blows, her father’s hand making direct contact with her pantied bottom, sometimes with the backs of her bare legs. Sometimes she’d try to move just as his hand was coming down, in hopes he’d touch her directly between her legs, or wriggle just so, tempting him, knowing he must see the wet stain of her panties between her flailing legs, wishing, willing him to press his fingers into her hot wet pink little slit under her panties. The mere thought would make her arch her back, cum on the very next blow of his big hand.

Sometimes he’d just lecture or scold her, which she equally enjoyed, each and every word getting her closer. How she’d stand there in front of him, seemingly listening to him but really just focusing on the warm sensation sweeping through her belly the tone and temperament of his voice causing her mind to reel, her nipples to grow hot, the feeling deep in her belly she relished, the sensation of her getting wet so incrementally powerful it almost became like prayer, illegal bahis wanting him to know.

Her arousal was so plain to her it made her angry at him for not noticing, for not responding, at herself for feeling the way she did, for having the thoughts she did; how dare he turn her on like this, how dare he not make her cum, how dare he make her so hot, how dare she have these thoughts at all.


Coming back from college during break, Lana remembered perfectly when all this began.

From the time she was little, she’d witness, first with her stepmother, and the staff, the men who would come to the house, how it began to turn her on, the power her father wielded, how he took charge.

That was the phrase she’d repeat to herself in her thoughts.

How he took charge.

She’d tell herself anything to deny it made her wet, that final barrier, father and daughter.

The Colonel at some point realized the affect his scolding had on his lovely Lana.

He’d observed her drift off as he raised his voice, how her eye-lids would half close, how she unselfconsciously rubbed her legs together her hands clasped in front of her.

He recognized she would run to her bedroom afterward, a ritual. He knew fairly quickly that, her moans and whimpers emitting from inside her closed door, echoing from down at the end of the long hall, were not though tears and sobs.

He could tell what his words did to her. When with her hands clasped in front of her she would squeeze her shoulders together, how her nipples mounded through her blouse, how she’d tighten her arms, her shoulders turning inward as if she were trying to rub her upper arms over her nipples, which she was, without being aware she was, or to even realize her father would notice, as if he’d never seen a woman as aroused as she was, as if he wouldn’t himself be aroused.

He saw how as he’d raise and lower his voice, she’d press the heels of her palms against her mons, the slight turns of her hands so obviously rubbing the cleft of her slit, the creamy wet slipperiness already between her legs as she pressed against her swelling clit through her fitted skirt. He did see how wet her panties were; he did imagine touching her, worried she would feel how hard he was under her warm soft little belly over his lap.

Lana knew she was touching herself in front of her father, however, she thought inconspicuously, she didn’t believe her father knew. When he asked if she understood why he was scolding her, she’d just nod, sometimes purring a slight “nnn-hnn, yes Daddy” in answer, already drifting into that place, already her eyelashes fluttering, her face flush, fully knowing she hadn’t at all, which was perfectly fine for her father, he would have reason to scold her again.

Lana didn’t realize how her father had also taken to clasping his hands in front of him as he reprimanded her. How he hid his erection behind his tightly tailored suit-jacket covering his waist. The harder he became, the louder or more severe his scolding would become, and how sometimes he’d become so powerfully intense Lana’s legs would tangle under her as she came in shuddering concentrated little waves right in front of her father.

He could detect the scent of her warm sex, and once, himself rubbing his cock with the heel of his palm, his hands clasped in front of him, he came, right there in his slacks, right in front of Lana, her eyes closed, only realizing something had changed when his voice changed momentarily to a groan snapping her out of her own reverie. Lana opened her eyes, her father trying in vain to recover; they looked at each other and he knew she saw. Everything was different from then on.

Before long, they both became practiced. Lana’s father intoned each word with perfected pitch until Lana’s eyes would close altogether, her lips slightly parted, her breathing deep and ragged while he rubbed his cock brazenly in front of her. His one hand clasping the wrist of the other, his free hand openly squeezing, rubbing, pulling on his engorged cock through his slacks his scolding a certain perfected choreography. He watched his daughter react, her body shake and quiver, her lips tremble, how hard his cock would get when she’d bite her lower lip listening to his chastising.

Lana too was brazenly rubbing herself behind her clasped hands, her little fingers turned upward behind her clasped hands, rubbing, sliding back and forth through the cleft of her damp little slit, over her clit, her panties increasingly wet under her long thin summer dress pulled tight at her waist. It was as if with her eyes closed he couldn’t see her dress clinging to her, pulled tight into the v of her groin, her hips almost imperceptibly rocking, her body subtly jerking and shaking to the damning music of his voice.

Before long, they were essentially collaborating in their mutually relished performance. Lana would act out, to be punished. Her father would invent new ways, new scenarios by which they could bring each illegal bahis siteleri other off without touching one another, or admitting this was what they were both doing.

That unspoken thrill of pretending the other didn’t know charged their relationship with an electricity other’s didn’t recognize for what it was.


A year after she had graduated from Oxford, Lana came home to help care for her sick aunt. One evening the Colonel wanted to talk to her about how she had treated her stepmother at a recent family gathering.

The way the Colonel approached her, the way he said it the look on his face was like an erotic jolt brushing through Lana’s awareness. So many memories came flooding back. She felt little again, felt her heart race, her pulse quickening, the slipperiness between her legs return, her breasts humming with electric tingles. She became suddenly self-consciously aware, fearful she’d be discovered when her father already knew, her pussy quivering, her nipples so suddenly hot, her breasts so suddenly swollen, burning, the familiar slippery warmth now pouring from between her legs.

Lana flushed and nodded, looking into her father’s eyes with a mixture of sumptuous erotic excitement and imploring anticipation. The Colonel felt his cock hardening, rising in his dark slacks, his balls tingling hot so full of cum for his little girl.

Behind closed doors in her father’s study, the Colonel said he didn’t think she was really hearing him when he was reprimanding her. His pauses were intentional, deliberate, watching, studying Lana’s expressions, knowing he was taking her to that place again. He told her it was time she receive a more thorough punishment, and watched as his daughter’s body visibly shook.

Lana was already wet being called into the Colonel’s study, following him, now, these years later, her entire body humming with excitement. She looked straight ahead, at her father, but inside, she was a churning well of heated perverse arousal. It had been a long time since her father had punished her. She’d missed it. She’d tried to provoke boyfriends that way, but none of them understood. She was so surprised and so intensely aroused she felt herself become so aroused she felt light headed, as if in a dream. She felt her breasts swell under her blouse and her nipples become even harder, achingly desperate to be pinched and pulled like she would do in bed at night, almost every night dreaming of her father.

She looked toward the Colonel, into his eyes and then demurely looking down, wondering whether he saw how hard her nipples were, whether he could smell her heat, whether he saw her rubbing the heels of her palms into her pubis, how she turned her wrists so subtly to press into her clit, her father, a certain nervous sexual energy in her that he picked up on, that she was unable to harness, to restrain, to keep hidden that brought our a beast in him she recognized and longed for.

The Colonel began.

He couldn’t after all let her, his daughter, go on to marry still behaving as she was, could he, that, she couldn’t go on to behave this way with her husband, or her husband would have to punish her as well.

Lana shuddered, her nervous sexual energy radiating from her like pheromones, imagining how wonderful that would be, her father and her future spouse both punishing her how she’d find ways to be deserving of both; she saw herself still returning to her father’s house, even after she was married.

Her father saw her body’s long familiar natural reaction to his words, his voice the signal of her nervous energy; his cock ached, hard and throbbing under his slacks, hidden by his suit jacket. He was as excited as Lana, his cock dripping pre-cum, knowing what Lana didn’t know.

He delighted in little had changed. He had jerked off so many times thinking about her while she was away at school, images of his daughter, disciplined, obedient, kneeling in front of him, asking him, to take him into her mouth, his beautiful daughter, sucking his cock, her wild sexual energy, her need to please him, to suck him harder, to make him cum in her beautiful warm little mouth.

Lana nodded, a faraway look in her eyes.

“Good girl,” he said abruptly. “Then we should begin your training immediately.”

Lana’s eyelids fluttered, she felt flush hearing him say, my good girl.

It started with the Colonel scolding her much as before, but now, standing in the middle of the study, the door closed and locked, as she would glance at him he would increasingly stringently tell her to stare straight ahead. Her nipples throbbed. He’d not been this demanding before.

