Black Bottom For White Top

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Oh, man. This stuff really hurts. Those are the thoughts running through my head as I’m getting fucked in the ass. My name is Henry Mohammed. A six-foot-four, lean and muscular African man living in the City of Vancouver, Province of British Columbia. I work as a Police Officer in the City and I’m a closet Bisexual. Right now, I’m getting fucked by my boyfriend Miles O’Connor, a sexy Irishman with a big dick. He’s got his big White cock buried so deep inside my Black ass, you can’t tell where he ends and I begin. I’m a Black man who loves White dick. If you don’t like it, sue me.

Miles has me on all fours, face down and ass up as he fucks me. He’s around five-foot-eight, skinny and pale, with red hair and pale green eyes. Yet he’s packing eight inches of hard White dick in his pants. And I go crazy for that dick. He’s ramming his cock so deep into my ass right now. I absolutely love it. I love the feel of a big cock in my asshole. Miles is really into Black men. He can’t get enough of my sweet Black ass and that’s more than okay by me. I love White dick. It took me a long time to admit this about myself but now I’m okay with it.

Miles smacks my ass hard while he slams his cock into my asshole. Miles is a total top who can’t get enough of sexy Black men. He’s been looking for a masculine Black Bottom for a long time. Like a lot of Gay White guys, he finds Black men sexy. However, in the Gay community, interracial relationships are still a bit taboo. And most masculine Black Gay guys and Bisexual Black men don’t like to publicly associate with White homosexuals. Yet internet casino a lot of interracial sex goes on in the Gay community. Black Gay porn stars are among the most popular porn stars of the Gay porn industry. Do you know who buys the most Black Gay porn? Gay and Bisexual White guys, that’s who. How weird is that?

A lot of Gay Black men are Bottoms, and a lot of Gay White men are Tops. EthniCity has very little to do with one’s sexual preferences. Trust me on that one. As a big and tall Black man, I was expected to be all macho and aggressive. Well, I’m actually a Bottom. I like to get fucked in the ass. I’ve been with all kinds of men. Black men. Asian men. Hispanic men. Native American men. Persian men. White men. I like variety among my lovers. I can’t get enough of well-endowed White guys. I love it when they fuck me. They’re hard bastards. They fuck know how to fuck a Black man real hard. Before I married my wife Joelle, I also dated all kinds of women. Black women. Asian women. Hispanic women. Native American women. Arabic women. By far I preferred Black women but their refusal to accept my Bisexuality turned me off. That’s why I married Joelle. She knew I was Bisexual when we were dating and she sort of accepted me. While we were together, I would discreetly hook up with men. As long as I was discreet and used protection, Joelle was okay with my Bisexual adventures.

Anyhow, Miles and I found each other online and we agreed to meet. He’s a recent immigrant from the Republic of Ireland. He moved to the City of Vancouver from his native Irish canlı poker oyna town of Galway. These days, he works for a major trucking company. He’s one hundred percent Gay and has been out of the closet since he graduated from the Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology years ago. He’s never been with a woman in his entire life and he is absolutely fine with that. Miles is a cool guy, and a good partner. He knows who he is and what he wants. Both in and out of bed. We mesh well. I guess we’re a good match, eh?

Miles and I met three months ago. I recently separated from my wife Joelle Von Rossbach, a beautiful, blonde-haired and green-eyed Australian woman whom I was married to for ten years. When I first met Joelle, we were both students at the University of British Columbia in the City of Vancouver. She was a tall, sexy and wealthy Australian woman studying Business Administration and I was a recent immigrant from the Republic of Nigeria still in awe of the Confederation of Canada. We fell in love. She was so damn beautiful. I had sexual feelings for men but thought Joelle’s love could cure me of my Bisexual tendencies. For a while, we were happy. We have a son together, Adam. These days, Joelle is the CEO of Bon Temps Entertainment, the only French-language television network in the Province of British Columbia.

My wife Joelle probably hates my guts right now, but I’ve got no choice but to be myself. I love her and I think I always will. She gave up a lot to be with me. Her wealthy Australian family wasn’t exactly thrilled when she married an African student poker oyna she met at the University of British Columbia. White folks from Australia are among the most racist people on the planet Earth. They’re really not fond of people of color. Up until thirty odd years ago, the Government of Australia routinely mistreated the brown-skinned natives of Australia, the Aboriginals, simply for being who they are. When Joelle married me, her Australian family disowned her. Yet she stood by my side. I am truly sorry for hurting her but I can’t change who and what I am. Simply put, I am a Bisexual Black man.

And I’m not just any Bisexual Black man. I’m a queer Black guy who is occasionally attracted to Gay and Bisexual White guys. Not an easy thing to be in North America. My Black queer friends wouldn’t approve of the things Miles and I do together. I love it when he completely dominates me. He puts me on my knees and makes me suck his cock. His very White cock. I love it when he stretches my Black ass with that big thing. And that’s just the way I get down. Pure and simple. Will the world finally butt out of the Black man’s bedroom and leave him alone? One can only hope!

I know what you’re thinking. I am a weird guy. A big and tall Black man from the Republic of Nigeria who is leading a strange life in the Confederation of Canada. Well, I am who I am and I love who I love. A bisexual Black man. I am more than that, as well. I hold a bachelor’s degree in Criminology from the University of British Columbia. I am a Sergeant with the Vancouver Police Service. For ten years I was married to Joelle Von Rossbach, a White woman from Australia. We have a son and daughter together. I still care for her, though I know we’re getting divorced. We just wanted different things in this life. I’m with Miles now and I am happy. At last.

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Bittersweet Irish Cream Ch. 11

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This picks up exactly where chapter 10 ends.


They stood side by side holding hands, June and Liam on Jack’s side, Henrietta and Brayden on Ethan’s side. Father O’Donnell did a short prayer about love and commitment.

June did the first reading from the Old Testament, Song of Solomon: May the wine go straight to my beloved, flowing gently over lips and teeth. I belong to my beloved, and his desire is for me… She started crying halfway through it.

They sang Blessed Assurance. Then Henrietta did the second reading, in 1st John: Dear children, let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth. This is how we know that we belong to the truth and how we set our hearts at rest in His presence: If our hearts condemn us, we know that God is greater than our hearts, and He knows everything… Her tears came after the reading.

Father O’Donnell said, “I’m going to skip the lecture on the importance and mysteries of marriage, and jump to the statement of intentions if that’s ok with everyone.” Ethan and Jack nodded.

He asked, “Ethan Thomas and Jack Nathan, have you come here to enter into this marriage without coercion, freely and wholeheartedly?” Together they said, “We have.”

“Are you prepared, as you follow the path of marriage, to love and honor each other for as long as you both shall live?” Together again they said, “We are.”

“Are you prepared to accept children lovingly from God and to bring them up according to the law of Christ and his Church?” Together again, “We will.”

“Since it is your intention to enter the covenant of Holy Matrimony, join your right hands, and declare your consent before God and his Church.”

Jack and Ethan turned to each other and reached for the hand they weren’t holding. Ethan realized he did not feel this way the first time he got married. Before he went through the motions, but this felt very real. He felt like his heart was going to come out of his chest with how full it was right now. Jack likewise was trembling, and Ethan felt it in his hand. They looked at each other, unsmiling, holding hands tightly, as if the one were to let go, the other would fall.

The priest said, “Now both of you will say these simple words, I, Name, take you, Name, for my lawful husband, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do us part. Do you think you could do that without fumbling or do you need me to spoon it to you?” They both laughed and looked at him.

“Ahhh there we are.” He said. “You’re so serious! Smile at each other, it’s a good thing!” They turned back to each other, smiling this time. Father O’Donnell said, “Who will go first?”

“Well Jack looks like he’s going to throw up a little, so I will.” Ethan said and Jack smiled widely.

He started, “I, Ethan Thomas, take you, Jack Nathan, for my lawful husband, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health…” He paused looking at Jack’s wide green eyes that were taking his breath away. It was the most vulnerable he had ever seen him. Ethan looked up and swallowed a few times, then looked back at Jack whose eyes were welling up with tears.

“Wow. Okay. Sorry… until death do us part. Sorry. I didn’t think it was going to hit me like that…wow. We’re really doing this… Ok. I’m good. Let’s keep going.” They all laughed and Jack smiled.

The priest said, “Your turn, Jack.”

Jack tried to rush through it: “I, Jack Nathan, take you, Ethan Thomas, for my lawful husband…to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health until death do us part…Shit.” he cursed as the tears started falling, making them all laugh. Ethan used his hand to wipe Jack’s tears away, ignoring his own that started leaking out.

Father O’Donnell asked, “Do you have the rings on you at all? If not we can skip that part.”

Brayden said, “Use ours!” He and Henrietta took off their rings and held them out.

Jack hesitated. “So who gets the girl ring?”

Henrietta hit him, “You, with your girly fingers!” Everyone laughed.

They held their hands out and rings over one another and the priest said, “May the Lord bless these rings, which you will give to each other as the sign of your love and fidelity.” Then he told them, “Bring your rings back to me when you get a chance so I can bless your actual rings as well.” They slipped them on each other, Brayden’s too big on Ethan, Henrietta’s too small on Jack, making them all laugh again. They waited for the next step.

Father O’Donnell said, “This part is on you to solidify with a kiss.” He smiled. They leaned in together and pressed their lips lightly against the other.

June said, “Oh c’mon, Nana Mary kisses better than that!”

Jack chuckled. Ethan said, “That’s all you’re getting tonight, wait until tomorrow.”

The priest said, “Please kneel.” Ethan and Jack did. He illegal bahis prayed over them and distributed communion, which made them both emotional again, tears threatening to come out their eyes that they quickly wiped away.

Then they were to stand and face him as he said, “May God the eternal Father keep you of one heart in love for one another, that the peace of Christ may dwell in you and abide always in your home. May you be blessed in your children, have solace in your friends and enjoy true peace with everyone. And may almighty God bless all of you, who are gathered here, the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Let the Church say…”

And they all said, “Amen.”

Then Jack drew in breath and said alarmingly, “Is…is that it!?” His eyes were wide again as Ethan smiled.

Father O’Donnell said, “Not quite, I need you to sign this.” He pointed at the little table behind him. On it was their marriage certificate with the date of September 1st, and their names already embossed in silver and cursive: Ethan Thomas Starling and Jack Nathan Redmond Frazier. They were both shocked.

“How long have you been planning this, Father?” Jack asked.

Father O’Donnell answered, “Since Ethan asked about getting his marriage annulled. I couldn’t put the date in because I didn’t know when it would be finalized, hoping and praying it did before September 1st. Just in time I say. Please, come sign. Just do me a favor, don’t hang it up until I’m dead ok?” They both laughed.

Ethan said to Jack, “I went first with the vows, you sign first.”

Jack, with trembling hands again, signed all four of his names. Then he handed the pen to Ethan who took Jack’s whole hand, wrapped his arm around his waist with his other hand, pulled him close and kissed him fervently for a couple of seconds, licked and sucked his tongue and pulled his bottom lip a few times. Jack moaned in his mouth and melted, and Ethan felt his whole body go lax in his arms.

Henrietta called out, “Now that’s a kiss!”

They laughed as Ethan pulled away first, then landed three more simple kisses on Jack’s lips and face. “Thank you,” Jack said. “I needed that.”

Ethan smiled, “I know.” He kissed him once more, before taking the pen and signing his name. He turned to Jack and said, “Now that’s it.” He pulled him in for a hug as their witnesses signed as well.

They stood there and held each other for a while, with Jack whispering “oh my God…oh my God…” and Ethan saying, “I know Jackie Bear…I know.”


They found Mina in their bed with EJ. She said, “He refused to sleep in his room, said he was waiting here for his dads.” Ethan and Jack smiled at each other.

Ethan told her, “Take the couch, go home in the morning to freshen up. We’re leaving here at 10am to head to Halifax for our 12 o’clock appointment with the court.” She agreed and left the room. They silently took off their clothes and found pajama bottoms to wear, and moved to lay on either side of EJ. They looked at each other over his head. Ethan put his hand on EJ’s back, and Jack put his hand on top of Ethan’s.

Jack mouthed, “I love you. So much.” Ethan shrugged, then grinned, making Jack grin.


