Hotel Pavane Ch. 01

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Black swans glide along the surface of the lake that surrounds the Hotel Pavane. In the evening, the sinking sun paints the sky and the water red, and the swans become black images casting long shadows among the shadows of the trees that line the shore: shadows with shadows amidst shadows upon the red rippled lake.

The Hotel itself was once a ducal palace, and sits atop a spacious island planted with formal gardens and hedgerow mazes, tall poplars and tangled stands of ancient oak, all arranged just so, so that one view is more beautiful than the next, and the whole is a symphony of light and form and shadow. The island is connected to the shore of the lake by a macadam drive, and when the sun slants low like this and the water burns red, the hotel and the island appear to be consumed by a lake of fire, attached to the mainland by a road of smoke. It is all like a dream within a dream.

Where the drive connects with the island is a long causeway, and at the end of this causeway are the statues of two angels, one on each side of the road, one looking towards the Hotel, the other looking away, so that one faces the traveler as he enters, and the other faces the guest as he leaves. Each angel holds a bronze sword, and in the light of the setting sun these swords appear to be aflame, just like the sword wielded by the angel who guarded the entrance to Eden. Thus, when entering the grounds, the one angel keeps the outside world at bay, and on leaving the hotel, the other angel keeps back all that has happened there. The staff refers to the Angels as Alphonse and Gaston.

Within the hotel are hallways set with infinities of doors, marble stairs leading to hidden verandas, and dimly lit corridors set with lush carpets and hung with faded and obscure paintings. There are ballrooms and dining halls, a spa and pools for taking the waters (in ancient times there were Roman baths here), and although the grounds and hotel are impeccably kept, there is a feeling that time has passed this place by; or rather that time has a different meaning here, measured not by the passage of the seasons, but by the continuity of human habitation. The hotel has assumed a kind of seamless grandeur with the landscape in which it sits, rather like a queen sitting in state over an empty kingdom.

This is the sight that Marija Dumanoir sees as she alights in front of the hotel from the limousine that has brought her from the station: the marble steps that sweep up to the portico, the parade of Palladian windows gleaming in the dull light, punctuating the ancient façade of the building with a calm and stately rhythm, the ornamental statuary overgrown with spots of ancient moss.

She puts one beige Italian heel down on the gravel, and then the other. She is slim, with large brown eyes and blonde hair, impeccably dressed in a simple beige suit, and from her placid appearance there is nothing to suggest that she’s a fragile shell, that inside she’s still tender and bruised, wounded by the bitter finish of a relationship of eight months. She’s brought herself to Hotel Pavane to try and recover the person she used to be; to try and break through the icy scar that has grown around her heart.

The doorman has seen this all before, and takes her bags without a word. She’s brought quite a bit of luggage; most guests do. They arrive with the shards of their lives in tow; uncertain as to what to leave behind and what to take with, and so they all bring too much. He leads the way, and Marija walks to the desk where her key is waiting.

There’s an elaborate fountain in the lobby, the waters spilling softly into the pool below with a soothing sound, establishing a kind of tranquility, and Marija stops to peer into the water. There are flowers within, and fish hang in the stillness. She can see her reflection, and thinks of Andre being there with her, and what he would say. She hates the way she automatically invokes his presence whenever she sees or feels something remarkable, but she can’t stop it. His absence is like a sore tooth her tongue won’t leave alone but has to press at and worry until it hurts again, and then she’s satisfied.

“So pleased to have you with us, Ms. Dumanoir. I hope you find your room satisfactory,” the clerk says as she signs the register. “Dinner is at seven. If there’s anything you need, please don’t hesitate to call.”

Marija takes her key and follows the handsome young bellman up to the second floor. She stands behind him in the elevator, so she can look at his behind in his tight trousers. It brings a rueful smile: what she’s heard is apparently true. Then down the long, quiet hall, the wheels of the luggage cart squeaking softly as he turns this way and that through the bewildering maze of corridors.

He stops outside Room 243 and opens the door, and she walks into a large and spacious room, restored to all its rococo glory, dominated by an antique table and matching canopy bed. On the table, an elaborate display of fresh-cut flowers perfumes the air, pendik escort and as she crosses over to the French doors that overlook the lake and the formal gardens, she stops to run her hand over the ancient wood of the bed, trying to imagine things that have happened there.

“That bed belonged to the sister-in-law of Maximillian the First,” the bellman tells her proudly.

Marija looks at him. He is absurdly handsome in his tight burgundy uniform with yellow piping. His cheeks are pink, his eyes bright with youth and health, but he’s no more than a boy, and she hasn’t any interest in boys. She imagines that he’s quite experienced, working at the Hotel Pavane. Everyone is here, and everyone’s for hire, or so she’s heard.

The bellman stands awkwardly for a moment, then opens the French doors for her, and Marija walks over and steps out onto the small terrace. She hears the call of a peacock, and looking down, sees the group on the shadowy lawn: a cock with three hens. A flight of little birds bursts from the ivy below her window and scatters into the gloom like an omen. She stands with her hands on the doors, inhaling the scent of the roses in the garden. Down and to the left, the light in a room is on. The shades are drawn but the drapes are open, and Marija sees shadows passing by the window in the yellowish light.

She tips the bellman and locks the door behind him. She takes off her jacket and shoes and walks into the bathroom. It’s absurdly sybaritic, the floor and walls of Italian marble, the fixture harmonious with the eighteenth century décor but all apparently new. An enormous shower, a toilet, a sink and a bidet. She runs water into the enormous claw-foot tub, pouring in some lilac salts from the collection on the tub’s edge. While the bath fills, she unpacks some things, then undresses, carefully hanging up her clothes as if she’s aware of the symbolism of the act. She wants to remember this moment of arrival. She wants to remember what she feels like right now, before anything has happened.

She wraps a robe around her and goes back into the bathroom, sits on the edge of the tub and watches the suds accumulate in the steaming water.

She’d tried so hard to make it work. She had assumed from the start that Andre was the one, and even after he’d disappointed her time and again she’d refused to give up hope. In the end it had turned ugly and even degrading, and Marija had clung to him, terrified of being alone after having given so much of herself. But her clinging had gained her nothing, and the more she gave, the less she had left of herself. Finally she lost Andre, all she had given, and a great deal more as well. She’d lost parts of herself she didn’t think he’d even had access to, parts she had thought were safe.

She takes off her robe and hangs it behind the door, then eases herself into the tub, enjoying the sting of the hot water against her skin. She scrubs the grime of travel from her body and then soaks in the fragrant warmth, trying to think of nothing. She’s lost so much that sometimes the integrity of her body surprises her. It’s as if she expects to see a missing limb or vast scar running between her breasts, but no: her body remains surprisingly healthy in spite of all she’s been through.

She emerges from the tub and takes a warm towel from the heater and dries herself, then wraps her robe around her body and walks into her sitting room, drying her hair.

From her make-up case she takes three bottles of sleeping pills and puts them on the bedside table, next to the phone, lining them up like soldiers. Three prescriptions from three different doctors. No matter how bad things get or what happens to her, she always has these three, more than enough. As long as she has them, every day—every minute—is the result of her decision, and she likes knowing that. She no longer pours them into her hand and fondles them as she once did, toying with the feeling of her own mortality, but still, she thinks of them as her freedom.

She walks over to the flower arrangement on the table and takes a tiger lily blossom in her hands, inhaling the fragrance. She looks at the blossom, so beautiful and yet so blatantly, almost comically sexual, the open and welcoming calyx of the petals, the quivering male anthers dotted with pollen.

She smiles briefly and is aware of it, of how unfamiliar it feels, and she feels encouraged. Maybe this place will work for her. She replaces the flower, then walks out onto the terrace again, into the warm summer night where her eyes are caught by that same lighted window, open now, with a figure in it, sharply silhouetted against the shade. A man, apparently shirtless, his arms held above his head. He’s turned in three-quarters profile, and Marija can see the dim shadow of another figure behind the shade as well.

Marija stops toweling her hair and stands transfixed as a woman enters the picture. The woman is wearing a corset; it’s obvious from her silhouette, and she’s holding a doubled-over escort pendik cord or strap in her hands, bringing her hands together and then pulling them apart with enough force that Marija can hear the snap from across the way.

She sees the woman bring her arm back, the strap dangling, then bring it down on the man’s behind. She hears the slap and sees his body jerk in whatever it is that holds him. Marija stands still as a statue as the woman hits him again, and again, and then she slowly backs up into her room and sits down on the bed.

She knows what kind of place this is, of course, and why people come here. The reputation of sex and sexuality hangs heavily over the entire hotel, and the reputation is the reason she came. But the Pavane is also known for its exclusivity and sense of discretion. She hadn’t expected to be confronted with such a flagrant and lurid display.

She plugs in her drier and finishes her hair, standing inside her room where she’s safe. The clock says seven ten, and she’s hungry, but she takes a moment to inspect her room. There’s an antique French armoire that holds a courtesy bar and a large television set. The television seems jarringly out of place in this eighteenth century setting, and she’s offended at first, but then she takes the remote control and turns it on. There is a channel guide atop the set, and she picks it up and looks at it.

Everything is apparently closed circuit. Channels are grouped together and marked “Male Escorts”, “Female Escorts”, “Dungeon”, “Exhibitionist”, “Exhibitionist/Voyeur”, “Commercial Entertainment”.

Her eyebrows lift in surprise. She selects the Male Escort channel and finds herself watching videos featuring virile young men, all apparently hotel employees—little snatches of them riding horses, or emerging dripping from the lake, strolling through the gardens and smiling for the camera.

She smiles. She wonders if her bellman is in there. Probably, but she’s not interested in finding out.

She selects the Exhibitionist channel and find herself staring into a room much like her own, apparently empty, though she can see towels still lying over the back of a chair. She chooses another Exhibitionist channel and is shocked to see a young man sitting on the side of his bed masturbating. He looks up at the camera with a lascivious leer, his face distorted by his proximity to the wide-angle lens. She quickly changes the channel.

Marija clicks rapidly through the Exhibitionist channels, and suddenly finds herself looking down at herself in her own room. Her blood runs cold.

“This is room 243,” she snaps into the phone, her hand shaking with rage. “Why is there a camera in my room? What’s the meaning of this?”

The desk clerk is terribly apologetic. Wasn’t Madame aware that she’d requested an Exhibitionist room? There it was on her reservation; she’s even been charged extra for it. He was looking at her reservation now. The request box had been checked.

“No,” she said trying to keep her voice steady. “I’m sorry, but no. There’s been some mistake. I want this camera turned off immediately. No. I want it removed. I want it removed or I want a new room.”

“At once, Madame. I’ll have a man sent up immediately. I do so regret the error. Of course you won’t be billed for the camera. I’m so terribly sorry. I can’t imagine how this happened…”

His tone is so contrite and profusely apologetic that Marija finds herself consoling him. Possibly she had checked that box when she’d filled out her reservation. She’d been quite intoxicated that night.

“That’s quite all right. Just see that it’s turned off. No, there’s nothing else. Thank you, that’s very considerate. Yes, everything else is quite satisfactory.”

She hangs up the phone and as she does so, she sees the TV screen go blank as her camera is turned off, but now she can’t help but wonder. She aims the remote control at the TV and selects another channel in the Exhibitionist group and finds herself looking down into another empty room. She clicks again and gets yet another empty room, though she can hear voices. On the third try she finds what she is looking for: a man and a woman making love.

Now that her suspicions are confirmed, her reflex is to turn away and switch it off, but she forces herself to watch. The camera is above and to the right of the foot of the bed, as is the camera in Marija’s room. She can’t see their faces. The man is between the woman’s thighs, his pale ass rising and falling with thrusts so powerful that the woman’s legs shake. He’s panting, while she gives a little yelp or grunt whenever he thrusts into her.

The camera stares blandly down on them, and though Marija knows that both of them are aware they’re being watched and must even enjoy it, she feels contaminated, as if she’s been drawn into their perversion. But no, it’s not the voyeuristic aspects or even the act itself that strikes her as obscene. It’s the couple’s awful need, a need that makes them sacrifice pendik escort bayan even their dignity and privacy in exchange for some brief satisfaction. What keeps her watching is her recognition that she shares the same need. It’s as if she’s watching people suffering from the same disease she knows she has.

It’s the woman’s hands that seem to hold her attention. With their faces invisible, it’s the woman’s fingers that seem to be the most human. They spread out and press down urgently on the man’s back, or curl into claws to rake his skin. They leave his body and grab at the sheet, as if she’s afraid she’ll be swept away, then, in moments of extremity, they reach down as she digs her nails into his buttocks, her knees spreading wide, pulling him into her, beside herself with lust. Pleasure, pain, love, hatred: Marija sees them all in the woman’s hands.

The hands come up and grab the man’s hair, and now Marija can see the woman’s face for an instant: a flash of eyes tightly closed and open, hungry mouth, nothing more. Both voices rise, his to a low, threatening growl, hers to a shrill and gasping wail that peaks as the woman throws her head back in a sudden choked silence, a scream locked in her throat. Marija realizes with a weird thrill that they’re both climaxing. Even as she watches, the man’s cock must be already jumping inside the woman and spitting out his lust. The woman’s hands ball into fists, then fall back on the bed in helpless surrender as the man’s hips lunge at her in angry insistence. It’s too much. Marija can’t watch anymore.

She switches off the TV and puts down the remote. She’s breathing deep, her face is flushed.

It’s so remarkable what sex does to people: how they need it so much, that terrible intimacy of release in another’s arms. With her own ardor quenched and battered by the pain of her break-up, she’s been able to look at it more objectively, as an outsider, and it seems so strange. In the past months she’s come to realize how hard it is to maintain one’s existence in the world, to keep one’s ego intact in the face of all that tears at it and attempts to grind it down, and now it seems so strange to see how people fight and contend to give themselves away, to throw themselves at one another and lose themselves in their lover’s embrace.

She feels a sudden urge to masturbate that takes her quite by surprise. Since she broke up with Andre she has had no sex, and absolutely no desire for sex. That’s why she’s come to this place, to try and rekindle that spark, and yet she lives in fear that she might be permanently damaged, that she may have lost the capacity to respond to that kind of intimacy. She worries that she might be the victim of some form of hysterical frigidity brought about by the trauma of her separation, and that it might be permanent. She’s afraid to push herself beyond the level of mild interest she feels now, afraid that she won’t respond. And then what would she do?