He would walk around her his voice raising and lowering, sometimes booming causing Lana’s insides to quiver as he’d brush against her, sometimes even bump against her bottom the touch sending waves of vibrating feelings between her legs causing her to draw in her breath.

Her father hearing the shuddering escape of air from his daughter, canlı bahis siteleri her sighs, felt his cock ache and throb as he passed close enough to smell her sexual heat. He longed for that moment each day.

Sometimes he would tell her to stand with her hands clasped behind her; he didn’t want her able to touch herself. He’d brush by her, purposefully dragging his shoulder across her swollen hot nipples, their both pretending he wasn’t purposefully letting his fingers dangle and touch so perversely close to his daughter’s cunt, her hips always pushing toward his hand as if she weren’t.

Lana couldn’t have anticipated her father the next day in his study telling her to bend over. She thought at first to spank her, and she felt that delicious anticipation course through her, wanting to raise her dress rather than feel his hand through the material, waiting for his next command.

His plans for her though had become even more refined. She did as he told her, unselfconsciously spreading her legs to shoulder width, locking her knees, and bending from her waist, waiting for the first strike of his hand, her hands on the wooden back of a chair, her fingers curling around it, tightening, as her father’s voice sent wave after wave of delicious, vibrating humming surges through her.

She became aware of the air movement of his passing by her flowing up under her skirt, between her spread legs, felt it tantalizingly swish up between and across her inner thighs, her skirt tight around her legs, hugging her soft little bottom, her thighs, her pussy underneath warm and wet.

He just made her stand their like that, chastising her, telling her how she would indeed comply with his wishes, her bottom finally slowly swaying, her knees bending under the weight of her arousal, her hips subtly rotating, gyrating at the air, at his words, at the image of her father’s steely hard erection under his dark slacks burning through her closed eyes. Her panties soaking damp and warm, her pussy dripping wet under her skirt, Lana was already cumming, the sheer pleasure of him demanding it of her, and him watching. The next time, she didn’t wear panties.

Day after day, week after week, the scolding became a daily event. There was no longer reason for her to be punished. They both, father and daughter, began to need it, crave it, anticipate it, and Lana found herself looking at her father during the day, imploring, looking to him to signal when it was time, every scolding an escalating repertoire of her father’s increasingly creative demands, and Lana’s uncompromising willingness, within and under the pretense of her being scolded, for her future well-being.

One day, Lana sensed something different was going to happen, and she was right. She realized he’d brought her all along to this one place, this one moment. He had her stand, this time a few feet away from the wall, facing the wall.

Her father’s voice moved around the room behind her, back and forth, getting closer and closer until he was standing behind her, his front pressed to her, touching her, the closest he’d ever stood. She didn’t dare look behind her. Unmovable he pressed himself firmly against her bottom, his chest against her shoulders, his whispering hot growling voice right at her ear each whispering cruelty a loving slap causing her to quiver and shake as if she’d been physically struck, her knees weakening, her freshly shaven cunny tingling and dripping wet, her breathing deep and hard, her entire body alight with brimming pleasure.

He threatened that he would have to take greater measures to assure her obedience, and she almost lost her balance. She could feel the heat of his breath, his intensity, his intention, the hardness of his cock pressing through the folds of her pleated skirt, against her bottom, and she again shuddered with a renewed wicked, heated excitement.

She felt herself flush, her perspiring, and her father noticed, too. She could barely breathe, her legs parted, her cunny bare and hot and dripping wet under her skirt, surprised, as her father suddenly tapped the length of the crop he often carried against the outside of her calf. He stepped back, tapped it on her soft hot skin, then harder, the leather stinging, against her outer thigh telling her to bend over as he had before, and Lana, naked under her skirt, her pussy quivering did as she was told, pressing her fingertips to the wall, her bottom pushing back fully into her father’s raging hard cock, her tight skirt so firmly gloving her soft little bottom pressed up on her high heels.

The Colonel continued talking, his thighs against the backs of hers, his legs pushing into the backs of her legs preventing her from moving. Their shared heat moist and hot and pulsing, transferring into each other, his groin pressing into her soft bottom, her hot little cunt, his cock standing upright under his slacks pressed firmly between her legs, his thickness pushing through the lips of her pussy radiating her feminine heat, the Colonel rubbed himself flagrantly into his daughter’s up thrust bottom, rubbed himself over her heated cunt separated only by the thin material of their clothing, their shared slight movements becoming purposeful, subtle, albeit…unintentional.

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The Conspiracy of Silence

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It was an odd conspiracy of silence, one that I felt very strange about. They both knew – sisters talk – but now they knew it was both of them, they pretended it wasn’t…

I had met Tina at work. We had worked in the same office for several months before the inevitable office party. The party where she drank too much. The party from where I drove her home. Took her into her house (her family were away)…well the rest is history. We were never in a relationship particularly, but the sex was good – she was fun, adventurous, she seemed to like what I did. If we had a spare evening – perhaps every couple of weeks she came around to my flat, we got together. Had fun. Went home. At 22 she was both self-confident enough and carefree enough to simply enjoy having a “fuck-buddy.”

I had met Toni a couple of months later. She was a year older than Tina. We had both been at the gym. Her car had a flat tyre when I walked past. I changed the wheel. Took her for a drink and again the rest, as they say, is history. She was a regular visitor to my flat as well. Whereas Tina was smallish, shapely, outgoing, funloving, Toni was much quieter, slim, taller. Whereas Tina was fun-loving and a bundle of fire in bed, Toni was more sensual, but ultimately more “amoral” – had less inhibitions, would do anything to intensify our pleasures. One week it was Toni, the next it was Tina. Heaven for me, I hope fun for them.

It took me several weeks to work out they were sisters. I saw Toni’s driving license. It leapt out at me. The same address. The same surname. It was obvious… I asked Toni if she had a sister called Tina who worked where I worked. She had. I asked Tina if she had a sister which went to the same gym as I did. She had. I never let on to the other that they were both regular visitors to my bed…

I suppose sisters talk. One would say they had a date which ended up at the man’s flat. A week later the other would say they had been to bed with their date. They talked about him – me. It took them several months to put it all together – similar descriptions, both mentioning the same area. Christian name of the date the same. It was odd – all three of us put it together at roughly the same time – I was bedding two sisters. Toni realising Tina was sharing my bed, Tina realising Toni… But no-one daring to tell anyone else what was happening, what they knew. The grand conspiracy of silence had started!

One of the things I like to do is tell my partners about my fantasies while we are making love. It seems to intensify things. If you click into the right thing, it can make the partner really hot. Sometimes it can lead to more fun, more variety down the line. It did particularly with Toni when I told her just before we came one evening how I’d like to cum all over her pretty face. Her mind looked shocked, but her body gave her away – she exploded into her orgasm at that moment. Two weeks later I was cumming all over her face, because she wanted to try it, experience it. It took her ages to wash her hair after we had finished!

The one fantasy everyone knows every man has is having two women at the same time. Or watching two women making love to each other. It was natural to say it to Tina and Toni when we were making love, and it did seem to enhance their excitement, their wetness, as my cock slid in and out of them. Again their minds would tell them it wasn’t right and you could see that on their faces, but their bodies betrayed them.

It was a short journey from there to naming the women I would like to see them with. Stars off the telly, the odd sports star or celebrity. Again, each time their bodies responded, as much as their minds illegal bahis may not have liked the idea.

The final step was when I was with Toni. My mind was befuddled with lust as I took her, both of us reaching our peaks. It slipped out by accident, although I knew I shouldn’t have said it the moment I’d opened my mouth. “I’d like to see you make love to Tina.”

Her eyes opened wide as her mind rejected the idea, but her body seemed to explode in lust, she had the most intense orgasm I could remember – and that was saying something! Immediately afterwards the conspiracy of silence came down. We pretended it hadn’t happened.

We pretended, until the next time. This time I said it deliberately, but as if in the befuddled lustful state just before orgasm. I told her I would love to see her head between her sisters legs, asking her if she wouldn’t love to taste her sisters pussy, make her cum. Again her face looked shock, but her body exploded with lust. Again, afterwards, the conspiracy of silence.

Afterwards for the next couple of months it became a regular part of our love making. Me sharing the fantasy, intensifying her lust, her mind disapproving, her body exploding, the conspiracy of silence…

It was about a month after I had first said anything about her sister to Toni, that I said anything to Tina. I had already talked of fantasies as we made love, and mentioned about watching her with another woman, but it was that month later I said I’d like to see her with her sister. Remarkably almost the same thing happened. She was shocked, mentally disapproving, but her body responding as never before, followed, of course, by the conspiracy of silence.