By the time Ethan, Jack, EJ, June and Liam showed up at the courthouse the next day, there were almost 20 people waiting for them: Ethan’s family, complete with Becky, AJ and their kids, Jack’s family with Brayden and Brayden’s dad Brian who Ethan had never met, three of Ethan’s friends that drove up from New York- Monique, Sonia and Rasheed, and four of Jack’s friends- BJ, Sam, Connor and Afia.

Jack wore a three piece cobalt blue Prada suit with a green, silver and blue tie and his father’s cufflinks, while Ethan wore a light gray three piece Prada suit with the same tie as Jack. They all piled into the tiny courthouse and watched Ethan and Jack exchange vows humorously, as they laughed so hard tears were coming out of their eyes throughout the whole ceremony.

During Judge Robinson’s introduction speech, Jack started it, giggling right from the beginning, then outright laughing. Ethan whispered, “What the fuck?” Which only made Jack laugh harder and made Ethan laugh, understanding why Jack was laughing.

“Ok Jackie bear, get it together.” Ethan said, pulling him into a hug.

They resumed their positions standing side by side holding hands and waited for the judge to continue. When she got to the vows and Jack repeated after her the, for better or worse, richer or poorer, till death do us part, part, Ethan busted out laughing loudly. Jack looked over at him with wide eyes, then and started laughing again. Then they were both laughing with tears coming down their eyes.

Then Jack said, “Ok, ok, c’mon we have to do this.”

“Really Jack? Do we really have to do this?” Ethan asked. Then they looked at each other and laughed uncontrollably all over again.

AJ and Liam who were standing on the sides of them looked at each other bewildered but began laughing because their laughter was infectious, illegal bahis siteleri then everyone started laughing, clapping and cheering for them.

Judge Robinson was not amused. She said, “What is this? Is this a joke to you? I will cancel this whole thing right now!” That straightened them right up and quieted everyone down.

The judge gave them the lecture Father O’Donnell did not on the seriousness and importance of marriage, which made them smile widely but respectfully. Then she made them do their vows over again. This time they faced each other and did it giggling a bit but not outright laughing. They exchanged their Claddagh wedding rings and then at first went for a simple peck kiss.

Then Jack grabbed the back of Ethan’s neck and pulled him in for a more passionate kiss and Ethan happily gave him one, dipping him down as Jack lifted up a leg. This led to more cheering and hooting, and some had tears in their eyes. Most people thought they were deliriously happy, but June, Liam, Henrietta and Brayden knew the truth: that this wedding seemed redundant and comical compared to the emotional one they had in jeans and t-shirts just 12 hours before.

Afterwards, they had EJ ride with his grandparents so Liam could drive the BMW x5 back -which he happily agreed to with June by his side- so they could sit in the far back row to make out like teenagers.

“I fucking love you Jackie Bear.” Ethan said in between kisses. He removed Jack’s tie and opened up his top button so he could kiss his neck and suck on his collar bone.

“hmmmm…I fucking love you too,” Jack said as he pulled Ethan up by his hair roughly and kissed him again. Jack pulled Ethan’s shirt out of his pants and ran his hands over his body, squeezing his nipples in between. He slid down so that he was positioned flat on his back with one leg against the side back window and the other and the other on the car floor. Ethan leaned up and took off his suit jacket, then attacked Jack with kisses all over again.

Liam looked out the rearview mirror at them and yelled, “Seriously? Y’all can’t wait an hour or so?”

“No!” They both yelled simultaneously.

Ethan unbuttoned more buttons and found Jack’s chest, kissed him all the way down to his belly button and Jack began moaning. Liam looked up again and shook his head. He turned on the player loud to drown out the moaning, and Ethan snorted a laugh. He looked up at Jack and they stared at each other for a moment. Then Ethan moved his body back up to Jack’s face, positioning his thick penis right next to Jack’s long one. He held himself up and over him, and began to move.

Ethan moved slowly at first, running his dick all the way up the length of Jack’s, then back down again. He held eye contact with his new husband and moved with more speed, back and forth right over their pants. Jack reached down and grabbed Ethan by his butt cheeks and held him tighter against his groin. Ethan moved faster and Jack’s eyes fluttered. I love you, he mouthed to Ethan. Ethan’s response was to move against him harder and faster.

Jack let out a loud moan and Liam turned the music up louder. They held each other’s gaze and moved against each other, creating friction and feeling the heat rise between them. Ethan leaned down and adjusted his arm in between Jack’s arm so that he could slide it under his back, and he laid his whole torso down with his face in Jack’s neck. “Come for me.” He whispered.

Their bodies moved together like waves against the sand, back and forth they moved and held each other, as spots of pre-cum now seeping through their clothes. They were uncomfortable in the tight space, and yet it was the most comforting place they could be, in each other’s arms. They moved faster, held each other tighter, moaned louder together.

Jack came first, felt the tightening of his balls as they released his Irish cream right up through his slit and created a warm puddle between them. Ethan felt the wet and warmness of Jack’s cum and immediately came, creating a damp spot of his own. They held onto each other for a moment, then Jack began to laugh and Ethan laughed with him.

“How are we getting out the car looking like this?” Jack asked.

“I don’t give a fuck.” Ethan replied, and they laughed again. He began to kiss Jack’s neck again, suck it harder leaving red hickies on his white skin. “Hey, Jackie Bear. Thanks for marrying me. I promise I will make you so happy.”

Jack closed his eyes and rubbed on Ethan’s back. “You already make me so happy. I love you so much, babe, my heart never gave me a choice.”

Liam dropped them off at the Marriott where they had a honeymoon suite for the weekend. “You kids have 4 hours, I’m picking you up at 7p.”

Ethan and Jack walked into their suite and there were His & His complimentary fluffy white robes waiting for them, which they stripped and put on immediately. Ethan then called room service to take their pants and get it laundered and ironed, and to be brought back by 6:30pm. He took Jack’s hand and led them canlı bahis siteleri to the living room where they had champagne and a fresh batch of strawberries with a chocolate fondue station. He took a strawberry while Jack dipped his fingers in the chocolate and sucked it seductively.

Ethan laughed, “I’m going to get you to do that to something else too.”

He laughed. “Is it weird that I don’t want to have sex right now?” Jack asked.

“That’s cool, you don’t have to do anything, but I’m going to fuck you. I’m going to fuck you right on this couch, then again against that glass shower wall, then by that time you might feel like having sex, and I might let you fuck me.” Jack laughed heartily. “But first,” Ethan said, “Let’s talk finances.”

Jack groaned. “Ok Dad. Let’s see, you have money and I don’t. Next topic.”

“I just think it’s weird that you never asked me. Ever.” Ethan said.

“Because I never cared about it. Obviously you have enough to buy a business and keep it afloat while it’s still in the red, so I know it’s a lot.” Ethan did not respond, just raised an eyebrow. Jack rolled his eyes. “What, you want me to sign a prenup or a post-nup now that we’re having this conversation after the fact?”

Ethan said seriously, “No, but my dad asked me to ask you before we got married.”

Jack’s mouth dropped. “Seriously!? I thought Alan liked me.”

“He does like you,” Ethan said. “My dad loves you. But he’s still a finance guy. Plus I was married before without a prenup, and I had to give Trish 2 million to close it out.”

Jack’s eyes went wide. “You gave Trish the addict 2 million dollars!?”

“I had to. I’m the one that cheated, so I broke the vows. She had no job and I was the sole provider. I had to pay, literally. And I was not paying her alimony for a year and half of marriage, so I gave it in one lump sum, with the condo in the Bronx. But I think she sold it so that was another 600k.”

Jack blew out air, “Jeeeeezus.”

“I’m pretty sure her dad put it up for her, anyway.” Ethan said.

Jack said seriously, “If we break up I don’t want your money. Not one cent.”

Ethan smiled. “Don’t you want to know how much it is first?”

Jack laughed, “Ok. Tell me.”

“All together it’s probably a net worth of 8.” Ethan said.

Jack blinked twice, then said slowly, “8…mil…lion?”

Ethan said, “Yes.”

Jack paused and looked at him for a moment, then said, “You have 8 million dollars and you’re living in a fucking 1000 square foot basement apartment, what the fuck Ethan?”

Ethan laughed. “So here’s the breakdown: 3 mil is tied up in an IRA, stocks, bonds, CD’s and securities, things like that. My lawyer told me to do that right away so Trish couldn’t touch it. That’s going to keep growing. 500K in a trust for EJ when he turns 18, to be used for college and whatever else he wants to do. That’s collecting interest too.

“3 mil is in a separate account for B&B related stuff, property taxes, salaries, health insurance, utilities, repairs, you know. Business is doing ok, especially since we have some contracts with local businesses that send their out of town clients to us. But we need to do more because we aren’t quite making enough to sustain it, so it’s still coming out of my pocket a bit. The rest is mostly in savings, but I transfer $4000 into my checking every month, that’s basically my salary and I don’t take it out of the B&B account.

“Actually I didn’t pay you out of that money either, I paid you from mines, which is why I had to fire you, or you would have basically been my hooker.”

“Really!?” Jack laughed. “Ok, you’re forgiven for that one.”

Ethan continued, “So it’s about 1.6 give or take of disposable income right now in my personal account. And that’s the account I’m putting your name on, the checking and savings. And the B&B, I’ve already started the process to put your name on the deed. It’s ours now.”

Jack was stunned. “You don’t have to do that, at all.”

“I know I don’t have to. I want to.” Ethan said simply.

“Well I got about 60k to add it.” Jack said and smiled triumphantly.

Ethan laughed. “Ok, I’m sure we can use it.”

Jack feigned being offended, “Don’t laugh at my hard earned money. It was close to 100k at one point, but then I bought my Chevy outright, and I gave Liam a down payment for his car. And then I took about 20k with me to Ireland, liquidated most of it because I needed to do things in cash, obviously.”

“I’m not knocking your hustle at all,” Ethan said. “If you want to add money anywhere, put it in the B&B. That’s where it’s needed right now.” He paused then said, “Also I should let you know I have my eye on a small motel on the south side, called Hoppin Inn.” Jack was surprised, Ethan had never mentioned it.

“I’ve already talked with the owner a couple of times and we’ve been negotiating. He wants 2.8 and technically I have it, but I need to get him closer to 2 mil. It would help because they are already in the black and I wouldn’t be starting out at a deficit like I did with the Inn. It’s bigger than the B&B too, 20 rooms instead of 8, and it’s near the highway so more foot traction, and more up to date so things won’t be breaking down so often.

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A Victorian Sex Fantasy Pt. 10

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Author’s Foreword: This is the tenth part of much longer story, if you haven’t read the previous parts, the story will make much more sense if you go back and start from the beginning. The first part is mostly background so its probably a bit boring but it isn’t very long, the sex gets started in the second part.

Warning, this part and future parts will be filled with explicit incestuous activity between participants who were initially reluctant but are now fully willing, all over 18 years of age. If fictional incest offends you, please don’t read this story. It is my intention to try and make this story romantic, I like romance in my sexual stories, where people care about each other rather than people who just use others to get off. This is a fantasy, do not try this in the real world.

I am interested in hearing from readers what you think about the story. I do want to talk a little about a valid point that someone made on my not using Mummy rather than Mommy. I thought about this when I started writing this and made the decision to use the idiom I’m familiar with. I was afraid if I tried to use British idiom, I would make a lot of errors. So please consider this a ‘Memoir’ originally written in British idiom that has been translated into American for publication, as American publishers do with books written by British authors.

Chapter Twelve: Cathy Loves Beth

In a moment, Beth’s hips were elevated and Cathy was positioned between Beth’s legs, gazing entranced at Beth’s pussy. I was concentrating on that so it was a surprise, although a very pleasant one, when I felt my now soft but messy cock being taken inside a warm, wet cavity and looked down to see Mamma cleaning my cock of Beth’s and my combined juices with her mouth. Then I heard a moan from beside me and looked back to see Cathy now had Beth’s pussy spread open with her fingers and was licking eagerly at the juices flowing from Beth’s vagina. Gail managed to find space on the bed to lie on her side next to Beth and she took one of Beth’s breasts in her hand and leaned down and began kissing Beth on the lips.

I didn’t think I’d ever get tired of watching my family kiss each other with love and passion. Of course I really liked having them kiss me also. I could not have conceived when this evening started that the five us would end up naked on a bed, two of my sisters loving the third and our mother devoting loving attention to my cock. Nor would I have believed that my cock would have been inside my mother and two of my sisters and should shortly be inside my third sister and that possibly all four might end up pregnant by me.