She makes herself behave, letting herself feel the subtle tension in her body that she recognizes with welcome relief as the beginnings of sexual arousal. She feels as though some energy within in her is being renewed, as if the mainspring of a watch is being wound and tightened. It’s a good sign, but it makes her nervous.

She sits down at her dressing table and does her face: nothing too elaborate, some eyeliner and shadow, some blush, her lipstick. She brushes her hair and studies herself in the mirror: the large, expressive brown eyes, the fine features. She’s lost her girlish sparkle, but perhaps she’s gained a degree of depth and maturity. Andre used to call her his princess for the fineness of her features and the regal way she carried herself, and she wonders now whether her carriage has changed: whether she still walks with her back straight and her head erect. It’s something she hasn’t even thought to notice before.

It would be easier to stay in tonight, she thinks. She could order in from room service and go to bed early. She wouldn’t have to dress, she wouldn’t have to see anyone. But she’s made a promise to herself and she intends to keep it. She doesn’t have long in the hotel.

She goes to her bag and finds a new package of nylons, opens it, and takes out one of the gauzy stockings. She rolls it up, then inserts her foot and extends her leg, unrolling it as she goes, then running her hands up its length, over her calf, her knee, her thigh, smoothing out the thin fabric. The way it embraces her leg feels good, and the band of material around the top of her thigh feels very erotic. It’s good to feel this way again.

She puts on the other stocking, looks through the underthings she’s packed away but doesn’t find anything she likes. Impulsively, she pushes them aside and takes out a suspender belt which she fastens around her waist and tugs into place around her hips. She purposely ignores her panties and clips the garters to her stockings, then goes to her closet and selects her black dress; black crepe, with tiny thin straps that go over her flawless shoulders. It’s unlined, but Marija doesn’t hesitate. She leaves her bras in the drawer and slips the dress on over her head, naked beneath it, and looks at herself in the mirror.

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Ruth’s Lust

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Big Dick

my time as been taken help with so many projects that i just don’t have the time to write, so this story is probale my last, i hope the readers enjoy it. i’ll post the chapters that i have finished as soon as possible. thanks for all the feedback, both good and bad, the readers are great.


Ruth love cock, she love the taste of cum, she love kinky forbidden sex, that need had caused her marriage to fail. Ruth had decide a long time ago that she wanted to have sex with her son, the ideal of have his cock in her was her favorite fantasy, and had giving her countless orgasms as she played with herself. But a mother doesn’t go in her son’s room and say “Let’s fuck.” so Ruth figured that her fantasy would remain a fantasy. But lately since Richard had been spending more time with Johnny and Julie, his cousins. Ruth could tell that her son was looking at her different, less as a mother and more as a woman.

Ruth stretched out her tanned body on the huge towel to protect herself from the hot sand beneath her. She laid on her stomach resting her face on her crossed arms, her eyes hidden behind dark glasses, enjoying light breeze coming off the ocean.

Sitting as her side, her son Richard was pouring tanning oil onto her back, rubbing it into her back. At first he complained the he should be bursa escort off having fun with Johnny and Julie, but the more skin that Ruth relieved the less Richard complained. His hands felt good on her skin, the slow way they moved up and down from her shoulders to her skimpy bikini bottom. she had untied her halter, not wanting to have a tell-tale bikini lines. It was bad enough she had to wear the bottom, as it was.

Ruth would have preferred to have been nude, completely naked to the rays of the sun, but she certainly couldn’t strip off on the public beach. She didn’t like the public beach much, but it was all she had.

She murmured softly as Richard’s hands kept up their movements, massaging her flesh gently, almost too lightly. To look at her, one would have thought she was dozing as her son rubbed the oil into her back, but Ruth was wide awake, her eyes open behind the dark sunglasses. she was watching the people, her eyes taking in the variety of bodies, the shapes and forms.

“Your skin is so soft, Mom.” she heard Richard say softly.

“Mmmm,” she replied lazily.

“I love the feel of your skin,” he said as he worked his hands up and down her back.

She purred with excitement, gazing at the other young men near by, her eyes fixed upon the enticing bulge of his swimsuit. bursa escort bayan She wondered how big the guy’s cock was, how big his balls were, if they were full, loaded. Ruth liked full balls, she especially liked what they contained.

Sex for her had really begun when she was eighteen, even though she had lost her virginity almost two year earlier to her boyfriend. She had been truly introduced to her love of cock by her older brother whom she had caught jacking off in his room one afternoon as he watched a porno. Fascinated, she had watched him, but felt no embarrassment when he found her watching him. Her brother had continued to jack his prick, sliding his fist up and down, knowing she was watching. When he came, it took Ruth’s breath away. It had excited her very much, watching his cum spurt high into the air, spattering back onto his chest and stomach.

The very next day, her brother invited into his room and jacked off as she stood watching. Again, she felt a hot tingle between her thighs when he came. After that, she watched her brother, Michael jack off all the time, even exposing herself to him, at his request as he jerk-off.

As the weeks went by, Ruth and her big brother continue to fondle themselves, watching each other and watching pornos together, and it was during one escort bursa of these times when she experienced her first orgasm. She had been sitting on the edge of his bed with him as he pumping his cock, watching her as she played with herself sliding her middle finger in and out of her pussy. When her brother came, his hot cum splashed onto her thighs, and the feel of his cum on her skin had make her juicy cunt convulse with orgasm for the first time.

They soon began to make each other come, with her brother playing with her hot pussy while she ran her hand up and down his hard, throbbing cock. When her brother came, his cum would run over her hand and wrist, and her hot pussy would grab and spasm around her brother fingers buried deep in her body. Ruth never knew where Michael got the pornos but she love watching this women getting hot cum shot on their bodies and on their faces and in their mouths. that how she learn she loved the taste of cum .

There were times that when he was close to cumming she’d leaned over and take his cock in her mouth. Other times she would sit on the floor, leaning back with her face tilted, mouth open, and let her big brother jack off into her mouth. Sometimes his aim wasn’t very good, and her face would be drenched with his milky cum, but she never minded at all. The hot, sweet taste of his cum sent her into ecstasy.

Her brother jacked off into her mouth but he draw the line at actual fuck her, up to the very day he got married. But she had never forgotten the pleasure her brother had given her.

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Hotel Getaway Ch. 01

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I pick you up from your class. it has been a long day for you with your test and all I feel you need a relief. You get into my car and I kiss you, tell you you did a great job. You ask where we are going and I till you nothing but hand you a blindfold. You sigh and put it on. I drive around in circles a bit so that you get lost as to where we are.

I lead you out of the car, though a room where you hear pinging, echoes, and other people. You are confused. You walk more and hear a ding ding. It sounds familiar but you can’t place it. You hold onto me, asking me the whole way where we are what we are doing. I just tell you to trust me. We take a few step forwards. You hear doors closing, and then you body shifts up. You know what it feels like and you ask me, “are we in an elevator? Hush now I say. The doors slide open again and we walk down a quite hall.

You hear a door click, we walk in, and it slams behind us. I kiss you harder this time. Keeping the blindfold on. I kiss you hard, bit your lip and begin to undress you. I pull off your shirt and rub you back and the rest of your body. I tell you to full off your shoes, you step out of them and try to peek but I stop you. I unbutton your jeans, and pull them down along with your panties. On my way back up I kiss up your legs, and over your slit. Sliding my tongue over you clit you trimmer and I get up to take off your bra. With that off I up your chest and bite you neck. I walk you over and put you in what feels like a big soft bed. You still ask me what are we doing!. Still nothing. I strip fast and get into bed next to you. I whisper, are you ready and I pull off your blindfold.

You see us in our big room with 4 post bed big white sheets. I ask you again. You ready? You smile, roll over and bit me on the lip to provide your answer. I kiss back, massaging your lips with mine. I break away, get up and move words a single bag I was able to bring in. I unzip it as you lay there, half wrapped in white sheets, on your side, looking at me with pouty and excited eyes. I tell you to close you eyes before I turn around and come to you, you comply, reluctantly, but you enjoy the lost of control. No peaking…. I come over to you and you hear an all to familiar sound of an ariosoft can spraying, and feel a light, cool, soft, fluffy substance on your chest. You are started by the sensations at first, the cold substance on your chest sends a slight tingle down your spine, but smile because your nose provides the final clue that its whipped cream. I tell you to keep your eyes close; I bend down tuzla escort and lick the whipped cream off your chest, slowly taking my time as I run my tongue over your body. You shiver slightly and hold onto the pillow behind you and dig your head into it with pleasure and excitement, as you are force to anticipate my next whipping attack.

It squirts aging and this time you feel the sensation on your nose, you crinkle it in surprise, and smile at my playful gesture, I eat that too off the tip of your nose, and move down to kiss you passionately on the lips, biting as I release my grasp. I tell you to keep your eyes closed for as long as you can, and let the surprise take you over. You follow my command and feel the cool sensation along the curve of your neck. Here I bite, as I press my tongue against your skin, licking and biting the cream off. I bit from your shoulder all the way close to your ear just to make the feeling last. Again you bury you head back into the pillow, arching your back and clenching your fists with each and every bite I make.

You next feel it between your breasts and I lick it up sliding my tongue up towards your chin. I then spray each nipple, the coldness sends chills though your body as I can see by the newly formed goose bumps all over you body, we can’t have you be cold, so I lick of each one, slowly, using the full length of my tongue as I press it to your nipple, rolling my tongue around the tip of them as I press, slightly biting as I release, Here you let out a deep moan of pleasure, chills still present on your body, but in a different way.

I tell you to open your eyes for where ill next be spraying I don’t want to surprise you too much, it takes a fair amount of trust to be going where I want to go.. You bite your lip, and shake your head in agreement as I hint to you want I want to do with my eyes. I spray first along your bikini line where your legs, licking from the bottom up, close to your pelvis but not quite. I then go for your inner leg and you shutter with excitement, I am so close to you, but not. I then spray it on your pelvis just above your lips. however this time when I go to like it off, I start slow and start at your opening, and I can tell how wet your are, and I like all the way up, my tongue pressing flat against your clit doubling back pointed then flat again.

I mike like circles around your clit with the point of my tongue , and you begin to breath deeply again, eyes closed, grasping the pillow, head thrown back, your no longer fearful of my pleasure, but deeply enthralled in tuzla escort bayan it. biting your lip as I slide my tongue up and down, teasing you, finally getting the whipped cream. I come back up to your lips, kissing up your body as I go, and slide my hard self between your legs so I am resting between your lips but not inside. I trust deeply as I look into your beautiful eyes and watch them brighten with pleaser at my motion, and you bit me as you kiss. I give you a few more thrusts as you bit my neck and I pull at your hair. I beak or embrace and tell you its your turn…. you smile with excitement hop up and take the can from me.

I lay on my back, close my eyes and wait for you to return the favor. Like me you toy with me. You spray on my neck, biting it off, you spray my chest and drag your tongue up my chest much longer then you need. You then spray a line from the bottom of my ribs to just above my pubic line, your happy trail. you look into my eyes as you slide your tongue up and back down the line you just created. In them I see playfulness, passion, and a deep, natural, desire to go further, but you want to make me wait… You finally make your way down to the good place.

You manage to spray the cream down the base of my shaft and put an extra spot on the top. you put the can down and with one hand grab the base of me and slowly lick me from the bottom up, all the while staring into my eyes tell me you like what your doing and what you are doing to me, as you see me bite my lip and roll my eyes. You then make it to the top and take me fully into your mouth, one hand at the base of my shaft the other on my sack and begin to blow me. I squirm, run my fingers though your hair and my breathing begins to increase. The sight of you head moving up and down on me, with the combination of the flickering and motions you are making with your tongue drive me wild an I begin to pant you name each time you move down my shaft.

You look up every so often to see what you are doing to me, smile and keep going. I tell you I am close and you stop. come back up kiss me and back away. Sit up to meet you, as to try and bring you back to me. You startle me, wrapping your legs behind my back, sitting just in front of my erect self, I pull you close to me, again placing myself just between you lips and begin to rub again, pressing my self against your clit. You shutter, bit me, dig your nails into my back and stop, signaling me to do the same.

You take the whipped cream can and spray the last bit of it onto your finger, staring into my eyes escort tuzla you slowly swipe it along your neck so it transfers the cream over, and you slowly lick the rest of the cream off your finger. Staring me in the eyes, you smile and whisper, come and get it…….I bite my lip with excitement, take a deep breath, smile, then attack the cream on your neck while I lift you up and insert myself deep into you. You moan with pleasure and tighten the grip you have around my back with your legs and I bit your neck licking up the last of the cream while I thrust into you, and you grind atop of me. we continue in this position for a couple of minutes, kissing patiently, massaging your lip with my tongue , biting each-others lips, and run my fingers though your hair, pulling it in a direction when want to bite, you doing a similar thing to me, digging your nails into my back, every time I pick up the pace or thrust deeply. I whisper sweet, breathy nothings in your ear as we press closely in our lovemaking,

I break up our position for a new one and I roll you onto your stomach. I get on top of you from behind and spread your legs just enough to enter deep inside you from behind, you moaning and I trust every inch in. I pin you legs between mine and place your arms above your head hold them down as I begin to trust into you, hard, quickly and repeatedly, my heavy breaths in you ear as I thrust. I am able to bite your neck in this position, hold a play with a breast and even, with my other hand play with your clit with my fingers as I continuously, repeatedly , steadily, trust in and out. Your breathing increases and goes from pants to moans, I continue to whisper your name into your ear with breathy pleasures breaths, telling you how amazing you were and how happy I am, and how great this is, to be able to be here deep in you kissing you, feeling you touching your worm body. You tell me your close, as am I and flip you back onto your back because I want to see your eyes as you finish.

I renter you, and begin to pump away, you legs warped around my back and nails dug deep. you let go of my lips with your and roll your eyes back, pulling me closer, and you begin to cry out as you hit your peak, I kiss and bite your neck as you call out my name and finish. You ecstasy has pushed me over the edge, feeling your body move in orgasm causes me to pump harder and faster till I come myself, also whispering out your name as I stair into your eyes as long as I can. Hot, sweaty, and out of breath we fall apart again and you lay your head on my chest. I kiss you on top of your head and hold you tight in my arms. You look up at me with your big deep eyes, smile and kiss me softly. I break apart, after regaining my breath, and tell you, Shouldn’t we go get a shower…….Round 2?

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Big Tits

I walk in to your hotel. I meet you down at the bar wearing a slinky black dress with a zipper up the front. I see you sitting there and walk over. I say nothing, but I touch your hand to let you know I want you to take me upstairs.