The whole thing seemed totally ludicrous – neither admitting to the other that they were both having sex with the same man, me never mentioning to one sister that I was having sex with the other sister, and all three of us pretending there was nothing “eccentric” or “extreme” being talked about when we were making love, nothing that was enhancing what was already good sex. For myself, I was happy to continue in that mode, as presumably were the two sisters. I knew that one day they would meet men they wanted a deeper relationship with and I would be left behind . I didn’t mind that – I would just move on. But while things were as they were, I was happy to enjoy the fun.

One Saturday a phone call changed all that. Well, I changed things. I took an opportunity, grasped an opportunity. I got the phone call from Tina about 11.30am. Their washing machine had flooded the kitchen. They had phoned everyone else they could think of – uncles, neighbours, friends, and I was the last one they had tried. They had dared try. Again, the same folly, the same conspiracy of silence had ruled. Tina had said there was a man she worked with, that she thought Toni had seen at the gym, who lived nearby who could probably help. Toni said phone him, I know who you mean. At 11.40 I arrived at their home. Both sisters looked gorgeous in their casual tee-shirts and jeans. Their parents who lived there, who owned the house, were away for the weekend.

It took a bit of time to fix the washer. One of the pipes from the mains water to the machine had split. It meant turning off the water. Going to the DIY shop. Buying a new pipe. Fitting it. Turning the water back on. Trying a wash. Helping to mop up the water.

These jobs always take longer than you expect – at 1.30pm we had decided the machine was fine, and they offered me a sandwich and cup of coffee. I didn’t refuse. We chatted. We chatted on. We talked about work. About friendships. It was all superficial and the conspiracy of silence illegal bahis siteleri was never threatened. It was probably three o’clock when we got onto the subject of weird friendships. Weird relationships. At that moment the bell rang in my brain. Or the light came on. Maybe… I could try and see what would happen…The girls had talked and giggled about one lad who had broken wind a lot while making love. Another who always wanted to be underneath and have his face “sat on.” Then there was a sudden momentary lull.

“I think one of the weirdest things I’ve come across is,” I paused. they both listened. “One of the weirdest thing is this girl who was really good, but got incredibly turned on when I fantasized about her making love to her sister.”

The silence was deafening. Both had turned bright red. Both stumbled over their speech. I continued. “I often wondered whether they would want to make love to each other for real. It would certainly have fulfilled all my dreams! That would have been really hot to see” I smiled, relaxed, as if I hadn’t said anything of great import. For the two girls it was very different. Bright red with embarrassment, a stunned look on their faces, clearly an air suggesting this shouldn’t be happening, surely the conspiracy of silence was stronger…

There was complete silence for a moment, then both Tina, started blustering, saying sisters would never want to do that, saying it was wrong, saying she would never consider such a thing, saying them over two or three times in her desire to make this moment go away.

About the second time Tina was going through her “litany” of objections, Tina joined it. But it was slightly different. “Never thought of it, so embarrassing, wouldn’t know what to do, wouldn’t know where to start…”

I let them go on for a few moments, raised my hand, let their talking peter out, said sorry for mentioning it. But continued …”but you both know it was you. With each other.”

This time the two girls had nothing to say, had their eyes down, couldn’t face each other because of the embarrassment. I turned to Toni and spoke gently. “You don’t know what to do? It’s quite simple really. You get up, walk over to Tina, and as you get there she will realise you are serious. She’ll stand up, then you put your arms around her, put your lips to hers, then kiss her. As you both enjoy it more instinct will take over – you do to her what you like have done to you. Put your tongue in her mouth. Rest your hand on her boob. Pinch her nipple. Undress her. Bit more, probably end up in a 69.It’s not difficult…” I smiled encouraging and waved my hand towards Tina in invitation.

There was a long long pause. I thought I had got it wrong. Was wondering what to say to get us out of this moment. Then it happened.

Toni got to her feet slowly. Walked over to Tina. Held out her hand to Tina.

Slowly Tina looked up into Toni’s eyes, then took the hand and Toni helped her to her feet. They were clearly very nervous, and clumsy in their nervousness, but Toni did put her arms around Tina, put her lips to Tina’s, and it was good to see Tina let her. I watched as they tentatively kissed, relaxing slowly into each others arms, the kiss becoming more natural, more animated. It took three of four minutes before their tongues were gently wrestling. It took perhaps 6 or 7 minutes until I saw Tina raise her hand and cup Toni’s breast, squeezing gently, then pinching the nipple which I could see getting hard through her bra and tee-shirt. Suddenly Toni stepped back, broke away. She gave Tina a long stare in her eyes – again I thought this could be the end of the show…

It canlı bahis siteleri wasn’t. Toni reached out, took the bottom of tina’s tee-shirt and pulled it off over her head. She reached behind Tina, undid her bra and let it fall to the ground. Tina’s round pert breasts looked even more beautiful at this moment than they ever had before. I thought Toni was going to stop at that, but she didn’t.

Toni reached out and undid the button on Tina’s jeans, slid down the zip, and pulled both Tina’s jeans and panties to the floor. Tina looked fantastic as she stood there naked. It was obvious she wanted to – she had helped Toni removed the panties and jeans from her feet. Again Toni reach to Tina, pulled her to her and began to kiss her, but this time much more passionately, her hands beginning to explore Tina’s body, hands caressing and squeezing Tina’s breasts, running all over her back, over her shapely curved ass. I watched as Tina spread her legs slightly to allow Toni to explore between. It was clear from Tina’s glazed look that she was enjoying this. Her breathing was shortening as Toni was clearly reaching some good places between Tina’s legs.

It had surprised me at first that Toni was playing the “top” role – but perhaps the quiet shyer ones are stronger personalities!

My thoughts didn’t last long as my eyes went back to the show. I watched as Toni pushed her sister to the floor, and again was kissing her, let her hands roam. This time nothing was hidden – Tina allowed her legs to be spread wide, the lips of her pussy glistening as Toni’s fingers danced over them. One moment she was flicking Tina’s clitoris, making her moan, then gently pushing one or two fingers into her pussy, sliding them in and out, next moment allowing her fingers to pinch the lips of her pussy, each action causing Tina to moan with pleasure, each action making her breathe more heavily.

Suddenly Toni pulled away again, but this time I knew this wasn’t going to stop here. She quickly undid her jeans, slipped them off revealing her beautiful ass, her neatly trimmed bush.

She paused for a moment, then simply stood astride Tina’s head and dropped herself onto Tina’s face.

This time Toni paused them moaned and squirmed – it was obvious Tina’s tongue was touching a nice spot. Toni quickly removed her tee-shirt and bra, then leant forward, allowing her head to disappear between Tina’s legs.

At this moment the girls were oblivious of the room, of me, as their tongues began to work on each other. The girls moaned, squirmed, their bodies bucked as their arousal got higher and higher…

Suddenly Toni exploded in orgasm, crying out, and moments later Tina followed. Their bodies shuddered, Toni forcing her crotch hard down onto Tina’s face, their hips bucked. I knew the two girls were hot but was amazed at the violence of their orgasms. It seemed like minutes before Toni rolled off her sister.

It was odd for the three of us to be sitting there. It had been so hot, watching the two girls, I was rock hard. “Me next…” I said, undoing my flies.

“Oh no,” said Tina in a pretend shocked voice.

Suddenly Toni had caught on… “We can’t do that…”

Tina continued. “No, we’ve got a lot of catching up to do. A lot to talk about. A lot to explore…”

Toni continued, giggling. “No, you’ll have to leave, you have to go…”

I had stood up, and was suddenly feeling pushed out the door by the two girls. Before I knew what had happened I was out of the door, my trousers still undone.

Toni spoke. “You can ring us in a few days…”

Tina continued: “But we have a lot for just the two of us…” The door was shut. I was outside. I quickly did up my trousers.

“The swines,” I thought, as I drove away frustrated. But I knew the next time I was with them I would be in charge. And all three of us would have fun… and I would get my revenge…

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Meaty Milf Workout Pt. 01

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This is a work of fiction. All characters are over the age of 18.