The prospect both thrilled and worried me. Mamma was married, so her getting pregnant didn’t need to be a scandal. I couldn’t imagine my father rejecting the child as not being his, given his own actions and he wouldn’t want to look ridiculous in front of his peers. But something would have to be done to save my sisters from scandal, but I had no idea at the time what that could be. But worrying about that could wait until later, right now I wanted to enjoy the moment.

Mamma’s attentions to my cock had me starting to get hard again. Apparently deciding that my cock was now clean enough, she moved up next to me ‘Lie on your side, so we can watch your sisters together.’

I obediently rolled onto my side facing Beth and Mamma pressed her front against my back. Her breasts and hard nipples felt wonderful against my skin and I could feel her pubic mound pressing against my buttocks. She put her arm over my hip and took hold of my cock loosely with her hand, giving it gentle squeezes from time to time.

‘Aren’t your sisters beautiful? Seeing them being naughty together is very exciting isn’t it? I never imagined us doing the things we’ve done tonight, never imagined that women could love each other as we’ve done, never imagined how satisfying it would be to have your cock, my son’s cock, inside me, how exciting it would be to see you love your sisters.’

While we had been positioning ourselves, Cathy had continued her attentions to Beth’s pussy, pushing her tongue inside, sucking eagerly for our juices and Gail had been kissing Cathy on the mouth. Now Gail moved down and took the long hard nipple of the breast she had been caressing into her mouth and began sucking on it. Beth moaned ‘Oohh Mamma, they’re making me feel so good. I never knew anything could feel this good. I loved having Daniel inside me and he made me cum so hard but this feels just as good in a different way. I feel so loved! And I’m going to cum hard again soon.’

I reached out and began playing with Beth’s other nipple ‘Cum for Cathy, cover her with your juices, show her how much you love what she is doing.’

‘Ooohh yessss! I can feel it getting close! Yesss, I’m cumming!’ and Beth did drench Cathy’s face with her juices. Gail released Beth’s nipple and moving down, put her hand under Cathy’s chin, drew her face up and began güvenilir bahis licking Beth’s cum from her face, giving Cathy kisses whenever she passed Cathy’s mouth. Beth meanwhile had relaxed bonelessly, her eyes closed, basking in the afterglow of her intense orgasm.

I moved my hand from Beth’s breast and gathered up some of Beth’s cum with my fingers from where it had landed on her stomach and brought them to my mouth, savoring the wonderful tangy taste of her. I was looking forward to the future when there would be leisure to explore my mother’s and sisters’ bodies thoroughly, with my eyes, my fingers and my mouth and tongue. I wanted to taste their pussies directly and make them cum the way they had been making each other cum.

And what would they look like when naked and pregnant? I had seen a few of the local farmer’s wives when they were pregnant but they, of course, had been fully clothed, which meant that other than their bellies sticking our a lot more than normal, everything was fully covered by the clothes of the day. And what would their breasts be like when filled with milk? The thought of watching our babies develop in my lovers’ bodies fascinated me.

I watched as Gail now moved back up to Beth’s face and kissed her on the lips, teasing her mouth with her tongue. Beth opened her eyes dreamily and returned Gail’s kiss.

Cathy slid her body up Beth’s and joined the kissing. ‘Did you like that dear Beth?’ she asked.

‘It was wonderful, thank you. I’m looking forward to being able to love you back. To loving all of you, especially to having our dear brother back inside me.’

Our mother whispered into my ear ‘Aren’t your sisters wonderful? Loving each other so much and sharing the pleasure so willingly.’

‘Just as wonderful as you Mamma’ I replied. Mamma’s hand had continued to gently squeeze my cock as we watched my sisters and I was rapidly getting back to being fully erect.

Mamma leaned closer and kissed my neck. ‘Thank you dear. Are you about ready for Cathy?’

My sisters apparently heard us as they stopped kissing and looked toward Mamma and me.

‘I think I’m ready if Cathy is.’

‘Ohh, yes please. I’m so ready. Loving Beth has gotten me very excited.’

Chapter Thirteen: Cathy Becomes Mine

‘All right girls, let get rearranged here so Daniel can lie on his back again in the center of the bed with Gail and Beth on either side so they can watch Cathy become a woman.’

Mamma and Cathy moved off of the bed to let Gail, Beth and me take our places. Once the three of us were settled in place, me on my back and Gail and Beth on either side of me on their front but with their heads and shoulders elevated on their elbows and their knees at the wall with their feet in the air, Cathy crawled back up on the bed, her beautiful breasts hanging down and swaying gently with her movements, before she lowered her body down on to mine, her breasts against my chest, her pubic mound pressing against the back of my cock which was laying on my stomach pointing toward my belly button.

Cathy kissed me tenderly on the lips ‘I love you darling brother. Please make me a woman like you did Gail and Beth.’

‘I love you too, dear sister, more than I can say. But, like Gail and Beth, I think you’re going to have to give yourself to me and make yourself a woman. I am honored so much that you want me to be your lover and aren’t just doing this because you’re being forced to.’

‘I don’t think we’re being forced any longer. I saw the three women leave after Beth gave herself to you and they haven’t come back, so I think they decided they’d gotten done what they wanted and have left.’

We all looked around in surprise, sure enough the room only contained the five of us now.

Our mother spoke up ‘Do you really want to still go ahead if you don’t have too darling? Your life will be completely different if you go ahead, especially if you should become pregnant.’

‘If my brother wants me, I want to go ahead. I want to know what it feels like to have his cock inside me like the three of you did. I want to feel him come inside and I hope that he does make me pregnant. The thought of holding and raising his baby seems so wonderful. Do any of you wish tonight hadn’t happened? Mamma, do you wish you hadn’t become his lover? Do you wish you hadn’t become our lovers?’

‘No, I wouldn’t change a thing. After I got over being scared, I came to love every minute of the naughty things they wanted us to do. I loved the feeling of the son I love so much being inside me and although for a moment the thought of getting pregnant by my son scared me, I quickly realized that I want it very badly.’

‘Gail, are you sorry you gave yourself to our brother or that you’ve done the other naughty things you’ve done tonight?’

‘No. I was afraid at first too, but once Mamma gave us her nipples to suck, I wanted to do more and I loved when she taught us how lovers kiss. And türkçe bahis when she loved me, it was so divine that I wanted it to happen again. And best of all, was giving myself to Daniel. It made me feel like I belonged to him.’

‘Beth, what about you?’

‘Oh Cathy, I feel like they do. I love all the things we’ve done and want to do a lot more of it. And I agree with Gail, giving myself to Daniel made me feel like I belong to him.’

‘Well, I want to feel that with Daniel too. And I want to be loved by all of you and to love all of you.’ and Cathy kissed me tenderly again ‘Will you let me give myself to you like the others did?’

‘I would be honored.’ I told her and gave her another kiss, this time with a lot more passion.

‘Then up on your knees Cathy’ our mother ordered ‘You saw how Beth was positioned, do the same.’

‘Yes Mamma.’ and Cathy raised herself upright and got her knees under her by my hips. Mamma guided her with her hands into just the right spot above me. Cathy turned her torso toward our mother ‘Give me a kiss Mamma.’

Our mother took Cathy’s face in her hands and give her a very unmotherly kiss on the mouth. ‘Now, look at your brother. See the love in each other eyes as you give yourself to him. Raise yourself up so I can guide him to where he needs to go.’

Cathy raised herself up and Mamma’s hand again raised my cock up and brushed it back and forth between the lips of my sister’s slit. I could feel the warmth of her flesh and the moisture she was leaking soon lubricated the head of my cock. Mamma had my foreskin pulled down so the mushroom head of my cock was plainly visible and she soon had it lined up with Cathy’s vagina opening to her satisfaction. ‘Down now Cathy until his head is inside you.’

I guess Cathy was impatient to have me inside her, because instead of slowly taking just the head of my cock in as her sisters had, she dropped all of her weight at once onto my cock, driving me at least half way into her hot wet tight channel. I felt a momentary blockage but then was through her maidenhead. Cathy gave a moan of pain and I saw tears trickle from her eyes ‘Ohhh, that stung! My pussy feels so full, is he all the way inside me?’

Gail spoke up ‘Brave girl! It looks like he’s about half way inside you. Wait for the pain to go away before trying to take more.’

‘No, I want to feel all of him inside.’ And she pushed down and slowly took the rest of me inside until her pubic mound came into contact with mine, where she rested, panting from the effort and the pain, her eyes closed.

‘Oh Cathy, I’m so sorry, I didn’t want to hurt you like that. Mamma, what should I do?

Our mother moved in behind Cathy and embraced her, stroking her stomach comfortingly. ‘Are you all right darling? Is it too painful, do you need to get off?’

‘No! It stings but it also feels so good to have him inside me. I’m sorry I was so impatient but after watching all of you get to take him inside, I couldn’t wait a moment longer. Now that he’s finally inside me, I’m not stopping until he makes me cum and and he cums inside me and puts a baby in me like he has in the rest of you.’

‘Darling, there’s no guarantee that you’ll get pregnant tonight, or that any of us will. It’s certainly possible, this is the time of our cycles that we’re most likely to get pregnant but it doesn’t happen every time. I don’t want you, any of you,’ looking over at my other two sisters and then at me ‘to be too disappointed if it doesn’t happen.’

‘But we could be pregnant, couldn’t we?’ Gail asked.

‘Yes, we could be. And even if we aren’t, if you all decide you wish to continue what has been started here tonight, the chances are good that it will happen eventually. That is, of course, if Daniel wishes to continue to be our lover after tonight.’ Our mother responded.

‘Well I won’t get pregnant if Daniel doesn’t cum in me and after the pain I went through to take him inside of me, I want to feel him cum in me and have a least of chance that I’ll get pregnant. It doesn’t hurt much anymore so I think it is time to get started.’ and Cathy slowly raised herself up, her tight vagina giving my cock up reluctantly, some of her vagina pulling out as if it didn’t want to give up having my cock inside, as Beth’s pussy had also done. I wondered if Mamma’s and Gail’s pussies had done the same thing, positioned on the chairs, I hadn’t been able to see.

‘Let me help dear.’ and Mamma move one of her hands up and began caressing one of Cathy’s breasts while the other hand slid down went to explore where Cathy and I were joined. Cathy let herself slide back down onto my cock, taking it to the hilt.

‘Mmmmm he’s starting to feel very good inside me. Keep touching me Mamma, that is helping also.’

Cathy continued raising and lowering herself on my cock. It felt wonderful and I loved seeing myself sliding in and out of her vagina and seeing how reluctant her pussy seemed to be to let me out. The friction güvenilir bahis siteleri felt so good that I was worried that I might not last long enough for Cathy to cum herself but then Mamma moved from a general caress of Cathy’s pubic mound to stroking over Cathy’s clit with two fingers.’

‘Ooohhh yessss! That feels so good. Keep doing that Mamma.’ and Cathy sped up her strokes on my cock. ‘Sooo good. I’m getting close Mamma. Oh Mamma, I’m cumming!’ and Cathy’s pussy clamped down on my cock and that triggered my own cum and I began shooting my cum into Cathy’s depths.

Mamma leaned in and kissed Cathy’s neck. ‘Congratulations my darling, you got what you wanted. Now you’re a woman.’

I tightened up my stomach muscles, bringing my torso upright, put my arms around both my sister and my mother behind her and kissed Cathy on the mouth tenderly. ‘Thank you lovely Cathy. I am so honored that I got to be your first lover.’ and then catching my mother’s eye, amended ‘Well, your first male lover.’

‘I hope you will be my first and only male lover! I’m yours now. I want to continue to love and have fun with Mamma, Gail and Beth but I don’t want any other men.’

Both Gail and Beth chimed in expressing the same sentiments as did Mamma.

Chapter Fourteen: Cathy and I Are Cleaned Up

Cathy spoke up again. ‘Speaking of having fun Mamma, are you going to lick our juices from my pussy now?’

‘Is that what you want?’

‘Oh yes Mamma, I want it very much. I’m guessing I’ll have to wait for another time to lick your pussy, I can’t wait to taste all three of your pussies.’

‘Gail, make room for your sister to lie next to your brother, then come around to the same side as Beth, the two of you can share licking and sucking your brother’s cock clean while I take care of Cathy.’