You get up and we walk over to the elevator. No one is around, and as soon as the elevator doors close, you push me up against the wall, pinning my arms above my head with one hand and kiss me hard, shoving your tongue in my mouth, and I suck on it and kiss you back passionately as you run your other hand up my thigh lifting the bottom of my dress as you continue kissing me.

The elevator doors open and you grab my hand and lead me quickly down the hall making me stumble on my stilettos. We get to your room, and you’re so anxious it takes you a few tries to get the door unlocked. When we get into the room, you spin me around and pin me against the door kissing me hard, one of your hands moving to the zipper at the top of my bursa escort dress. You begin to pull it down slowly, and when it gets far enough, my DDD breasts spring out freely as I have no bra on. You kiss down my neck, shoulders, and then my breasts sucking and nibbling on my nipples.

My dress falls to the floor and I’m wearing a strappy black leather garter belt that’s holding up my stockings. You kiss down my stomach and to my panties, finding out that they are crotchless and I’m very wet. You begin to lick my clit and stick a finger inside me. I can’t take it, and I cum all over you, gushing and spraying your face and soaking the carpet. I push your head away and pull you to your feet, leading you over to the bed and push you down, unbuttoning your pants and pulling out your now raging hard on and I begin licking it slowly from base to tip and back down again.

I gently take each of your balls in my mouth then lick back up your shaft again, this time bursa escort bayan running my tongue over the tip swirling it around and dipping it into your slit before wrapping my lips around you and sucking hard, just on the tip. Then I slowly begin moving down, tantalizingly slow, and taking you in deeper and deeper as far as I can, then move up just as slowly. Then back down again, a little faster this time, and back up even faster, continuing to move up and down faster each time. Then I slow down again, then speed up, then slow down. Just as you get used to one pace I change it up, and as you adjust to me sucking you hard, taking you deep, I pull off of you and being licking up and down your shaft again before I take you back in and continue sucking hard.

As you are almost there I stop and push you down on the bed climbing on top of you and I begin riding you, slowly at first, then fast and hard taking you as deep inside me as I can, my breasts bouncing escort bursa everywhere and you smacking my breasts and ass as I ride you.

You push me off of you and roll me over standing up and taking me doggie style as I lay on the bed. You fuck me as hard as you can, smacking my ass, digging your fingers into my back, pulling my hair, grabbing my shoulders to help you get deeper and deeper. You keep fucking harder and faster and I’m screaming from pain and pleasure. I cum all over you again and again. I’m so tight you can barely handle it, but you do your best not to cum, not just yet.

You pull out of me, and I wince from the loss of being filled. You turn me over fast and take off your tie, grabbing my hands and tying them together so I can’t move. You put my arms around your head and grab my legs, putting them around you, and you thrust inside hard. I can’t move, can’t do anything but take it as you thrust deeper and deeper. You are so close and I beg you not to cum inside me, but you don’t listen. You’re taking me harder, harder, almost there, and then you erupt inside me with a groan, and feeling you cum, I cum again hard, so hard, milking you of every drop as I scream in ecstasy.

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Run Away Orgasm

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It was a warm night as Emma was lying in her bed. Resting peacefully, her thoughts gently strayed into a gentle sex scene with another woman. Her breaths quickened as the heat slowly built, these thoughts came more and more often now. It was only ever in the mornings that she felt any amount of guilt about her thoughts the night before, however during the night, nothing stoped her. She had never, not once, had touched herself when thinking about women daring not to take that step, but this time was different.

Masturbation was one thing that she just couldn’t get right. She could fill her body with what she believed to be ecstasy but never go all the way. The prospect of an orgasm haunted her as she desperately tried to reach it sometimes twice a day. She was beginning to wonder if it did actually exist.

Laying in her warm bed, all her senses but one becoming drowned by one desire. Shutting her eyes she began to think about a beautiful woman kissing her and she slowly began to play with her clitoris. For an hour she played and probed her pussy trying to get there but even the thought of a woman’s tongue touching, kissing, licking her wasn’t enough. She continued, her fingers flying in and out of her, moaning as the pleasure seemed to build but slowly but subside moments after. Suddenly the door burst open Emma’s heart jumped into her throat as she frantically grabbed for the blanket to cover her naked body.

Her sister Connie walked into the room and sat on the bed next to her. The scent was apparent to Emma; she could only hope bursa escort that her sister was still in the dark to her midnight operations. Sweat was beginning to show on her brow in the last seconds before her sister entered this constant trouble of the run away orgasmswas starting to get on her nerves.

He sister sat silent for a moment and looked around Emma’s room. “Nice room” she concluded. Emma just smiled wanting her to leave. “Are you ok?” Connie asked her extending her hand to feel her forehead.

“yes I’m fine” Emma answered. Feeling the heat and sweat she was confused and chose not to believe her and contested. “Are you sure?”

“Yes! Yes! I’m sure I just have a headache,” Emma snapped back getting impatient at the situation, her eyes looked down as she said it realising that she was not impatient that her sister was there but that she was becoming more and more aroused and wanted to masturbate more and more with every passing second. Connie just smiled give a cheeky grin and pulled the covers off Emma with a flash. Connie eyed her sisters beautiful naked body shrugging and saying comfortably with a laugh “I knew it, have you cum yet?

Emma was shocked, scared, embarrassed and excited all in one and she grabbed for the sheet covering her body without thinking. “You may as well tell me the truth I’ve heard you trying to cum for more then an hour… these walls are thinner then you think.” Emma’s face went red and minutes later as her sister was about to leave she muttered, “I have never cum before,” not believing that bursa escort bayan she had just said that to her sister! Connie smiled nice and big saying “Well we are going to have to change that then aren’t we.” Confused Emma looked at her sister gently moving the sheet down and felt her sister’s fingertip touch her clit. The single touch gave her more pleasure then the entire night if not every time she had masturbated in the past.

Connie smiled as she watched her sister’s head tilt back and her back begin to arch. With this Connie inserted her finger so deep that Emma let out a moan that would have been heard on the other side of the house. Connie slid out her finger sucked on it and slid two back in even deeper whispering “do you like that.” All Emma could muster was a pleasurable moan in the affirmative. Connie began to wiggle the tip of her fingers and it happened… Emma let out a scream as she exploded, her pussy hugging her sister’s fingers tight. Her sister surprised at how fast she had cum resorted that she must have been close after an hour of trying gently smiled to herself sucking her fingers. Emma opened her eyes and looked deep into her sisters eyes muttering “if this is wrong I don’t give a…” and pulled her sister to her and passionately kissed her.

Their tongues met and Emma striped the cloths from her sister’s body and pulled her naked body onto hers whispering in her ear. “I love you,” Connie pressed her wet pussy against her sisters hearing her beautiful moans and whispers of encouragement she rolled onto her back escort bursa letting her sister take control. Emma kissed down her neck and gently nibbled her earlobes sliding her tongue out and running it all the way down her neck to her breasts. Taking a nipple into her mouth nibbling and flicking it with her tongue hearing her sister moan she was in heaven. Emma could smell her sister, as she got closer, the scent drove her wild as she moved down kissing down her sister’s inner thighs mimicking the dreams and thoughts she desired a woman to do to her for so long. Finally she found her sisters pussy, she slid the tip of her tongue inside and slid it up and down. Moving then to her clitoris she sucked it into her mouth and flicked it with her tongue. Hearing her sister almost scream as she put a pillow over her face Emma pushed her tongue deep inside her sister and Connie really did scream as she dropped the pillow. Emma stopped licking sat up lying down beside her sister sliding a finger inside her sister’s sweet wet pussy.

Again the sister’s intimately pashed each other as Emma slid her finger in and out, Connie moved onto her side and also put her finger deep inside Emma. The two sisters gently fingered each other for what seemed like hours until Connie whispered to Emma “push your fingers up against the roof of my pussy and push that skin up… Like this” Connie probed the top of Emma’s pussy making let out a huge moan, Emma mimicked and as the two began to finger each other faster and faster they kissed the second their lips touching they came so hard both screamed.

As the two came down neither removed their fingers, gently closing their eyes Emma whispered to her sister “Thank you,” Connie smiled as Emma thought to herself we will worry about tomorrow when tomorrow comes.

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Rude Awakening

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This is a complete work of fiction and should be enjoyed as such. All characters described are fictional and over the age of 18.


Slowly and hazily I roused from sleep, a pleasant warm contentment awash in me. Not wanting to spoil this soft glowing feeling I kept my eyes shut and lounged languidly as I lay in bed trying to recall what I had just been dreaming. While engaging this reverie I noticed a strange sensation in my mouth, as if it were full, but not unpleasantly so, with something soft and spongy. It was then that I recalled parts of my dream. I had been eating, or maybe suckling, a lollipop? This might explain the warm contentment that had been spreading from my middle and the odd feeling in my mouth.

Mmmm…I moaned reliving the dream, this caused a startling occurrence, apparently there was something in my mouth, as my moan had caused it to twitch and it seemed to be growing. I opened my eyes in surprise and found myself staring into a nest of dark hair. Mmmm…mmm…mmm, I moaned again, realizing I must have my husbands cock in my mouth. He must have come home after I was sound asleep and found me receptive. I decided I’d give him a treat and finish what I had started last night. Softly and gently I began to suck on his ballooning member. I rolled my tongue around the outside of it as it extended into my mouth, trying to keep my lips pressed into his groin. Finally his crown reached the back of my throat and I pulled back slightly and rolled my head forward again, in short relaxed strokes, rocking against his thigh — which turned out to be my pillow. At last, he moaned in response and, though still sleeping, I thought, his body began to involuntarily buck into my face, making my blowjob much easier.

By now he was fully hard, his breathing had gotten quicker and deeper, and I was really getting into the whole situation, much to my own surprise as I don’t normally care to give head. I realized he must be awake as I felt his hand on the back of my head and heard a moaning grunt issue from his lips. His reaction encouraged me on and I began to apply suction closing my lips tight around his veiny shaft, mmfph-mpfh sounds coming from me each time he thrust into my mouth. I reached up and softly tickled his balls with my nails, smiling around him as I felt them tighten up, his rod began pulsing in my mouth and I knew he was about to shoot. I started to pull my head away — never having liked taking his cum in my mouth — when his hand pushed my head back forcefully and his next words stunned me out of indignation!

“Ohhh Yeah Mom!” he moaned.

My eyes shot upwards and my head froze in place. Above me was the face of my 19 year old son, his hand on the back of my head and his hips thrusting into my face. He grunted out a few last short, shuddering strokes and I felt his penis unleash onto my tongue! I was so unnerved I didn’t even gag as string after string of cum coated my mouth, as it filled to bursting I involuntarily swallowed and continued to swallow as he held my head against his crotch and unloaded the last of his seed down my throat.

His hand relaxed, breaking me from my reverie. I pulled back, a trickle of cum leaking from the left side of my mouth as I released his wilting member, gasping for breath and sitting up abruptly.

“Danny!” I shouted, trying to wrench the sheet that was tangled beneath his prone form up to cover my own nudity.

“That was great, Mom, what a way to wake-up!” he said, not seeming the least bit ill at ease in finding himself in this situation. His eyes rolled bursa escort up and fluttered closed as he sighed, “Thanks…I didn’t know how you’d feel this morning, after last night…”

I was flabbergasted, and he seemed to think that this was ok! I pulled the sheet out from under him and stood up.

“Danny! What the hell do you think you’re doing in here?!” I asked as I wrapped myself up and strode away from the bed.

This got his attention as he leaned up on his elbows and looked at me with concern and maybe, finally, a hint of shame.

“You don’t remember what happened last night?” he asked me.

I stared wide eyed at him as his gaze traveled admiringly up and down my body. I shivered under this onslaught and clutched the sheet tighter around me taking a step back from my naked son.

“Of course I remember last night!” I snapped! “I went out with Catherine and Tami for happy hour”, I stated, shaking my head. I blurted, “But that doesn’t explain why you’re here in my bed with your dick in my mouth!” He cringed at that and finally averted his eyes from me. “What are you doing here…in my room…in my bed…NAKED!” my voice had risen, I could feel hysteria creeping in as I stared at Danny, who sat up and scooted to sit at the edge of the bed, resting his elbows on his knees and his head in his hands. I couldn’t help but notice his penis and balls as they slid down to hang over the edge of the comforter, ‘my god!’ I thought, he’s soft and it must be dangling down four inches! How did I get that whole thing in my mouth? I was snapped out of these inappropriate thoughts as Danny ran his fingers through his hair, looked up at me and proceeded to tell me everything I didn’t remember about last night.

Apparently, I started out the night as I remembered: meeting Catherine and Tami at Fresco’s for happy hour. We were all pretty ready to let our hair down; for them it’d been a long week, for me, I’d finally had enough of my husband ignoring me, I wanted to feel beautiful again. So, I had rummaged through my closet to doll up my 38 year old figure as best I could. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think I’m homely, just older. I still maintain my college weight, of 120 lbs, with regular trips to the gym. I like to think I carry it well on my 5’8″ frame.

I pulled out my sexiest black and fuscia push-up bra that barely covered my nipples and gave my 34C’s a healthy boost. I pulled the matching boy short style panties up around my 36″ hips and smoothed my hands down my tanned legs as I took a slow spin in front of the mirror tacked to the back of the closet door. ‘Not bad’ I thought to myself as I picked up the slinky black dress and shimmied into it. I stepped into my four inch heels, touched up my make-up and headed downstairs where Danny sat watching television.

He looked up and smiled at me, “Looking good Mom!”

I smiled, waved as I grabbed my keys, and shouted “Thanks honey, don’t wait up!” as I strolled out the door.

Minutes later I was throwing back martinis with the girls and batting my lashes shamelessly at any cute guy who’d look my way. This is the point where everything gets fuzzy and Danny began filling things in from what the girls had told him.

According to what Catherine told Danny, just as I was polishing off my second martini I checked my phone and found a voicemail from my husband. I punched it up and listened before slamming the phone back in my purse and running off to the bathroom. Catherine followed and found me sobbing into a wad of tissue in one of the stalls.

I bursa escort bayan explained that James, my husband, had left me a voicemail telling me he was leaving me for that tramp of a secretary of his. He wasn’t coming home until he’d found a place to move into, and then only to pick up his things.