Chapter 1: Muscle Mass

My dad always says that the only thing girls go for is big muscles. He’s got enough of those and then some. Unfortunately for me, I didn’t inherit his muscle mass. My name is Takashi, and I’m a pretty scrawny guy. I just turned 18, and there’s not a buff thing about me. When my dad was my age he was already what my mom would call a “beefcake”. It was always so embarrassing when they acted all lovey dovey like that. But I was glad their marriage was still going strong after all these years.

Having just finished high school, I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life. While thinking about that stuff was hard enough, I was also thinking about the fact that I was still a virgin. All throughout high school, not a single girl looked at me with desire in their eyes. I went to my dad with this problem, and he gave me the wordly advice of needing to be more swole. Apparently he was quite the ladies man back in the day, and when he met my mom they couldn’t keep their hands off each other.

Pondering that mental image was traumatic to say the least, so I took to thinking about how I could solve my virginity problem myself. I did think that dad’s advice was good, and that going to the local gym would be beneficial even though I was terrible at working out. I figured there would be an instructor there who would help me. Little did I know that there was someone there who would help me in more ways than one.

Chapter 2: The Infamous Boy Eater

It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon when I decided to start my gym excursion. My over eager, exercise nut dad offered to go with me and train me personally. I told him I appreciated it, but was also terrified that whatever regimen he had in mind would kill me. I said that I could manage by myself. I figured a good start to my workout that I could handle would be to walk to the gym instead of driving. After all, it was only a couple miles away. At least I thought I could handle it.

It took me almost an hour to drag myself to the gym. I was more out of shape than I thought. I was already sweating like crazy when I walked breathlessly inside. Thankfully it was air conditioned, and cool, refrigerated air wrapped me up in a blanket of comfort. I looked around, and wondered where I should start. I considered looking for some kind of instructor, but wanted to at least attempt this alone first. From what my dad said, women seem to really go for big biceps. So I made my way to the free weights. There were two 35 pound dumbbells unused sitting alone.

I sat on the bench, and lifted both of them as best as I could to test out the weight. Needless to say, I struggled a bit. There were a couple of meat heads nearby effortlessly lifting much heavier weights. They saw me struggling, and chuckled to themselves. I suddenly didn’t want to be here anymore. Then I caught a strong scent of sweat behind me. It wasn’t an unpleasant smell. It was just very strong, like pheromones turning my brain into mush. I saw the two jocks stop laughing, and their jaws drop.

“Don’t pay any attention to those meanies, sweetheart. They’re just jealous of your boyish good looks.” I slowly turned around and saw what I thought to be an angel. She would stand a full foot above me if I were standing as well. She had short auburn hair. Her face was gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous. Full, plump, pink lips. Big, brown eyes. She had a very experienced look about her.

I looked at the amazing sight of her breasts tightly cramped into a sports bra. They were the biggest I’ve ever seen. Even more than a porn stars. Not to mention they were incredibly perky, and well balanced. Her belly was shamelessly bare and bulging. She had wide, motherly hips. I couldn’t directly see it, but I had a feeling her ass was a knockout, too. A high chance with the rest of her figure. I sat there, literally unable to speak. I just stared at the woman in front of me that looked like she was made for breeding.

“Ahn! Please don’t stare so much! You’re gonna make me blush!” Just so, her cheeks were suddenly bright pink as I undressed her with my eyes. I snapped back to reality, and put the dumbbells down. I stood up, and bowed apologetically.

“I’m so sorry, ma’am! I didn’t mean to stare. You just look so… sexy…” I trailed off, and the angel giggled so sweetly. It was a beautiful sound.

“Oh my! You are just the sweetest thing. Why, I could just eat you up, young man.” She graced me with another adorable laugh, and every plump inch of her jiggled in response. I looked back at the two big guys that were laughing at me a second ago, and they were as transfixed as I was. She took notice, and stuck her tongue out at them, making them sink their heads in defeat.

She took my hand, and led me away. I was confused. Normally a woman of this caliber would go for the meathead type. She should have passed me by, and went straight to them. Something about this seemed off. Then I remembered something. göztepe escort A friend had told me a local legend about a mysterious bbw milf that hung around the gym looking for young boys to devour. I must have been so focused on school that I forgot. Could this be her? The infamous boy eater?

Chapter 3: Tit For Tat

As the plump angel pulled me away from prying eyes, I could finally get a good look at her impressive butt. It was as outrageous as I expected, if not more so. It jiggled and bounced violently as she walked, I thought it could successfully hypnotize me. She had on a pair of pink yoga pants that acted like a second skin. It looked so good. I could feel my crotch start to swell at the sight of this porn star bodied milf.

She finally stopped us at the back of the gym, where no one else was. I thought this strange, because there was still some equipment back here. She sat us down on another bench, and smiled at me. I mindlessly gaped at her again. Before she came to her senses and slapped me for the obvious pervert I was, I smiled back, and offered my hand.

“My name is Takashi, ma’am. It’s very nice to meet you. I’m sorry again for staring so much. I hope you’re not angry or anything.” She took my hand, and shook it, laughing her sweet laugh again.

“Not at all, sweet boy! In fact, I kinda like how much you stare. It’s really cute how much of a virgin you obviously are.” She laughed loudly again, but I didn’t enjoy it as much as before. Did she just isolate me so she could make fun of me? She quickly composed herself. “Oh, please forgive me, sweetie. I’m not trying to hurt your feelings.” She had a very motherly tone that eased my suspicions, and made my cock rock hard.

“That’s okay, ma’am. I can tell you’re not mean like that.” I smiled sweetly at her to reassure her. She squealed in delight at my innocence.

“By the way, my name is Mitsurugi. But please, call me Auntie M. I love when young boys call me that.” The idea of calling her that made my sex organ flare intensely. I did my best to hide it. I was wearing baggy shorts, so I think I was okay.

“Okay… Auntie… By the way, why did you bring me back here?” She stood up, and pointed to a yoga mat in the corner.

“That is why, young man! I need someone to help me do some pretty intense yoga positions and stretches. You looked like the perfect candidate. You see, I’m an old 45 year old lady whose body just doesn’t STRETCH and BEND the way it used to.” As she enunciated the word stretch, she effortlessly stretched backwards, making her massive tits and lewd belly burst out even more. Then with the word bend, she spun around, and bent over touching her toes. Her phat booty bulged, and I did all I could from reaching out and giving it a firm smack for teasing me like this. She clearly had no trouble with moving her body. But I wasn’t about to say so.

“If you really need my help Auntie, I’d be more than happy to. Anything to spend time with such a sexy woman. And if I may be so bold, you don’t look a day over 30.” She looked like she wanted to scoop me up in her arms and crush me in between those enormous meaty breasts.

“AHHN! You sweet, sweet boy! If you keep saying such nice things, I’ll have to give you a kiss! Now, let’s get to work, okay? Also, if you do well in helping me, I may tell you about an exercise regimen that will definitely give you results.” I couldn’t say no to that. But even more so, I wanted a chance to be able to touch this amazing bbw body.

Chapter 4: Bending and Stretching

Auntie M layed out the yoga mat, and hummed excitedly to herself. I watched her get on her knees, and flatten the mat until she was satisfied. I could not stop staring at her bulbous bubble ass. It looked like it really wanted me to smack it. She was fiddling with the mat, and ended up sticking her ass high up in the air. It was truly a sight to behold. I couldn’t contain myself anymore, and moved in. I gave her phat ass a hard slap, and it jiggled wildly. She yelped in surprise.

“AHN! Takashi! What was that for? You smacked my booty! Ouch… you did it so hard, too…”

“Sorry if I hurt you, Auntie. But you wanted me to help stretch you out, right? We have to get that blood flowing. Your big booty looked like it needed a good smack. But here, let me make it feel better.” I placed my hand gently on the soft ass meat, and groped it strongly. Auntie M moaned as I squeezed.

“Hyaahn! Baby, that feels nice. I knew you were a good choice. But can you help me stretch now?” She lied down, and raised her legs in the air. “I need you to push my legs apart as far as they can go, baby. Don’t be afraid of hurting me. Really spread them open, okay?” I gulped hard, and nodded.

I took hold of her ankles, and slowly splayed her legs apart. They went down quite far. I looked down and saw the most delicious looking fat camel toe on the planet. I pushed her legs past the threshold, and she gasped. As I forced her thick thighs apart, she started moaning. My cock was seriously engorged kurtköy escort now. Looking at this big beautiful woman’s fat pussy mound made me want to start slurping it up. Auntie M took notice, and giggled.