Gail eagerly moved off the bed and came around. Cathy slowly raised herself off of my cock, which was beginning to loose it hardness. I was a bit disturbed to see a bit more blood on my cock than I’d seen with either Gail or Beth.

‘Mamma, is Cathy all right? And I gestured to the blood on my cock.

Mamma took a look and didn’t seem worried. ‘Yes dear, it fine. Some women bleed to little more than others when their maidenhead is ruptured. That amount is nothing to worry about. And the girls won’t bleed again now that they’re no longer virgins. Well, except for our monthly courses, and if you have gotten any of us pregnant, we won’t have those again either until after the babies are born.’

Cathy had stopped to hear what Mamma said, and now reassured she moved to lie down beside me, Mamma moving after her to lie on her stomach between Cathy’s legs. Gail got onto the bed between my legs and Beth moved so that she was resting on my hips. Both were now in range of my cock and both leaned forward and kissed it, Gail at the base and Beth at the tip. Then their tongues came out and they began licking what ever they could reach. Beth put a finger and her thumb around the middle of my cock and pulled the foreskin down to completely reveal my cock head again and then she took the head in her mouth.

The sight of my two oldest sisters tending to my cock was exciting and the sensations were wonderful. I could definitely get used to being treated like this! Then I heard a moan and looked over to see our mother feasting on Cathy’s pussy, her fingers spreading Cathy’s slit open and her tongue sliding up and down the interior before dipping into Cathy’s vagina. Then she covered Cathy’s vagina with her mouth and began sucking whatever fluids that she could get.

‘Ooohh Mamma, that feels so good! I love you so much!’

‘And I love you too dear.’ and I saw Mamma take Cathy’s clit into her mouth and assumed she was stimulating it with her tongue.

‘Ohhh Mamma, I’m cumming again! So good!’

Gail and Beth had paused in their attentions to my cock, now they resumed, making sure they got all of the fluids that were on my cock and nearby. It felt wonderful and the sight of the them tending to me so intimately was very stimulating, but it appeared that I was done for the night as my cock continued to wilt even under such powerful stimulation.

‘Thank you Gail and Beth, I really enjoyed that.’

‘I enjoyed it also dear brother, I like the way yours and Cathy’s juices taste.’ Gail replied and Beth joined in ‘I liked it too and love the taste also.’

Chapter Fifteen: Removing the Evidence

Our mother got up from the bed now and went to her armoire, opening it and pulling out a night gown and a robe, quickly donning them. ‘All right dears, go to your rooms and get your night wear and robes on. We’re going to have to cleanup any evidence of what happened here tonight, so that when the servants arrive in the morning, they don’t wonder what has happened. Come back here as soon as you are dressed.’

We all murmured agreement and walked out of mother’s bedroom into the hall, splitting up to go to our individual rooms, My three sisters had rooms next to each other at the other end of the hall but mine was up on the next floor. I don’t know about my sisters, but it felt very strange to me walking through the house naked.

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A Very Seductive Dad

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My name is Terri. If you read my profile you know that I am a very horny mature housewife that cannot be completely satisfied. I enjoy reading the stories here and getting off several times. My husband and I both have a special interest in incest and black on white sex. All my characters are 18 or over and willing partners for the most part. I would like for my stories to be short and to the point sexually. You decide if you think they are true or semi-true and send me an e-mail or comment. Enjoy and be kind.

My dad and I had a rather volatile relationship as I grew up. He was moody but loving and fun at times and at others he was hard and demanding. I could never totally please him, so we fought a lot. I was the oldest of four kids, so I had to help mom out with them a lot. Dad always yelled at us and seemed angry most of the time. I later figured out the reason and found myself doing the same things. So begins my story.

I wanted to get out of the house and on my own and away from him. I started working in a beauty shop at a young age and decided to make that my profession in life. I graduated from high school and was dating around but still lived at home.

Suddenly it seemed, Dad began to take a special interest in my work and dating “for some reason” and would stay up late waiting for me to come in so we could talk. I noticed a change in the way he talked to me as if we were equals now. He seemed to respect me more. It was one of these late night encounters that changed both our lives forever.

My current boyfriend and I had been making out in the driveway and he was fingering my wet pussy while I jerked him and gave him a blow-job. He was moaning and getting ready to cum in my mouth when the light came on in the garage and I heard him say, “It’s you dad! Shit, I’m cumming!!!”. I felt his hot cum blasting down my throat just as Daddy came to my side of the car. I swallowed most of it güvenilir bahis as we quickly tried to zip and cover up, but we were busted. He acted like he was really mad but I saw “a lustful look” on his face too. I got out and adjusted my clothes as best I could but I knew he had seen my tits and pussy. He told my boyfriend to have a good night and then followed me into the house.

I went straight to my bathroom to clean up with cum still in my mouth and throat and very furious with him for catching us. I was mad for one thing but mostly I was frustrated with him for interrupting before I had cum. I wanted relief so bad I was shaking. I went in and slammed the door and locked it. I sat down on the side of the tub and began to pull my panties off. They were soaked. I smelled and tasted my own juices as my fingers began to probe and stroke my clit and pussy. I was beginning to tremble as a little orgasm hit. I released my full tits from my bra and began to pinch the nipples.

“Baby….I’m sorry…can you let me in to talk?” Dad was gently tapping on the door. “Terri, honey…let me in.”

“Go away Dad…you ruined my night! I need some privacy!”

“Please…please…I just want to hold you and make things right.”

I covered my bare tits and unlocked the door. Dad slipped in and locked it back and before I could say a word, he pulled me close to him and hugged me and began to kiss my forehead and hair. I felt his love for maybe the first time since I was small and melted in his strong arms. I smelled his familiar aftershave and clean hard body. I also noticed his cock beginning to stiffen between my legs. I wanted him to hold me forever. The fight left me and I was his. My body was betraying me and while my brain said no to Dad’s seduction, my body screamed YES! My pussy was dripping with pre-cum and actually rugging down my legs. My heart pounded and my mouth turned to cotton. What was happening türkçe bahis to me?

“I’m so sorry for doing that but I just wanted to protect you…I…I…I love you baby. You are still my little girl in many ways but you have grown up and become beautiful and so….alluring…I…I mean…damn, Terri, you are just gorgeous. I have fought this for a long time…this feeling I have for you right now. Oh baby!”

I felt his cock getting bigger and harder, but I dared not move against it or say a word. I felt his big hands move down my back and to my ass. He boldly gave each cheek a squeeze and pushed me into his erection. I moaned a bit and that emboldened him more. He began to kiss my cheeks and eyes and nose while gently calling me honey and baby.

He moved one hand off my ass and around to my pussy and began to rub my mound. I felt his finger slid inside while his thumb worked magic on my swollen clit. I moaned and kept my eyes closed trying not to let him know that he was about to make me cum…but he knew and continued to work a second finger inside his own daughter’s wet pussy. I could not hold back another second and exploded around his large fingers. He did not stop fingering but began furiously working my G-Spot…something I did not know about at that time. When he did my legs gave way and I began to sink to the floor with him on top of me. My legs opened for him and I grabbed for his cock. It was standing out in his pants straining to be released. I began to tug on his belt and unzip him. He used one hand to help me and the other to maul my young soft titties and nipples. Finally, his cock sprung out and even though I had seen him naked many times, the sheer size of his swollen cock shocked me. I looked at it and then into his eyes which were glazed over with pure lust and desire for his daughter. I stripped off my dress and lay spread out on the rug waiting for my dad to mount me. He seemed to güvenilir bahis siteleri hesitate over me taking in my body and face.

“Do you really want this?” he asked. I touched his face and his lips guiding him down to my own. It was a soft kiss, not unlike my boyfriend but for some reason it felt good and right. His tongue probed inside and he began to kiss more passionately and harder. I melted and kissed him back running my hands through his hair and down his shoulders and back raking him with my nails. His cock was at the entrance of my pussy pushing and throbbing, waiting for me to allow him inside. I reached between us and found his hard cock and guided it into me. I winched and groaned as he pushed the bulbous head between my lips. He stopped, waiting for me to adjust to his size. We continued to kiss and grope. He pushed again and I felt some pain but the pleasure was far greater.

“Baby, are you ready for Daddy to fuck you like you need to be fucked?”

“Yes….YES!! Fuck me Daddy…Make me cum!”

That first time with him was one of my best times. I guess the first time doing most anything is, but it only got better and better. I remember the feeling of his long fat shaft sliding in and hitting my cervix. It was enough to set off several spasms of orgasms that made me almost pass out. I remember him covering my mouth with his and kissing me because I was thrashing around on the floor and screaming. I to this day do not know why Mom did not hear me…maybe she did.

Dad fucked me over and over that night in my bed with me cumming several times to his three times. He had a difficult time keeping me quite. I even squirted a couple of times.

I found out that the reason for his moody ways and anger was that he was not getting satisfaction from Mom. As it turned out, he and I were a lot alike in that respect. I could not get complete satisfaction and still can’t even after just being fucked and cumming several times. I still crave more than what I can get. He was the same way….like father , like daughter.

Note: I have many more experiences to share if I get enough good comments.



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Birthday Present for Ted

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Revised version copyright 2008 by the author.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is another one of my former magazine stories, long out of print, back now in a polished-up version.

This story is about me and Ted. Ted is my regular massage therapist, and also my good friend. It just goes to show how the Internet has changed life, because I probably wouldn’t have met him any other way. I’m in my early thirties and I don’t run into that many people his age. Ted is fifty-nine years old, about my height, with a shock of silver hair and twinkly blue eyes. His gently craggy face and friendly smile give him the look of a kind grandfather, which in fact he is.

Ted’s body isn’t like those of most grandfathers, though. He works out regularly and has the wide shoulder, thick arms and chiseled pectorals to show for it. He came out late in life after being married and having children, and says he’s trying to make up for lost time. He retired early after a successful corporate career, went to massage school and got his license. Bodywork for him is an agreeable hobby. “You meet lots of interesting people,” he says, with a wink.

I’ve learned all of this about Ted during many regular therapy sessions. From the beginning he’s been delightful and charming, and really easy to talk to. I’ve told him lots of things I only share with people I trust.

Ted makes me feel physically good too, of course, and, to be honest, it’s more than just because he’s an expert at massage. He has some special techniques that work like a charm if you want to feel totally relaxed. I went to him the first time not knowing for sure what to expect, but since I had met him in an M4M chat room, I thought he might be willing to do more than just rub me down.

I don’t grill potential therapists about their looks and cock size, or ask them to send a picture over the Net. It’s insulting to treat someone like that. Ted was honest about his age and what he looked like when we chatted, disarmingly so. I decided to give him a try.

When I got to his modest house and knocked Ted answered the door, smiling, dressed in a polo shirt and khaki shorts.

“Welcome, Brian. Come on in.”

He showed me to the massage room and said, “You know the routine.” He left me to get ready. I stripped and got face down on the table.

Although Ted had left me a draping towel, he didn’t say anything when he came back and saw that I wasn’t using it. He went right to work.

His strokes were thorough, slow and soothing. I noticed that he paid a lot of attention to my butt, his fingers frequently brushing my crack. It felt good and I didn’t mind. By the time Ted was finished with my back side, I was pleasantly horny as well as relaxed. He asked me to turn over and I complied. I had quite a boner on by then, but figured he wouldn’t be bothered by it.

Sure enough, Ted didn’t miss a beat, but kept right on with the massage. His strokes soon became more and more sensual. In a few minutes I was breathing deeply, my cock hard and leaking. I wasn’t surprised when he took my erection into his hand and began to stroke it. I closed my eyes and lost myself in the pleasurable sensations of a good hand job.

Then I felt Ted’s other hand gently pushing on one of my thighs. I responded to his unspoken request and spread my legs, raising my knees a bit. While he continued stroking me Ted began to probe underneath my balls. A moment later my eyes flew open in surprise as he pushed one finger into my asshole. The combined sensation of being jacked off and penetrated was electric. When Ted’s finger began pressing on my prostate I went over the edge, groaning as cum flew from my dick and splashed over my chest and belly.

Slowly my breathing returned to normal and I opened my eyes. Ted looked at me. “How are you doing?” he asked.

“Whew. Great,” I replied. “Thanks.”

“You’re welcome.” He took what was supposed to be my draping towel and gently blotted up the cum with it. “You came a lot.”