Catherine helped me dry my tears and remind me what the last few months, years really, had been like — with barely any intimacy and time together. He’d obviously been at this for a while. The more she talked the more my vodka addled brain swirled it all together into a righteous indignation that swept through and invigorated me. I cleaned up my face, applied new lipstick and marched out to the bar. Catherine thought things were looking up…until I ordered another martini, tossed it back in one big gulp and strode over to the nearest cute guy and stuck my tongue down his throat.

After a moment’s shocked hesitation Catherine and Tami grabbed my arms and pulled me out of my willing lover’s arms and bundled me into Tami’s Toyota Camry to take me home.

The two managed to get me stumbling to the door, rang the bell and got Danny to help me inside where they dumped me on the couch.

The girls were pretty tired out and it was already after midnight so they went on home and left me in Danny’s care.

Danny tried to get me to drink water, but I was still too upset about my husband’s betrayal and between the alcohol and my mood I was also feeling very uninhibited. Since I wouldn’t drink any water, Danny put his shoulder under my arm and half carried, half walked me to my bedroom.

I’m not sure whether I believe what he told me next.

If what Danny says is true, I didn’t recognize who he was and kept trying to un-tuck his shirt and stick my hand down his pants while he walked me to my room. When we got there he turned me to face him and sat me on the edge of the bed. I was still fumbling with his belt, which was difficult to open because he had a boner (from his mother?!). He took a step back, trying to disengage from me and, still holding the top of his pants I slid forward off the bed and onto my knees on the floor in front of him giving him a great view down the front of my dress. This tussle had also allowed me to pull his belt open and before he could protest again I had his pants unbuttoned and unzipped.

It was Danny’s turn to be stunned into inaction as I rubbed my cheek against the bulge of his erection through his underwear before stroking it and finally pulling the elastic band down away from his cock. As I pulled down his boxers his cock fell forward and smacked my nose and slid down my cheek leaving a trail of pre-cum.

Danny was too aroused to move and just stood and stared as I turned my face to the side and licked his shaft from his base to just behind his crown. I then proceeded to ‘Hoover him like a vacuum!’

He said he was rooted to the floor in awe, never thinking that his beautiful mother would ever actually act out one of his wet dreams in real life. I made a mental note to talk to him further about these ‘wet dreams’ of his. This was too much for him to take and he quickly shot his load into my mouth, watching as it spilled out of the corners of my lips and dripped down onto my cleavage and dress (I guess I didn’t have great control of my lip muscles after 3 martinis).

When he finally finished cumming he staggered back, his dick sliding out of my cum-dripping lips, while I leaned back contentedly against the bed. He pulled off his pants to free his legs and tried escort bursa to decide what to do now.

He told me I looked like I was going to fall asleep right there and he didn’t want me to wake up cramped and disheveled, crumpled at the foot of my bed so he managed to get me on my feet and slide my dress down my body before I fell back on the bed. At this point he was feeling bolder after having gotten sucked off by his mom; so he undid my bra and pulled my panties down so he could admire my naked body. Stripping off his own shirt, he crawled into bed next to me and began to massage my pussy and grope my breasts; to which I responded with moans my hands groping for his prick.

Danny took my exploration as a good sign and sucked on my right breast before kissing down my stomach and through my trimmed bush to lick at my pussy. He wanted to return the favor to me and proceeded to eat me out as he’d learned to do in high school, apparently having had a lot of practice with his senior year girlfriend.

That would certainly explain the warm cozy feeling I’d felt in my stomach when I woke up. He said after he brought me to a gasping orgasm, he crawled up next to me to curl up while I fondled his balls in afterglow. The last thing he remembers was me kissing his stomach and running my fingers through his coarse nest of hair.

As his story concluded I stumbled back to sit in the chair at my vanity, hand covering my mouth, eyes wide while I tried to digest what had supposedly happened.

I looked out the window at the light streaming in; my eyes roamed across the floor to my dress crumpled on the floor near the foot of the bed at Danny’s feet, up his legs (Oh my God!) his cock had grown stiffer during the telling of his tale and was hanging down a good 7 inches and it wasn’t even fully hard yet!

I needed to get dressed and have some time to think about this without getting distracted by his tumescent manhood.

Fortunately it was Saturday I didn’t have to go to work, but Danny had to get ready to go to his weekend job, they still hadn’t switched him to full time yet after graduation last weekend. I ordered him out of my room and told him to go to work; we’d talk about this when he got home.

Danny hung his head as he walked out of the room, stooping to pick up his clothes on the way. I closed the door behind him and when, a few minutes later, I heard his shower start I threw the sheet on the bed and began to pick up the pieces.

I picked up my underwear where it was crumpled on the bed and my bra next to it on the floor. It didn’t seem the worse for wear. Then I picked up my dress, as I held it up before me I could clearly see twin trails of glistening residue that was unmistakably cum stains dripping from the top edge of the bodice down to where my breasts would have curved under when I wore it.

I tossed it on the bed, gasping again at this presumable evidence proving Danny’s story. As I was contemplating this I heard the shower shut-off, I strode to my closet and pulled on a robe and walked back to my window where I stared dazedly out at our quiet, normal neighborhood.

Some minutes later I watched as Danny exited out the front door and moodily crossed the lawn to his car, the car wash uniform cap pulled low over his eyes. As he drove off I decided to go downstairs and find my phone.

I found my purse on the floor by the couch and dug out my phone; dialing up voicemail I heard my husband’s voice telling me he was leaving me for his secretary.

It seemed like Danny’s story was true then. I’d gotten drunk, and apparently slutty, at hearing my husband abandon me in a voicemail and seduced my own son. I slumped on the couch and stared blankly at the black TV screen, trying to figure out what to do with the pieces of my life.

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Rosemary: Her Part In My Downfall

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This tale is set back when I was a teenager many, many years ago and details my first experience of anal sex with a female person.

“Hi pops”

“Hi mate”. I replied as my mate Chopper approached.

“Just saw your Rosemary, you still shagging her?” Chopper asked.

My dick twitched, not half hour earlier I’d been talking about my wild part time lover Rose with mum.

Well mum had been doing the talking, I had been doing the thinking and the wishing. Wishing to see my rampant cousin again.

Cousin Rosemary is two years older than me, back then in 1965 I’d just turned legal age, Rose of course had been legal for two years.

Not that it made much difference; Rose lost her virginity long before she was legally allowed to do so.

Rose decided we should become lovers one evening at a family get together, she was bored and I was the only other teenager there, well the only one she could get along with socially anyway so she took me outside and fucked me.

Mum had been telling me Rose was in trouble with her mum and dad yet again for her wild behaviour.

She’d stayed out all night without telling them first or some such crime.

Rose was my first real lover, real as in full-unprotected sex without the need for silly chat or complex foreplay, and without the need to cover your cock with an uncomfortable rubber item.

She was on the birth pill so no pregnancy to worry about, AIDS hadn’t been invented in those days and you could cure all the other dick dribbling ailments with a course of tablets.

It was also the sexual revolution, you no longer had to be married and over 30 to feel comfortable about having sex.

All of my friends knew about Rose and me and about our close family ties, well OK they knew I was porking my cousin.

“Oh really, is she in town then?” I asked trying not to sound as excited as I was.

“Yea mate she’s hanging by the shops with her sister”. Chopper replied.

Damn, Rose was with Sue her younger sister, Sue was still at school and far too young to know of our lust affair.

That’s what it was lust, we didn’t meet often as we associated with different people being different ages.

When we met we fucked, when we were apart we fucked someone else, or tried to more than succeeding in my case.

I steered Chopper in the general direction of the shops without either of us realising I think.

The block of shops came into view, no Rose or Sue just a couple of old folks chatting as they stood waiting for a bus.

‘Damn it’. I thought, no Rosemary no sexual relief today or even this week, maybe next as well with my record of pulling a willing female.

A sudden sound behind Chopper and I made us both jump.

“Hello cous, hello Chop’s, wot’ya doing?”

Rose, my cock twitched violently as I turned to greet her.

She was alone, no Sue, she looked different much different with her short boyish hairstyle, mum had told me Rose had re-styled her hair shorter.

Even cheekier looking prettier than before, and that wicked sparkle in her eye told me she was happy to see me, that hadn’t changed thank God.

“Hello Rose, long time no see”. I replied, putting on my best hello smile.

“Hi Rose haven’t seen you for a while”. Chopper said trying to make polite conversation, Chopper was quite nervous of Rose and felt the need to be submissive and grovel in her presence.

“Bollocks Chopper, you saw me earlier on”. Rose snapped, she had a way with words did Rose, Bollocks was one of her favourites, this did nothing for Chopper’s nerves of course.

Chopper was in fact nervous of all girls, he had yet to lose his virginity, 17 and never been laid.

I was still studying my cousin with her new look, not just the hair she was dressed differently.

Tighter jeans that showed her lovely perfectly shaped hips and legs to the full.

A bright yellow flimsy blouse attached in the middle showing her perfect big tits to the full.

In the month or so since I last saw her she seemed to have changed a lot, much more attractive all round.

I felt quite proud that she was mine, well OK I was hers nobody controlled Rose.

“Where you guys taking me then?” Rose blurted out with a wicked grin.

“Where do you want to go?” I replied.

“Anywhere you like darling”. Rose said with a wink as she flung her arm round my shoulder and hugged me tightly.

Rose was feeling horny I could always tell, well let’s be honest Rose always felt horny.

Chopper immediately went into defensive mode.

“Umm, Oh, I have to go home now”. He stammered.

Chopper always avoided being led on by females specially Rose, he knew of her reputation for shall we say enjoying the company of more than one guy at a time during her sex sessions sometimes.

Rose loved a nice hot threesome; she loved a nice big gang bang occasionally, horny trollop.

Chopper desperately wanted to dip his dick for the first time, but the idea of being watched doing it horrified him.

Not that he thought group bursa escort sex dirty or anything but being a virgin he’d prefer his first clumsy attempts to be more private.

Chopper made his escape without a further word.

“Just you and me then big boy”. Rose whispered in her sensual voice.

She always called me big boy God knows why, maybe because I was so much taller than her and quite muscular in those days, I never considered my one eyed trouser snake to be anything but average in size.

Not something I thought of or studied much to be honest, I wasn’t into staring at other guy’s pricks and I’d never had any complaints about mine.

“Where do you want to go”? I repeated.

“Mmm, anywhere you wanna take me big boy”.

“Well we could go for a walk and find somewhere quiet”. I said.

“Do for me darling come on”. Rose replied grabbing my hand and dragging me towards the edge of town, which wasn’t far away.

Within 10 minutes we reached our regular love nest, an old hay barn in the corner of a field, we always seemed to head for the barn whenever we met in the street.

Everyone’s love nest actually you had to book it some days it got so busy, or share it with other young couples.

“Hmm, come on big boy shag my brains out”, Rose whispered as she collapsed onto a pile of hay, that was about as sensual and long winded as foreplay got with Rose.

I knelt in front of her and began to lift off my T-shirt as rose unhooked her blouse clasp; she was a pioneer of crop tops. As I said Rose had taken to wearing her blouse hooked by just one or maybe two metal clasps in the middle her belly and a large amount of cleavage showing.

Rose had plenty of cleavage to display 36inchs of firm upright tits worth of cleavage.

As her blouse popped open when the pressure of the exquisite pair of lobes was released I couldn’t help a little gasp.

She really did look so much more attractive with her shorter hair.

Rose’s cheeky filthy smile gracing that pretty yet boyish looking face, her firm upright boobs with the nipples already rock hard and sticking out proud made my junior member shoot up so fast it almost split my jeans apart.

“My God Rose you’re beautiful”, I whimpered love welling up in my heart, lust welling up in my loins.

“Wow big boy you’re fucking randy today. Aint you had a shag for a while?” She chirped, Rose wriggled a little my sudden loving outburst pleased her, aroused her more.

Within another couple of minutes we were both naked and rolling about in the hay kissing passionately.

I could feel Rose’s tongue thrashing in and out of my mouth as she set about trying to suck my face off.

Rose seemed hotter than usual maybe she hadn’t been fucked lately, no not possible Rose could seduce a Monk without breaking sweat, she never went without.

Rose pushed me back and studied my raging hard cock, I had a bone on you could prise a door open with, like a rod of steel.

“Ohh, big boy you are fucking big today”, She whispered as she leaned forward and took my shaft in her hand.

Without a further word she lunged forward and took almost the entire length of my cock into her mouth and began to try to suck the helmet off of it.

Rose had gone down on me before many times but never with this degree of enthusiasm, this was not going to last very long at all if she carried on like it.

Rose was always a noisy lover, loads of grunts and moans, endless strings of filth and obscenity from her pretty lips, this day she was noisier than I’d ever heard her.

Gurgles grunts and moans as she fucked my cock with her mouth, she was trying to utter words with her mouth full of prick.

Rose was out of it with arousal, high as a kite on sexual feeling.

Suddenly the tempo dropped Rose was a very suddenly person, one minute wild the next calm and loving, she’d always been like it.

I felt my hard organ sliding gently out of her mouth, just a little tease with her teeth on my tingling helmet as she released the rod from her mouth.

“Shag my fucking guts out big boy”. Rose whispered as she lay back slowly her lips and chin shining wet with saliva from her excited cock sucking session.

I slowly slid between her wide-open legs as sensually as I knew how; I was in truth still a clumsy teen but I liked to try to put it on a bit with the gentle lover thing.

Rose lifted her legs slightly bending them at the knees to open her fantastic love chamber wider for my approaching member.

As I aimed my organ into her wide-open wet cunt lips with one hand Rose lurched forward to receive the weapon with a loud grunt as it slid into her without restriction.

By heck she was wet and ready her juices began to flood out squelching around my cock as I fucked in and out of her like a steam hammer.

Gentle lover had gone randy ram was at work.

Rose felt beautiful so loose and wet as I fucked her like a demon, both of us muttering filth to each other.

Both of us moaning and grunting as we elevated ourselves bursa escort bayan higher into heaven with ever thrust of my organ into her lovely wet hole.

Rose flung her legs up and around my back she pulled me deep into her with a vice like grip as her ankles crossed and locked behind me.

I felt her belly thrusting against me hard and fast she was trying to get every available millimetre of my cock inside her huge chamber.

She felt bigger than ever before, deeper, looser, wetter juice pouring out of her as though she were pissing herself.

Rose was experiencing her first real orgasm with me, OK she’d made herself twitch and cum mildly in the past with my cock up her, but this was the real thing.

She’d obviously cum like this with other more mature lovers, but never before with her baby cousin, that was the other stupid name she gave me sometimes because of our age difference of two years.