“Mmm young man, if you keep staring, I might just have to give you a stern talking to.” I used my knees to hold apart her thighs, and started rubbing over her plump, juicy pussy with my hand. She gasped loudly, and squealed as I gently went to rubbing her out. It didn’t take long for a wet stain to form. The cunt was so fat, when I spread it open I could clearly see the outline of her swollen labia and clit. After giving her gushing pussy a good rub, she shivered and slowly got up.

“For a virgin, you sure know how to treat a pussy. You made me gush so much, honey. Thanks for giving me attention down there. Now, let’s move on.” She sat up, and crossed her legs. She held her arms apart. “I need you to pull my arms back for me. Again, no need to worry about my limits, and really pull them, okay?” I sat behind her, and had a peek over her shoulders. Her tits were so gigantic from this angle.

I took both her arms, put my knee into her back and pulled them behind her. I started slowly, and eventually started pulling them so that the stretch had a visible effect. Her titties bulged so much when I did this, and Auntie M couldn’t help but moan. After pulling her arms a few more times, I released them, and turned my attention to her massive, heaving breasts. I took both in my hands, and started squeezing them like dough. Auntie M gasped, but allowed me to work.

“HHNNNG! Takashi, that feels so good! Are you trying to get the blood flowing in my boobies now? MMM…” I continued to fondle and grope the huge globes. I felt the nipples grow hard.

“Yes, Auntie M. Besides, these tits are so huge, they must weigh your shoulder muscles down. I wanted to relieve you a bit. I hope that’s okay.” I couldn’t pull away from these giant marshmallow-like breasts. I eventually managed to stop myself after having my fill. Auntie M was now gasping and mewling, seemingly in heat. With her breasts and pussy all warmed up, I could tell she wanted to fuck.

However, I didn’t expect her to spin around and plant a deep french kiss directly on my mouth. Our tongues wrestled violently, and she bit my lower lip hungrily. I figured she would leave me to find a real man to fulfill her sexual desires now that I had warmed her up.

“Auntie M! Don’t you want a real man to help with your needy pussy? I know it’s my fault you’re all hot and bothered now, but I’m just a virgin. And I don’t have big muscles like those other guys…” She stroked my cheek, and pulled me into her inviting bosom.

“Oh, sweetie. Can’t you tell what my type is by now? I love young, sweet virgins with no experience and adorable faces just like yours. Besides, you handled my body in a very professional way. You helped me with my yoga, and as promised, I’ll tell you about an exercise regimen that will help build muscle mass and burn fat. It’s a little act know as HARDCORE RAW FUCKING.”

Chapter 5: Shower Time

I was dumbfounded. Was I seriously not only about to lose my virginity, but to a stacked, ultra sexy, motherly bbw? I had to be dreaming. I felt the raging hard on in my shorts, and knew this was real. Auntie M smooched my cheek, and took my hand. She led me towards the locker and shower area. As we passed the two muscle heads from earlier, still pumping iron, I gave them a sheepish look as I was pulled away by the sexiest bitch they’ve definitely ever seen. They looked positively livid, and that made me quite happy.

We made our way into the locker room, and Auntie M locked the door. I was a bit nervous about this whole thing. What if we got caught? Auntie seemed to read my mind when she saw my worried face.

“Oh, don’t worry baby. We’ll have plenty of privacy. The owner is a close friend. She lets me have my way with all kinds of boys in here. She’s a huge slut, like myself. Maybe I’ll introduce you sometime. But right now, you’re all mine, young man. Now, be a good boy, and strip for Auntie.” I nervously did as instructed.

I pulled off my shirt, and my pale chest was revealed. I obviously wasn’t ripped, but I had an average build. I wouldn’t have minded a nice six pack, though. Regardless, Auntie M looked at me with hunger in her eyes. I was now sporting a full mast erection that was tenting my shorts. I pulled them down, and out sprang my member. It was a full 12 inches long, and impressively girthy and thick. I hadn’t a hair in sight, as I preferred a smooth private area. Auntie looked shocked to say the least. She gasped, obviously very impressed.

“HYAAA! OH MY GOODNESS! Such a massive weapon you have! I would have never guessed, baby! Your cute face doesn’t fit with your gigantic cock! It’s such a jarring difference… What do you wanna do with that scary thing, anyway?” Her tongue hung lewdly out of her mouth, and it was her turn to stare at my impressive hardware shamelessly. My huge dick pendik escort twitched and bounced excitedly.

“Well, I was hoping I could drill your fat pussy and make you cum a whole bunch with it, Auntie M…” At that, she nearly collapsed in a horny heap. Instead, she pulled off her surprisingly small sports bra, letting her almost terrifying tits bounce out cartoonishly. She peeled off her tight yoga pants, and her phat booty exploded out, looking happy to be free at last. My uncharacteristically massive cock throbbed hard at the sight of her obscene naked body.

She strutted up to me, and took a tight hold on my meaty dick. I gasped as she started stroking it. Precum was already oozing out, making it all slick and slippery and therefore her handjob easier. My face was squished between her enormous breasts, and my whole body shook as she toyed with my meat. I was having a hard time standing during this, so Auntie suggested something.

“Gosh, we are both so sweaty! I think a hot, steamy shower is in order, don’t you?” She let go of my rod, which swung free like a baseball bat. She walked her thick as fuck ass into one of the showers, and like a puppy, I followed. She turned the nozzle, and hot water shot out of the shower head. She ducked under the stream and was suddenly all wet. She sighed in pleasure as the water washed off all her strong smelling sweat.

I decided to join her, and she pulled me into the water with her. She took a nearby bottle of soap lotion that was probably free for bathers to use. She unloaded a healthy amount into her hands and lathered them together. She turned me around, and pulled me into her cavernous cleavage. Her huge breasts enveloped around my head. This is when she reached down, and took hold of my cock again. With her slippery, soapy hands she stroked off my beastly dick. I jolted at the sensation that was even better than before.

“AHHN! Auntie that feels so good! I love how you stroke my cock! Please don’t stop!” She giggled at my sweet reaction, and tightened her grip. She expertly worked out the stress and tension in my throbbing meat. If her hand felt this good, I couldn’t imagine…

As if reading my mind again, she let go of my pole. I gasped suddenly really missing the feeling of being stroked off so well. But as I turned around, I noticed Auntie lathering up her enormous titties. They were all soapy and shiny. They somehow looked even better now.

“Now, young man. I know how much you were enjoying Auntie’s handjob, but wouldn’t you like it even more if you got worked over by these fat tits you seem to love so much? Naughty little boy staring at them so intensely. I know you wanna fuck them. So let’s just do that!”

She knelt down, and my huge fuck pole was twitching, and throbbing hard. I poked the manly tip into one of her soft boobies. It felt way too good. I dug into her nipple, and she squealed loudly.

“HYAAHN! Not my nipple, naughty boy! Oouuu you are so bad. Stick that monster inside my titty pussy and make sure you scrub as hard as you can!” I nodded assuredly and did as I was told. My dick was at perfect height with her chest. I slid my huge dick into her waiting cleavage and was overcome with an intense pleasure I had never felt before. Almost immediately I started pumping my hips back and forth in and out of her heavenly bosom.

Auntie was surprised by my intensity. She yelped as my burning hot dick carved its way between her bursting tits. Her nipples came together at the point where my cock was diving in and out. Now there was the added sensation of her plump nipples massaging my horny dick. This made Auntie feel good, too.

“OOOUUU FUCK! My nipples are getting scrubbed! They’re so sensitive baby! You’re very good at fucking Auntie’s titties aren’t you? My big, strong boy! AHHN!” Auntie’s praise was making it difficult to keep my load in. I held out as long as I could, and squeezed her massive, velvety soft tits tightly around my dick and I creampied her titty pussy. I mewled loudly as did Auntie. My cumshot blasted out of the top of her cleavage and all over her pretty face.

I panted hard, and collapsed on my butt. Auntie tasted some of my fresh seed, and seemed to love it. She cleaned herself off easily, and quickly.

“That was an impressive cumshot for a virgin. Auntie is very proud of her big boy, fucking her titties like that. But now, I think it’s time for the main event. My pussy can’t stand it anymore.”

Chapter 6: The Real Bending and Stretching

“Oh, but let Auntie clean off that manly fuck meat first!” She turned off the shower, and got down on the floor with me. She had me lean against the wall, and met my huge, semi hard cock. She slurped it up and started expertly sucking me off. I twitched hard at this feeling. It was like my cock was melting in her mouth. She easily deepthroated me, and never took her eyes off mine. My dick was fully engorged again in no time.