“God, yes.” I said, “Your finger kind of took me by surprise.”

“I could tell you enjoyed that.”

“Do they have a butt play unit in massage school?” I teased.

He chuckled and shook his head. “Just something I kind of figured out on my own.”

I felt drained and content. Ted was an expert at massage, and the little extra he was willing to provide was something special. He hugged me when I left and said he hoped I would come back. I’d already decided that I would.

Our next massage didn’t take place as soon as I would have liked, but soon I began to see Ted on a regular basis. Since we had established that I enjoyed his sensual play, he was less restrained about it.

It was about our fourth or fifth session when Ted surprised me again. That day, as usual, he worked a long time on my ass. While I was still lying on my stomach, he slipped a finger inside me and gently but thoroughly güvenilir bahis massaged my prostate until I was moaning with pleasure.

Later, when I was on my back and he began to stroke my cock, on an impulse I reached out and ran my hand over his body. In response, Ted slipped his clothes off piece by piece until he too was naked. That was when I discovered how diligently he kept in shape. He had a nice cock, long and circumcised. Judging by how hard it was he was enjoying himself too. He used his hands and fingers again to bring me to a shattering orgasm–I saw stars.

Slowly coming down from my high, I opened my eyes and saw Ted getting dressed. He handed me a towel, smiled at me in his usual way and left to let me get myself together.

We sat in the living room of his house afterward. I asked Ted how he had learned his skills. He said that it was just a part of self-discovery and exploring his own body and needs. Since he was so expert at making that part of a man’s body feel good did he enjoyed receiving as much as giving? His answer surprised me. He had only been a bottom once, and didn’t enjoy it, he said. Why not? I asked.

His smile tightened, and he told me a disturbing story. He had known a few years into his marriage that he was gay, but had stayed with his wife until his children were grown. They went through some rocky times when he came out, but managed to stay friends.

After their divorce was final, he started trying to meet people in bars. It’s not so easy to do that when you’re past forty. Finally one night he hooked up with someone who seemed nice and went home with him. That was a major mistake. The guy was drunk and horny and wanted to fuck Ted. Hoping to talk him out of it, Ted told him he was a virgin, which made his partner even more excited. The upshot of it was that he forced Ted into the act.

Ted had trouble telling what came next. The guy wouldn’t stop, no matter how much Ted begged him. The pain was excruciating, but he bore it somehow until his partner came in his ass and pulled out. When Ted said to him, “you raped me,” the guy got ugly and told him to put his clothes on and leave. Ted could barely walk, but somehow made it to an all-night convenience store and called a cab to take him back to the bar, where he had left his car.

Since then, no surprise, he’d been scared to try it again. For a long time he only did hand jobs and oral sex. He wouldn’t fuck anyone, recoiling at the thought of putting someone through what he’d had to endure. Finally, a few years back, he had met a man he really liked who begged him to fuck him. His partner’s ecstasy made him realize it was possible to enjoy getting fucked. After some cautious exploration with his own finger he had discovered some of the pleasures of ass play. But he still hadn’t had the nerve to try taking another cock inside him.

I couldn’t get what Ted had told me out of my mind. It made me sad and angry. It’s bad enough to be taunted or bashed by straight homophobes, but Ted had been abused by someone with whom he thought he was safe. The bastard had made him afraid of an act that should be fun and pleasurable.

An idea began to grow in my brain. Ted wasn’t my usual type. I had never thought about making it with someone so much older than me. But I enjoyed being with him, and just the thought of a session on his table made me hard. He liked me too, and by now, we knew what turned each other on as much as if we were lovers.

I knew that Ted’s sixtieth birthday was coming up. He had mentioned it as a big occasion –he was taking some time to go visit his grown daughter and her family out of state. After making sure I wasn’t interfering with any plans he had, I booked an appointment with him a few days before he was going to leave.

By now, our massage sessions had gotten to the point where the state board would have revoked Ted’s license had anyone known. We were both naked throughout and I played with his body and cock as well. He never came, though. I think that was his way of keeping some boundaries, as weird as that may sound. He did all his regular massage strokes as thoroughly and carefully as ever until the very end of the hour. He insisted that I “had to get my money’s worth.”

I appreciated Ted’s determination to keep some professionalism in our relationship, and respected his limits. But when I went to his house a few days before his birthday, I’d decided to cross a line. I hoped Ted would understand that this was my way of telling him thanks for making me feel good, and for being such a good friend.

Our session went as always, until the end of the hour neared and we began our sensual play. Today I sat up, turned and put my arms around him. Ted stood still for a moment, surprised, but then returned the hug.

I nuzzled at his neck and throat, gradually working my way to his mouth. When I placed my lips türkçe bahis on his, Ted momentarily resisted, then yielded. My tongue slipped in and tangled with his in a long, languid kiss. We finally broke apart and looked into each other’s eyes. Ted was smiling but looked a bit taken aback.

“Was that all right?” I asked him.

He nodded. “Really nice, Brian. You just took me by surprise.”

I ran my hands down his back. “Consider this a birthday present from me.”

“A birthday kiss. How sweet.”

“I want to give you more than a kiss, Ted.” He raised his eyebrows. I went for broke. “I want to fuck you.”

I heard his quick intake of breath. “Why?” he asked, after a moment.

I stood and hugged him again. “I thought about what that guy did to you. I want to show you it doesn’t have to be like that.” My hands gripped his firm butt.

“You don’t have to do that. I don’t want you to feel sorry for me.”

I shook my head. “I’m not asking out of pity. You’re a fucking hot stud.” I took his hand and placed it on my cock. “Does this feel like a mercy fuck to you?” I grinned.

He sighed, and dropped his forehead onto my shoulder. In a low voice he said, “I’ve… I’ve thought about what it might be like with you. You’re a nice man–and you have a beautiful cock.”

“Then please let me. I want to so bad.”

“I don’t have any rubbers.”

“I brought some along, just in case you said yes.”

At that he smiled. “How I can say no to a birthday present? Tell me what to do.”

I was elated. In a flash I was on my knees, taking his cock into my mouth for the very first time. I blew him in long sweet strokes as he moaned softly and stroked my head.

After a few moments I looked up. “Why don’t you get up on the table, on your back.”

He obeyed. “Keep your butt close to the edge,” I instructed him. I’d thought about this scene over and over in my mind and I knew exactly what I was going to do.

I positioned myself between his upraised legs and grabbed his ankles. Ted looked anxious. “Go slow, okay, Brian?”

I smiled at him. “Not to worry, hot man. We’ll give you lots of time to get loosened up.” I bent down and began to kiss the backs of his thighs alternately, working my way down to his butt, nipping and licking it. I spread his cheeks with my hands. Ted’s ass was entirely smooth and there was only a little light-colored hair in his crack. I could clearly see the pink pucker of his asshole and I made my way toward it with my mouth.

“Brian, you don’t have to do that.”

I looked up at him. “Believe me, Ted, I want to. Just relax and trust me, okay?”

I bent down again and began to lick circles around the hole with my tongue, making them smaller and smaller until I felt the velvety smoothness of his asshole. I teased it, flicking my tongue at it lightly at first, then pushing harder, working my way inside. I heard a sound, which after a moment I realized was Ted moaning. This was going to be okay.

I reached up with one hand and took hold of Ted’s hard cock while I kept rimming him. I gave him a few strokes and his hand gripped mine. “Don’t,” he said, “I’ll come right now if you keep on doing that.”

“Okay,” I said in a muffled voice as I let go, my mouth still pressed against his hole. That must have tickled because he giggled. I worked on him for a while longer, then straightened up and looked down. Ted was smiling, a bit bashful. “That was wonderful.”

My face was covered with spit. I took the back of my hand and wiped my mouth with an exaggerated gesture, then wiggled my tongue at him. “You taste great.”

Ted laughed. “You’re terrible,” he said, shaking his head.

“Step Two coming up.” I went to the pile of clothes I had left on a nearby chair, and rummaged in my pants pocket until I found the condom and small tube of water-soluble lube I had brought. I brought them back to the table where Ted lay, his legs dangling over the edge of the table. I put the wrapped rubber down next to him, then squeezed some of the jelly onto my hand. “Okay, big guy. Legs up.”

He obeyed and I spread the lubricant on his hole, drawing a whistle of surprise. “That’s cold,” Ted said, raising his head to look.

I nodded. “We’ll warm you up in a minute.” I took my index finger and slowly pushed it in an inch or so. Ted’s head dropped back to the table, his mouth opened and his eyes closed.

“Okay?” I asked. He nodded silently.

I slid my finger back and forth, very gently, feeling him loosen. When I thought he was ready, I withdrew it and, again moving very slowly, pushed two fingers in. Ted’s breathing deepened. I crooked my fingers upward and found the firm knob of his prostate. As I pressed on it I saw Ted’s cock, which had softened slightly, harden again and spring up. “Oh my,” he gasped.

I smiled. “Doing okay?”

“Wonderful,” he breathed. güvenilir bahis siteleri “I never thought it could feel like this.”

“Now you know how I feel when you do this to me.”

I finger-fucked him for a while longer, then pulled out and took the condom. “Stay relaxed, guy.”

I tore open the wrapper and carefully unrolled the rubber onto my cock, which had stayed hard all this time, then spread lube over the latex. To reassure Ted I applied more to his hole. When that was done I dropped the tube on the table, leaned down and kissed him.

“You’re doing great,” I told him. “I am so looking forward to this.”

He nodded, worry battling with eagerness in his face. I straightened and placed his legs on my shoulders, then aimed my cock between his cheeks, searching with one finger until I found his hole again. I put the head of my dick on it, then looked him in the eye.

“I’m going in. Take deep breaths, just relax, buddy.”

I began to push forward, very slowly. I felt his flesh resisting.

“Try and relax,” I repeated.

His face was tense. I could tell he wanted me to stop, but I didn’t. I felt myself begin to penetrate his flesh, and using every ounce of self-control, slowed down even more, letting the head of my cock gradually open him up. Another fraction of an inch and all of the head was inside him. Finally I eased in a bit more and felt the ring of his sphincter muscle grip my shaft. I was inside.

Ted cried out in panic. “Stop!”

“Shh, take it easy, man. I’m not going any further.”

His face was twisted in pain. “Oh god, it hurts, Brian. Maybe we shouldn’t do this–“

I knew this was probably going to happen, and I took charge. “You’re just cramping, Ted, you’re not used to something coming in instead of going out. It’ll get better in just a minute.”

He looked unconvinced, but I didn’t give in. “I’m not forcing you, guy. Keep breathing. Just trust me. Trust me.”

I could see him trying to relax, trying to follow my instructions. “You’re doing fine. If it doesn’t stop hurting, I’ll pull out, I promise. Relax… relax,” I said softly, stroking his arm. Silence fell, except for the sound of our breathing.

Then I felt something give inside Ted’s body. “It’s not so bad now,” he said.

I still didn’t move. I heard his quick intakes of breath, then a long sigh.

“Oh, my.”

I smiled. I knew that his pain had passed and pleasure was welling up inside him. “How do you feel now?” I asked, thinking I probably knew the answer.

“It’s incredible,” Ted gasped. I slid further in, feeling his fuck chute open in response. Finally my balls were pressed against his cheeks. “I’m all the way in, baby,” I said.

Ted made a sound that was half gasp, half laughter. He tossed his head from side to side. “I can’t believe it. I’m taking a cock up my ass. Shit, it’s great. Fuck me, Brian.”

“You got it.” I began to move my hips back and forth, watching the play of emotions on Ted’s face, as the experience he had fantasized about for so long became reality. “Fuck me,” he repeated. His hands gripped my butt, urging me further into him.

“Damn, you’re hot,” I muttered. “So fucking tight. Sweet ass.”

I straightened and looked down at my slick pole sheathed in latex as it slid in and out of his greasy hole like a machine. I varied my motions, slowing down to give us a breather, then speeding up again. Through it all Ted’s eyes never left my face. A smile played on his lips.

Finally we couldn’t hold back any longer. Ted gripped his cock and began to stroke it. I leaned down and put my mouth to his. We kissed passionately as we rushed toward completion. Ted was making incoherent noises against my lips. I released his mouth and he shouted, “Fuck I’m going to cum!”

I felt warm, sticky wetness between our sweaty, heaving bodies and knew he was shooting his load. Several huge thrusts and I was shouting too as I delivered my own spunk into the rubber deep inside him.