Rose screamed out loudly, then relaxed I knew what had happened but I’d had no experience of bringing a woman to real orgasm before that event.

The effect was instant without realising I was on vinegar stroke I felt my balls tighten and my cock pulsing and tingling as I fired the biggest load ever into Rose, it seemed to be pumping for ages.

My head was spinning I was weak at the knees, my toes felt as though they were curling up with the intense feeling of release and sexual pleasure combined.

Rose’s legs dropped away from my back, I felt my rapidly softening soaking wet member sliding out of her beautiful cunt lips of it’s own accord.

We rolled apart then instantly hugged each other tightly, both covered with sweat and panting like a pair of knackered dogs in a dessert.

Both of us were covered with strands of hay sticking to our sweat soaked bodies, itching uncomfortably.

“Jesus H Christ darling that was some fuck, I love you”. Rose whispered.

My brain went into overdrive, the first time ever Rose had uttered those three magic words, ‘I love you’.

Often I’d had to control myself to stop me blurting those three words to her as I fired a load of cream into her.

Now Rose had said it, did she mean it, I began to panic.

Strange how in such a situation when love and lust should be the only things in your brain you panic and begin to think of the downside.

Up until this time Rose had just used me, used me for a fuck when she didn’t have a boyfriend available or just for the hell of it.

I had at times desperately wanted Rose to love me I wanted to hear those three magic words.

Now she’d said it.

Oh fuck, what happens if she means it, Rose appearing on my doorstep regularly asking to see me. Mum would soon know what was going on.

Uncle Bill and aunt Hilda, (Rose’s dad and mum), Jesus Bill would kill me if he knew I was screwing my cousin, his daughter.

Visions of Rose being forced to move far away to get her away from me, this was what happened to girls who screwed a family member or got pregnant in those days.

I’d been gently kissing Rose’s neck and face as I thought of my fate with a family true lover.

She had been gently moaning and whispering things to me, I’d heard none of them; well I’d heard but not registered them.

The fact that Rose only being a cousin and sex with her being totally legal and acceptable to the authorities hadn’t entered my head.

I knew families frowned on it that was good enough for me, or should I say bad enough.

I felt Rose’s hand stroking my soft cock, it had been about 15 minutes since we climaxed like a double-barrelled cannon shot.

I was typical of all teenage guys then, 15 minutes was plenty long enough to recover I felt Percy begin to stiffen.

My strange and confused thoughts began to vanish rapidly.

Rose kissed me gently on the lips.

“Well have you”. She whispered, I was confused Rose had whispered something I should have taken in but hadn’t.

“What’s that darling, what?” I whispered trying to sound as if I hadn’t heard her last comment not all the previous ones.

“Have you ever shagged a girl up the bum?” She whispered.

“You know stuck your prick right up there”. She continued a few seconds later.

“Umm, well no, not up the arse”. I replied wondering what else I’d failed to hear.

My cock was rapidly becoming rock hard again at the thought of what may be coming next from Rose.

“I love it up the bum, Ralph does me up there all the time”. She whispered.

Ralph was Rosemary’s supposed regular man friend, a 27 yr old married man he’d been screwing her for a long while.

Rumour had it that Ralph’s wife liked to join in with him and Rose but I never asked her if this was true and she never volunteered the information.

I always suspected from comments she made and outside whispers that Rose was bi-sexual but I didn’t find out for sure until years after our affairs ended that it was true.

“Here wipe some of this on your prick, plenty of it mind”. Rose said handing me a pot of Vaseline escort bursa she’d retrieved from her belt bag.

Then without further comment from me she rolled onto her side and spread her top leg right forward exposing her lovely pink crinkled arse ring in the process.

“Fucking hell Rose you serious?” I stammered.

“Bloody serious big boy, get it up my bum”. She replied.

I began smearing a huge blob of Vaseline up and down my shaft as I did so I studied Rose’s arse, beautiful rounded cheeks nice and stable yet soft to the touch.

I inspected her arse ring closely; I’d never really looked up a woman’s arse before, anyone’s arse for that matter.

“Finger some grease up me darling, gently though”, Rose whispered.

I took another blob of Vaseline and offered my finger to her rear entry, I hesitated for a second or two with mild disgust at the thought of sticking my finger up someone’s arse, all that smelly stuff up there.

“Come on it’s alright, I like it a lot, no ones going to know”. Rose reassured.

It felt fucking fantastic as her ring relaxed and allowed my finger to slide into her hole so tight yet at the same time very receptive.

Rose moaned and grunted a little as I fingered the slippery grease in and out of her and spread it round her arse cheeks and ring.

“Go on do it then, fuck my arse”. Rose whispered in a gruff aroused voice.

“Go on, gently though and not too far in at first”, She continued in a more open tone.

I guided my hard member to the goal not really knowing what to expect, I had visions of difficult entry struggling to force it into her.

I mean it had felt tight around my finger how was it going to take my organ three times the girth or more.

As I began to ease my prick harder against the small opening it suddenly popped loose as Rose relaxed her muscles to take it in and my dick slid in much easier than I anticipated.

“Ohhh yes, nice”. Rose whispered as my cock began sliding deeper inside her arse hole.

Rose cried out a little as my cock hit a restriction inside her; I stopped pushing I knew without asking this was as far as I could go to start with.

I gently eased it back out and then in again to the limit, then repeated the operation again and again.

“Nice, go in a bit deeper I can take it”. Rose whispered in her gruff voice.

I did as instructed and began to slowly fuck her up the arse for real, in out, in out, deeper and deeper each time.

I was leaning back watching my cock fuck in and out of her arse hole, it was the most disgusting filthy sensation I’d ever known and it turned me on like nothing I’d ever done before.

There was I in an abandoned barn fucking my cousin up the dung funnel.

My cock was so hard again and it still tingled around the helmet from the previous ejaculation.

Rosemary’s arse hole felt so lovely and tight yet again so receptive.

By this time my organ was going almost the entire length into her each time before it hit something, the only thing that spoiled the sensation was the extra care needed with each thrust so as not to injure her.

I soon developed the knack of judging the depth however and all seemed nicer.

Rose was grunting more than moaning this was hurting a bit I could tell, I slowed to almost a stop.

“Am I hurting you darling, I don’t want to hurt you, I love you”. I whispered.

There I’d said it at last, the three words, I felt elated.

“Don’t be soppy you daft fucker, of course it hurts but I like it”. Rose said, bang went my love affair.

By this time Percy was on the verge of another firing anyway and lust took over from love.

This tight and vile sexually arousing sensation was far too horny to last very long.

I fired my second load of cream deep inside Rose’s arse, she twitched and cried out loudly as she felt the warm fluid pump into her.

She then let out another deafening squeal and jerked quite violently as she had her second full blown orgasm. A string of sexually abusive filth pouring from her lips.

As I gently eased Percy out of her arse hole Rose gave a sigh of relief, I was amazed to watch as her arse ring remained open for many seconds before slowly tightening back to a more normal size.

A dribble of brown and white mixed liquid oozed out of her arse hole as it closed.

This I must admit turned my stomach a little as I was reminded what this hole was really for.

I immediately examined my softening member expecting to see it covered with shit; it wasn’t to my surprise, just very shiny with Vaseline and spunk residue.

What did alarm me was a small trace of blood near the base of my cock nothing much but visible as blood.

I also at that point noticed her arse cheeks around the ring were smeared with a little blood.

“God Rose you’re bleeding a bit, you all right”. I said in panic, weird thoughts in my head again, visions of trying to explain all this in the hospital and again later at home if Rose was injured badly.

“It’s OK darling, I always said you were a big boy, you’re a bit bigger than Ralph and I’ve got a small split in my ring I expect”. She said so unconcerned.

“Fucking hell Rose that was lovely, you sure I didn’t hurt you though”. I whispered.

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Hot Spring Encounter

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Editing by Angel Love

She opened the gate and walked slowly across the wooden deck that extended from the warm pool out to the railing. I watched her put down her towel on one of the chairs. She placed her small knapsack next to her chair and turned to look out over the rail across the wide Sierra valley. She was slender, with long brown hair, and probably about my age . . . in her mid-fifties. I expected to see someone else join her momentarily, but after a few minutes it appeared she had come to this clothing optional hot spring alone.

The woman leaned on the rail for some minutes, just staring out over the vista. Sitting on the steps of the warm pool, I was relaxing, chest-deep in 100-degree water. “Hmm, she looks like she has a very nice figure,” I mused to myself. “I wonder how she’ll look when she decides to get into the pool?”

I closed my eyes for a few moments and luxuriated in the warmth of the pool and the sun. When I opened my eyes, the lady was in her chair. I observed as she removed her hiking boots and heavy socks. Next, she pulled off her loose top and shook her head to help her thick hair return to its place. She wore no bra. Her breasts hung flatly against her chest. They were average size, but deflated rather than firm. I must admit that I was a bit disappointed to see her sagging breasts. She did have large, dark nipples and they stood straight out, looking delicious.

She glanced around and our eyes met briefly. She caught me peeking, but my voyeurism didn’t seem to bother her. The woman coyly smiled to herself as she unzipped her jeans and slid them down her legs. The sight of her bright red bikini panties captured my attention and I leaned on the edge of the pool to watch her final act. Turning her back to tuck her clothes into her knapsack, she slipped her red panties off and stuffed them into her bag. From the rear, she had a classic hourglass shape with a nicely formed ass and slim waist.

There still was no sign of a companion as she walked directly toward me at the pool steps. At first, I thought she was shaved smooth, but as she came nearer I could see a sparse patch of light brown curls covering her pubic mound. I slid to one side as she stepped into the pool, giving her room and myself a better view.

“Stay where you are,” she said. “You’re not in my way at all.”

I smiled up at her. “Welcome to paradise,” I replied as I stretched out again.

To my surprise and delight, the lady stepped into the shallow pool and moved along the edge of the pool about two feet from me.

“Ah, you’re right. After a three-hour drive, this truly does feel like paradise,” she responded with a broad smile.

I can’t say that she was beautiful. The lady exhibited some of the wrinkles and blemishes that plague many women in their fifties. She wasn’t unattractive either. Her manner intrigued me. I sensed some sadness . . . like a woman who was lonely and a bit tired of the life she’d been leading. It wasn’t anything she said or did, just a feeling I had at the time.

“You’ll soon unwind completely in this nice warm water,” I assured her as I slowly moved my legs in the pool.

She chuckled. “Yeah, I love to come here once in a while just to unwind and enjoy being alive. Have you been here before?”

“Yes,” I admitted, “several times and it’s always fantastic. My name is Ken, by the way.”

“Hello, Ken, I’m Linda,” she replied and smiled. “I found this place a four months ago and I can’t seem to stay away.”

“I find it very relaxing here,” I responded. “It’s such a freeing environment,” I added.

Linda sank down in the pool up to her neck and copied my action by slowly moving her legs under the water. “The sun feels good too,” she whispered as her eyes closed.

I watched her soaking for a few minutes and almost dozed off myself. Linda opened her eyes and squinted up at the cloud that slowly moved across the sun. I decided to see where our conversation might go. “You look like you could use a face massage, Linda,” I began. “Sound good to you?”

Her blue-specked hazel eyes met my blue ones and a little smile played over her full lips. “Mmm that sounds nice, Ken,” she whispered. “You mean right here? Right now?”

“Sure,” I said, “why not?”

“Okay, how do you want me?” she asked, accepting my offer.

“Just move over in front of me and I’ll hold your head and shoulders up with my legs. You can stay submerged and relaxed for the most part.”

Linda, to my utter delight, slid over between my legs and arched her neck as my legs trapped her body and held her in a floating position. Her body was just below the water’s surface and her dark nipples broke above the waterline. I noticed that they were already erect from the contact of our two bodies. “This gal’s very horny,” I thought to myself as I gazed down on her.

I began to massage her temples and to play with the edges of her ears first. She emitted a low groan as my fingers touched her. Linda licked her lips as I repeated my light touches several more times, allowing her to grow accustomed to me. After bursa escort a brief silent period, I began to trace the hairline above her forehead and then lightly touched her eyebrows to outline the top of her face. She seemed to enjoy that, so I continued for a bit longer.

Waiting again quietly, I moved to her chin and outlined her jaw and caressed her temples and ears again. This time she moaned low in her throat and her legs seemed to move involuntarily, rubbing her thighs together. “I’m getting to her,” I mused as I worked my hands back up to her prominent cheekbones and let them linger along her nose and upper lip.

Finally, I used one fingertip to trace over her pretty lips and I was rewarded when she opened her mouth partway and licked my finger. I felt my cock swell under her and I traced over her lips several more times. On my final touch, she gently sucked my finger as if it was a tiny prick. “Whoa,” I thought, “she’s getting turned on by a face massage! This is a woman in need.”

I repeated my facial cycle several more times and watched Linda become more aroused each cycle. As I completed my last round of movements, I marveled at how much she seemed to enjoy my touch. Leaning over, I kissed her on the forehead and whispered to her, “I hope you enjoyed your face massage.”

Linda used her hands and arms to turn over. She looked up at me, then down my body to my semi-rigid cock floating just under the water. “You have magic hands,” she murmured. “I loved the way you touched me.”

“I also do backrubs,” I offered bravely, “but I don’t believe this is the place for that.”

Linda looked disappointed, but her smile quickly reappeared. “Perhaps later . . . somewhere else,” she hinted.

“Perhaps,” I agreed.

Having spent quite a bit of time in the warm pool, I decided to use the rest room and get a cold drink of water. I stepped out of the pool and walked through the gate, back to the community dressing room, rest room, and showers. The cold water tasted good. I looked back to the pool through the window and noticed that Linda had moved down to the deep end. She was chatting with another woman. I was ready for a change of scenery, so I slipped back into my clothes and walked back down the hill to my car. It was a short drive from the warm pool area, back past the lodge to the rustic medicine bath.

The medicine bath was a small pool, surrounded by large rocks, having a sand bottom. Flowering bushes and tall pine trees surrounded the pool. Chipmunks scurried around on the rocks and the nearby birds were singing merrily.

I quickly undressed and left my gear in the small gazebo near the medicine pool. A young couple greeted me quietly as I stepped into the pool and sank into the warm water at the far end. The couple sat close to each other and I could tell that they were caressing each other under the water. It occurred to me that I must have interrupted something more intimate as I tromped up the path to the pool.

“Don’t mind me,” I told them softly, “I’ll mind my own business.”