She pulled off my cock with a loud “PUAH!” Then she pulled me a bit forward so that I slid into a lying position. My cock stood up completely straight like a skyscraper. Auntie squatted down with her bulbous bubble booty facing me, and smooched the tip of my impossibility excited cock. On her feet, she slowly lowered her pussy onto my dick and began eating it up.

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Me and My Professor

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His glass is shaking. Almost imperceptibly, but I can hear the ice tinkle. I watch him take a sip, his lips touching the rim of the glass. His upper lip is sweating. He sets the glass down. Gently. Like if anyone heard a single clink it’d all be over. As to what it is? I’m not entirely sure.

Mr. Parish absentmindedly wipes the sweat off his upper lip. I’m glad, because it was pretty annoying.

“Can I get you another drink?” he asks, outstretching his hand.

“I haven’t even finished my first-“

“Oh, no no no. That’s all ice, here.” He grabs my glass and pours a shot of bourbon in. He adds a few new young ice cubes and plops them in. I notice some of my drink spill over the lip when he walks over. I’m not sure if he actually measured a shot.

He hands me my new drink, cheers-ing me. I take a sip. I’ve never liked bourbon. Never knew what to mix it with. Now I get it. It’s an alcohol that stands alone. Independent.

“How has your first semester of college been so far?”

The sweat is back.

“Oh,” I shrug. “It’s been fine.”



“Cool!” he breezes, as he slowly melts a little deeper into the couch. “I remember when I was in college.”

When? The eighteen-hundreds?

“I loved it.

I made so many friends. Have you made any friends so far?”

None that I recall. “A couple, yeah.”

He shifts a little closer to me, our thighs now innocently touching. “I’m glad. You know, these connections that you’re making at college? Those are the connections that you’re going to cherish for the rest of your life.” Now moving his knee slightly, he draws attention to our contact.

I start to rub back, “Are you still friends with your college pals?”

“Most of ’em. But most of ’em are also professors.”

He catches himself red handed, and it slowly moves to his face. We share a moment of silence. I look at his hand, it is tense in anticipation. He knows what he wants to do. He wouldn’t have invited me here if he didn’t have a plan. I know this type of

His hand is on my upper thigh.

I look into his eyes. In a way, he’s kind of pathetic. Like a nerd with glasses that grew up and got old.

Why am I here? Does he have a wife?Does he have kids? Does he

His grip strengthens as his confidence increases. Every second that I don’t move his hand, pendik escort he’ll get more excited.

My breathing gets faster.

His hand moves up my thigh.

My cheeks start to flush.

His hand grazes past my lap.

My skin starts to tingle.

His hand grazes the side of my breast.

I need him to touch me.

He softly outlines my collar bone.

Please touch me. I mean actually touch me

He traces my spine.


Suddenly his grip tightens and his lips are on mine.

We ferociously kiss, tasting bourbon all over again.

He strays from my lips and begins kissing my jaw, working his way down to my neck.

Every time he kisses my skin I feel like I’m getting struck by lightning.

I quickly roll so that I’m now straddling him on the couch. He continues to kiss my neck, slowly working down to my chest. I’m wearing a crew neck tshirt, which he quickly lifts, revealing my braless tits.

The look in his eyes is priceless. I wonder when this man last got fucked. I mean, properly fucked. I’m not super experienced, but for fucks sake, I’m gonna make this losers day.

I grab his head and guide it to my tits. He sucks while massaging them. God, he makes my nipples so hard. His tongue swirls around my tits like he’s eating an ice cream cone. He leaves the nipple and kisses all around my chest, seeming almost like a spiritual event.

I wonder how many times he’s imagined me naked in class.

I wonder how many times he’ll think about me naked now?

He takes off my shirt, leaving my entire upper body bare for him to see. He looks me up and down, biting his lip. He wants to fuck me

He grabs my waist and throws me down on the couch.

He opens my legs wide, and slowly kisses the inside of my thigh. He makes little tiny kisses until he reaches my lap, and then slowly kisses the other side until he gets to my waist. It’s a long drawn out procedure, and I started getting impatient.

“You can eat me out-“

He grabs my mouth to shut me up. “I know.”

He lets go, continuing to kiss my legs. I lay there, perfectly still. All a girl needs in life is proper structure, right?

Eventually, he slows around my lap. He takes his time to kiss everywhere around my pussy. My lips. Until eventually, as he kisses, he slowly starts to lick. kurtköy escort He licks very gently, slowly starting to gain momentum. He licks my clitoris, and it finally feels like he’s broken the seal. I am sensitive beyond belief, and even just a brief contact is making me shake. He slowly speeds up, licking and sucking on my cunt. It feels so good, I never want him to stop.

He pauses, and slowly licks his finger. He continues to lick, while slowly testing the water with his finger. It feels so good inside me, and I can tell he’s having fun as he slowly fucks me. He adds another finger. I love the feeling of being full, and I just keep getting closer and closer. Finally, he adds a third finger. He licks my clitoris relentlessly, while three fingers in. I feel like I’m about to explode.


His phone starts to ring. I’m about to sigh and wait for him to answer, but he flips me around so I’m lying on my stomach. He grabs my hands and places them above my head. He continues to finger me, switching the amount of fingers in me to suit his liking.

He answers the phone. “Hey sweetie, how’s it going?”

Sweetie? Is he talking to his

“Oh, nothing much. The house seems pretty empty without you in it. When are you gonna be home?” He twists his fingers as he fucks me. I can feel it coming. Is that actually his

He puts us on speakerphone as he motions for me to shush. His wife is talking about something, I know that. But I can’t listen because he’s started eating me out again.

He’s sucking on my pussy as his wife names off a list of chores she wants done. I can feel his fingers hitting the best spot in the world, and I can feel my orgasm rising and rising until it’s a bubble that needs to be popped. He starts fucking me relentlessly, going in and out at an inescapable rate. My breathing stops completely as I feel an orgasm rip through me.

The waves are not even subsiding when Mr Parish finishes the call to his wife, “Okie doke. Love you, hope the kids are okay!”

He hangs up.

I stare at him.

“I’m married.”

“I figured.”


I grab and kiss him. His tongue is swirling around in my mouth, it brings back fond memories of just moments ago. I can even taste myself.

“I need you to fuck me,” I tell him.

He flips me around again and slams me kartal escort into the leather couch, face first. I can hear his belt buckle as he quickly removes any impediment to being inside me right now. I can hear a condom wrapper, it’s taking a bit longer than I’d like, so I giggle, “I’m on birth control!”

The condom wrapper stops crinkling, as he grabs my waist. He pulls me towards him, as he inspects my ass. He looks at my tight little pussy, and licks it again. A shiver moves through me.

He moves away, and I wonder where he went. I’m about to turn around when I can feel the tip of his penis on my cunt. Slowly, he moves inside of me. Ugh… it feels so good. He moves out, then moves back in, but deeper this time. I have no idea how much dick I have to go, but he keeps thrusting and getting deeper and deeper. Finally he just fucking plunges into me, balls deep, and I can feel it thrust into my G-spot.

He reaches around and starts playing with my clitoris as he pounds into me.

I wonder if he’s ever imagined this late at night.

He grabs my hair and pulls me back. He starts kissing my neck, slowly and deepening his thrusts. I turn my head around and we kiss. He then pushes me back down, and starts thrusting at a higher pace. His fingers continue to rub my sensitive clitoris, sending waves ecstasy.

“Fuck me harder!” I scream.

He takes that as a challenge and slams into me. It almost hurts, but that’s what I want. He grabs my hair and rests his hands on my neck, waiting for permission.

“Please yes!” I exclaim.

His grip tightens as he starts to choke me. He thrusts as my head starts to feel light, and as I feel him come, an orgasm tears me apart – sending wave and wave of pleasure.

He pulls out of me, leaving semen dripping out of my vagina.

“Your utmost discretion is highly sought.”

“What does that even mean?” I scoff.

“Please don’t tell anyone.” he chuckles, pulling me into him. He kisses me tenderly. He goes into his kitchen, and grabs some orange juice. He offers some, but I decline.

“I guess I should go…” I start to gather my clothes.

He quickly walks over. “My wife isn’t back until Monday. If you’d like to stay the night you’re absolutely welcome to it.”

I eye him up and down. What a jerk. He has a wife and maybe even kids, and while they’re on a trip without him, he’s down here seducing an 18-year-old student. I want to slap him. Or… I want him to slap me.