His arms went around me as our frenzied motions slowed and we caught our breaths. I raised my head and smiled into his eyes. “Happy Birthday, Ted,” I said.

He didn’t smile back. His eyes glistened and he gripped my neck in a hard embrace. “Oh, Brian,” he said against my shoulder, his voice wavering. He laid his head back down on the table with a deep sigh and closed his eyes.

“Thank you. That was the best birthday present I ever had.”

I looked at his firm masculine body and his handsome face, grave and peaceful. I had told Ted I wasn’t doing him out of charity, and at that moment I knew how true that was. This man was a hot fuck and a great guy. Now that it was over, I wanted him again. And I wanted him inside me. How all this was going to change what we had, I didn’t know. I pushed aside the questions in my mind. That part could wait.

I pulled out of him gently so he could relax his legs, took a nearby towel, and wiped him off as he had so often done for me. When I was done, I laid a hand on his stomach. “How about we take a shower, get dressed and go have a birthday dinner?” I asked.


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A Valentine’s Day Proposal

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Okay, I know I promised a chapter of Mira. I decided to enter the Valentine’s Day contest. So Mira got put off a bit. But it is coming. I promise!

Plus, since this is my entry that means I really need everyone to vote. So if you’ve read and loved my other stuff but didn’t vote on anything else please consider voting for this one… It actually means something this time. Well something more than my ego boost!

I hope you like it… Happy Valentine’s Day!

And now for something completely different.


Fucking holiday. Fucking Rob, Jack swore in his head. “Literally,” he answered himself out loud. Turning his beat up red caravan around and pulling up in front of the apartment building, Jack groaned loudly and nearly pulled away. The place was rather ritzy and he felt even more the fool, as he reluctantly climbed out of the van. Jack’s long black trench coat shifted, and confusion flooded the valet’s face as he caught a flash of Jack’s long bare leg and golden spangled sandal. Jack handed the keys to the smirking valet. “Shut the fuck up,” he snarled to the kid who hadn’t said anything, as he pulled a black duffel bag out of the van.

The overly tanned, overly paid attendant just shook his head and chuckled as he got into the van and drove away from the entrance. Jack pulled the paper out of his trench coat pocket and double checked the address, praying he had made some kind of mistake. “Nope,” he snarled. “This is just great. Rob is such an asshole.”

Jack trudged up to the main door and it was opened for him by a uniformed man whose idiotic grin was almost enough to make Jack slug him. He stomped past the door attendant and headed for the elevator as quickly as he could. The sooner I get this over with the sooner I get to go back to some semblance of having dignity, his brain growled as he thrust his finger at the button and waited.

When the door opened Jack stood out of the way as a well dressed older couple exited, staring at him. Jack glared back momentarily, before walking into the elevator and hitting the button for the 6th floor. It seemed as though the elevator took an eternity to get to where he was going. The cheesy muzak only added to Jack’s stress level. With each beep that indicated he was passing another floor, Jack’s stomach lurched with the fear that the doors would open and someone would get into the enclosed space with him. The feeling that everyone could see straight through his trench coat was overwhelming and he cussed some more under his breath while he waited.

Finally the doors opened on the 6th floor and Jack stepped out with trepidation, heading down the hall toward apartment number 609. There was loud rock music blaring through the door. Oddly enough that seemed to help Jack calm down a bit. Maybe this chick would be a nice normal girl who would understand and not laugh her ass off at him. Then again this chick was with Rob so being nice and normal was unlikely. Hell, if I were anyone but me I’d be laughing at me! He took a deep breath as he stopped outside the door, dropped the long black duffel bag on the floor, stripped the trench coat off and thrust it into the bag, then fished around for the rest of the outfit.

Finally dressed and with a card, some chocolates, flowers and a small black box with a red ribbon in hand Jack rang the doorbell. He stood nervously waiting for someone to answer, praying that no one would come down the hall and see him like this. There was no immediate answer, so he rang the bell again. Fucking music’s too loud, he thought. Putting everything precariously in one hand and under one arm Jack knocked loudly on the door. Nothing. Knocking again he heard someone behind him clearing her throat. Jack turned around to see a girl in the doorway across the hall leaning on the door frame and smiling luridly at him as she giggled and eyed him up and down.

Steph considered that she might be losing her mind. Ever since their father had put her and her three sisters in this apartment Sue and Stacy were getting out of control. They spent all their time going out with their dad’s credit card, staying up late, and then waking up in the afternoon to start getting ready to do it all over again. Neither of them showed any consideration for the fact that Steph was trying desperately to get a degree. The only reason they were living here at all was because her father didn’t want her moving, alone, to the city.

Knowing full well that Sue wouldn’t turn the stuff down if asked, Steph was trying to remember why she wasn’t in jail for murder. Sue had been playing tons of ridiculous Valentine’s Dayesque music all day and had been trying on costume after costume for the party tonight. She has spent so much money on costumes that their father had called to tell her to pick one and return the rest.

Steph threw her books down and got up with the full intention of destroying the stereo. She knew that Sue would just come home güvenilir bahis with a new one. But in the mean time Steph would get a few hours of quiet. Maybe she’d even get a chance to finish her paper. As she walked through the living room an off-beat pounding caught her attention and she walked uncertainly toward the door.

Steph turned the knob and pulled the door open to find herself looking at the well muscled back of a man in what appeared to be a teeny tiny white cloth skirt tied with gold cords and gold sandals, with wings strapped to his back. The skirt was only barely long enough to hide his butt cheeks. There was a small bow and quiver of arrows with hearts for points. Steph couldn’t help but smile.

Jack started swearing under his breath again. He was knocking loud enough to get the neighbors, but he couldn’t get the stupid chick he had been sent for to open the damn door. He actually started to blush as the girl in the other doorway began to comment on his attire.

Dennise licked her lips as she stared at Jack. She never would have thought she’d see a grown man dressed like Cupid outside of some ignorant joke greeting card or a bad theme night a strip club. But there he was, tanned, ripped, dark and handsome, standing across the hall from her door. “If they don’t want to let you in, I’d be more than happy to let you come over here,” she said, putting way too much emphasis on the word “come.”

When she noticed that Dennise was standing in the doorway across the hall and was tormenting the poor guy, Steph decided that she should at least save him from the clutches of the hell bitch next door. “I do believe that if Dennise weren’t already a slut you’d be enough to turn her into one,” Steph yelled over the blaring music.

Dennise glared at her and then backed into her own apartment, closing the door behind her. Dennise often went out with Steph’s sisters. But Steph wasn’t invited. The women just didn’t get along.

Jack turned around to find himself staring into the bluest eyes he’d ever seen. The woman in the doorway which had been his original target was tall and slim. She had brown hair, pulled up into a pony tail and was wearing a Medical University t-shirt and jeans. She was the type of woman who could make a sweat suit look sexy. For a brief instant he had forgotten his mission and his getup and just stared at her.

Steph raised her eyebrows and gave the mute Cupid and expectant look, hoping to prompt him into telling her why he was here and dressed like this. But when he finally snapped into reality and opened his mouth to talk all she could hear was Meatloaf wailing out, “I’d do anything for love, but I won’t do that…”

“Just a minute,” she yelled at him over the music then turned and vanished back into the recesses of the apartment.

Jack watched the goddess disappeared and then suddenly became acutely aware of himself again. Please, if there is a God, that wasn’t Rob’s chick, he thought. Then immediately he began swearing again. Even if she wasn’t Rob’s girlfriend, there was no way she’d be interested in dating him. First, there was the fact that she had to have money to be living here. Second, she had to have some brains if she was attending MU. Third, and most importantly she’d have to be a loon to consider any guy who showed up at her door dressed like Cupid and carrying chocolates, viable dating material.

Suddenly there was silence followed by horrific crashing and some screaming. Jack had no idea what had happened, but he dropped the stuff he was holding and took off into the apartment to the rescue. Locating the source of the screaming he found the beauty from the doorway standing over a completely devastated stereo system and an older less attractive version of her screaming what a bitch she was. There wasn’t any doubt that the two women were sisters. If the looks didn’t give it away, the way they were fighting would.

The unexpected appearance of Cupid in her bedroom actually managed to stop Sue’s ranting. Her eyes roamed over his body and a smile turned her lips. The shrill screaming became simpering and she straightened her far too tight hot pink top as she faced Jack. “Has Cupid found me at last,” Sue smiled.

Jack didn’t know if he should be more concerned by the look on the older sister’s face or the fact that the younger one had so thoroughly trashed an expensive looking stereo system. He cleared his thought. “Didn’t it have a volume button?”

Steph rolled her eyes. Jack couldn’t help smiling at her. There was something gorgeous about the indignant look she got on her face. “The volume seemed to have this nasty tendency of working its way back up whenever I turned it down. Cupid, is it? What do you want? You weren’t invited in.”

Jack shifted at the acknowledgement of his costume. “Sorry. I heard the crash and the screaming. I thought someone was hurt.”

Sue was already noticing that once again she was being overlooked and türkçe bahis her younger prettier, sister, was getting all the attention of the handsome half-naked man in her bedroom. It was a mystery to their entire family how Sue’s features could be so similar to Steph’s, but just off enough to make her the unattractive one. Sue smiled. “Don’t mind Steph,” she cooed. “She has an undiagnosed ailment. It seems to start at the stick up her butt and travel out her mouth. None of her classes have managed to educate her on what to do about it.”

Fuck, Jack thought. She is Rob’s chick. “Uh, yeah,” he responded to the ungraceful attempt at an insult. “I just need to deliver something.” Realizing that he had dropped everything he walked back the way he’d come.

The door was standing wide open, the flowers were strewn about, and it looked as though he had trampled on the box of chocolates. “Shit,” Jack scowled despondently. There was no way that Rob was going to let this pass as a reasonable payment for his debt now.

The two women watched as Jack bent down and started to clean up the mess. There was no way to not find the site funny. Jack was tall, built, and dressed in a little white skirt with gold cords and wings. What girl wouldn’t laugh at that?

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” Jack groaned and started crawling around and looking under the stand and chair, near the door. Then he crawled out into the hallway and started throwing the stuff out of his duffle bag. “There’s no way,” he began to panic.

Sue and Steph were both laughing out loud now. “What is it,” Steph managed to get out.

“Yeah, ha ha,” Jack glared. “Steph is it? Well, Steph, I was sent by Rob. I’m supposed to present you with the shit you’re currently standing on, read a ridiculous poem that he purchased on-line and ask you to marry him and go to some damn costume ball tonight to announce the engagement to the world. In about 10 minutes you’re going to get a phone call and he’s going to ask for your answer. I have currently managed to lose the fucking ring.”

Sue and Steph stood there watching Jack search frantically around the hall and the entrance to the apartment for the small black box he had dropped when he ran to see what was wrong.

Sue was the first one to come to her senses and start to help Jack look for it. “Are you sure you brought it?”

“Yes,” Jack said in annoyed exasperation. “I had it in my hand when you screamed and I ran back to see what had happened.” He stood up and looked around the floor farther into the room, in case it skidded somewhere. “I’m a dead man.”

“Steph what’s wrong with you,” Sue said, wide eyed. “If Rob bought you a ring it’s probably huge! Help look for it.”

Steph glared at her sister. Then, with a fearful expression, she began searching the floor. They looked everywhere. There weren’t that many places that it could have ended up. The chair and side table by the door were checked under repeated, as if one more set of eyes might see it where the others had not. When the phone rang, they all stopped looking for the engagement ring and stared at it. The pause between rings seemed to drag out.

Sue pushed Steph toward the phone. “Answer it!”

Steph shot Jack a confused sympathetic look. She wasn’t sure if she was asking for help or reassuring him. She didn’t know how this guy had gotten mixed up with Rob. But she did know that it was a dangerous place to be. Rob was wealthy, arrogant, and violent. The only reason she knew the guy was because her step mother had introduced them. Rob had been chasing her ever since. He had even followed her to school, enrolled in her classes, and chased off every guy who came anywhere near her. Steph’s step mother had even managed to convince her father that it would be a good idea to encourage Steph to get together with Rob. Steph had yet to figure out what her step mother’s motivation was, but she was positive there had to be something to the entire set up. Hell, for all Steph knew, her step mother had slept with the creep and now he was blackmailing her into talking Steph’s dad into okaying the engagement. That would be about standard for her step mother.