The fellow smiled and nodded. “No problem,” he replied. We’ve been here too long already. I think we’ll continue our hike after a while.”

When they saw that I was in my own world, they became bolder. She straddled her husband’s legs and sat facing him. They kissed like newlyweds and the ripples in the quiet water gave away their underwater antics. The ripples were small and infrequent at first, but it was obvious to me that she had let him slip his cock inside. Through half-closed lids, I observed how the ripples increased for a few moments, then stopped again. “She’s teasing his cock so good,” I thought as I tried my best to hide my voyeurism.

Minutes and several long kisses later, the ripples got stronger and her arms encircled his neck. Her body was sliding faster along his legs and, as her mouth opened, a low moan escaped her lips. “Orgasm number one,” I mused.

The fellow glanced my way, but I pretended to doze.

A bit later, I watched as they stood and moved to the steps. The girl couldn’t have been more than twenty and he looked to be about the same age. Her streaked blonde hair was from a bottle. Her natural bush was dark brown and curly. “Nice firm young breasts, too,” I mused as she stepped onto the deck. She stood, unashamedly nude, while her young husband went over to retrieve their towels. Her small, rosy nipples stood erect on her firm globes as we smiled at one another.

“Have a nice hike,” I offered as he handed her a towel and she covered her sweet nakedness.

The next half-hour passed quietly. I was alone with my thoughts in the medicine pool. A chipmunk bravely approached, looking for a handout. When he saw there was no food, the chipmunk sassed me, then scurried off in search of better pickings. I looked up at the treetops and watched them sway gently in the breeze. “It doesn’t get much more peaceful than this,” I thought.

I heard footsteps approaching along the path and lazily opened my eyes. They opened wider when I saw that the newcomer was my new friend, Linda! “Hello bursa escort bayan again,” I greeted as she walked to the edge of the pool.

“Hi,” she responded sweetly. “Do you mind a little company?” she asked.

“I’d love some company. Come on in, the water’s perfect.”

She continued on by me and dropped her knapsack on the gazebo seat, next to my clothes. A couple of minutes later, she reappeared at the top of the pool steps in all her naked splendor. Linda took her time picking her place in the pool. She coyly sank into the water about mid-way down the side. Not too close to me . . . but not too far either. Since we were alone in the pool, we could talk in a normal tone of voice.

“Thanks again for the facial massage,” she said. “It was very nice and relaxing.”

“You’re welcome,” I replied. “I’m glad you enjoyed it. I’d be glad to treat you to a foot massage if you like.”

Linda grinned. “Oh, I would like, for sure,” she gushed. “I love to have my feet massaged, and I already know you have nice soft hands.”

“Come on over to the edge and sit on the bottom step. I can reach your feet easily then.”

Linda moved to the steps and settled back into the water, offering her left foot to me. I held her slim foot in my hands and began to massage her instep and up along each toe’s joints. Her eyes closed and a little smile skipped across her lips.

“Mmm, that’s very nice, Ken,” she murmured. “I love your touch.”

I must have spent a half-hour on Linda’s feet and she seemed to melt into my hands. I enjoyed giving her pleasure as my hands explored her slim ankles and dainty feet. Finally, I couldn’t think of anything more to do, so I gave each foot a final overall massage. “There, how was that?” I asked.

“Incredible,” she replied, looking deep into my eyes. “That’s the best foot massage I’ve ever had.”

She stayed on the step, near to me as I sank back into the water and relaxed. It was quiet and I could actually hear her breathing. We sat silently for quite a while, enjoying the serenity of the pool and the breeze sighing through the tall trees. Finally, she spoke.

“How about that backrub you promised me?”

I slowly opened my eyes and returned to planet Earth. “Well, nobody’s around to complain, so how about right now?” I replied.

“Sounds good to me,” Linda said. “How will you do it?”

Quickly looking about, I spied one of the large rocks with a flat area just above the water line. “Why don’t you move over here. You can rest your arms and head on this flat rock and I’ll be able to reach your whole back if you’re resting on your knees.”

Without a word, Linda moved to the rock and knelt down, her back and the top of her ass above the water. She folded her arms and put her head on them, closing her eyes. “I’m ready when you are,” she whispered.

I took up my position behind her and stretched my arms out. I was too far away to reach her neck and shoulders, so I moved in closer. “I’ll need to get my legs between yours in order to reach your upper back,” I said.

She spread her legs apart and I moved between them. I placed my hands on the back of her neck and my belly touched her bottom. “Perfect,” I announced and began to stroke her shoulders lightly. I began to run my hands along her ribs and back up her spine in a slow rhythm, ending with medium pressure along her shoulders and neck.

“Ahh, that’s nice,” she purred as I caressed her smooth back. “Your hands feel so good.”

Linda isn’t the shy, modest type,” I mused. “She doesn’t seem to mind the contact between my body and her nice rump.” Each time I moved to her upper back, my belly and floating prick made contact with her in various ways. I noticed that when it happened, she seemed to move slightly deeper in the water in a sly effort to prolong the contact.

My hands roamed down her sides and occasionally contacted the sides of her pendulous breasts as they floated freely in the warm water. “I like that too,” she cooed as my fingers slid along her soft tits. Becoming bolder, I moved my hands to the front and cupped both of her breasts in my hands momentarily.

“That’s really nice,” she purred, assuring me she was not upset with my bold move.

Her breasts were soft and flat, but her rosy nipples became erect as my fingers rolled each of them. I pulled gently. In response, she groaned deep in her throat. As I fondled her breasts, she slowly moved her body against mine in a gentle rhythm under the water.

After some time had passed, I don’t know how long exactly, I finished Linda’s backrub and sat on a submerged rock to cool off a bit. Rather than return to her spot, she slid onto my lap and rested her head on my left shoulder. “That was great,” she murmured. “It’s been a long time since anyone has been so nice to me.”

“I’m glad you enjoyed it,” I responded quietly as my right hand rested on her upper right thigh. I began to slowly squeeze her leg, then caress it as my hand moved from her knee upward.

Linda let her left leg hang off my lap, a silent invitation to explore even escort bursa higher. As my hand moved upward, I let my finger lightly brush across her swollen pussy lips. She shuddered in response, then kissed my neck. “Hmm, she must like that,” I thought. A few more strokes provided reinforcement as she allowed her legs to spread wider. My finger traced up and down her slit and I could now feel a wetness that didn’t come from the warm pool.

Soon, my finger slid between her puffy labia and explored Linda’s soft wet cunt. She put her right arm around me and held me closer as I probed, lingering on her G spot just inside the pubic opening. “Oh yes,” she purred softly, “feels so good.”

Her acceptance encouraged me to go even further. I urged her off my lap and told her to sit on the flat rock she had so recently used as a headrest. She complied immediately and perched her slender form on the edge of the rock, facing me. I pressed on her knees and she grinned. Leaning back on her hands, Linda let her legs fall open, exposing her very wet, very pink, very swollen pussy.

I wasted no time moving between her legs. Using my hands to spread her outer lips, I employed my tongue to split her inner labia and lick up and down, tasting her womanly nectar for the first time. Linda was panting as I tapped the tip of my tongue on her small, erect clitoris.

“Oh my God . . . oh yes, don’t stop,” she gasped as I continued to lick, tap, and thrust my tongue into her love pit.

I felt Linda shake as her orgasm overtook her. She closed her legs around my head and raised her ass off the rock, craving more contact. She must have had her eyes closed as she climaxed because, as she began to come back down to Earth and her eyes opened, she jumped.

“Oh no, we’re busted,” she whined. “People are watching us!”

I quickly pulled up and looked around. Sure enough, the young couple had returned and stood about forty feet away. They must have been very quiet coming up the path, or perhaps we were both too involved to hear. We looked at them. They looked back at us in amazement. I don’t know who was more surprised, but our mood was broken for the time being.

The young couple turned around and walked back down the path. The fellow did glance back over his shoulder as Linda slipped back off her rock seat. I saw his young lady jab him on the arm. We both heard him laugh. At least they were nice enough to leave us alone!

Linda moved back on my lap and I fingered her to another nice long climax. Not long after that we were again interrupted as a middle-age couple wandered up the path. Linda was fondling my cock under the water and I was slowly massaging her mound when they arrived and began to undress.

She was a rather tall lady with salt and pepper hair pulled back in a long ponytail. Her small tits were still quite firm. Topped by dark tan nipples that protruded a half-inch or so, she struck rather sexy pose. Her thick, dark bush was likewise sprinkled with gray hairs. Some longer hairs near the middle of her slit pointed upward in a cute curl. She placed her towel on a nearby rock and smiled at us as she stepped into the pool and moved to the far end.

Her companion was tall and well built. He was mostly bald and the gray hair he did have was clipped very short. I would classify him as a ‘grower’ because his cock was short and thick, and mostly hidden in a thick patch of dark hair. He would likely grow to at least six inches when aroused. The man tossed his towel on his wife’s and nodded to us as he entered the water. They seemed content to cuddle and whisper softly to each other, leaving us free to continue our caresses.

After another quarter hour of soaking and touching, Linda moved close to my ear. “Let’s go back to the warm pool for a while, okay?”

Of course, I agreed. We made our way to the steps and got out of the medicine pool as quietly as we could. The other couple were involved in a deep kiss and paid no attention to us. Through the clear water, I could see her riding her companion’s left leg as his hand massaged her breast.

“I’ll bet they’re glad we decided to leave,” I whispered to Linda as we dressed.

Smiling up at me, she nodded her agreement. “I don’t think they could wait much longer,” she chuckled.

We strolled back down the narrow path. “I need to pee and get my jacket before we go back to the warm pool,” she said as we reached the lodge.

We went inside and up the stairway to her small room. She grabbed her jacket, then started down the hall to the community bathroom. “I might as well take a leak too,” I said as she opened the door.

“Sure, come on in,” she agreed as she entered the bathroom.

I closed the door behind me and, like a gentleman, watched while she slipped her jeans and red panties down her legs and sat on the toilet.

“I was about to pop,” she laughed as a steady stream splashed into the bowl.

I laughed with her. As she pulled off some toilet paper, I unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out. She got up and raised the seat for me, and I produced a stream as she stood to one side and watched me. It was highly erotic for some strange reason. I flipped the handle and we each washed our hands. She turned to me and slipped her arms around me. I looked into her eyes and kissed her softly.

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Room 10

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Alex Bishop

My name is Tim and I am the owner/manager of a 4-star hotel on the outskirts of a coastal town, I have ten bedrooms, two of which are luxury rooms and most of my bookings are reliant on wedding guests booking rooms. There are two castles within a 10-mile radius, and both are used as wedding venues which is a great help to my business.

It was early in March, I had been invited to the wedding of one of my mothers’ old friends Julie and I had been asked, or rather told, the family would be reserving the hotel for the whole weekend as my mothers’ sister Rachel and her kids were coming over from Australia along with the usual other family members.

I booked the hotel rooms and told my mother that I had given her and dad one of the luxury rooms and the other to Aunt Rachel as a little welcome home gift. I remember the smile on my mother’s face when she told me how proud she was of raising such a gentleman; mothers eh, if only she knew.

The rest of the month went on as normal as it possibly could, the usual wedding guests and random travellers passed through, all of which had tales of their life stories. All I cared about was organising my small kitchen and ensuring my small cleaning team kept the rooms suitable, which they always did. The customer reviews were always good, and people were mostly very happy with their stay.

I hadn’t had anyone in room 10 this month which was a shame, that room was my zone, I stayed in there after late nights at work and had rearranged the furniture in a way to suit my needs for the more attractive guests.

Room 10 was for all intents and purposes, my voyeur room. I had set up a camera in the lounge area facing the sofa, a camera in the bedroom facing the bed and one in the bathroom recording the open shower. Each camera was behind a locked air vent and had night vision for when the lights went off. Every angle of the apartment suite was covered, I’d spent years investing in room 10 and it’s something to proud of.

People booking to stay in the hotel were required to provide ID verification via email during the booking process. I could basically pick and choose which people went in room 10 providing the hotel wasn’t fully booked. I had regularly upgraded attractive women or couples to stay in room 10 in the hope of catching some action. Some people spent barely any time in the hotel during their stay and only ever bothered to sleep and shower. Some people however, had put on quite the show; especially couples attending weddings, they were my favourite guests.

I had put my Aunt Rachel in room 10 because I honestly did not want to end up accidentally seeing my parents doing anything, and I thought that with my Aunt it wouldn’t be as bad as I hadn’t seen her for 20 years. If I did see anything on the cameras it would be easier to shift out my mind and be a lot easier for me as she would fly back to Australia, meaning I’d likely never see her again.

The hotel has a security room, which is locked at the back of my office. Inside the room there is a desk with a computer situated below several TV monitors showing each camera around the hotel, including the off-record ones in room 10. I can lock the door, sit at the desk and watch the cameras; I’d spent many nights sat jerking off watching hotel guests fuck. Everything from married women on top of their husbands in a 69 position to single bridesmaids getting fucked in their dress; I’d seen it all.

Over the next few weeks my hotel ran as normal, all the standard rooms fully booked. I hadn’t had a single booking for a luxury suite and had turned down a few requests as I was letting my parents and Aunt Rachel use the only two. It was looking like a dry weekend for me, unless I could find someone at the wedding, I couldn’t foresee myself getting any action that weekend.

The weekend of the wedding came around, my family arriving in dribs and drabs throughout the day, dropping off their luggage and getting their rooms set up ready for the wedding the next day. At around 7pm my mum and dad arrived with my Aunt Rachel and her kids; I have to say she had aged well considering she was 45 years old. I won’t lie and tell you she looked 20 because in honesty she probably looked in her late 30s, but she was still attractive, she had caught the sun living in Australia and had a slightly bronzed skin tone; I thought she would come under the MILF category for sure. With two kids, one around 15 and the other roughly 8, she looked in good shape for her age; she was slightly curvy and bared a slight resemblance to Kate Winslet. I had heard about how Aunt Rachel had split up with her husband after catching him with another woman a few years back, he must have been one crazy bastard, “Welcome to the hotel Aunt Rachel, it’s great to see you after so long,” I told her, giving her a hug, “And Hi mum and dad,” I added over her shoulder.

Aunt Rachel eyed me up and down for a second and replied, “It’s good to see you Tim, good grief you have grown you must be at least 6 foot!”

“Somewhere around the bursa escort 6’2 mark,” I informed her.

“Well, someone had a healthy growth spurt!” She laughed back, showcasing her warm smile.