He grabs my ass and pulls me close to him. He kisses me less tenderly this time. “Please, stay.”

Guess I’m staying.

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Thank you to my excellent editor.


I looked across the table at the thirty-something Korean woman sitting with me. Her name was Mee-Yon but she went by May. She was more than pretty with the classic Korean look. Her eyes were beautiful with a gentle slant and deep brown color that drew you in and made you never want to look away. Her hair, styled in a short pixie cut, beautifully accented the delicate features of her face. A small, perfectly formed, nose sat over a small, but exquisitely beautiful and exceptionally kissable set of lips. She was very petite, maybe five feet tall at the most, and I was sure she couldn’t weigh more than a hundred pounds. She was wearing a white pull over blouse with a conservative cut. It wasn’t high fashion but it clung well enough to accent her small breasts. Snug black faux leather pants clung to her hips accentuating her movement as she walked. I was quickly falling for this Asian angel. And then she smiled. I swear my heart actually skipped a beat.

“Tell me about you.” Her voice was rich and full, not deep or husky, but not high pitched either. Her eyes sparkled with mischievous joy. She wove her fingers together and put them under her chin as she leaned forward.

“I’d rather hear about you. You fascinate me,” I said. Wow, that sounded cheesy but she seemed to like it.

“Me? Not much to say. I was born in Seoul. I came to America to marry a man named Frank Lister. I was married to him for five years. We lived in San Francisco. Then he divorced me. My friend Chung-He bought me tickets to come to Dallas. I’ve only been here for three days. Chung-He has been very nice. His wife is nice too.”

Her voice was mesmerizing and it was a few seconds before I realized she had stopped talking and was just looking at me. Before I got my brain back into first gear, I blurted out. “Why would your husband divorce you?” I instantly wanted it back. It was absolutely the wrong thing to say, and I hadn’t meant it the way it sounded. I just could not fathom why any sane human being would ever not want to be around May. I had only known her for less than an hour, but I was truly smitten.

Her laugh allowed me to breathe again. “He said I wasn’t what he wanted.” She looked down and the smile slid from her face. “I am not a good woman.” She turned her head away from me. She had gone from a laugh to nearly crying in a short moment. “I’m sorry. You can take me back to Chung-He. You don’t have to stay here. No one wants a divorced woman.”

“I don’t want to take you back.” I reached across the table and gently turned her face back toward me. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you. I’ll take you home if you want, but I really want you to stay.”

With typical waitress intuition, our waitress arrived with our appetizer at just that moment. As she sat the plate of Texas Cheese Fries down on our table, she looked from May to me and I swear that if looks could kill, I would have been instantly stone cold dead. I ignored her, pushed the fries to the side, and took May’s hands in mine.

“May, you are the most beautiful and the most interesting woman I have ever met. Please stay and enjoy the night. I want to know everything about you that you are willing to share. If I cross that line, just tell me. I won’t push.”

That thawed out the waitress a little before she walked away and it brought a small smile to May’s face. That small smile was like the sun rising after a two-week night. It warmed my soul and I never wanted to lose it.

May took a deep breath. “Alan, I like you. You deserve to know about me.” She paused and looked down at my hands holding hers and then looked back up at me. There was a catch in her voice as she spoke. “When I was in Korea, I disgraced my family. My mother disowned me. My father was hurt deeply. He still loved me, but he had to get me out of Korea. He found a mail order bride internet site and gave me to Frank Lister. Frank Lister wanted a slave. He wanted a maid to pick up his socks, do his dishes, and make his meals. I was not the demure slave he wanted. He kicked me out.”

It was a very good thing that Frank Lister lived in San Francisco. I’ve never hurt anyone in my life but I might not have been able to stop myself from making him the first. But for now, all I wanted was to get the smile back on May’s beautiful face.

“Well, you are in Texas now. We know how to treat beautiful ladies down here and I assure you that I like women and I’m not looking for a slave.” I gave her my best smile and she smiled back.

May squeezed my hands and then pulled away. “May we eat? I’ve never had Texas cheese fries.” She was giving the fries a look that I wished she would give me.

As we ate we talked about other things, safer things like what we enjoyed, and the difference in culture between California and Texas.

“Texas is so friendly. Everyone in Texas smiles.” May said between small bites.

I could never imagine anyone not smiling at this woman. “Southern hospitality.” kartal escort bayan I grinned at her.

“I don’t want to go back to California, but I have nothing here. I have nothing there either.” The smile was gone again and I began to understand a little of what Charley, as we called Chung-He at the software company we both worked for, meant when he had told me about May. My mind flashed back to that conversation. Charley had come into my office. “Alan, may I talk to you?”

“Certainly, have a seat.” I had thought it would be work related and I really hoped he had not found another job. The software industry in Dallas is highly competitive and Daltech had lost too many good software engineers to other companies lately.

“You have been divorced for over a year now.”

“Yeah…” Okay, definitely not work related.

“I have a friend staying with us for a few days. I would like you to take her out Friday. It doesn’t have to be much, but it would make her feel better.”

A blind date, on Valentine’s Day. Yeah that’s what every man wants. “Charley, I’m not sure that is a good idea.”

“She is not a good girl. She is not high class but you will like her. You don’t have to treat her like a lady. You are Texan. You will like her.”

Charley’s English is sometimes odd and to keep from being offended I attributed what he had said to his English skills.

“Charley Friday is Valentine’s Day. Women don’t want to go out with a stranger on Valentine’s Day. They want flowers, wine, and romance. I was married for twenty years. I don’t know how to do romance.”

“May is different. She doesn’t need romance, just a friend. My wife and I want a nice night at home.”

The light came on. I was going to be a baby sitter so that Charley and his wife could have an intimate evening together.

“Um, how long do I need to keep her out?”

“Oh, as long as you want. She will be good company. She will be good for you.” Charley was all smiles.

So I agreed to take May out, mainly to keep Charley happy. Now I was sitting with this woman and I wanted nothing more than to never leave her company again. I smiled at May. “You have friends here. That is something.”

“Chung-He is a friend of my father. He feels obligated to help me since my father died two years ago.”

“I’m sorry.” Damn, it seemed that every direction I went led to sadness for May.

“It only hurts when I think about it. I loved my father very much.” She smiled again. “He was a good man. He was sad when he sent me away. Not his fault. No man in Korea wanted me so I came to America.”

How could no man in Korea want her? Better question, how could I get her to smile again? “Oh, I got you a valentine card.” I took the card out of my jacket pocket and passed it to her. I had spent a long time trying to find a good valentine card for a blind date. It isn’t easy. I hadn’t known anything about May other than that she was Korean and Charley did not really think very highly of her. I couldn’t understand that at all. She was funny and although her life seemed full of pain, she still smiled. And she was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen in my life.

May read the card and she laughed. It was a humorous card. Hey when you don’t know which way to go, always go for the laugh, right?

“You’re a good man.”

It occurred to me, her English was very good, much better than Charley’s. “Where did you learn English so well?”

“Frank Lister made me practice. He didn’t want to hear a Korean accent. He made me get my American Citizenship too. He didn’t want a Korean wife.”

I just shook my head. Frank was a piece of shit and he needed his ass kicked. Oh well, not much I could do right then. “You’re away from him now. No need to worry about him ever again.”

May looked down again and tears brimmed in her eyes. “I am disgraced in Korea and now I’m disgraced by him here.”

“Nonsense. No disgrace that a reeking piece of shit couldn’t see what a treasure you are. It doesn’t matter. You can start again.”

“You are American. You don’t understand.”

I took her hands in mine, marveling at how small and petite they were in my big hams. “You’re in Texas now. You know what they say, when in Rome and all that.”

She smiled at me, but it was a sad smile. “I wish I could stay here forever. I like Texas.”

After that, we talked about other, safer things. Movies, music, what kinds of food we liked. We ordered and May was amazed that the restaurant offered a twenty-four ounce steak. She ordered a six-ounce sirloin while I ordered the twelve-ounce ribeye. I have to watch my waistline too you know. She laughed when I told her I liked AC/DC and the movie “Lone Survivor.” She liked “The Best Man Holiday” and classical jazz. She liked Gymnastics. I love football. It got to be funny, we had almost nothing in common but we liked each other’s company. After the meal was over and the waitress had cleared the table we kadıköy escort still sat talking and laughing together. Our waitress had finally forgiven me. It may have been the twenty-five dollar tip. Yeah I had taken May to a mid-level chain restaurant but in my defense I only had two days’ notice and it was Valentine’s Day. And let’s face it, mid-level chain restaurants are some of the best around if what you really want is a good steak and a big baked potato.