The phone rang again. Steph took a deep breath and walked over to the phone. “Hello?”

Rob’s voice slimed through the receiver and Steph held it away from her ear. Sue rolled her eyes. Jack watched Steph shift uncomfortably and move the phone from one ear to the other as she listened.

“No, Rob,” she said matter-of-factly. “No, it has nothing to do with how that guy did it. He was very romantic. I don’t think he could have found a way to be more romantic. I’m just not interested. I’ve told you that. It wouldn’t matter how you did it. The answer is no.”

Sue squealed, when she heard Steph’s answer. “What are you doing?” Sue glared at Jack as if it was his fault. Then she went over and took the phone. Steph only partially protested. “Rob? Yeah this is Sue. I’ll talk to her. Just güvenilir bahis siteleri call back later.” There was another pause and then Sue hung up the phone, turning on Steph. “Are you insane?”

Steph raised her eyebrows. “No, I’m graduating.”

Sue’s eyes narrowed and the glare she leveled on her sister was dangerous. Jack could feel that he shouldn’t be here, but he still needed that ring to give back to Rob, at the very least. Or he needed to establish if he should be leaving town. That last thought was far too serious for Jack’s comfort.

“Steph,” Sue insisted, glancing at Jack and then taking Steph by the arm and pulling her further into the apartment so that Jack wouldn’t hear the rest. “Dad is cutting us off. You know that. The minute he finds out that you turned Rob down, we’re screwed.”

“You’re screwed. I’ve only got a couple months until graduation,” Steph wrenched her arm away from her sister. “I’ll get a job. I’ll be fine. You’re just going to have to move back home. It’s not the end of the world. You need to grow up Sue. You can’t live off other people your entire life like some kind of remora.”

“A what?”

“You heard me. Go get a dictionary,” Steph hissed. Then she disappeared down a hallway.

Sue glared after her. Then she seemed to realize that Jack was still there and instantly turned on him. “Haven’t you left yet? I’ve never seen such a miserable Cupid.”

“I’m not going anywhere until I have that ring,” Jack returned and then started looking around again. He was grateful that Steph had made it sound like it wasn’t his fault and hadn’t reported that he’d destroyed the flowers, crushed the chocolates, and lost that huge ass diamond. But it wouldn’t matter if he returned to Rob empty handed. He owed the bastard enough money. He’d have to be sworn into indentured servitude for this.

When he looked up again Sue was gone and Steph had reappeared. She had changed into a fitted dark blue sweater that hugged her breasts and made her eyes almost glow. She let her long brown hair down and it fell in soft waves over her shoulders. He could have believed he was staring up at an angel.

“Please tell me you have something else to wear,” she said.

“Huh? Uh, yeah. Why?” Jack was confused.

Steph smiled and eyed him up and down appreciatively. “As much as I’d love to go shopping with a ripped, tanned Cupid, we may draw some attention. I don’t really think either of us want this reported back to Rob.”

“Okay,” Jack stood up from the floor and dropped the wings off his shoulders. “You wanna tell me what you’re thinking. Right now I’m missing something.”

“Well, the ring is gone. It’s not here. You need to give it back to Rob or he’ll think you stole it. My guess is someone stole it,” she indicated the open door. “Maybe Dennise. The bitch has been watching us the entire time. I don’t know. But I want this over as soon as possible. That means sending you and that damn ring back to Rob. Do you know what it looked like?”

Jack nodded. He really didn’t know what to say.

“Alright then. The bathroom’s down the hall,” she said as she pointed. “Go change and let’s get out of here quick. Besides, I need a break from Sue and the books. Hurry up before Stacy gets home.”

Great, there’s a third one too, Jack thought. “Not that I’m not grateful for the effort. But that ring was massive. Can you just replace something like that,” Rob asked skeptically.

Steph smiled. “I can until my dad finds out I turned Rob down. Hurry up.”
Jack grabbed the duffel bag and headed down the hall for the bathroom. He returned shortly in a pair of beat up jeans and a black t-shirt stretched over his chest like a second skin. He had swapped his sandals out for a pair of cheep tennis shoes.

“Much better,” Steph said with approval. Her smile was enough to make him melt. “Let’s go. We’ll have to take your car,” she said as they got into the elevator. “Mine’s always watched.”

“What makes you think mine isn’t,” Jack grumped. He felt like a complete jerk. He didn’t know what was worse; owing Rob or letting this girl save his sorry ass. “Look,” he said. “I don’t think I want you doing this. I’ll go back to Rob and tell him what happened. I’ll take what he decides to do to me and move on. I don’t need to owe anyone else anything.”

Steph noted the tone in his voice. He may not have said much, but it was enough to tell her that he was in some kind of trouble with Rob. “Don’t go thinking this is all about you. Knowing Rob he’ll try using this against me if he doesn’t get the ring back. He’ll tell my dad that I have it and intend to hawk it for the money or something else like that. I don’t need any more hassle right now. It’s in my best interests as well as yours.”

Jack shook his head and gave in. He really didn’t’ have the ability to argue in his position. They headed out of the lobby of the apartment building, got his van from the attendant, and drove into town. “I don’t know where someone goes to shop for a ring like that,” Jack admitted as they came to a red light.

Steph grinned at him. “How can Cupid not know where to get engagement rings?”

“Funny,” he growled. “Jack.”

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Müthiş Seks Arkadaşım
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Vedat Ağabey dokuz senedir oturduğumuz sitede iki kat üstte oturan komşumuz. Dört yıl önce eşini kaybeden Vedat Ağabeyin geçen sene kızı evlendi oğlu ise yurt dışına gitti yalnız yaşamaya başladı. Eşi sağken arada birbirimize ev oturmasına gider gelirdik eşi vefat edince gidiş geliş olmadı ama aramızdaki samimiyet değişmedi. Vedat Ağabey iş için seyahate gider bir hafta on gün bazen iki hafta eve gelmez bunun dışında sürekli evdedir. Site bahçesinde site sakinlerinin faydalandığı bir havuz ile cafe var yazın sitenin kadınları olarak havuza girer veya çocuklar havuza girerken cafede oturur sohbet ederiz. Evde olduğunda vaktinin çoğunu havuz başında geçiren ve sohbeti tatlı olan Vedat Ağabeyin tüm komşularla arası iyidir. Neredeyse tüm kadınlar Vedat Ağabeyi dul bir adam değil benim gibi ağabey olarak görüp bir erkek olarak aramıza katılmasından rahatsız olmaz. İki ay önce birisi fal baktım hayatına yeni biri girecek ilişkiniz sadece seksten ibaret olacak dese ihtimal vermez ama kocam evden ayrıldığı için belki olur derdim. Aynı kişi falda gördüğüm bu adam komşun Vedat dese saçmalama demekle kalmaz egom nedeniyle sinirlenir kahve fincanını kafasına geçirirdim. Ego derken 1.72 boyunda 70 kilo civarı dolgun göğüslü yuvarlak kalçalı düzgün uzun bacaklı sarışın 40 yaşın getirdiği ufak selülitlere rağmen etkileyici fiziğe sahip bir kadınım. Yaşımdan çok genç gösteririm çoğu kişi 40 yaşında iki çocuk annesi bir kadın olduğuma inanmaz. Güzelim çekiciyim derken bu benim değil akraba ve arkadaşların tespiti ayrıca sokakta erkeklerin arzulu bakışları bunun kanıtı. Oysa Vedat Ağabey fiziki olarak çekiciliği olmayan biri yanlış anlamayın çirkin bir adam değil ne yakışıklı ne çirkin ne şişman ne zayıf ne uzun ne kısa yani dikkat çekici özelliği olmayan sıradan biri ayrıca yaşı 51 yaşında benden tam 11 yaş büyük bir adam. Bu nedenle biri fal bakıp onun ismini verse beni bu adama layık gördüğü için kızar elimi sallasam elli yakışıklı genci kapıma dizerim der kahve fincanını kafasına geçirirdim. Oysa böyle düşünüp egom nedeniyle burun kıvırdığım ve ummadığım bir anda birlikte olduğum adam içimden geçirdiğim bu sözleri bana yedirdi. Sekste oldukça iyi olan kocamı gölgede bırakıp bana 40 yaşına kadar tatmadığım zevkleri defalarca yaşatan müthiş bir seks partneri çıktı. Beni öyle bir etkiledi belki inanmazsınız ama artık onu uzaktan görünce bile bacaklarımın arası ıslanıyor.
İki ay önce kocam evden ayrıldıktan kısa süre sonra yolda çoktan beri görmediğim eski bir arkadaşla karşılaştım bir yere oturup kahve içip sohbet etmeye başladık. Arkadaşım uzun süre önce yüklü nafaka alarak kocasından ayrılmıştı ve ortak tanıdıklarımızdan öğrendiğime göre şimdi genç erkeklerle takılıyor gününü gün ediyordu. Biz sohbet ederken tesadüfen Vedat Ağabey oturduğumuz yerin karşısına park ettiği arabasından inip bir yere gitti. Ben ona bakınca arkadaşım onu nereden tanıdığımı sordu komşum olduğunu söyledim. Sen nereden tanıyorsun deyince arkadaşım onunla bir süre birlikte olduğunu söyledi. Arkadaşımın genç erkeklerden hoşlandığını ima ederek saçmalama onun ne yaşı ne tipi sana uygun değil dedim. Bunun üzerine içindeki dışında bir kadın olan arkadaşım o birçok genci cebinden çıkarır dedi ve neler neler anlattı. Meğer bizim Vedat Ağabey tam bir seks delisi imiş yorulmak bilmez yeter desen bile eli dudağı rahat durmaz tekrar tekrar tahrik eder defalarca orgazma ulaştırmadan bırakmazmış. Tahrik etmek için garip şeyler yaparmış ama yaptığı her şey arkadaşımın aklını başından alırmış. Ondan boğa diye bahsedip performansı ile ilgili birçok şey anlatan arkadaşıma neden ayrıldıklarını sordum alakasız bir sebepten ayrılmışlar. Bu sırada dönen Vedat Ağabey arabasına binip giderken arkadaşım onu değil ama onunla seks yapmayı özlediğini itiraf ediyordu. Arkadaşımdan ayrıldığımda şaşkındım yakışıklı yada çekici olmayan yaşlı gördüğüm adamın çok sayıda genç sevgilisi olan arkadaşımı böyle etkilemesi beni şaşırtmıştı. Bu konuşmanın ardından iş seyahatine giden Vedat Ağabeyi iki hafta kadar görmedim ama hiç aklımdan çıkmıyordu. Daha önce bu sitede film izleyip hikaye okurken hayal kurardım ama şimdi hep aklıma o geliyor onu hayal ediyordum.
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Bir süre sonra ters döndüm kovboy pozisyonunda devam ettik sonra misyoner pozisyonuna geçtik. Ben orgazm üstüne orgazm yaşarken o belimin altına yastık koymuş dizlerinin üstünde devam ediyor bu arada ayak parmaklarımı emiyordu. Çok uzun sürmüş artık canım acımaya başlamıştı hadi boşal artık dedim boşalt o zaman dedi ve beni kaldırıp yatağın ortasına oturttu kendisi ayağa kalktı. Sikini ağzıma alıp yalamaya başladım az sonra boşaldı spermlerin tamamını yuttum. Bitip tükenmiştim uzun bir süre yatakta uzanıp kendime gelmeye çalıştım o bir şey söylemeden bu akşam bu kadar yeter dedim. Güldü kalkıp giyindi beni öptü ve gitti halim kalmamıştı masayı bile toplamadan duş alıp yattım. Sabah deliksiz bir uykunun ardından resmen bacaklarımın arası sızlıyordu ama tatlı bir sızı. Yaşadıklarımı biri anlatsa inanmazdım adam tam bir boğa tam bir seks manyağı çıkmıştı. Bu ilk seks akşamının ardından üç kez daha birlikte olduk her seferinde aynı performans ben tamam demesem devam edecek. Onunla çoğu konuda fikirlerimiz uyuşmuyor ama sekste bambaşka daha onu gördüğüm an ıslanıyorum. İkimizin bu seks arkadaşlığı nereye kadar gider bilmiyorum ama dört buluşmada bana kırk yıldır yaşadığım orgazm kadar orgazm tattırdı. Beni gören arkadaşlarım ayrılık sana yaramış diyorlar bilmiyorlar bunun sebebi çok ama çok başka.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

Amca Kizini Götten becerdim (alıntı)

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


Amca Kizini Götten becerdim (alıntı)

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


Kapı tekrar çaldığında o olduğunu anlamıştım.Arkadaşımla ve onlarla beraber gelen diğer arkadaşıyla az önce ayrılmışlardı.Kumral,yapılı ve uzun boylu,yakışıklı,hoş sohbet ve ne yazık ki arkadaşımın erkek arkadaşıydı.Hiç tarzım olmamasına rağmen beni erkek arkadaşı ile tanıştıran Bora`nın gözlerinin içine baka baka resmen onunla tüm gece boyu flörtleşmiştim. “Kusura bakma uyumazsın diye düşündüm.Onlar eve gittler.gelebilirmiyim?” derken,gözlerimin içine bakıyor,benden tepki bakliyordu adeta.