“Let me carry your luggage for you, I have set you up in room 10, one of my luxury suites,” I said with a hint of showmanship.

“Wow that’s very kind of you Tim, it’s so good to be back and see all the old faces,” she replied.

We chatted our way down the hall and she was telling me about how different life was in Australia, her two kids followed us down the corridor talking about how different England was compared to where they were from; the weather, mainly.

We reached her kids room and I waited while she got them inside and settled in. She returned to the corridor and was pleased when I told her she was in the adjacent room to her kids. I noticed I had forgotten her door key and had to return to the front desk to retrieve it. On my way back down the corridor I caught a glimpse down my Aunt Rachel’s dress as she bent over to pick up her suitcase. Her tits hung down in a red bra, I noticed they were a good handful at least before she had lifted her head back up removing them from my sight.

“Well Aunt Rachel, welcome to your room, I’ll bring up a complementary glass of champagne and then leave you to get yourself unpacked and settled in, please enjoy the mini bar, the cupboards and fridge are stocked and there is a selection of beauty products in the bathroom for you to use at your leisure,” I said giving her the routine luxury room pitch.

“That’s very kind of you Tim, I could do with a drink after all that travelling,” she replied.

“I’ll bet you do, I’ll bring up two just to make sure,” I said with a hint of fake sincerity, which she laughed at.

I returned 5 minutes later with the glasses of champagne and set them down on the living room table, my Aunt thanked me and we made small talk about each-others jobs, how life had been in the last 20 years and she told me all about her kids and how they were doing at school. Her eldest son Michael wanted to be a chemical engineer but wasn’t sure if he would get good enough grades for college, causing my Aunt elevated levels of stress. I could tell she was a strong woman, carrying the burden of raising her two children alone was a difficult task for anyone.

I made my way to the door and gave her some reassurance as I left, “If he wants it enough, he will get it Aunt Rachel, he just needs to set his mind to it,” I told her, “And don’t feel so responsible for him, he’s approaching adulthood now and will need to make his own mistakes so he can learn,” She seemed to appreciate the advice.

I went over to check on my parents and made sure they were settled in room 9. With them being my parents, they were very used to stopping over in my hotel so basically treated the place like it was their own, which was fine. They had done me the honour of bringing me into this world they can do whatever they want in my hotel. They were both settling in nicely, my Dad had found the beers in the fridge and my Mum was unpacking their suitcase.

I made my way back to my office, poured myself a glass of whiskey, went into the security room and locked the door behind me. Glancing around the at the cameras I saw nothing out of the ordinary; empty corridors and a street-lit car park with a couple of my family’s cars on there, all quiet. Looking over at the security cameras for room 10 I watched my Aunt Rachel unpacking her suitcase, lifting items of clothing in front of her face before hanging them in the wardrobe.

Everyone in the hotel had agreed they were going to have an early night, especially my Aunt Rachel, as she had been travelling and needed to get plenty of sleep if she was to manage the entire day and night of the wedding the next day. I had decided that I was going to stay in my office that night, smoke a cigar or two and have a few more whiskeys before falling asleep on my comfy reclining office chair. Chopping the end of my cigar and leaning back on the chair, I lit it up inside my security room; ironic that my security room was the only room without a smoke detector.

“So, Aunt Rachel, what are we up to tonight,” I thought, taking another sip of my whiskey.

She had finished unpacking her suitcase and was led on her bed on top of the covers reading a book and sipping what looked like her second glass of champagne. I tapped a few keys on my keyboard which brought up the bedroom camera on to the big screen, she had her hair tied up, a baggy t-shirt on that finished half-way down her thighs and some fluffy socks on. The bedroom was dimly lit but it was bright enough for me to see everything clearly. I yawned and took another sip of my whiskey, glancing down at my phone to check what was trending on Twitter; nothing of interest, just football and celebrities.

Around an hour had passed, I had sunk another 3 glasses of whiskey and nothing much had happened in room 10. I kept telling myself it was bursa escort bayan wrong to watch my Aunt but at the same time I barely knew her, she could have been a random woman it wasn’t like I looked at her and saw a family member. She looked like a stranger who I had been told is related to me, I didn’t have that family vibe with her; not like there was anything to see, she was still reading her book in bed. She must have found the wine cupboard because there was now a half empty bottle on her bedside table.

I sat there staring at the monitor in deep thought, I had a hotel to run in the morning and could probably use a good night sleep. Just I as I was about to retreat to my office chair for the night, I noticed movement in the bedroom camera of room 10.

My Aunt Rachel’s right hand had left her book and was gently rubbing her tits, I watched in disbelief as she pinched her nipple through the fabric; I couldn’t believe it. “She must be reading erotica,” I thought, glued to the screen. I couldn’t take my eyes off her, she was reading her book and slowly touching herself. I wondered what book she was reading, if the chapter she was reading was a scene with a male biting a woman’s nipple, my Aunt Rachel playing it out in her mind and on her own body. Her hand had slid down her stomach, pulled the long t-shirt up, proceeding down towards her cunt. I saw her teasing herself, slowly brushing her hand over her black laced thong, her legs shuffling on the bed from anticipation.

“I bet its wet under those,” I thought.

Watching my Aunt pleasure herself was getting to me. I couldn’t sit there watching her without getting myself off at the same time. At this point my cock was feeling swollen so I reached down into my black suit pants and gripped my hardening cock, stroking it watching Aunt Rachel slowly move her hips against her oncoming hand. Her delicate fingers were brushing against her aroused clit, slowly teasing herself. I could tell she was becoming entranced in her book; her lips were slightly parted, and she was gazing into the pages with lust. I saw her eyes roll into the back of her head, her hair fell before her eyes, only one thing taking her focus. Aunt Rachel placed her book down on the bed, shuffled lower down until she was led resting with her head on the pillows, lent down and hooked her thumbs in the waist of her black laced thong. She pressed her legs together and raised them in the air revealing her pear-shaped ass; she then lifted her thong from between her cheeks and raised them up her thighs, peeling them away from her open lips.

After discarding her thong on the floor, she returned between her legs, coating her fingers in her wet pussy juice and began circling. My Aunt Rachel was gripping on to the bed sheets with her free hand, her head tiled back, mouth open with an arched back as she rubbed herself. She opened her legs wide providing my camera, situated directly across from the end of the bed, with a perfect open view of between her legs. With her chest pushed out and her legs spread open I could see everything. I watched her stomach rise and fall faster, her breathing increasing with every second she spent on her clit.

By this point I had slipped my pants down by my ankles and was enthusiastically pumping at my rock-hard cock. I couldn’t believe how turned on I was watching my Aunt Rachel play with her pussy. She was a beautiful woman, still in shape but with the slightly looser skin that age brings; Her heavy tits slowly wobbling against the movement of her arm. I’d always dreamed of fucking a MILF, and my Aunt was the epitome of the word; completely natural, yet unbelievably sexy.

I imagined being in the same room watching her masturbate, listening to her moaning and hearing how wet her cunt was. I thought about her shuffling to the end of the bed and opening her legs for me, letting me bury my entire shaft in her soaking wet pussy. I opened my eyes, my Aunt Rachel still with one hand ferociously strumming her clit while the other gripped one of her tits. Her pace had increased, and she became fidgety, pinching her nipples lost in the moment. She lifted herself up on one elbow and her mouth fell open, she was staring at her pussy as her hand worked its magic. Seconds later her knees came crashing together and her body seemed to shiver.

Close to blowing my load I decided to increase the pace, feeling that familiar euphoria before my balls tingled and shot cum over my chest and down my hand. I sat there, covered in my own spunk ashamed of what I had just done. I looked at the camera screen and noticed my Aunt Rachel had dragged a blanket over her and looked to have fallen passed out; I decided it was probably a good idea for me to do the same so I cleaned up my mess, drank the last mouthful of my whiskey and headed into my office to get some sleep for the wedding the next day.

I woke up having slept like a baby, it was 7.30 am and Cathy, my weekend manager, was due in at 8 am. Half an hour later Cathy appeared at my office door asking if escort bursa I had slept here again and that I should go home and shower like a normal human.

“You know what I’m like Cathy,” I told her as I left my office heading for the hotel main reception.

Having reached the main reception, I said goodbye to Alex on the desk and left the hotel. I climbed in my Range Rover, put the heated seats on, and headed off towards home.

The rest of the day was boring; I showered, watched TV and ate food. I only had to be ready and at the wedding party for 6 pm, I hadn’t been invited to the ceremony, which I was pleased about; I didn’t fancy sitting there watching my mums friend get married anyway. All I was interested in was if my Aunt would be there, and if I would get the chance to watch her fuck one of the wedding guests later that night.

I showered and combed my hair, found my suit and put it on. It had been a long time since I’d worn my smart suit; it was all black and looked like the suit Keanu Reeves wore in ‘John Wick’. I always thought I looked badass wearing it, the fit was perfect and as I liked to keep myself in shape, I usually looked the part when I dressed for an occasion, however rare that may be.

I was adjusting my tie when my phone rang, it was my mum telling me my taxi would be arriving in ten minutes, so I had better hurry up. I was ready in five and went out to meet the taxi driver as he pulled up outside my house. The journey was around fifteen minutes, most of which I spent in conversation with the taxi driver, asking him how busy his night had been and what time he got off, the usual stuff.

Eventually the taxi pulled up to the wedding venue, I paid my fare and headed down the red carpet under a large stone archway. The stone path opened into a vast circular grass courtyard that had a tree at its centre; wedding guests were scattered in groups around the courtyard. I caught sight of my parents standing next to the tree chatting to Aunt Rachel; I headed towards them looking at my Aunt, I couldn’t help but think about what she looked like under the tight fit burgundy dress that she was wearing.

“Hi everyone, how’s the day been so far?” I asked upon reaching my family.

I received a hug and kiss on the cheek from my mum and Aunt Rachel as they told me about how good the ceremony had been, apparently Julie had cried with happiness attempting to say her vows, the whole audience sympathising with the in-love bride. I wasn’t a sappy person and honestly the idea of that made me cringe a little; it was a shame they hadn’t booked to stop in my hotel room, wedding couples were always fun to watch fucking as the passion was so high and usually the bride was wearing sexy lingerie clothing under her dress.

The wedding was full of people I didn’t know, meaning I spent most of my time drinking with my parents and Aunt Rachel. We chatted, laughed and drank for hours; The result being all four of us completely wasted dancing with some of the other guests. With Aunt Rachel’s kids tucked up safely at my hotel, my Aunt had taken the opportunity to let herself go a little, ordering rounds of tequila every hour on the hour.

At around midnight I was chatting to a man who was telling me about his boat and where he went fishing, I have no interest in fishing but when you have consumed as much alcohol as I had it didn’t really matter what the topic of conversation was. It was at that moment when I noticed Aunt Rachel at the bar again, I couldn’t help myself but head over to her, slightly swaying with a rum and coke in my hand.

“Hey there, you are ordering another?” I asked as I appeared next to her at the bar.

Turning around seeing it was me, she smiled and replied, “Oh hey handsome, one more and I’m ringing a taxi.”

I’m not sure what surprised me more, the fact she had just called me handsome or that I couldn’t think of anything to say in response. I couldn’t flirt with my Aunt and I couldn’t ignore her comment, but after a five second silence I came out with what was probably the worst of the two options, “Hey, I’m the 2nd best looking out of the two of us!” I said, fuelled by alcohol.

Me and my Aunt Rachel struck up a conversation at the bar while she had her last drink, she was telling me about her ex-husband and how much of a prick he was; I was sure she wouldn’t be this forward with me if she hadn’t also been drinking. I found out all about his affair and how it made her feel, I felt a sadness for her as I noticed the anger behind her eyes as she unfolded her marriage secrets. I started to piece together her life, noticing how she wore revealing dresses in a plea for attention, probably due to self-confidence issues; I had no idea why, she was stunning, it was her husband who was the unlucky one.

Aunt Rachel finished her drink just as she received a text message to say her taxi had arrived, so we made our way to the exit and across the courtyard. True to their word the taxi driver was parked up waiting for us at the other side of the stone archway. I headed towards the passenger seat next to the driver when my Aunt Rachel grabbed my arm and told me to sit in the back as her head felt wavy and she needed a shoulder to rest her head on; I wasn’t going to complain.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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Ass Fingering


This is a story about a middle-aged woman who wants very much to rekindle the sexual spontaneity between her and her husband. Their oldest daughter, Amy is married and their nineteen-year-old son, Todd is away at college. They are empty nesters except for some weekends when Todd comes home for a visit and to get his laundry done by his Mom.

Today is one of Marilyn’s down days. She has been having quite a few down days lately because she thinks her husband, Ben, is losing interest in her. When they first married, she weighed only 115 pounds which looked quite sexy on her 5′ 6″ frame. Now…some twenty-five years later, and after having two babies, her weight has climbed to 135 pounds. She sees herself as fat, but Ben prefers to call her pleasingly plump. Her daughter, Amy tells her that her full figure only adds to her natural beauty. Her son, Todd tells her the extra pounds give her a more curvaceous body that is sexier and more attractive than her slimmer figure. Everyone’s compliments make her feel better about her self-image, but she still can’t understand why Ben doesn’t initiate sex with her anymore. He never turns her down when she is in the mood for sex, but it’s been up to her to initiate their sex play over the last six or eight months. She wants Ben to be more spontaneous. She wants more romance and adventure back in their sex life.

Ben is a successful Medical Sales Rep who earns a high six-figure income. He has been able to give his family a very comfortable lifestyle. Ben loves his family and his work. He feels he has done an excellent job of balancing work with family life. His career requires him to travel frequently during the week, and when the weekend rolls around, he tries to make sure his family comes first but is often too tired to devote proper attention to them. The children adapt well to his absence because that’s all they have ever known. Marilyn has a tougher time sharing him with work.

Marilyn Caldwell decides to be more provocative today in hopes Ben will take more notice. It’s Saturday morning and their son, Todd always sleeps until well past noon on the weekends. Amy is married and has her own place. So, for all practical purposes, they are pretty much alone to engage in any kind of sex play they want with each other. This morning Marilyn is anxious to see if she can still arouse Ben with her natural seductiveness. She wears only a sheer light blue satin bathrobe as she prepares his Saturday morning breakfast.

Ben is busy reading the morning paper and as usual not paying attention to his wife. Marilyn tries to remedy that by not wearing a bra or panties underneath her robe. The bathrobe clings to her large breast and makes her hard nipples more obvious. The robe falls just below her ass cheeks and when she bends over it rides up exposing her neatly trimmed pussy and cute little butt hole to whoever happens to look.