“What do you want from a woman?” May’s question caught me completely off guard.


“Yes. I like you. I want to know what you want.”

“Well, sex obviously, I am a man. Honesty. Communication.” I was listing everything that had been missing from my marriage and I suddenly felt a little exposed. I hoped May wouldn’t think I was a dirty old man. I really hoped she wouldn’t close off from me.

“I like sex.”

Wow really? She just blurted it out like that. If it had been possible for me to be more interested in her that would have done it. I couldn’t help myself. She had not been smiling or laughing when she said it. “Yeah? What kinds?”

Her eyes met mine. “You think I’m bad.”

“No, I think you are the most perfect woman I have ever met.”

She smiled. “All kinds.”

This was getting better and better but it was a first date. I steered the conversation back to safer ground. Around midnight the restaurant began to hint that we needed to leave. When they put the chairs on the tables around you, that’s a hint. I looked at May. “I don’t want tonight to end. Do you want to go get a drink somewhere?”

“I want to see your place.”

I know I blinked. This goddess wanted to go back to my place? She liked all kinds of sex and she wanted to go back to my place. I was in heaven. As we left the restaurant they locked the doors behind us. At my pickup I opened her door and helped her climb in. It gave me a great opportunity to ogle her perfect bottom. She stepped up into the truck causing her pants to pull tight over her round butt. I had gotten a glimpse of her backside when I had picked her up, but with Charley and his wife watching us leave I couldn’t really just stare. Now the parking lot was empty so as I helped her up I really got a good look. I was very impressed. Her butt was tight, firm and gorgeous. I wanted to reach up and grab a handful. I resisted the urge and played the gentleman, well other than the ogling thing.

Traffic was light for Dallas but the trip to my house still took forty-five minutes. It gave us more time to talk and we laughed and joked with each other the whole trip. May had scooted into the center seat. As we drove she touched my arm and smiled up at me. Our legs were touching and I was trying desperately to control my dick and not get an erection.

Finally we reached my house. I parked in the driveway because my pickup doesn’t really fit in the garage. May found that hilarious and razed me about Texan’s and their trucks. I just grinned back at her and got out. I went around and opened her door. I waited for her to scoot over then helped her down by picking her up by the waist and swinging her around. As I swung her she put her arms around my neck. Before I could set her down, we locked in a passionate kiss. The kiss lingered and grew more ardent. May wrapped her legs around my waist, clinging to me desperately. I held her in my arms, resisting the intense urge to let a hand drop down to her butt.

February is kind of chilly, even in Dallas. As our kiss continued I felt her shiver. So, before I really wanted to, I sat her down, took her hand and led her to my front door. Inside I gave her the standard tour. I was glad that I’m kind of a clean freak and there weren’t any dirty dishes or laundry lying around. When we reached the bedroom, May surprised me again by lying down on the bed and spreading her arms. “I love your place. It is wonderful.” She smiled up at me.

I sat beside her and she reached up and took my hand. Pulling me down beside her, she rolled onto me and we kissed. Her mouth tasted sweet and slightly minty and down between my legs my body begin to react. Her tongue pressed against my lips and I opened my mouth, savoring her kiss. Our tongues entwined playfully. I didn’t want to move too fast so I kept my hands on her sides. Lost in our passion I held her tight. She spread her legs, sat down on my stomach, and then, putting her hands on my shoulders, she pushed back a little.

“You don’t have to worry about hurting me. I’m very strong,” she said softly.

I smiled up at her. “I don’t want to scare you off.”

“You aren’t scary. I know scary. You are just a big silly teddy bear.” She smiled at me then leaned down and pressed her lips against mine. The kiss was deep and again our tongues danced together. We were both growing more daring so I took a little risk and slipped one hand up to cup her small breast. She moaned softly in my mouth and then she pulled back. I was afraid bostancı escort bayan I had gone too fast but she smiled at me and reached down to the hem of her blouse. In one smooth motion she pulled it off over her head. Her bra was sheer and I could easily see the dark circle of her nipples behind the thin fabric. She tossed her blouse off the bed and then reached behind her and unhooked her bra. As she revealed her breasts to me I sucked in a deep breath. They were beautiful, small and rounded like small nectarines. Perfectly firm they stood out from her chest with very prominent nipples.

“Do you like my small boobies?”

“I love them.” I reached up and gently cupped them, letting my thumb softly stroke her nipples. She was so small that my hands covered her entire chest.

Her nipples instantly hardened and poked out past my thumb as I stroked her. I was transfixed and I just lay there with her sitting on my stomach letting me play with her exquisite breasts. Then she leaned down and we kissed. I slid a hand down to her firm butt and once more she moaned. She moved from my mouth and kissed down onto my neck. Her lips felt wonderful and I threw my head back. Her hands began to unbutton my shirt, pulling it apart to expose my chest.

“So hairy. You American men have so much hair on your chest. I love it. Korean men don’t have much there.”

“I hope Korean women don’t have hair on their chest either.”

May slapped my chest playfully and sat up. “Do you see any hair?”

I grinned up at her. “Hmm, not on your chest. Do you have hair lower?”

“You will just have to find out.” She leaned back down and kissed my chest. She scooted back as she moved her kisses lower. By the time her mouth reached my nipples she was sitting on my hips and I could feel the pressure of her on my dick. I was starting to become aroused and she must have felt it because she suddenly sat up. She looked at me with a mischievous grin. “I think you like that.” “I do. You make me feel incredible.”

“You make me happy. I have not felt happy in a long time.”

“I want you to be happy, May. I want you to always be happy.”

“I want to make you happy too.” She scooted lower, kissing her way down my stomach until she reached my waist. Looking up at me she gave me a sultry smile and unbuckled my belt. As I watched her she unbuttoned my pants and then slowly lowered my zipper. She slipped off the side of the bed. “Let’s get these off of you.” I kicked my boots off and lifted up to allow her to pull my slacks down. As she did I finished taking my shirt off. “I think you are overdressed.” I said as she tossed my khakis to the side. May grinned at me. “You want me to take my pants off? Do you want to get into my pants, Mr. Packer?”

“I don’t think I would fit.” I joked with her.

She laughed and unbuttoned her slacks. I was transfixed as she slipped the faux leather from her hips revealing a very sexy pair of panties. Her panties were sheer except for a small triangle that covered her sex. Through the sheer material I could see that she had a thick bush of jet-black pubic hair. She stood up, revealing herself to me then pushed my legs apart and moved between them. Slowly she hooked her fingers under the elastic band of my boxers. With her eyes locked on mine, she slowly pulled my shorts down. I wasn’t fully erect yet but I wasn’t completely soft either. When she had my boxers down far enough that the shaft of my cock was beginning to be exposed she looked down. She pulled my boxers lower, exposing more of my shaft and kept going. When only the head of my cock remained hidden she looked back up at me. “So big!”

I smiled at her. “I’m a big guy.”

“Yes you are. A big hairy man and you make my pussy so wet.”

My eyes went wide. I’d never had a woman talk to me that way. Hell, my wife had barely spoken to me at all the last two years of our marriage. I grinned at her. May pulled my boxers down lower and when my cock popped out of the waistband and bounced up and free she laughed. She looked at my dick for a long time. “It’s beautiful.”

I’d never had anyone tell me my cock was beautiful before and it made me smile.

May stroked my shaft, her eyes never leaving my cock, and then she leaned forward and softly licked my knob. By this time I was fully erect and a little pre-cum formed on the tip of my dick. Her tongue licked it up and she took my knob into her mouth. The feeling was heavenly as her tongue danced around the head of my cock. Both of her hands were stroking my shaft, one low and one high. She pushed lower taking more of my cock into her mouth. She continued to stroke the rest of my tool with her hands. Groaning from the intense pleasure, I watched this angel suck my cock. May slid her lower hand down to my balls, cupping them and massaging them lightly. My sack was too large for her to hold but she gently squeezed one ball and then the other as she continued to fellate me. She pleasured me for a while, taking as much of my cock into her mouth as she could and then pulling back to play with the head. I was getting close but held back as much as I could.

May pulled off my pole. “I want you to cum in my mouth. I want to taste you.” She immediately took my cock back between her lips.

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