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daha devam etti ve sonunda benden aldığı müsaade ile içime boşaldı Anıl.

Daha sonraları yaklaşık bir-bir buçuk sene kadar daha ara ara görüştük Anıl`la.Bora ile ayrılmış ve kız arkadaşına 2 gün gidiyorsa 3 gün bana gelmeye başlamıştı ki…..Geçen sene onun izini kaybettim….. Keşke bir daha onu görebilsem….Gülüşünü,tavla oynaşımızı,ona içki ikramımı,bana yaptığı iltifatları,hayata karamsar bakışını bir kez daha yaşabilsem….Sanırım seni sevdim….Hem de çok Anıl!Teşekkür ederim..Bana yaşattğın herşey için!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

Seks üzerine 2

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


Seks üzerine 2

Sağ elinin işaret parmağının dışıyla hatunun yüzüne dokun. Sürekli bir dokunma olacak bu. Parmağı kaldırmak yok. Şakaktan başla. Parmağını kaydırarak, yumuşak dokunacaksın. Kedi sever gibi. Dudakların üst ve alt kenarları hassastır. Dokunur dokunmaz arası dokunursan huylandırabilirsin. Yapma. Maksat huylandırmak değil, sulandırmak. Yüzünde, dudak kenarlarında, kulakların altında yeterince vakit geçirdiysen çeneden aşağı in, boyunda da gezdir o parmağı. Hatunun boynu güzel. Bakıyor musun hatunun yüz ifadesine. İzle onu. Gözlerine bak. Nefesini takip et.

Çıkık köprücük kemikleriyle boyun arasındaki boşluğu görüyor musun? Öpmeye oradan başla. Senin tarzını bilemem. Ben, tek tek ve yumuşak başlarım öpmeye. Arada bir şiddeti daha yüksek, emer-öper arası öpüş iyi gider. Hatunda olsun bir gözün. Ona göre ayarla öpüşlerini. Omuz başından kulak arkasına kadar olan bölge favorimdir benim başlangıçta. Severim.

İki elinin işaret parmağı marifetiyle, askılıklarını indiriver geceliğin. Gögüsler biraz küçük gibi sanki. Olsun, küçüğü de büyüğü de makbuldur bunların. Yeter ki, kul yapımı olmasın. Elleri yapıştır duvara; sağ elin hatunun sol elini, sol elin de sağ elini tutsun. Can yakmak yok daha. O birazdan.

Yapış dudaklara. Acele etme, sakin. Kedi sever gibi. Şiddeti birazdan uygulayacağız. Elli kere söyletme bana. Hatunu yeterince hazırlamadan şaplağı basarsan, tokadı yiyebilirsin gözüm. Demedi deme. Yapıştın mı dudaklara? Öpüşmek dediğin, dilleri değdirmeden, alt üst dudakları emmeden, çekiştirmeden olmaz. French kiss diyor gavur. Öğren. Tükrüğün karışsın dili emerken. Hem, dil emmek zevklidir gözüm.

Tuttuğun elleri duvarda kaydırarak hatunun başının üstünde birleştir. Gergin olsun kolları biraz. Sonra, her iki elini tek elinle tepede tut. Diğer elin, her zaman boşta kalsın gözüm. O boş el çok işe yarar; şaplak vurur, tokat atar, saçları geriye çeker, ağzı kapatır, başı bastırır, bızırla oynar, meme sıkar…

Hatunun ellerini bırakmadan az geriye çekil. İzle. Kızarmış mı? Nefes? Gözler? Aferin sana.

Benim çok seksi bulduğum şeyler var: Bir tanesi yüzde çil. Diğeri gamzeler; yüzde de olur, belde de olur. Bir de benler. Benli hatunları severim; kiminin yüzünde olur, kiminin göğsünde, kiminin kukusunda. Gördüğüm zaman illa dokunurum, öperim. Bir de, etek sıyırmak, don sıyırmak hoş. Çıkartmaktansa, sıyırmak daha keyifli geliyor bana.

Bunların üçünü de aynı anda yapacaksın; hatunun ellerini yukarıda tek elle kenetledin duvara, kolları gergin olsun, biraz can acıtılabilir gererken. Mübahtır. Göğüsler emilmede, boşta kalan elin, hatunun kasıklarında ve kukusunda geziniyor. Göğüs uçlarından ısırıklar al. Korkak alıştırma ağzını. Memelerin alt kenarlarını uzun uzun emmeyi de pas geçme. Tepkiyi ölçerek git, ona göre ayarla şiddetini. Boşta kalan elinle hatunu okşamayı bırakmadan, dudaklara yapış gene. Şiddeti artsın öpüşlerinin. Em dilini. Em. Em. Güzel değil mi? Demiştim sana.

Elleri bırakmadan biraz geriye çekil gene. Hatuna bak. Gözlerinin içine. Bekle biraz. Bekle, bekle. Eğer azdırmayı becerdiysen, hatun sabırsızlandığını belli edecektir. Elleme sabırsızlansın. İyidir. Yeterince beklersen, sabırlı olursan, semeresini alırsın. “Ne yapayım sana”? Bir sor bakalım. Belki coşkun cevaplar verir. Hatunların bir kısmı pek utangaç gözüküyor ya, yalan o!

Hazır mı hatun? Aferin sana.

Hatunu direkt yatağa götür. Yeterince geniş kanepe de olur. Yüzükoyun yatıracaksın boylu boyunca. Vücudunu sana dönmesine izin verme. Bir elin, hatunun kafasını bastırsın yatağa. Öbür elinle, geceliğin eteklerini aralayıp donunu sıyıracaksın. Çıkartmak yok tamamen. Dizlere kadar sıyırsan yeter. Kalsın orada. Kuku arkadan ne güzel görünüyor değil mi. Haklısın. Sev biraz kukuyu parmaklarınla. Baş ve işaret parmaklarını kullan. Aşağıdan yukarıya, yukarıdan aşağıya. Çok hoyrat olma. Çok yumuşak da olma. Elin korkak alışmasın.

İlk giriş, önemlidir gözüm. En zevklisidir. Ben bazen yavaş girerim, bazen biraz hızlı. Hatunun kollarını ileriye doğru uzat. Bacaklarını ayır bacaklarını kullanarak. Görüntü harika değil mi? Hazır mısın?


Yavaşşş. Hissettire hissettire gireceksin ama. İlk girişte biraz can yakmazsan, günah yazarlar sana. Bağırsın biraz. Debelenirse, fazla aldırma. Alışacak birazdan. Girdin mi sonuna kadar? Aferin sana. Çekme geriye kendini hemen. Bekle. Bekle. Bekle. Alışsın hatun. Hissetsin. Vücudunun üst kısmını, hatunun sırtına bastır. Biraz ezebilirsin. Fazla abartma. Ağırlığını hissetsin yeter. Kolları tutmaya devam ediyor musun ellerinle? Sakın bırakma! Bacaklarınla bacakları, ellerinle kolları tut. Hareket edemesinler.

Gidiş gelişlerin ritmini sana bırakıyorum. Hatuna göre ayarla. Sert ve kesik kesik mi girip çıkacaksın, yoksa ağırlığınla ezerken yumuşak mı hareket edeceksin, sana kalmış. Ben olsam, yumuşak yaparken bile arada bir sert vururum. Bağırtmak da zevklidir. Söyledim mi daha önce?

Hatunun içinden hiç çıkmadan ters döneceğiz şimdi gözüm. Hazır mısın? Hatunun belinden kavradığın gibi döndür kendini. Sen altta, o üstte. Zamazingo kukuda. Boylu boyunca uzanıyor hatun üstünde. Bu pozisyonun en önemli kısmı, açıyı, duruşu iyi ayarlamaktır. Ayarlayabilirsen, harika bir pozisyondur. Tüm kontrolü sana verir, birazdan anlayacaksın. İster hızlanırsın, ister yavaşlarsın, ister bızırı seversin, ister memeleri sıkıştırırsın, ister hatunun ağzını kapatırsın. Kukudan çıkmadan, ufak düzeltmelerle hatunu tam yerleştir üstüne. Tamam mı, oldu mu? Aferin sana. Hatunun ileri geri gitmesine izin ver biraz. Ama sırtını senin göğsünden ayırmasına asla izin verme. Gerekiyorsa, bastır zorla kendine. Hareketleriniz ahenkli olsun.Yumuşak dalgaların üstündeki bir kayık gibi düşün hatunu. İleri, geri. İleri, geri. Sakin.

İki elin de boşta. Dilediğin yeri sıkıştırırsın. Memeleri iki elle arkadan avuçlasak mı biraz. Uçlarını, böyle iki parmağın arasına alıp biraz ezsek mi ya da. Ya da, tek elinle her iki memeyi de severken, diğer elle kukuyu mu yoklasak. Hepsini yapalım bence. Az hızlanıp, şiddeti de arttıralım artık.

Yalnız, hızlanmaya başlamadan önce, hatunun bacaklarını bacaklarınla yatağa yapıştıracaksın. Bacaklarının dizden aşşağı kısmını, hatunun ayak bileklerinin üstünden geçir. Yapıştır onları yatağa. Kaçmak isterse kaçamasın. Pozisyon değiştirmek isterse değiştiremesin. Anladın mı pozisyonu gözüm?

Aferin sana.

Tavanda bir ayna olsaydı da izleseydik hatunun halini. Ellerin ne güne duruyor? Çevir hatunun yüzünü yarım kendine doğru. İster dilini em, ister elinle ağzını sıkıştır. Bana sorarsan da, hatunu nefessiz bırakana kadar dudağını dudağından, dilini dilinden ayırma derim. Bir el daha var boşta, onu ne yapacağız? Serbest takılsın o el. Canın nereyi çekerse, orayı seversin.

Hatunu takip etmeyi ihmal etme. Ondan hemen sonra -ya da aynı anda- sen de geleceksin gözüm. Ben, prensip olarak faz farkıyla hatundan sonra gelmeyi tercih ediyorum. Niye? Hatun kişinin o kasılmalarını, kızarmalarını, gözlerini kapatmasını, ağzını açmasını seviyorum izlemeyi de ondan. Hatunun geleceği anı tahmin etmen lazım. Kendini de kontrol etmeyi unutma. Duruma göre ritm tut, yavaşla, hızlan, bızır sev, meme sıkıştır. Kontrol sende gözüm.

Gelmek üzere mi? Aferin sana. Görüyor musun o ağız nasıl aralanıyor. Sakın bacaklarını kurtarmasına izin verme. Verme. Sakın! At bir eli kukuya, kapat ağzını da diğer elinle yarım. İzle. İzle. Çok güzel değil mi? Nefis.

Sen de gel artık. Ben senin yerinde olsam, pozisyonu hiç bozmadan hatunun içine gelirim. Pozisyonun gidişatı buna daha uygun. Yalnız zamanlamanı iyi ayarla. Bazı hatunlar rahat ettikten sonra elleşmeye pek devam etmek istemez. Arayı uzatma çok. Geliyor musun sen de?

Aferin sana.

Kalsın hatun üstünde öylece. Sakinleyene kadar. Nefesler normal seyrine insin. Kalp sesi duyulmasın. Sarıl hatuna. Terler birbirine karıştı değil mi. Tuzlu tuzlu. Güzel işte ulan.

Bahar geldi, güneş çıktı, hormonlar tavan yaptı. Haydi bakalım, sevgilileri, eşleri, fuckbuddyleri sevelim, memnun edelim.

Beline kuvvet gözüm.

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