This particular morning Marilyn has planned an erotic show for Ben. A show that is sure to get his undivided attention; she hopes. She is anxious to see if she still has what it takes to build a desire in Ben’s loins. So far, he hasn’t noticed her hard nipples pushing against her flimsy bathrobe. She decides the seduction calls for more dramatic action. She turns her back to Ben and bends at the hips, keeping her legs straight at the knees, while digging in a bottom drawer of the kitchen cabinet. She purposely makes enough noise to attract Ben’s attention.

The robe rides up as planned and she can feel a slight breeze on her naked bottom. The gentle breeze causes her pubic hairs to bristle and creates a tickling sensation around her crotch which causes her nipples to harden even more. Marilyn quickly glances between her legs to see if Ben is watching, but he still has his damn face buried behind the morning newspaper. However, Todd is frozen in the kitchen doorway as he stares at his mothers’ naked bottom. He is wearing only his cotton running shorts. His cock is so hard it looks like it may rip a hole in them. He is wordless and has a horror-struck look on his face. Ben is oblivious to everything. Todd abruptly turns and races down the hallway to the guest bathroom. It takes him less than a minute of fierce masturbation to coat the mirror above the sink with a thick layer of cum.

Todd is a tall, slender, college freshman with an athletic build. His boyish good looks are accentuated by the blonde hair and crystal blue eyes he inherited from his mother. He is often described by his classmates as a girl magnet. Unfortunately, his boyish good looks sometimes catch the eyes of older men who want to date him, buy him things and try to seduce him into their bedroom. It has created many an awkward moment for him, but nothing like the awkward moment he just experienced when he gazed at his mother’s sexy naked rear-end.

Marilyn is embarrassed beyond words. She doesn’t know how she will ever face her son again. She has a sudden urge to retreat to her bedroom, but after a minute’s thought, bursa escort she decides to pretend it never happened. Ben is clueless and still has his nose buried in the morning paper. She is almost certain Todd is not aware she saw him in the doorway. She decides it’s best to wait and see how it plays out. When Todd does return to the kitchen, his mother casually gives him a kiss on the cheek and asks, “What do you want for breakfast, Sweetheart?”

Todd gives a low sigh of relief and assumes she never knew he had seen her in such a compromised position. He smiles and says, “Two eggs over easy and make sure the yokes are really runny. I love the taste when it’s so runny it drips down my chin.”

No sooner than the words leave his mouth, he blushes a bright red. He didn’t mean for his reply to sound like a sexual innuendo, but it came out that way. He hopes his mother didn’t take it that way, but unfortunately, she did. Her involuntary reaction causes moisture from her pussy to begin running down her thigh. She cautiously turns away from her son and husband and surreptitiously blots her wetness away with a paper towel. Todd not only sees her do it, but he can smell her womanly arousal. Ben is still clueless. While Todd and Ben finish their breakfast, Marilyn slips away to her bedroom where she rubs out one of the most amazing orgasms of her life while thinking about her son seeing her naked pussy. Seeing his stiff manhood push fiercely against his shorts was also very arousing for her. She secretly takes pride in the fact that she can still trigger that kind of reaction in a man; even if that man was her own son.

Later that morning Marilyn calls her daughter, Amy to tell her how things went a rye with their plan and to seek more advice on how to rekindle the romance between herself and Ben. Amy has been helping her mother come up with sexual scenarios that are calculated to encourage Ben to be more spontaneous and intimate. Some of their scenarios have worked and some have failed to achieve positive results. Marilyn is undecided as to mentioning the incident involving Todd.

Amy graduated from an Ivy League University on the east coast and had married a very successful young corporate attorney. Amy had become her mother’s chief female confidante while in high school. There are few secrets between Amy and her Mom. They both feel comfortable about discussing any topic; especially those of a sexual nature. Giving each other sexual advice is a bonus in their Mother/Daughter relationship.

In college, Amy used to hang out with some gorgeous girlfriends but always thought of herself as ugly compared to her girlfriends. She was always amazed at why so many of the guys her girlfriends attracted wanted to hit on her. It’s hard to understand why because Amy really is quite ugly looking from the neck up. She is, in fact, downright plain looking, but has a mysteriously seductive smile. Her face is covered with freckles, and she has long straight hair that will not hold a curl. Most of the time she bundles her hair on top of her head and clips it in place with a tortoiseshell clip. Her hair is unmanageable and usually goes in all directions creating what some refer to as ‘bed head’. For some strange reason, that unruly hair also contributed to her sexiness. Without realizing it, Amy will exhibit facial expressions that range from enticing, to fascinating, appealing, inviting, and utterly captivating. That along with the desirability she doesn’t realize she has adds to her total sexy package.

Amy may not be considered a raving beauty; however, she has a body that most women would kill for. She has beautiful large, well-proportioned breast and a rounded butt that is proportionate to the rest of her slender body. She gracefully floats along on long slender dancer legs, and practically every movement she makes have a sexual attraction for just about every man she gets around

Amy is acutely aware that most guys usually speak directly to her tits rather than her eyes. It made her uncomfortable at first, but she learned to enjoy their attention. And it often led to many dates where she would spend the entire evening prying their hands off her tits. On some occasions, she would let a guy slip his hand inside her bra, and if the mood struck her, she would even let him suck on her sensitive nipples. She never let any of them fuck her, but she did give a lot of hand-jobs.

Amy and her husband, Jason, seem to have the perfect marriage. Amy’s college friends marveled at how she was able to attract him because they never considered her an attractive girl either, but as it turned out, she was definitely a man magnet. For some reasons that they didn’t fully grasp, Amy did have that totally unexplained sexiness that attracts the male gender like bears to honey. Everyone wants to fuck Amy; especially her younger brother, Todd.

Amy can see by the caller id that her mother is calling. She picks the phone up on the first ring and says, “Hi, Mom…what’s so important that you bursa escort bayan call this early on a Saturday morning?”

“Oh, Amy…I am so embarrassed.”

“What is it, Mom? You sound like you are out of breath.”

“I just did something really foolish, and I don’t know how to handle it.”

There is a long pause before Amy finally asks, “Well are you going to tell me about it? The suspense is killing me.”

“I just let your little brother see my bare ass and pussy.”

“You did what?”

“You heard me correctly. I was trying to be sexy for your Dad. I did like you suggested and bent over letting my bathrobe ride up to expose my bare rear end. Your Dad missed it because he had his damn head in the morning paper, but Todd came into the kitchen at that very moment and stood frozen staring at my naked butt.”

“I thought Todd was at school this weekend.”

“He came home unexpectant late last night, and I was sure he’d sleep until noon. I was totally shocked when I realized he was standing in the kitchen doorway staring at my naked ass.”

“Oh my God. What did you say?”

“Nothing! It happened so fast. Your Dad never looked up from the paper, and Todd rushed down the hall to the bathroom. I am pretty sure he went to jerk off. When he came back to the kitchen, he acted kind of smug, but nervous. When I asked him what he wanted for breakfast, he said two eggs over easy and make them runny because he loves the taste when it’s really runny.”

“So what wrong with him wanting runny eggs?”

“Don’t see, Amy? I don’t think he was really talking about the eggs being runny. I think he was talking about my pussy. I think he is saying he wants to taste my runny pussy. The runny eggs were just a metaphor for my runny pussy.”

“Are you sure, Mom?” There is skepticism in her voice.

“Yes…I’m sure. He has been looking at me for the last few months in ways a son should never look at his own mother. Ever since he started to college, it’s like he is undressing me with his eyes. Now he doesn’t have to imagine what I look like naked because I just showed him my naked butt.”

“Mom…all teenage boys look at their mother like that at some time or another. It’s part of growing into manhood,” Amy suggests and then adds. “Don’t you think you may be reading too much into the situation out of guilt?”

“It’s not guilts or my imagination that he is always walking around the house with a perpetually hard cock. It doesn’t seem to make any difference how I am dressed. Every time he gets around me his cock gets hard, and I can plainly see it bulging in his shorts. I think college might be corrupting him with liberal thoughts about having incestuous sex with his mother.”

“Mom…I think you are exaggerating the situation. You were just startled that he caught you in an embarrassing moment and now you are letting your imagination run wild. Just calm down and ignore what happened this morning. By tonight it will be forgotten by all.”

“I hope you are right, Amy. I am probably making more of it than necessary.”

“And Mom…why are you paying so much attention to the bulge in Todd’s shorts?”

“Oh my God, Amy. I may be a mother, but I am also human. I still notice hard cocks. And don’t tell me you have never, ever noticed the bulge in your younger brother’s shorts. I’m not a pervert, but I think his cock has to be at least nine or ten inches long. And if you say you haven’t noticed it, I will call you a lair to your face.”

Amy laughs and says, “I don’t think you are a pervert, Mom. And yes, I have noticed his hard cock. I first noticed his bulge back when he started high school. I used to lay in bed at night and listen to him grunt and breath heavy while he jerked off. I wished back then I could go to his room and watch him, but I never got the courage.”

“You are lucky you never did do that because your Dad would’ve had a heart attack if he caught you and your brother engaging in such activities.”

“What about you Mom? What would you have done if you had caught us doing the nasty?”

“Well…as you know, I am a bit more liberal than your Dad, but let’s not go there right now. You are a very wise married woman, and I value your opinion. That’s why I can call you now and ask for your advice on sexual matters. I have a lot of questions, but right now I have to run, Sweetheart. I wasn’t watching the clock, and now it’s time to go to my yoga class. I’ll call you later tonight when we have more time to talk.”

“Oh…Mom, what do I tell Todd when he calls me about this…whatever you call it? The erotic show you gave him before breakfast,” she laughs. “I know for certain he WILL call me about it. He has never been able to keep secrets from me.”

“Just pretend you don’t know anything about it and see what he shares with you. I have to go now, or I will be late for yoga. I’ll talk to you later.”

Within minutes of hanging up from her Mother, Amy’s phone rings. The caller ID indicates it is escort bursa from Todd’s cell phone. She lets it ring three times before answering. When she answers her phone the first thing, she notes is the excitement in her little brother’s voice. She decides on a whim to have a little fun with her younger brother and jerk his chain a bit.

“Hi, baby brother. Why are you calling me so early on a Saturday morning? I’d think you would still be sleeping off last night’s party.”

“Amy,” he gasps as he finds it difficult to take his next breath, “you are not going to believe what happened this morning when I came down for breakfast.”

“Wait a minute, Todd,” Amy interrupts, “why don’t you slow down, relax, take a deep breath and tell me.”

“I saw Mom naked this morning,” he blurts out and takes another deep breath.

“What do you mean, you saw Mom naked?”

Amy feigns ignorance of the morning excitement. She wants to hear Todd’s version.

“Well…not really naked, naked, but I did see her naked little rosebud and the puffy lips of her vagina. I didn’t do it on purpose; I swear. I just walked into the kitchen, and there she was bending over, digging in a bottom drawer of the kitchen cabinet. She didn’t have any panties on, and her bathrobe was so short it caused her bottom to be exposed. And I got so fucking hard I thought my cock was going to break off or rip right through my shorts and…”

“Wait a minute,” she interrupts again, “Todd, slow down. You are rambling on in a way that I can hardly understand what you are so shaken up about. Just take another deep breath and organize your thoughts before continuing. Better yet, just let me ask you some questions.”

Todd takes a deep breath and sighs, “Okay.”

“Now let me get this straight, Todd. You came down for breakfast, and when you walked into the kitchen you came face to face, or should I say face to butt with Mom,” she snickers.

“Very funny, Amy,” Todd groans. “This is serious, and I want you to take it seriously.”

Amy stifles a laugh and says, “I’m sorry, little brother, I didn’t mean to make light of your predicament. Okay, Mom is bent over, and you see her naked rear-end. Where was Dad during all this time?”

“He was sitting at the breakfast table with his back to the door and his face buried in the morning newspaper. I don’t think he was even aware of my presence.”

“What about Mom? Did she see you standing there?”

Todd thinks for a moment and then says, “I don’t know. I couldn’t see her face.”

“Of course not,” Amy snickers again, “you were too busy staring at her ass!”

“Ammyyy! I’m serious about this…It’s not a joke to me,” Todd whines.

“I’m sorry, Todd. I promise not to make light of it again. What did you do next?”

“I panicked and ran down the hallway and locked myself in the guest bathroom.”

“And let me guess. You spanked your monkey until there was cum all over the bathroom.”

Todd lets out a long groan.

“I’m sorry,” she chuckles, “last time I promise. While you were spanking…ugh…masturbating what did you think about?”

“Amy…what the hell do you think I was thinking about? I was thinking about seeing Mom’s bare ass staring back at me!”

Amy decides to jerk her frustrated young brother’s chain some more. To her, it is all harmless fun. “Did you think about what it would be like to fuck Mom? You know…did you picture your hard cock slipping up her wet love tunnel?””

“Damn it, Amy. Cut that shit out…she’s my Mom. It’s not right for me to have thoughts like that about my own mother.”

“It may not be right, but I’m willing to bet you did think about it. Right?”

“Amy…That would be incest if I fucked my own Mom.”

“I know what incest is, Todd. Did you have incestuous thoughts about your Mom while you masturbated? Just tell me the truth. I won’t think badly of you if you did.”

“As much as I hate to admit it, I did for a brief moment see myself slamming my cock into Mom’s you know what. Of course, it would never happen because Mom would never let it happen.”

“Well…I wouldn’t be so quick to say Mom would never let it happen. She’s only human, you know.” Amy stifles another chuckle. She is really getting off on jerking her brother’s chain and decides to throw a real bombshell. “Based on some of the discussions Mom and I have had, about you, she’s noticed your bulging pants on many occasions. Mom believes you have a large cock and I get the impression she is also probably thinking about how that big cock of yours would feel sliding in and out of wet RUNNY pussy. I bet she went to her room and masturbated after she serviced you favor breakfast of RUNNY eggs.”

“No way,” Todd says.

“Yes…way,” Amy counters.

“Well…she did go to her room for a long time,” Todd recalls.

“There you go! I rest my case. She probably couldn’t wait to ram her fingers in her runny pussy while pretending they were your big hard cock.”

“Wait a minute, Amy. I just realized you keep emphasizing the word runny. How did you know she fixed runny eggs for my breakfast?”

“A little bird told me.”

“Come on, Amy. Mom told you all about this didn’t she.”

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